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Titan Games

If there is only one test of physique and endurance that I could join besides running and cycling, it would be the circuit games such as my debut at the Immuvit two years ago, and the Planet Games last year that I and my officemates joined at.

On November 9 2014, WOD Nation will bring a new kind of event that will test the strength, agility, and speed, designed for both the enthusiasts and hardcore fitness "machines". The event will be held at The Camp Sports Complex in Taguig City.

Dubbed as the "Titan Games 2014", the event will have two divisions, each of which will have to complete four (4) challenges in a timed competition. The top 5 for both divisions will advance to the final challenge -- the Clash of the Titans, where the top (3) who finishes the last workout with the shortest time cap will be declared winners.

Registration is now open, check-out the images below on how to join.

Event Name: Titan Games 2014
Date and Time: 09 November 2014 Sunday,
Venue: The Camp Sports Complex, Taguig

Event Uniform:

Registration Process:

Top 3 Winner Prizes:

Venue Map (click to view on Google):
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Run With Your Egg at Egg Power Run

Did you know, that the Municipality of Minalin in Pampanga is called the "Egg Basket of Luzon" and has held the Country's first ever egg festival on June 4, 2008?

Do you also know that contrary to popular beliefs, there is actually no nutritional difference between the white and brown egg varieties? Brown eggs are laid by hens with red ear lobes, and white eggs are laid by hens with white ear lobes.

Hungry for more egg trivia? Here's another one...

Did you also know, that you now have a chance to run with your egg from the starting line towards the finish line without the scare of getting chased by a hen? This will surely make your hands' running form perfect after finishing the run. What's more exciting is that if you get to the finish line without breaking your egg, you will go home with more eggs in your palm... or rather, basket!

Just two weeks after the New year 2015 celebration, the Philippine Egg Board Association will be on the frontline to promote and change the way we think about the misunderstood eggs, specially about the eggs' goodness and nutritional value.

Read more about this event below... and don't forget to scroll for more trivia at the end of the post.

Event Name: Egg Power Run Half-Marathon
Date and Assembly Time: 11 January 2015 Sunday, 3:00 AM
Venue: 34th St. cor. 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Distance, Registration Fees and *Inclusions:
  • 3K - Php 400.00
  • 5K - Php 500.00
  • 10K - Php 650.00
  • 21K - Php 950.00
*Singlet, timing chip, Finisher's medal (10K and 21K Finishers only), Finisher's shirt (21K Finishers only)

All runners will be given one (1) egg at the starting line, and additional eggs (by distance) upon reaching the finish line with whole/unbroken eggs:
  • 3K - additional 3 eggs
  • 5K - additional 6 eggs
  • 10K - additional 9 eggs
  • 21K - additional 12 eggs
Runners who opt not to bring their eggs to the Finish Line may leave the eggs at the nearest water stations. No whole egg at the finish line, no additional eggs will be given.

Registration Centers (up to Jan. 6, 2015 or until supplies last):
  1. Online via (starts on Oct. 1, 2014; plus Php 200.00 for delivery and website fee)
  2. Chris Sports Stores - SM North EDSA; Glorietta 3; SM Mall of Asia; Festival Mall (starts on Nov. 3, 2014.)
  3. 100 Miles Cafe (starts on Nov. 3, 2014; Mon-Sat 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM only)
Assembly and Gunstart:
  • 3K - 5:00 AM / 5:45 AM
  • 5K - 5:00 AM / 5:40 AM
  • 10K - 5:00 AM / 5:30 AM
  • 21K - 3:00 AM / 4:00 AM
Singlet Design:

Route Map:

Medal Design:

For more information, visit the Egg Power Run Facebook page.

More egg facts and trivia:

One egg a day is okay!

A hen can lay eggs even without a rooster.

An egg will not hatch without a rooster (unfertilized egg), even if incubated. This answers the question: What was first, the chicken or the egg?
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Who Knoweth?

(C) AAVedarozaga

Who knoweth of our pre-existence?
You and I had been in His presence;
and everyone has a great embrace,
of the mighty power of His eminence.

Who knoweth that we were great soldiers?
We won the heavenly battle against Lucifer;
and to enjoy the blessings that He offer,
we continue the battle against the tempter.

Who knoweth that we are choice spirits?
Having great mission for our own merit;
we could develop ourselves without limit,
to live again, and gain the credit.

Who knoweth that a kingdom is prepared?
for those who acted, and those who pondered;
small to great things that we have learned,
to us, takes account when we return.

25Jun199 0240a
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QCIM Night Run

It's the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Quezon City. With its "Future Perfect" theme, the Quezon City government is finally holding its yearly QCIM after a year of hiatus. This time, they're taking this exciting race on a different level by holding it as a night run that will showcase the sights and sounds of Quezon and Commonwealth Avenues.

Present during the event launch were Quezon City Administrator Mr. Aldrin Cuña, AIDS Society of the Philippines' Executive Director Ms. Ma. Cecilia Añonuevo, Quezon City PIA-DENR Regional Director Ms. Riza Baldoria, Runner-blogger turned QC 1st District Councilor Ms. Doray Delarmente, and TriAthlete/QC 4th District Councilor Vincent Belmonte. The program was hosted by no other than the celebrity Jeffrey Santos (Judy Ann Santos' brother).

