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Men's Health Philippines Miracle Run 2008

It's my first run for Men's Health, and also my first run ever since I've joined the corporate world. My last run was in my College years - The Panagbenga Festival's 1st 21k marathon run in Baguio City during the Flower Festival celebration held last Feb. 27, 2000.

I was so excited for the Men's Health Miracle run. This time, I am not running for myself alone, but also for the GMA Kapuso Foundation - the "run for a cause" of this event. Four of my officemates also joined the event who are all first time runners. They ran in teams of two, while I joined the Individual category.

Running on the streets of Fort Bonifacio gave me more excitement. Though I have already expected that my knee joints will give-in due to rheumatism, or arhtritis, or lack of proper training. And that's where my knee pads helped a lot. And I thought that I will not be able to finish the full 10 kilometer because of aged joints, aged training, and aged in the office chair. But I was surprised upon seeing my elapsed time on the finish line - 1 Hour and 9 minutes. Not bad enough for me when I expected that I would finish for about 2 hours due to my slow pace in the middle of the race route.

Personal Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km. Individual
My Personal Time: 1:09:08
Ranking: 263rd

Race Info:
When: Aug. 17, 2008.
Where: Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Race Map:

Click here to download the official race result.


  1. I should have known about running that year Pedz! Siguro ang dami na nating natakbo, siguro nakapaghalf marathon na ako, or better yet, I am already a full pledged Marathoner.

    Pero okay lang, at least now I am aiming for that goal!

    Ang bilis mo sa 10K sans training!

  2. Where were you those times Madz? You're busy with your Masteral's I think :p

  3. Nope Pedz. I graduated from my masters May of 2007. I'm a couchpotato by that time, I suppose :D

  4. I was a pleasure watching that. I was there in phillipines watching the same. I wanted to participate but couldn't do so as i was suffering from a knee injury that time.This article reminded me of my time there in phillipines.



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