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Travel Happy: Quick Tips and Tricks to Get You Through Your Daily Commute

A large portion of our lives is spent on the road. And while we spend most of our time on the road wishing we weren’t there, a few tricks and tips can make each minute an enjoyable and even worthwhile experience.

Stop complaining
While the traffic and public transportation situation in the country hasn’t changed a bit, complaining doesn’t help. Kick off your daily journey by not complaining and soon enough, you will find yourself calmer. Complaining doesn’t change anything so might as well enjoy the route, or better yet, leave a little earlier to avoid the traffic blues.

Hitch with a friend
Long unavoidable commutes are made more bearable when we have someone to share it with. Three-hour traffic jams, or even the hour spent waiting to catch a bus or a taxi becomes an adventure with good friends. Plan your day trips with friends or close coworkers to add a little fun on days when you expect traffic to be heavy. Having a friend during these times comes in handy.

Create a different playlist for everyday
Music is everyone’s saving grace. Make your car trips more exciting with playlists that pump up your energy. A different playlist everyday lessens the possibility of getting bored while on the road. Creating a theme for each day can also make car trips more exciting. You can also use your time to learn something new; podcasts on interesting topics are usually the best way to do this while on the road.

Fill up your “on-the-road” goodie basket with your favorite treats
Avoid getting hungry on the road by filling up your “on-the-road” goodie basket with hunger-curbing treats. From chips, nutribars, and even your favorite fruits, your goodie basket would definitely be a lifesaver during rush hour. Nestea Ready to Drink (RTD) is a favorite companion of commuters everywhere.

Making a comeback from the 1990s, Nestea RTD refreshes with three flavors: Lemon, Apple, and Lemon Ice. Conveniently packed in an easy-to-bring bottle, Nestea RTD is the perfect partner for the long hours on the road. So whatever the traffic situation, go ahead, take the plunge anytime, anywhere.
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Run for a Better Christmas for Yolanda Victims

Updated: 28Nov2013 - new race distance, schedule, and race venue.

What: RUN FOR A BETTER CHRISTMAS for Yolanda Victims

When: 21 December 2013 Saturday, 5:00 AM

Where: CCP Complex, Pasay City

Beneficiary: Victims of typhoon Yolanda in remote areas

Organizer: Dreamcast Events Production, in partnership with Caritas Manila, and other NGOs.

The organizers requests all the participants to bring 1 (one) bottle of 500-ml water on the day of the event to be donated. There will also be no singlets so each participants are requested to wear a white-colored shirt.

Please support this event and give our suddenly homeless fellowmen a better Yuletide celebration!

Distance and Registration Fees:

  • 3K - Php 100.00 + One (1) 500-ml purified water bottle

  • 5K - Php 150.00 + One (1) 500-ml purified water bottle

  • 10K - Php 200.00 + One (1) 500-ml purified water bottle

*Inclusive of Bib and baller only (Please wear any WHITE Shirt)


  • 3K - 6:30 AM

  • 5K - 6:15 AM

  • 10K - 6:00 AM

Contact Details for Registration:

  1. Dreamcast Events Production – (02)801-6046 or (02)836-3813

  2. George Urbano – +639273177991

  3. Joyce Montinola – +639052871901

  4. Neil Emerson De Guzman – +639179011190

  5. Aphrodite Tagnipez – +639281030863

  6. Ma. Earl Carl Suyao – +639165540519

For more information, visit the Facebook fanpage of Run for a Better Christmas.

Do you want to run this race for free and still help the beneficiaries? RunningAtom has sponsored some race kits from this event and raffling it off at RunningAtom blog, check it out!

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Color Manila Run 2

With the success of its colorful debut race for 2013, KangaROOS is staging its second Color Manila Run that will surely amplify the fun and colorful camaraderie of your barkada with its ever-famous color your run, color yourself running event. Held in Bonifacio Global City, attracting 6,000 runners of all sorts, Color Manila Run will shower your run again with a dash in technicolor as the brand new year starts on January 5, 2014.

What: 2nd Color Manila Run

When: 05 January 2014 Sunday, 5:30 AM

Where: 34th St., Bonifacio Global City (near Mercato/Turf)

Distance and Gun-start:

  • 3K - 6:20 AM

  • 5K - 6:15 AM

  • 10K - 6:00 AM

Registration Fee: Php 850.00 (any category)

Race Kit Inclusions:

Color Manila shirt

Color Manila foldable sunglasses

Color Packets

Finisher's Medal

For more information, visit: or through Color Manila Run's facebook Fanpage.
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Romi Garduce Shares the Tales of the Seven Summits

Climbing mountains is no mean feat, just ask RomiGarduce. Thenoted Filipino mountain climber, a scuba dive master, an environmentalist, and an IT professional, shares the challenges and the triumphs of his climbing expeditions in his new book: Akyat! A Filipino’s Journey to the Seven Summits.