L-R: Jay Em - Race Director (ProActive); Aldrin Cuña - QC City Admin.; Doray Delarmente - QC 1st Dist. Councilor; Vincent Belmonte - QC 4th Dist. Councilor; Ms. Riza Baldoria - Reg'l Dir. QC PIA-DENR; Ma. Cecilia Añonuevo - Exec. Dir. AIDS Society of the Philippines

Although, this year's race will not have its signature 42K distance category because the event will not just be a race night but also a celebration of the 75th Jubilee for the whole family. So don't go home yet after crossing the finish line as side-event programs such as the Puppet Theater of DENR will surely make your eve a night to remember!

Read more about the race details below:

Quezon City International Marathon 1st QC Night Run
29 November 2014 Saturday, 7:30 PM
Quezon Memorial Circle (QMC), Quezon City
Event as part of the Climate Change and HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign

Distance, Registration Fees and *Inclusions:
  • 3K - Php 650.00
  • 5K - Php 750.00
  • 10K - Php 850.00
  • 21K - Php 950.00
*QCIM 2014 Singlet, Race bib, LED baller, Glow sticks, Medal, Eco-bag, Sponsor Freebies, and Finisher's shirt (for 21K participants only).

Registration Center:
Payment Gateways:
  1. Credit Card - Fill-up your information upon registration at
  2. SM Tickets - Purchase SM Ticket at any SM Cinema nationwide, then enter the ticket code upon registration at
  3. Prepaid Card (starting Sep. 25) - Purchase a prepaid card from partner stores below, then enter the prepaid code upon registration at
    • Toby's Sports - SM North EDSA; Shangri-La EDSA; SM Mall of Asia
    • Runnr Store - BGC; Alabang Town Center; Trinoma
Race-Kit Claiming:
  • Date: November 20 to 23, 2014
  • Time: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Venue: TBA
  • Claiming Procedure:
    1. Bring a printout of confirmation e-mail and one (1) valid ID.
    2. If claiming for someone else, bring their confirmation e-mail printout, one (1) valid ID of registrant, and signed authorization letter.
Assembly and Gunstart:
  • 3K - 7:30 PM / 9:20 PM
  • 5K - 7:30 PM / 9:10 PM
  • 10K - 7:30 PM / 9:00 PM
  • 21K - 7:30 PM / 8:30 PM
Singlet and 21K Finisher's Shirt:

QCIM LED Baller/Blinker and Finisher's Medal:

Race Route:
There will be partial road closures along the route, so for motorists, plan your route ahead for this very special event of Quezon City to avoid getting stuck on traffic during the race. MMDA, QC-DPOS (Dep't of Public Order and Safety), and Police personnel aside from the Marshals will be deployed to ensure the safety of the Participants.

Starting line for all categories will be at the QMC fronting Commonwealth Ave.

For the 3K, 5K, and 10K participants, runners will pass through the west-side of the circumference towards Quezon Ave., then back to QMC running on the other east-side of the circumference towards the Finish line.

21K Runners will run the entire Circumference of QMC and cross the road towards Commonwealth Ave., U-turn at 6th kilometer at "The Buffet International Cuisine", going to the west-side of QMC and straight to Quezon Ave. U-turn going to the Finish line will be at the 15.5th kilometer at Sto. Domingo Church.

Click the route map below to download/enlarge the view:

Almost Php 372,00.00 will be given to Top 3 Male and Female finishers will be given by the Quezon City Government as cash prize to both Quezon City and non-Quezon City residents. That means, Quezon City residents (including Foreign Nationals) will have their own moment to shine as they have a separate special prize category apart from the non-QC residents. The 3K category top finishers will be given gift packs for their prize.

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What Happens to Our Brain When We Exercise?

It's already a common knowledge about what happens to our body when we submit it to a physical activity or exercise. We sweat and we fatigue, we breakdown our muscles and recover to become stronger. But aside from the physical effects of any activity, working out or involving ourselves in any form of physical exercise also has a great impact in our brain activity or neural fitness.

How does exercise affects our brain is summarized in the infographic below (click to enlarge/download):

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Men's Health Urbanathlon and Festival 2014

Fact: Men's Health Philippines Urbanathlon and Festival is the first obstacle-laden race in the Country, and has been challenging the brave ones for 9 full years already.

This coming November 2014, MHUF will again test and challenge the endurance of the participants as the event goes further to a more challenging, scenic, urban backdrop at the Nuvali grounds in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The signature race will have three categories, each of which will be climbed, crawled and jumped through 9-different obstacles laid across the route, together with the natural elevations and rolling terrains from dirt roads, even pavements, and muddy trails of Nuvali.

But don't let these barriers scare you from joining as Men's Health Philippines will also offer an Urbanathlon Bootcamp on October, 2014 in partnership with Gold's gym to help you prepare and train the right way and try out the obstacles before race day, best of all, this is open to the public.

