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How to Slow the Loss of Muscle That Comes with Aging

by: Dr. Gabe Mirkin, M.D.

As you age, expect your muscles to become smaller and weaker. Because of this, you lose strength and mobility. You walk slower, tire earlier, lose coordination and are at increased risk for falling, breaking bones, and injuring yourself. Lack of exercise is the main reason for the progressive weakness of aging (Exerc Sport Sci Rev, July, 2013;41(3):169-173). The most effective way to maintain muscle strength as you age is to exercise against resistance.

Causes of Progressive Weakness With Aging

Progressive strength loss with aging is caused by decreasing ability to make muscle from the protein that you eat (FASEB J, 2005;19:422-4), and to enlarge muscles from the exercise that you do (Skelet Muscle, 2011;1:11).

Taking extra protein does not help older non-athletes grow larger muscles. A group of healthy 70-year old men and women started on a 24-week program of lifting weights three times a week. Half were give protein supplements and half were given placebos. The extra protein had no beneficial effect on muscle size, strength, or anything else (Med Sci Sports & Ex, March, 2013;45(3):542-552).

However, in just 12 weeks, lifting weights caused both groups to grow larger and stronger muscles and markedly improved many factors that are linked to preventing diabetes and other chronic diseases. They had lower blood levels of triglycerides, sugar, insulin, and cholesterol, and lower blood pressure.

These were 70-year old non athletes. There is data to show that younger athletes who take intense workouts can grow larger muscles if they take protein and sugar immediately after they finish hard exercise. The sugar calls out insulin which increases the uptake into muscles of amino acids from dietary protein (Am J Clin Nutr, 2011;93:322-31).

What Does this Mean for You?

If you are older than 60, you will not prevent progressive loss of muscle, bone and strength by eating extra protein or taking protein supplements. It is possible that you are not meeting your requirements for protein, but that is incredibly unlikely in most North Americans who eat too much and therefore get far more protein than they need. You CAN help to prevent this loss of strength by lifting weights. You will also lower high blood sugar, insulin, triglycerides and blood pressure, all of which will reduce your chances for diabetes and heart attacks.
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What's There at The 2nd RUPM?

It's already the fourth (4th) year of RunRio Trilogy since it started its Wellness Run in 2010, also the fourth year of Unilab's successful partnership with RunRio Inc., and this year, it's the Run United Philippine Marathon's (RUPM) second (2nd) year of a festive, great quality, world-class race, with matching red carpet finish for both Filipino and International Marathoners.

What sets this race (and actually all Run Rio races) aside from other Marathons is the continuous improvement of the race, and honestly, when I crossed the finish line last year, there's nothing more that I could complain about, and for me the race was already perfect, from the gun-start, the necessities throughout the route, the finish lines' red carpet, cowbell, and Philippine flag, the post-race program, sponsor giveaways/loots and pampering massage. But for Unilab Active Health (ULAH) and Coach Rio Dela Cruz's perspective, those are still not enough and there are still room for improvement.

So on October 6, 2013, registered Participants of the 3rd and Final leg of this year's RunRio Trilogy, most specially the 42K Runners will be again surprised with what's prepared for them:
  • The last piece of the RunRio Trilogy 2013 Medal (mine will not be completed again);
  • Launching of Active Health's latest offering in its Sports Nutrition line - the ULAH Sports Gel;
  • VIP treatment for the Enervon Activ (42K Runners) before, during, and after the race:
    1. Ice cold glass of Enervon HP energy drink;
    2. Gatorade, ION Energy Drink, Water, Sponges, Bananas along the route;
    3. Grooming station before going for a Finish line photo-op;
    4. NEW red carpet finish - tunneled Finish line at the main stage complete with Photo-ops, Cheering from friends and family, and the whole spectators' gaze as you sprout out from the tunnel;
    5. RUPM Commemorative slippers;
    6. Rest and recovery routine at the Marathoner's lounge with Physical therapy and stretching services that will be provided by UST's College of Rehabilitation Sciences

ULAH Sports Gel
RUPM Commemorative Slipper

Other special activities also awaits all of the runners such as games and free product samples at the Unilab Active Health Village, photo-Ops with the Alaxan FR PBA Legends, and entertainment from True Faith and Evedancel of SugarFree.