To date, Garduce is the first and only Filipino who has climbed all seven summits in both the Bass and Messner list: Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Everest, Mount Aconcagua, Mount McKinley, Mount Elbrus, Mount Vinson, Mount Puncak Jaya, and Mount Kosciuszko. Due this feat, he was awarded an Order of Lakandula – Special Class Champion for Life and as well as one of The Outstanding Young Man (TOYM) of 2006.

Garduce, for the first time through his book, recounts the journey to the seven summits.For him reliving it on paper made him realize how truly challenging the journey was, “Sometimes it was hard to believe that I survived and prevailed against the many challenges that blocked my way.” He says he shares his story in the hopes of inspiring other people, “It’s a story that proves that truly nothing is impossible.”

Book Signing of Akyat! A Filipino's Journey to the Seven Summits

His book highlights what Garduce went through to achieve the ultimate triumph. The tales from his treks are both inspiring and an eye opener to a sport still picking up ground in the Philippines.

Summit Natural Drinking Water, long known as the go-to drink of the country’s top athletes, is more than happy to support Garduce’s book. Dan Ong, brand manager of Summit says, “Romi’s story is truly one of a kind.To see what he went through and what he did to persevere is something worth sharing, and we at Summit are happy to support him and other Filipino athletes and sportsmen in doing so.”

Akyat! A Filipino’s Journey to the Seven Summits is now available in leading bookstores everywhere.

Summit Water Family

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Saint Luke's Run for Wellness

In light of the tragedy caused by Typhoon Yolanda, St. Luke’s Medical Center calls on everyone to put on their running shoes and charitable hearts to run and rebuild lives. The St. Luke’s Run for Wellness is a fun run where we can all unite to bring back to wellness, our fellow Filipinos devastated by the recent disaster. It will be held on December 7, Saturday, 6 a.m. onwards at the Bonifacio Global City grounds. All proceeds of the fun run will go to the relief and rehabilitation of areas stricken by the recent calamity in the Visayas.

Targeting to engage experienced and first-time runners, the young and young-at-heart who want to help out and get involved, the Run for Wellness promises to be a creative, non-traditional fun run that combines the exercise of running and fun-filled activities along the race route. It is also St. Luke's way of promoting community spirit, disease prevention and overall well-being for the general public.

What: Saint Luke's Medical Center Run for Wellness

When: 07 December 2013 Saturday, 5:30 AM

Where: 34th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Beneficiary: Relief and rehabilitation of areas stricken by typhoon Yolanda in the Visayas.

Distance and Gunstart:

  • 3K - 6:20 AM

  • 5K - 6:15 AM

  • 10K - 6:00 AM

Registration Fee: Php 750.00 (any category) / Group Promo: 10+1

Race Kit Inclusions:

  1. Race Bib

  2. Race Shirt

  3. Sponsors' freebies

Race Shirt

Registration Steps:

  1. Prepare Payment method:

    1. Credit Card

    2. Buy Prepaid Cards from any of the following outlets:

      • Toby’s MOA

      • Toby’s Glorietta 2

      • Toby’s Shangri-la

      • Runnr BGC

      • Runnr Trinoma

      • Runnr ATC

      • St Lukes Medical Center Global

    3. SM Tickets (

  2. Logon to Saint Luke's Registration Site (

  3. Fill up the registration form

  4. Choose and supply payment details (Credit card details, Prepaid special code, or Ticket ID) to complete your registration*.

*a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your supplied e-mail address.

Race Features:

  1. Water gun station - marshalls will spray runners with water along 100 meters distance.

  2. Color me "Blue" station - blue powder will be thrown as runners go through the course.

  3. Air blower station - runners will be dried off and blown away as they try to reach the finish line.

  4. Post-run activities - giant slide, creative photo booth, and a balloon wall.

Race Route Maps:

For more information, visit:
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About Gluteal Amnesia

Words by: Milo APEX Coach Billy Goco Jr.

Do you have "Gluteal Amnesia?"

It is an unfamiliar condition, but it's usually the cause of common ailments such as PFPS (Patellofemoral pain syndrome), Iliotibial pain, Lowback pain, and Piriformis syndrome. Gluteal amnesia occurs when our body "fogets" how to properly engage the gluteal muscles -- the biggest and strongest muscle group of our body -- and this causes pain when other muscles try to compensate.

Our daily activities today doesn't really encourage proper gluteal activation. Most office workers spend 8 to 12 hours sitting and some spend long periods of time standing, which "trains" our gluteal muscles to be apathetic. Sitting for long periods (at work, while driving, watching TV, computer, etc.) tightens the hip flexors which restrains the glutes. Standing for long periods also may diminish gluteal activation when the quadriceps and hamstrings compensate for stability.

The gluteal muscles - maximus, medius, and minimus - is the powerhouse that generates propulsion (i.e, pushes your body forward when walking, running, jumping forward) and it's proper activation is the major key in helping prevent common injuries when we run.

Maximize your Gluteus Maximus

Here are some tips to make sure you keep your powerhouse working even when you're at work:
  • If you sit for long hours every day, let your hip flexors breathe. Stand up - and even walk around, if you can - once in a while (at least every hour or less), to stretch and mobilize those tight muscles.