For a more specific training plan, you may also grab a copy of the September 2014 issue of Men's Health where 60-day routine that will help you get race ready is outlined.

Read more about this and the race details below:

Event Name: Men's Health Philippines Urbanathlon and Festival 2014
Date and Assembly Time: 16 November 2014 Sunday, 4:00 AM
Venue: Nuvali Fields 3, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Distance, Registration Fees and *Inclusions:
  • 5K - Php 850.00 - Race bib, Race shirt, MHUF Arm band, Finisher's shirt, Finisher's medal
  • 10K - Php 900.00 - Race bib, Race shirt, MHUF Arm band, Finisher's shirt, Finisher's medal
  • 21K - Php 950.00 - Race bib, Race shirt, MHUF Arm band, Finisher's shirt, Finisher's medal, 2014 Urb Cap
Registration Centers (Sep. 12 to Nov. 19, 2014):
  1. Online via Takbo.Ph (Sep. 1 to Oct. 31, 2014)
  2. Planet Sports - Bonifacio Global City, Trinoma
  3. Gold's Gym - Robinson's Galleria, Glorietta, Katipunan
Assembly and Gunstart:
  • 5K - TBA
  • 10K - TBA
  • 21K - TBA
Bib and Race Shirt Design:

Actual 21K Race Shirt Design:

Medal Design:

Route Map:
5K Route Map
10K Route Map
21K Route Map



For more information and schedule of the Bootcamp, keep posted at the Men's Health Facebook fanpage.

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Rexona Run to Your Beat

Immerse yourself in a trail of pulsating beats and scintillating visuals that will push you to go further into running euphoria at one of the most sought-after runs in the calendar.

Taking Rexona’s Do More philosophy to the next level, Rexona Run To Your Beat 2014 will once again challenge you to stretch your limits at a music powered run that pushes you further while you stay fresh. This year, Rexona has chosen to collaborate with the Republiq group and the top DJs in the Philippines to fuel your run with live music. Pushing runners to the finish line will be DJs Ace Ramos, Mars Miranda, Deuce Manila, Martin Pulgar, Euric, Motherbasss, and MC Pao.

Read more about the race details below:

What: Rexona Run 2014 - Run to Your Beat
When: 26 October 2014 Sunday, 3:00 AM
Where: Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

Distance, Registration Fees and Inclusions*:
  • 5K - Php 700.00 - Singlet, Race bib, Raffle stub, freebies from Sponsors and drinks
  • 10K - Php 800.00 - Singlet, Race bib, Raffle stub, freebies from Sponsors and drinks
  • 21K - Php 900.00 - Singlet, Race bib, Raffle stub, freebies from Sponsors, drinks, Finisher's medal and Finisher's shirt

Registration Centers:
  1. (08 Sep 2014 - 12 Oct 2014) Online via Active Global registration gateway (plus Php 150.00 delivery and processing & Php 50.00 web admin fee).
  2. (12 Sep 2014 - 19 Oct 2014) Toby's Sports - SM Mall of Asia, SM North EDSA The Block, Robinson's Galleria
  3. (12 Sep 2014 - 19 Oct 2014) Runnr Store/Move - Bonifacio High Street
Assembly and Gunstart:
  • 5K - 3:00 AM / 3:45 AM
  • 10K - 3:00 AM / 3:30 AM
  • 21K - 2:00 AM / 3:00 AM
Singlet/Medal Design:

Route Map:

Finisher's Shirt:

To make things even more exciting, Rexona introduces three new tunnels with varying themes that will make the music come to life. At key points during the race, runners will be able to experience the Retro, HipHop and EDM themed tunnels that will have different features, from roller bladders to disco balls, street art to laser light. But of course, only those who can do more can enjoy all three tunnels. 5K and 10k runners will go through two tunnels, while 21k runners will be able to experience all three!

To prepare individuals for this much-awaited run, Rexona will be holding running clinics from
September 18 – October 23. Led by Coach Rio, in collaboration with 360 Club Fitness, the clinics will be twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 6-9PM at the Fort. The clinic is open to all interested individuals, but priority will be given to those who have registered for the Rexona Run 2014. Sign up for the Rexona Run running clinics now at the Training Camp.

For more information, visit
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The Great Suunto Trade-in Promo

Have you been drooling long enough with the Suunto watches but can't get enough dough to finally get that dream Suunto GPS watch? Lucky you, drool no more with this ongoing promo of Time Depot, the Great Suunto Trade-in that will give you 30% off on your Suunto Ambit 2 or 2S GPS watch purchase.

*Promo Mechanics:
  1. Anyone is entitled to join the Suunto Switch Our Great Suunto Trade-in promo.
  2. Bring any brand of a functioning or malfunctioning HRM watch - regardless of price and brand, to any Time Depot stores to avail of the 30% discount.
  3. One HRM watch is equivalent to one (1) unit of Ambit 2 or 2S GPS watch.
  4. Promo is valid from August 16, 2014 to October 31, 2014 (you still have about 2-months).
  5. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers, in-store discounts, and privileges.
*Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit No. 1524 Series of 2014

Soar new heights with Suunto!
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