Of course all of these will not end after the event, as those who completed the major distances of all the three (3) legs of the Trilogy will be awarded for their astonishing feat at the Awards' night.

For sure, this race will be memorable once again for everyone who prepared for this big race.
"We have been offering the 42K category for only two years and we are happy that we have established a good reputation. RUPM has its own following now. It has become the last big run race for most runners for the year. We are looking forward to celebrating yet another successful running year with our loyal participants." - Rio Dela Cruz
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Free Slots for the Suunto Ambit Triathlon Power Camp

Suunto Philippines is going to build a community for the Suunto Ambit users through a Power Camp that will be held for two (2) days on October 19-20, 2013 at the Village Sports Club. The power camp aims to understand and help the participants reach their athletic goals.

And what better way to reach out for the Ambit Users is by giving away FREE slots for the 2-day Triathlon Power camp to 25 lucky participants who will then join the Suunto Ambassador and Triathlon Coach Andy Leuterio.

Mechanics are as follows:
  1. Upload a photo of yourself wearing your Suunto Ambit 2 or 2 S GPS watch on Suunto Ambit Power camp Facebook page and share your thoughts by simply sharing your answer in the question, What's your ambition as an athlete and how can the Suunto Ambit power camp help you reach it?

  2. At the end of October 16, Suunto Philippines will select 25 winners to receive a FREE 2-DAY Power training camp to be conducted by Triathlon Coach and Suunto Ambassador, Andy Leuterio.

Share your AMBITion, reach your goal!
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Multiple Partners Increase Risk of Cancer

by: Dr. Gabe Mirkin, M.D.

One third of people diagnosed with throat cancer are infected with the Human Papilloma Virus (Journal of Clinical Oncology, 20 July, 2013). Other causes include smoking and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. Healthy people were followed for 10 years with blood tests and lifestyles. At the start of the study, everyone had blood drawn for the E6 antibody against HPV that helps the body protect itself from cancer caused by HPV. If you have the E6 antibody, HPV has already overcome your defense against HPV and you already have cancer.

After 10 years, 135 of the participants had developed mouth cancer, and 1,599 did not. Of those with throat cancer, 35 percent had E6 antibodies, meaning that 35 percent of the throat cancers were caused by HPV. Eighty-four percent of those with E6 were still alive five years after diagnosis, compared with 58 percent of those without E6. This shows that patients with oral cancer caused by HPV live longer than those with cancer caused by smoking or drinking.

* At any given time, seven percent of North Americans have HPV actively growing in their mouths. Transmission by casual, nonsexual contact is unusual (Journal of the American Medical Association, Jan. 25, 2012;307(4):335-421). The incidence of oral HPV is lower than that of genital HPV.

* HPV is found far more frequently in sexually-active people compared to abstainers. The most significant risk factor for being infected with these viruses is the lifetime number of sex partners. The more sexual partners in your lifetime, the more likely you are to carry HPV and suffer oral cancer.

* The younger you begin having sex, the greater your chances of carrying oral HPV.

* Men are three times more likely than women to have HPV in their mouths. The authors of one study believe that this is probably because the rate of men performing oral sex on women is higher than the rate of women performing oral sex on men (Emerg Infect Dis, 2008;14(6):888-894).

What are the Signs of HPV Infections?

HPV can cause cancers anywhere: on your skin, cervix, anus, vagina, penis, mouth, tongue, lymph node, throat or gums. You acquire HPV by rubbing skin on skin or with genital or oral contact. After a sexual partner infects you with the virus, you may have no symptoms at all. You may also have the symptoms caused by the other infections that your partner may have acquired with HPV. It is extremely common for a person to be infected with many venereal diseases at the same time.