  • From a seated position, try to stand up without using your arms to push yourself up. This would waken up your glutes after a long period of sitting. You can also try doing a few repetitions of this before getting your coffee during your break.

  • When you're standing for long periods of time, make sure that you achieve a "neutral pelvis" and engage your core muscles. Remember the draw-in maneuver: tuck your tail bone in and draw your belly button to your spine. Squeeze your buttocks together and don't let your quads and hams do all the work.

  • Proper posture plays a big role in gluteal activation. Your spine is connected to your hips which is where your glutes originate. Keep your hips square (neutral pelvis) then lengthen your spine from the hips, keeping your trunk erect whether you're sitting or standing. Slouching affects your lowback and hip placement. Also when sitting, make sure that your knees are in line with the hips (i.e, your seat is not too high or too low, which could happen in most computer chairs).

  • Regularly stretch your quadriceps, hip flexor, and low back. Take the time to loosen up those muscles when you feel like you've been sitting or standing for too long.

  • When you're working out doing lunges and squats, make sure you really drop your hips and bring your thighs parallel to the floor (keep your knees above your ankles, trunk erect). This position will really force your powerhouse to work!
For any activity that you'll do, don't let your thighs and lowback do the work. Compensation by the quadriceps and hamstrings inhibits gluteal activation. You'll also lessen the stress from your lowback if you fire up your glutes.
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Milo Apex Season 7: Week 9 at a Glance

I've been a bum for the whole 8th week training days (session #s 20-21) as I was chasing my previous under-time from office, the previous Weekend was also a pure resting days for me aside, Milo Apex did not also have a weekend training in observance of the All Soul's Holiday.

So here's a walk-through of our 9th week training for Milo Apex Quezon City, where most of us were glad that we've had our first speed drills. This is one of those trainings I've been missing from the 5th Season since we've been concentrating a lot with Core, Strength, and VO2Max workouts.

1st Day (Session #22, Nov. 4):

Warmup run:
2-km relax pace from apartment to Quezon Memorial Circle

Theraband Warmups (10 counts each):
  1. Overhead arm lifts (spine extension) + sideways theraband pull
  2. Overhead arm lifts (spine extension) + backwards theraband pull
  3. Theraband single-leg lifts (controlled motion)
  4. Theraband single-leg lifts (fast/reactive motion)
  5. Theraband single-leg backward hip extension (hip flexor extension, controlled motion)
  6. Theraband single-leg backward hip extension (hip flexor extension, fast/reactive motion)
  7. Theraband single-leg side extension (leg abduction, controlled motion)
  8. Theraband single-leg side extension (leg abduction, fast/reactive motion)
  9. Theraband Knee highs (theraband tied on legs)
  10. Theraband Knee highs (without theraband)
Workouts (2-minutes each, 2-sets circuit):
  1. Single-leg hops
  2. Squat jumps
  3. Back drag tire pull
  4. Rope power slam
  5. Alternating staggard push-up
  6. M-sprints (forward run, backward pedal)
  • 2-km race pace going home
  • Static stretching cooldown (20-counts per stretch)

2nd Day (Session #23, Nov. 6): Speed Workout

Warmup run:
2-km relax pace from apartment to Quezon Memorial Circle

Theraband Warmups (10 to 20 counts each):
  1. Arm rotations
  2. Trunk rotations
  3. Leg swings
  4. Theraband chest-fly squats
  5. Theraband overhead + pull-down squats (spine decompression)
  6. Theraband single-leg lifts (controlled motion)
  7. Theraband single-leg lifts (fast/reactive motion)
  8. Theraband single-leg backward hip extension (hip flexor extension, controlled motion)
  9. Theraband single-leg backward hip extension (hip flexor extension, fast/reactive motion)
  10. Theraband single-leg side extension (leg abduction, controlled motion)
  11. Theraband single-leg side extension (leg abduction, fast/reactive motion)
  12. Theraband-resisted jog-on-place
  13. Theraband-resisted sprint-on-place (forward lean)
  14. Theraband-resisted alternating forward lunge w/floor touches
Plyometric Workouts (3-minutes each, 1-set circuit):
  1. Horizontal-hang alternate grip pull-ups
  2. Walking lunges with theraband side twists
  3. Theraband-resisted ladders: high knees, side laterals, in-out squats, forward-back steps
  4. Alternating staggard push-up
  5. Benched single-leg lifts
Running Speed Workouts:
  • 2x400 moderate speed
  • 2x200 sprints
  • 3x200 normal pace
  • 2-km race pace going home
  • Static stretching cooldown (20-counts per stretch)

3rd Day (Session #23, Nov. 6): Speed Workout
16K LSD at UP (heartbreak hill route)
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Tena Adult Diaper and Healthway Medical Partners in Giving the Gift of Wellness

TENA Adult Diaper

The season of sharing is about to begin. For TENA, the World’s No. 1 Adult Diaper and Incontinence Specialist, and Healthway Medical, the most preferred mall-based out-patient clinic in the country, it’s the best time to give the gift of wellness, especially to those who need it the most.

