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My First Milo Run

The twenty-first Milo marathon was my first participation in Milo, and my second running event participation since I first joined last Aug. 31, 1997 for the Baguio Zigzag run.

Three months after my first fun run, I joined the Milo marathon event since I came to like running already. This is also to test my asthma condition if I had really overcomed it after the zigzag run. And besides, I was thinking that since this is the country's biggest Marathon event, there might be medias around and I might get some exposure on cameras or photos, weeheeee (a child's thought, I know)!

I just joined the 5-kilometer category because I felt that my body was not conditioned (yet) to run again. The difference that I noticed between the 10k and 5k is that there are more kids in the shorter distance category. But I don't mind since I also look like a kid at my age of 16 :)). It also gave me confidence that I could outrun these small kids on the 5k race.

At this time, I already learned something about distance running. To never sprint/run your fastest speed when you are still on the starting line. That's what I did on the zigzag run where the oxygen drained out of me. So, I just maintained the run at my own pace. And in the middle of the race, I noticed that there are already a lot of kids who are ahead of me, I wondered how could have they run that fast and still able to keep their speed when we are already around 2 or 3 km away.

Upon reaching the finish line, I saw my time. I told to myself it was good enough since it's less than half of the time I spent on the 10 kilometer zigzag run. But upon seeing the other finishers, to my dismay, a lot of kids who also ran the 5k was already relaxing at the finish line, while I have just arrived. What? But how? Well, I've just realized that I'm just a slow runner!

Personal Race Info:
Distance: 5 km.
Personal Time: 00:52:21
Rank: 119th

Race Info:
When: Nov. 9, 1997.
Where: Harrison Rd., Baguio City
Event: 21st Milo Marathon


  1. Weeeeee! Why is that there is no date of your first marathon? can't remember? hehe.

  2. ahh.. by the way sir, are you interested in exchange links? you are already in my blogroll. thanks and do reply.

  3. Ganun pa rin ba ang pananaw mo till now? To start slow?

  4. yeap Minnie, that's what I still do as best as I could -- the negative split.


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