The symptoms of mouth cancer are mouth ulcers, sores, or red or white patches that last longer than three weeks, persistent pain on swallowing, difficulty swallowing, a change in voice, ear pain, a feeling of a ball in the throat, a neck mass, or unexplained weight loss.


HPV lives on the skin, genitals, mouth, and anus and travels in vaginal, saliva, and semen fluids. More than 150 different viruses belong to the HPV group. Most people will be infected with HPV at some point in their lives, but most will cure themselves. After you pick up HPV from a sexual contact, you will usually clear that virus in six to nine months. However, some people do not rid themselves of these viruses. They are the ones most likely to develop cancers later.

Two HPV strains are most likely to cause cancer - HPV-16 and HPV-18. HPV-16 causes 60 percent of cervical cancers, 80 percent of anal cancers and 60 percent of oral cancers.

No effective treatment exists today for HPV infections. The vaccines against HPV prevent those strains of HPV only if you receive them before you are exposed to that specific virus. Once you acquire the virus, the vaccine is ineffective. Condoms reduce HPV infections but do not provide complete protection.
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Nonito Donaire - Cobra’s New Face for Lakas ng Pinas

Embodying the Filipino strength from within

(Manila, Philippines) Icons are not built in a day. It’s a process; first comes hard work, persistence, and picking yourself up. Then you start to influence minds, and involve people in your accomplishments. When you start to inspire and gain respect in return, you know you have reached that mark.

Cobra Energy Drink had long been looking for an icon whose life tells the story of Filipino strength and perseverance. After much deliberation, a name was mentioned, and the decision was made. Filipino Flash Nonito Donaire was launched as the new face of Cobra, capturing the essence of the brand’s latest mantra, Lakas ng Pinas. Donaire is today’s icon of Filipino strength.

It is easy to have heads turn when you win a world championship, more so, when an underdog dethrones, by TKO, an undisputed WBA, WBC, and IBF Super Flyweight champion. It is even easier when you are a man who had not faced defeat inside the ring in a decade. But then the world stopped because this man is from Gen San. This man is a Filipino. And so begins the legend of Donaire.

Reckoned to be the new icon of the Filipino strength, Junjun, as he's fondly called, has had his shares of hardship. Bullied as a young boy, with a frail built and regarded as a weakling, the young Junjun grew up in an environment that made him feel he lacked potential. This experience had eventually crawled into his mind, as he grew up doubting himself. As a teenager with boxing dreams, he had come to face one of life’s saddest trade offs, education versus ambition. These are the pains that made him the icon we see today.

“I am grateful that Cobra Energy Drink has allowed me to reach out to more Filipinos, and inspire them with my story. There will always be hardships and adversities in life, but it is how we use them that make a difference in our lives. Like how Cobra inspires us to work hard and do better, I would also like to be a source of that kind of encouragement,” shares Donaire.

This pound-for-pound boxer is also the first boxer in history to undergo random, year-round blood and urine testing by Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA). Due to rampant usage of performance-enhancing drugs, Donaire agrees to submit to blood and urine testing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, whether he has a fight lined up or not. In his interview with ESPN last year, he explains that through random testing, he can prove that whatever he has accomplished, he has done through hard work, and that he only wants to show honesty to his supporters and to the sport.

The Junjun we know today is a World Champion in four divisions, with a 12-year, 30-fight winning streak. And now a proud father to healthy baby boy, and a loving husband to wife Rachel, Junjun sees himself as an accomplished man, in and out of the ring, with reason to fight for something every day.

“Our latest campaign, Lakas ng Pinas, is how we see Cobra’s mission to the nation. It is to stand beside every Filipino, to power them up when they need to do better, when they are required to accomplish more,” says Abe Cipriano, AVP of Non-alcoholic brands, Asia Brewery Inc. “And when we needed someone to tell this message, we searched for an icon whose success story is true to lives of the Filipinos, and Donaire is that icon.”