The gift of wellness comes in understanding our elders’ most delicate needs. That’s why TENA offers a wide range of adult diapers with unique features to meet all their incontinence needs, which ultimately allows them to enjoy the best of life.

Furthermore, with the strengthened partnership of TENA and Healthway Medical, which is now on its 3rd year, our loved ones in their senior years can receive more wellness gifts. A free Healthway Wellness Card can be found in specially marked TENA adult diapers. The card entitles elders to enjoy discounts on selected dental procedures, dentures, laboratory imaging and diagnostic services, plus free cataract screening and consultation with a Primary Care Physician. All they need to do is present the card in any Healthway Medical Clinic.

And of course, family members who take care of the elders will also get presents, as they deserve to be rewarded too. Specifically, they’ll receive discounts on selected dental procedures, Intense Diamond Peel, laboratory imaging and diagnostics services, and free consultations with a dermatologist and Primary Care Physician.

As the season of gift giving fast approaches, elders can expect to receive one of the greatest gifts of all. And that’s an improved over-all wellness, courtesy of TENA and Healthway Medical.

For more info, log on to and or call the Healthway Medical Clinic customer care hotline at 02-7514929 or SCA Hygiene Products Corp. Philippines at 02-5562405.
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Several Tri United 3 Triathletes Exceed Themselves with New Personal Records (PRs)

It was a win-win triathlon for the organizers Bike King and Unilab Active Health (ULAH) as well as many of the participating triathletes at the just concluded Tri United 3 Elite-Age Group Championship at Dungaree Beach of Subic Freeport recently. A number of participants leveled up and posted new personal records, which they attribute to the event being well-organized, from the safe and challenging routes to the pre- and post-race support.

More than four hundred traithletes took part in the third leg of Tri United Elite-Age Group Championship at Dungaree Beach of Subic Freeport and conquered 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run race

The weather was near perfect when the gun rang off for the 470 participants at the starting line. The participants are generally in good spirits before, during and after the race. They particularly liked the nice personal touches such as the customized name plate and transition mat provided for them. And some more extras such as the cymbals that they crash to make noise about exceeding themselves and champagne to cap off a great race.

“All the elements, from the weather to the road conditions, played out nicely for all the participants. Our very own triathlon team came out strong and pulled off a clean sweep — a first for our team,” said Alex Panlilio, Head of Unilab Active Health, who improved his own personal record at TU3.

Coach Ani De Leon-Brown showed unbelievably great stamina and form as she overpowered most traithletes during the Tri United 3 in Freeport Subic. Brown bagged the women’s Elite title with 2:33:05

Benjamin Rana, Jr. of the Team Unilab Active Health dominated the male elite category of this year’s Tri United 3. Rana finished strong with 02:05:37

Team Unilab Active Health’s triumvirate of Benjamin Rana, Jr. Mark Anthony Husana and Philip Atento dominated the 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike and 10 km elite race. Rana placed first as he clocked in two hours, five minutes and 37 seconds. Followed by Husana (2:11:00) and Atento (2:13:58) for second and third, respectively. Their teammate and coach, Ani de Leon-Brown, champed it out at the women’s Elite race with a time of 2:33:05. Brown was followed by Kristina Beckendorf who clocked in 2:34:33.

The other members of Team Unilab Active Health also had podium finishes in their respective age groups. These include Drew Arellano and Ramon Rodriguez who placed first and second respectively in the male 30-34 age group, Javy Olives who placed third in 35-39 age group, and teen Samuel Ranque who placed third in the 15-16 age group.

The shorter race course of 750m swim-20K bike-5K run for the teen participants was dominated by La Union lad Juan Carlos Abad who clocked in 1:10:40 to place first in the 15-16 age group and Joshua Ranque (1:15:28) in the 17-19 age group. Christianne de Vera who clocked in 1:37:13 to lead the teen girls’ 17-19 age group, while Sophia Ysabelle Jamila was the sole winner in the 15-16 age group with a time of 1:40:28

Tri United 3 triathletes pedalled their way to the transition area to finish the 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run race

The other Elite Age Group winners were Mervin Rencel De Los Santos Santiago and Kriska Rose Marzan Sto. Domingo (20-24), Don Berba Velasco and Angelica Pascual Limjoco (25-29), Andrew Estrella Arellano and Nathalia Marie Tan Benipayo (30-34), Edison Salawad Morales(35-39), Rayzon Galdonez and Roque Endaya (40-44), Joevic Gallo Pajarillo and Mariela Janet Martinez Powell (45-49), Jaime Corea Lopez (male 50-54) and Josef Gueta (male 55-above).

Team Sante Barley bested four other tri teams (Endure Multisport, PLDT-Bike King, Smart Triathlon Team, TriMac and Unilab Active Health) and bagged the team championship with an accumulated time of 27 hours and 15 minutes.

