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Salomon X-Trail Run Pilipinas 2017

Committed to push the boundaries of outdoor experience, Salomon, the world’s leading trail running brand, gears up for the return of the highly-anticipated Salomon X-Trail Run. An annual event organized throughout Southeast Asia since 2008 – in countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Philippines – the Salomon X-Trail Run instantly gained traction for its exceptional and technical trail routes that never cease to offer runners an unforgettable and fulfilling trail experience each time.

Locally, the Salomon X-Trail Run has been held in various premier venues throughout the Philippines; quickly gaining a reputation for being the most-attended trail running event in local trail running history as it managed to gather over 1,000 participants. For its 6th year, the Salomon X-Trail Run endeavors to deliver another exceptional trail running race that will empower its participants to push the boundaries of their capabilities.

Salomon X-Trail Run Pilipinas 2017
23 July 2017 (Sunday), 7:00 AM
El Kabayo Stables (Staging Area), Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority

Assembly and Gun-Time:
  • 32K - 7:00 AM / 8:00 AM / 3:00 PM (7-hrs Cut-off)
  • 24K - 7:00 AM / 9:30 AM / 2:30 PM (5-hrs Cut-off)
  • 12K - 7:00 AM / 1:30 PM / 4:00 PM (2.5-hrs Cut-off)
  • 6K - 7:00 AM / 1:30 PM / 3:00 PM (1.5-hrs Cut-off)
Distance Category and Registration Fees:
  • 6K - Php 950.00
    • The 6km “Fun Trail” category targets beginners who want to explore the world of trail running. Road runners are very welcome, to experience a different adrenaline rush.
  • 12K - Php 1,150.00
    • The 12 km “Fun Trail” nature targets runners with basic trail running experience who wants to level up and experience technical terrain.
  • 24K - Php 1,450.00
    • Targeted to trail runners who want to take their race to the next level, with technical ascents and varying terrain. This category simulates ascents of Skyrunning races ‟ the arena wherein Salomon dominates.
    • Mandatory gear for this category: Whistle, Hydration Pack/belt with at least 500mL water. This will be checked prior to race start. No Mandatory gear, No race.
    • Finisher’s medal for those who finish within cut-off time (5hours).
    • Medical certificate is required for this category.
  • 32K - Php 1,600.00
    • Targeted for advanced trail runners who look for more adrenaline-filled adventures. This route involves a mixture of different terrains from asphalt, to sand, to rocks, to river crossing and technical ascents. This category simulates ascents of Skyrunning races ‟ the arena wherein Salomon dominates.
    • Mandatory gear for this category: Whistle, Hydration Pack/belt with at least 500mL water.
    • This will be checked prior to race start. No Mandatory gear, No race.
    • Finisher’s medal for those who finish within cut-off time (7hours).
    • Medical certificate is required for this category.
Registration Sites:
  • 1Online Registration
  • 2In-Store Registration:
    1. Salomon SM Aura
    2. Salomon Glorietta 3
    3. Salomon SM Megamall
    4. Salomon SM North Annex
Registration Schedule:
  • Registration Period: May 15 - July 15, 2017
  • Race Kit Claiming: July 14 - July 18, 2017 at Salomon Stores or via Courier with additional delivery fee.
*Medical Certificate is required for 24K and 32K Mountain Run (submit upon race-kit claiming)

Race Inclusions
Salomon Race Cap for 24K and 32K Categories only.
Route Map

Throughout the event, there will be specific areas and control points located in varying locations within the course to ensure that the participants finish the race within the official time. Moreover, the Salomon XTrail Run will be a Green Race. A pioneer advocacy championed by the Salomon X-Trail Run since its first series back in 2010, Salomon’s Green Race Movement will not permit the use of disposables during the event. Participants are then required to bring their own water bottles.

Bus provisions will also be available for the first 200 participants for an additional fee of Php 600.00. To avail of the service, participants must tick off the appropriate box in the registration form and include the payment together with the race registration fee. Each participant is entitled to a maximum of two seats only. The meeting point for the bus service will be at R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street.

You may visit the for more details and further race updates.
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5 Surprising Ways to Prevent Colds and Flu

by: Jeric Danao

One of the worst things that could happen while working or going to school is getting sick. Getting sick would mean missing important tasks due to not being able to go to work or school. Being sick also means that you have to spend your valuable money on treatments, like getting medicine for cough and cold, or even going to the hospital.

Being sick takes away valuable time and money, which means getting healthy to prevent these illnesses from happening is important. There are many ways to prevent ailments like cold and flu, like taking medicine and having a balanced diet. But there are also uncommon and unexpected methods that you can use, and here are some of them.

1.Get more Protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrients you can get from your food. Having more protein in your body strengthens your immune system. This means that having your daily protein fix would make sure that you have less chances of getting sick. Protein-rich foods include eggs, fish, dairy products, and red meat.

2. Drink some Tea

Sometimes, the best way to relax and relieve your body is by drinking a hot cup of tea. There are many different kinds of tea you can choose from, but the ones that can help you prevent colds and flu is black, green, lemon, and honey tea. Drinking tea helps stimulate the nose, and helps with your breathing, while thinning out your mucus.

3. Juice up

Other than getting a hot cup of tea, another healthy way is by drinking fresh fruit juices. Juices, especially from fruits that contain citrus, are great sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps your body’s immune system, which prevents your body from getting unwanted illnesses. There is a vast selection of juices to choose from, these include oranges, lemons, kale, apple, broccoli, cucumber, carrot, coconut, and much more.

4. Wash up (your hands)

Sometimes, the simplest way to prevent illness is one of the best ways. Routinely washing your hands prevents you from contracting any disease causing germs from the very beginning. Washing your hands with anti-bacteria soap makes sure that you are clean and safe from contracting anything unwanted.

5. Get some Sun

Going out and getting some sun rays are not only a great way to get warmth and breathe fresh air, but can also prevent you from getting colds and flu. Getting some sunlight means getting some vitamin D, which helps in skin health and makes your immune system stronger. The best time to get some sun is during the very early hours of the morning, from 5-9am.

Key Takeaway

Getting sick is difficult, and robs you of important time where you can be productive and active. By doing these things listed above, you can be guaranteed that you are protected from illnesses like colds and flu. While medicine and going to a trusted health facility is the best way to treat illnesses, it won’t hurt to do a little self-care that would keep you away from the doctor.

About the author:

Jeric is a freelance writer that features food, lifestyle, travel, DIY subjects, and nature. He is an adventurer, taking on the world and everything it has to offer, be it with the good and the bad. He also has a weird love for reggae and sharks. See: Reggae Shark

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