Everyone needs someone to look up to. To make us realize that success is within reach. These are the role of icons in our lives, for they help us dream bigger, and strive better everyday. We need reasons to believe that things will be better when we put hard work and dedication to our call of duty. Junjun lives up to the expectation, and then turns them into reality. This is how reality works, it is through hard times that a person’s character is tested, and choosing to rise above it is how your story will be an inspiration to others.

About Cobra

Cobra is the Philippines’ number one and best-selling energy drink, powering the country to progress. It contains world-standard quality ingredients like B-Vitamins sourced from Qualiblends, the world's leading supplier of pharma-grade vitamins, as well as ginseng, taurine, inositol and other ingredients to help Filipinos achieve more in a single day, everyday. It has three variants to serve different energy needs, namely: Cobra Original for instant energy, Cobra Fit with ActivBurn technology plus L-Carnitine to burn calories, and Cobra Smart with gingko biloba for instant brainergy. For more information on Cobra visit
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Torque DROIDZ Motion and DROIDZ Quad - Affordable Android Roster

The use of mobile phones these days have gone beyond calling and texting. It has evolved into a multi-functional device that is used for connecting in different platforms. According to a recent study revealed by TNS, a global customized Research Company: Filipinos use their phones for taking photos or videos; browsing the internet, and; some for social networking, among others.

Understanding the needs and behaviors of consumers, Torque, a proudly Filipino mobile brand, continues to find ways to provide options to mobile users that fit their lifestyle and budget.

Torque introduces the DROIDZ Motion and DROIDZ Quad as the latest addition to its affordable Android lineup. The homegrown mobile brand ups the game as these two new models operate on MT6589 Quad Core CPU with 4GB ROM and 512MB RAM, and run on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Expect speed, performance, and more from these two new models. DROIDZ Motion and DROIDZ Quad are both supported with QUADBAND GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/ 1900MHZ, HSDPA 7.2Mbps/HSUPA 5.76 Mbps, and 3.5G HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100MHZ. Both models also have GPS and AGPS support and feature Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi tethering for connectivity.

With DROIDZ Motion’s 5.0” QHD 960x540 IPS Capacitive Touchscreen Scratch-Resistant and DROIDZ Quad’s 4.5” FWGA 854x480 Capacitive Touchscreen, entertainment is now just within one’s reach. DROIDZ Quad comes with free headset and customized jelly case. For more enhancing experience, Torque’s new DROIDZ phones come with 3.5MM stereo headset jack so you can plug in your favorite audio headset.

Both also feature multi-touch zoom function, 3-Axis/Accelerometer, and dual cameras with 8MP rear with LED flash/VGA front. Both also come with FM radio, micro-USB port, micro-SD up to 32GB, and over 700,000 applications from Google Play store.

The introduction of the DROIDZ Motion and DROIDZ Quad is a testament to Torque’s commitment to upgrade every Filipino’s communication needs. “We believe we can maintain, or even surpass. When it comes to technology, Torque is now at par with international brands. Torque catches up already the technologies and specifications of international brands yet sweetens the deal with 60-70% price difference. That means, consumers now can get more out of their money without having to spend so much of their budget,” says Christopher Uyco, president and CEO of Torque Philippines.

For the complete price list and information about Torque, visit
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Enroll Now and Get Stronger, Faster and Fitter

Now on it's fourth (4th) year, Nestle Milo and Coach Jim Saret is bringing you the MILO R2 - APEX Running School: SEASON 7 - RUN, RE-FUEL, RECOVER!

The Running School is composed and led by sports science Trainers, running Coaches, and Physical Therapist offering the Country's BIGGEST and FULL PROGRAM Scientific Running Camp covering injury prevention, strength and conditioning workouts, running drills, and also the recovery and injury rehabilitation training needs of runners.