Organized by Bike King, the event was supported by Unilab Active Health, Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Tourism Department, Enervon Active, Enervon HP, I-ON Energy Drink, Hydrite, AboitizPower, Pocari Sweat, Timex, Crystal Clear Purified Water, Corima and Orbea.

As this develops, Tri United 4 in Clark is scheduled on November 24 with a friendly distance of 900m swim, 30km bike, and 5km run. For results and more details about Tri United and other races, please visit or its social media pages.

Tri United 3 champion teams from left to right: PLDT-BikeKing (second place), Sante Barley (first place), Trimac (third place). With them are Coach Raul Cuevas of BikeKing (leftmost, 2nd row), Lester Castillo, Sports and PR Executive of Unilab Active Health (leftmost, 1st row) and Alex Panlilio, Head of ULAH (rightmost, 1st row)

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Running Injuries: Prevention and Recovery

Article contributed by: Claire Best

Common Running Injuries
Any runner will know that familiar, gut-clenching feeling when you’re out for your run and feel a twinge in your foot, ankle or leg. The twinge that either signals a few days wearing it in a supportive brace or weeks out from your usual routine. Whether you’re new to running or are a seasoned pro, an injury and setback in your training is irritating at best, life changing at worst.

The usual suspects

Running can put a lot of strain on your joints. Your entire body weight is slamming down repeatedly on your lower body, sending shockwaves through your ankles and knees. Swelling under the knee cap is so common amongst runners that it’s received the title: ‘Runner’s Knee’. The pain of Runner’s Knee, like most injuries, can vary from dull to sharp and can occur anywhere within the knee. If the pain is dull, the runner should apply ice to the area and stretch the knee out gently, making sure to take a couple of weeks away from running. However, if the pain is intense and swelling extreme, or the pain lasts for longer than a few weeks, the runner should visit their GP (General Practitioner) as soon as possible.

Another area affected by running is the shin: the front of your leg below the knee. Shin splints are troublesome and notoriously reoccurring. This condition is characterised by a pain along the shin bone, which starts off as a dull ache that, if not rested, becomes intense. The rest period for shin pain is often only a couple of weeks. However, the more intense the pain and swelling gets, the longer the runner is likely to need to rest. Therefore, it’s vital that when a runner initially feels a pain anywhere, they should rest immediately.

Pain in the heel and Achilles tendon, the tendon at the back of the ankle and lower leg, and hamstring are also classic ailments to a runner. Massage, ice and rest combined are the best ways to treat it. However, as with any other pain, if it’s unbearably sore, it’s wise to visit a doctor rather than try and tough it out alone.

Prevention is the best cure

Warming up thoroughly before a run, as well as cooling down after, is the most effective way of preventing a typical runner’s injury. Stretching out your hamstrings, heels, and tendons against a wall or by laying on your back, bending one leg and gently pulling the other into your chest as far as your range of motion will allow is a beneficial way to get blood flowing the muscles so that they’re more flexible and can take the impact of running. Stretch out the other side of your leg – your quadriceps and shins – by using a wall or chair for stability, balancing on one leg and pulling the other into your glutes. It’s crucial not to force the stretch, or this can cause more harm than good.

Wearing the right shoes when running is also hugely beneficial for runners. It’s recommended that a runner invests in some specialised running shoes and not just regular trainers. Running shoes have adequate cushioning for stability, are light weight and can be tailored to whether you have a regular foot shape, flat foot or high arch. This will act like shock absorbers on a car so that they take the brunt of the vibrations you create when running and not your joints and ligaments.

Running technique is also imperative to consider when running. Head position, leg motion and even your shoulders have to all be taken into consideration when on your run. Overstriding, bouncing and not using your arms enough are all common mistakes in a runner’s stride, which contribute to putting too much pressure on the wrong areas and not adequately utilising others.

Getting back on the path

Injury can not only set a runner back physically, but mentally. The halt in progress and physical activity can be demoralising and in many cases can be a larger obstacle to overcome than the injury itself. An important step in getting over this is to make a plan. The runner should firstly visit GP to have their injury diagnosed so they can draw out a timeline of rehabilitation. Resting the injury so that it can heal is imperative to making a full recovery. Physical therapy, such as gently massaging, stretching and rotating the injured area stimulates the muscles and encourages blood flow to the area, which aids healing. After the initial rest period, while following doctor’s advice, the runner can then begin to slowly return to their normal routine; starting off slowly and gently, and only running short distances on familiar terrain is vital to not rushing and being detrimental to the healing process. The body uses a great deal of energy to heal an injury, so the adequate nutrition and calorie intake is also essential. Eating a substantial meal that’s high in carbohydrates, such as wholemeal pasta or sweet potato, a couple of hours before a run and ingesting a workout recovery drink afterwards is critical for healing, muscle recovery and growth.

Preventing a running injury for the most part is simple. Stretching, wearing the correct footwear and studying your running technique all contribute to keeping your joints, ligaments and muscles in full working order. However, sometimes you do get unlucky and when this happens a doctor should always be consulted first. Then, factors such as rest, ice, massage, nutrition and a slow, steady return to routine all help in achieving your physical best once again.
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Spyder Corsair - Elite Sports Shades

Back in 2010 during one of our LSD (long slow distance) training for the TBR Dream Marathon 2010 where I first had my longer than 15K distance training run, I realized that sunglass is also an important gear when running under the heat of the sun. It was that time that my eyes became so fatigued after the training due to the combined heat of the sun and lack of sleep from getting up early to travel to the training venue. So before the big event, I decided to buy my first pair of Spyder Razor shades that I could use for training and other outdoor escapades.

Spyder Corsair
While canvassing for the many choices of sunglasses back then, Spyder caught my attention the most because of the design which has really appealed to me, the len's shape that fits good on my face, and of course, the price which is also just right for my budget.

Spyder is a high-performance and athletic gear brand that provides products ranging from Optics, Helmets, Watches, and other Sports apparels.

A few weeks ago, I received a pair of Spyder Corsair shades courtesy of Mr. Francis Romero from the Commercial arm of Spyder Philippines - Roshan Commercial Corporation. The Spyder Corsair is one of Spyder's Elite series shades. It comes in Titanium-Matte colored frame with two (2) extra pairs of interchangeable lenses.

I have already used the Spyder Corsair in some of my runs, biking, and strolls around BGC, and here's my take about the shades:
Spyder Corsair Elite series
  1. Lightweight - As compared to the Razor model (which is steel framed), the Corsair topped the weightless category that there were times I get nervous thinking that the shades has already fell-off from my head (when not clipped on my ears), but, it was just there.
  2. Comfortable - Despite sweating hard while running or biking, the arms doesn't irritate nor cause any irritation on my ears.
  3. Design - Simply great looking, a perfect combination of simplicity and style. The color of the frames also blends on the different lenses that it comes with.
  4. Interchangeable Lenses - having a total of three (3) lenses to boot in any lighting conditions, Spyder Corsair lens can be easily changed in three (3) easy steps (check out the Product Guide for proper removal and replacement). It didn't take me more than a minute figuring out how to change the lens even without the product guide.
  5. Value for Money - Compared to other outdoor shades brands, Spyder is a good choice for anyone looking for a great quality product that doesn't burn a hole from your pocket.
  6. Great Quality - At first, I thought that shades made of plastic-like materials will easily break. I was even really so careful the first time I tried to change the lens. I later earned the confidence that Spyder Corsair is sturdy. You will know more why at the next items:
  7. Built on Technology (sourced from Team Spyder website):
    • Resillens™ - this is what is made the Spyder Corsair (and other Spyder shades) durable and light, ten times more impact-resistant than other plastics, and exceeds resistance requirements by 40 times. The material is a natural ultraviolet filter, blocking 100% of the sun's damaging UV rays without the need for special lens coating.
    • Grilamid - an almost indestructible homopolynamide nylon characterized by an extremely high bending strength. Remarkably tough, exceptionally resistant to chemicals and sweat, and highly resistant to UV damage and breakdown.
The titanium-matte frame doesn't look like plastic at all
Spyder Corsair frame without the lens
Corsair's left arm
Nose bridge, lighter than most plastic and glass-made nose bridges
Corsair in Orange lens
Corsair in Smoke lens

One thing more that I still need to test though from Spyder Corsair is if doesn't fog in cold weather (most important when I'm having my run in my hometown in Baguio).

Spyder Corsair is already available at SM Department Stores and is retailed at Php 1,600.00.

For your further reference, here's also a short article stating five (5) importance of why we should wear sunglasses. Check it out from
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More About Calories, Energy, and Protein

by: Dr. Gabe Mirkin, M.D.

Calories from Foods Vary with Preparation Method

Your body either burns the food you eat for energy or stores it in your body as fat. The less food you absorb, and the more you burn by being active, the thinner you will be. Anything that reduces the size of food particles or breaks down the chemical components of food increases the calories you absorb from that food. For example, grinding whole grains into flour or cooking vegetables increases the number of calories you absorb.

How Your Body Converts Food to Energy

Your body cannot absorb whole foods. Food is separated in your intestines into carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Your body cannot absorb these components either. Carbohydrates must be broken down into single sugars. Protein must be broken down into single amino acids or chains of amino acids, and fat must be broken down into fatty acids.

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Absorption of Carbohydrates

Most foods that come from plants are made up primarily of carbohydrates: sugars that are single or in molecules of two or three up to millions of sugars bound together. Starches contain hundreds and thousands of sugars bound together. Fiber contains up to millions of sugars bound together so tightly that the human intestines cannot separate them and therefore cannot absorb them.