Quezon Memorial Circle, Bonifacio Global City, and SM Mall of Asia by the Bay will be the three (3) venues where the training will simultaneously happen. Each enrolled participants can attend in any of the above mentioned locations and will undergo three (3) levels of training in 12 sessions each level:

Level 1: The Biomechanics and Science Behind Running (Runner's Body/Injury Prevention)

Level 2: The Optimal Performance Training for Runners (Strength and Conditioning)

Level 3: Advance Optimal Performance Enhancement Training (Advance Strength, Conditioning and Flexibility)

The running clinic also have different activity per session covering: 1) recovery days; 2) serious training day; and 3) long easy mileage run. During the recovery days, the session will cover 10% running science lecture, 50% Injury prevention, strength/conditioning training, 30% easy/recovery run, and 10% Cool down stretching. Serious training days on the other hand will also cover 10% lecture, 20% strength training and conditioning, 60% training runs, and 10% cool down/recovery. While the 3rd session of each week will only have easy mileage runs.

This is the final enrollment week for the 7th season which will start on September 9, 2013 up to November 30, 2013. So if you're interested visit and enroll now thru for more details or contact Aldina Tinio at 0935-360-3204.

Vying for a new personal record for the 2013 National Milo Marathon? Then this is for you!
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A Run to Save the Center of the Center

Here's a Trivia:

Do you know that you will find the "center of the center" of the world's marine shorefish biodiversity in the Philippines?

Absolutely right, and it is indeed a unique world treasure for us! No wonder why foreign divers and marine biologists would even come here in our Country just to find the diverse marine biodiversity we have.

Located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, the epicenter of the world’s marine fish and coral biodiversity, the Philippines’ Verde Island Passage is regarded as the center of the center of the world’s marine shorefish biodiversity (Kent Carpenter and Victor Springer). It provides critical ecosystem services to support the livelihoods and food security over seven million people through livelihoods and food security.

According to, the country forms the ‘Coral Triangle,’ so-called because of the abundance of its coral reef life. Some 400-500 species in 90 genera of reef-forming corals are believed to exist in this region. Sulu-Sulawesi Sea, a 900,000-square-kilometer marine eco-region that lies at the apex of the Coral Triangle (70% in the Philippines, 20% Indonesia, 10% Malaysia), is home to some 2,500 species of fish.

But this way of life is threatened by climate change; the impacts of which affect not only the region's fragile ecosystems and species, but also the communities that rely on fishing and tourism for their livelihoods, and mangroves for coastal protection from storms.

The Consular Corps of the Philippines, the professional organization of career and honorary consuls for the Philippines, in an effort to protect and promote the Verde Island Passage's ecological sustainability and biodiversity, planted 30,000 mangrove seedlings in Baco, Oriental Mindoro in 2011. This year, the Consular Corps furthers its Verde Island Passage's protection efforts by committing to rehabilitate 20 hectares of mangrove forests in Calatagan, Batangas.

This is the power, the impetus behind the RUN FOR THE MANGROVES fun run, check out more race details below.

What: Run for the Mangroves - A Fun Run to Save the Center of the Center of the World's Marine Shorefish Biodiversity

When: 19 October 2013 (Saturday), 4:30AM

Where: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig/Makati City

Beneficiary: 20 Hectares of Mangrove Forests in Calatagan, Batangas

Distance and Registration Fees:

  • 3K - Php 500.00

  • 5K - Php 500.00

  • 10K - Php 500.00

Registration Center: (01-30 September, 2013)

  1. ALL SM Cinema Ticket Counters Nationwide

  2. Online thru

  3. In-Store Registration at selected Chris Sports stores and Fitness & Athletics

  4. Group Registration (10 Runners or more), call Huper International: (02) 661-6489

    Race Kit Redemption Area: (12-16 October, 2013)

    • Chris Sports - SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, Glorietta 3

    • Fitness & Athletics - Bonifacio Global City

      For more information, visit: Run for Mangroves facebook page.
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