Humans can absorb only single sugars from the intestinal tract. For example, the sugar in milk is lactose: two sugars bound together. Most humans have an enzyme in their intestinal tracts called lactase that splits lactose into its two single sugars that are easily absorbed. However, some people have such low amounts of lactase that they cannot split the double sugar into single sugars. Therefore, these people cannot absorb the double sugar from their intestines, so it travels to the colon where bacteria ferment it to cause gas, belly cramps and diarrhea.

Raw Starches are Poorly Absorbed

Raw root vegetables such as potatoes, turnips, cassava, yams, and rutabagas are very low in calories. However, boiling, baking or frying them markedly increases their calories, and the longer you cook them, the more calories they provide. Root vegetables are low in fiber and high in starches. Cooking turns these poorly absorbed starches into sugars that are readily absorbed in your intestines.

Starches in root vegetables such as potatoes or in whole grains such as wheat are composed mostly of two-sugar molecules called amylopectin and amylose. Your digestive enzymes have great difficulty breaking them down. Cooking gelatinizes starches so they are easily exposed to intestinal enzymes that break them down so they are readily absorbed.

Flour Makes You Fatter

Whole grains such as wheat, rye, amaranth and quinoa are seeds of grasses. These seeds have tight capsules that cannot be broken down by the enzymes in your intestines so you cannot absorb them. However, if you grind a whole grain into flour, it is easily absorbed. Cooking the flour increases the calories you absorb even more.

Soft Foods Have More Calories

After 22 weeks, rats who ate uncooked cereals that were softened by being puffed with air were six percent heavier and had 30 percent more abdominal fat than rats who had been fed hard cereal pellets. This is a sign of higher blood sugar and insulin levels and risk for diabetes (Journal of Dental Research.2003;82:491-494). Researchers showed that the rats fed hard food had a higher rise in body temperature after meals because they used significant energy in the act of chewing and digesting the food. The hard-pellet rats also had nearly twice the volume of feces, showing that they had absorbed far less of their food.

Absorption of Protein

When you eat meat, you eat mostly muscle which is made of very poorly absorbed collagen. If you ate raw, un-ground meat you would get very few calories from it. Cooking meat causes the muscle fibers to loosen and separate, making it easier to chew and digest. It also changes the structure of the proteins, causing them to unwind and become more susceptible to intestinal enzymes that break down protein to increase absorption.

Grinding meat into hamburger markedly increases absorption and reduces the amount of time you have to chew it. Organ meats such as kidneys, liver and brains are also easier to digest because they are low in collagen so you do not have to chew them as long as when you eat muscle.

Body Builders and Raw Eggs

Many body builders and weight lifters eat raw eggs with the mistaken belief that raw eggs grow larger muscles. When you eat uncooked eggs, you absorb less than 50 percent of their protein. When you eat cooked eggs, you absorb up to 95 percent. Heat denatures protein so that the protein molecules swell and are more exposed to the intestinal enzymes that separate protein into its building blocks called amino acids. You then absorb a much greater percentage of the protein because amino acids, not whole protein, pass into your bloodstream.

How to Use this Message for Weight Control

If you are trying to lose weight, eat more foods that are not cooked, chopped, ground or softened in any way.
  • Eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables.
  • You can eat cooked fruits and non-starchy vegetables also, because they are usually low in calories even when cooked.
  • Eat WHOLE grains, beans, seeds and nuts that have not been ground into flour.
  • Restrict sugared drinks because virtually 100 percent of their calories are rapidly absorbed.
  • Restrict all sugar-added foods.
  • Restrict foods made from flour such as bakery products and pastas.
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Karera Lakas Pilipinas Commandant's Cup

NOVEMBER: a month when every Marine from all over the world celebrates its birthday.

Unknown to many, it is a month long celebration filled with sacred traditions done to uphold the unsung heroism of those who went ahead dignified up to their last breath, and for those still in active duty but whose lives are already half given as sacrifice for the good of many.

For the past 63 years, Philippine Marine Corps’ birthday celebration has been held within its bounds excluding the non-military.

This year however, working in line with the government’s thrust in winning the peace thru the effort of all, the PMC is enticing those who are willing to observe and get to know the dynamism of this noble organization to participate and eventually help in the organization’s cause.

One of the highlights of this year’s PMC’s 63rd birthday is the Karera Lakas Pilipinas which will be held on November 10, 2013 at Marine Base Gregorio Lim, Ternate, Cavite. The same event, Karera Lakas Pilipinas, was recently held at the very ground where a Marine is shaped and harnessed to his core.

The appreciation of the civilian participants was astonishing as they were made to experience what it takes to be a marine even for a short period of time. There is an overwhelming demand for a repeat from those who participated and from those who heard about the elated feeling in conquering the challenging obstacles.

Read more below about the event details:

What: 63rd Philippine Marine Corps Birthday Celebration

When: 10 November 2013 (Sunday), 5:00 AM

Where: Marine Base Gregorio Lim, Ternate, Cavite

Beneficiary: Proceeds will be used to continue the reconstruction of the Warrior’s Grill Obstacle Course, the ground that makes our Marines as the Force of Choice, the Force in Readiness.

Distance and Registration Fees:

  • 5K Astig (civilian) - Php 1,000.00

  • 10K Bagsik (civilian) - Php 1,350.00

  • 5K Astig Bayani (uniformed) - Php 500.00

  • 10K Bagsik Bayani (uniformed) - Php 750.00

Registration Centers:

  1. Online, payment thru BDO (click for the link)

  2. R.O.X Store - Bonifacio High Street, BGC

This event is supported by Cobra Energy Drink, R.O.X., RUNNR, Toby's Residencia Boracay, Rudy Project, Finix Inc, Absolute Fitness, Olive Juice Concepts, PaymentPassage, Goofy Foot Media, SJF Wealth Management and Merrell.

For more information, visit: Karera Lakas Pilipinas on Facebook and TRAIN ON!
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Milo Apex Season 7: Week 7 Burpee Burnout

If you were looking for our Week 6 training, sorry but I missed that whole weeks' training sessions plus another day for the 7th week, giving me a total of 4 straight training absences (Sessions 14-17). It was because I was in a daily trance of sleep-headedness due to insomnia attacks which lasted the whole week. Nevertheless, I was able to have a quality weekend training in replacement of the Milo Apex's Weekend LSD together with some PhilSky members and applicants where we ran (I was only expecting a hike) and pushed ourselves towards the summits of Mt. Batulao in Cuenca, Batangas.

When I came back for Session#18 of the 7th week training, I was a bit nervous about what level of training were they doing already, and turns out, it wasn't the usual training method I have in mind. Coach Jim was present so it's another wasakan session as we would all expect from him whenever he's around.

Our warmup was not even easy, and I think, those weren't supposed-to-be part of warmup as those were my main strengthening home workouts. Our main workout for the eve, is a 100-burpees. The coaches called our evening session as the 100 Burpee burn-out, broken into ten (10) variations by 10 counts each. So here's how our 18th session(Oct. 23) goes:

Warmup run:
2-km relax-to-race pace from apartment to Quezon Memorial Circle

1st Warmup:
  • 10 reps Jumping lunges
  • 10 reps four-corner squats (in-out, forward-back)
  • 30-seconds break then proceed to the next Warmup
Four-corner squats
2nd Warmup (10-repetitions each, 3-sets circuit):
  • Regular Squats (+10 seconds hold after the 10th rep)
  • In-Out Squats (+10 seconds hold after the 10th rep)
  • 30-seconds break then repeat 2x
In-out squats
3rd Warmup (10-repetitions each, 3-sets circuit):
  • Regular Pushups (+10 seconds hold after the 10th rep)
  • 1-side overloading Pushup (+10 seconds hold after the 10th rep)
  • 30-seconds break then repeat 2x
Coach Toni doing the 1-side overloading pushup
Main Workout (100-Burpees Burnout, 10-variations, 10-repetitions each variation):
  1. Diamond pushup burpee
  2. Front and Back squats burpee
  3. Frog squats burpee (hands on floor)
  4. Star pushup burpee (leg crossover)
  5. Table-top burpee (instead of pushup, do a tabletop plank)
  6. Superman plank burpee (alternate arm-leg raise)
  7. Single-legged plank burpee (5 reps per leg)
  8. Surfer's stand burpee (like how you would standup and balance on a surf-board)
  9. Side-to-side burpee
  10. Split-hops lunge burpee (one-leg forward, one-leg backward as you jump)
Frog-squats burpee
Single-legged plank burpee
Star burpee
Surfer's stand burpee
So what happened afterwards? The world around me is revolving on its own, and I think these workouts are now my new favorite! :)

  • 10-minutes cooldown run
  • Cooldown stretching (20-seconds each stretch)
  • 2-km walk-jog going home
  • Static stretching cooldown (20-counts per stretch)
*Photos courtesy of Oriyhel Briguela. You may also watch the short video of the workout from Phiclique Mata Photography's FB page.

3rd Day (Session #19, Oct. 26):

This was a weekend hiking session for 5K and 10K runners (some 21K and 42K also joined) at Mt. Talamitam in Nasugbu, Batangas, while those who were left behind did an LSD at Shotgun in San Mateo, Rizal. As for me, yes, I'm again absent! I would've liked to join the Shotgun LSD but the following day will be a 21K race in Nuvali for the final (3rd) leg of the Safeguard-2XU Sole Running.
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Alaska IronKids Triathlon Caps Off Its Race Series for 2013

Close to 200 kids from ages 6 to 14 participated at the Alaska Ironkids Triathlon last October 20, 2013 at the Palms Country Club, Filinvest, Alabang.

Alaska Ironkids aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for kids today. The Alaska Ironkids is a series of races involving triathlon, aquathlon and running, which aim to promote a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle for children ages 6-14.

The top finishers for the boys and girls division, 6-8 yrs. old (L-R: 1st Place for the Boys, Vonn Destiny Luy and 1st Place for the Girls, Kira Ellis)

Meet the top contenders

For more information, log on to or at and follow them on Twitter.

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