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Juana C. The Movie - What You Need to Know

Who is Juana Change? by: Rody Vera

Artists in the Philippines with a long history of serving the function of inspiring and goading sectors into action are becoming more active. One of the initiatives of a small group of artists is the Juana Change Movement.

Juana Change has evolved into a continuing project of advocacy campaigns for freedom, justice, and clean and good governance using the sharpest political satire hoping to evoke a social sentiment for change. The idea for Juana Change was brainstormed by a group of artists and social activists, who, because of lack of money and other resources, decided to create small video episodes and upload it to the Internet video servers for public viewing. The episodes feature Juana Change, a Filipino generic character who may at some instances represent an agent for social change or at some other instances the exact opposite. Juana is a pun that refers to two diametrically opposed political stances on change. One referring to "Wanna Change" indicating an expressed need for radical reforms in the Philippine society and politics. The other refers to “Wa Na Change” (meaning change is hopeless). This dichotomy that reflects the apathy and the sincere hope of a divided nation is crystallized in the different episodes that lampoons powerful politicians and corrupt officials as well as calling for a broader form of action amongst the majority.

In more than four years of its existence, (since 2008), the Juana Change has turned into a movement composed of volunteers and artists dedicated to utilizing the power of media to keep the vigilance in maintaining the increasing victories against corruption, exploitation, and social injustice. Through videos, live events appearances, short plays, and now, a movie, Juana Change Movement hopes to continue and spread the advocacy for an increased socio-political awareness and love of country.

Juana C. The Movie: The Sexy-Comedy As A Weapon by: Jessica Zafra

There is a lot of sex in Juana C. the full-length film debut of the political critic/YouTube phenomenon. Kinky sex, sex for pay, boy on boy, girl on girl, group and something called vroom vroom. Why is there so much sex in a movie that wears its advocacies on its XXL sleeve?

Because if we devoted 1/10th of the time we spend thinking about sex to discussing the issues that affect our country, we would have a more rational, responsible, better-educated society. An informed society is harder for corrupt politicians and opportunists to take advantage of. And because what the politicians and businessmen do to Juana Change in the movie, they are doing to us. Our nation is being screwed by the very same people who are supposed to protect us.

In the first offering from Laganap Productions, Juana Change is a girl who comes to Manila to attend a prestigious university. Her townmates from Barangay Kaploc are counting on her to lead the fight against the corporate interests which are stealing their resources and killing their village. But the impressionable Juana falls in with the high-living crowd and winds up seriously in debt. How is she supposed to pay?
By selling her own natural resource: her body. And Mae Paner as Juana Change makes an all-out bid to become the first heavyweight sex symbol in local cinema. Socially-aware is the new sexy.

Under the tutelage of Peaches Tanquintera, the most powerful mistress, pimp, influence peddler, and secret keeper in the Philippines, Juana meets the people who pull the strings: the judge whose judgement is for sale, the politicians who treat public funds as their petty cash, the military who do their bidding, and the clergy who condone corruption. And when she opens her legs, she learns to open her eyes and her mind to the urgent problems of society. She gains access to information that must be brought to the people, information that could cost her her life.

Movie Director: Jade Castro

Written by Rody Vera and directed by Jade Castro, Juana C. is that rare animal in contemporary cinema: an advocacy movie in the form of a sex-comedy.

Synopsis: Juana C. The Movie by: Raymond Lee

“Juana C. The Movie” follows the outrageously hilarious yet painfully realistic adventures of a young person who slowly awakens to her country’s ills and sees how these are perpetuated by greedy businessmen, corrupt politicians, and a complacent majority. Hers is a journey from apathy to awareness to action — a triple A transformation!

Juana is a happy-go-lucky member of a clan of indigenous people living in the mountains of Northern Luzon. When the class valedictorian falls victim to toxic waste, Juana is forced to take her place as a scholar at the elite “Arrneowww de Manila University.” Besieged on one side by unabashed commercial tourism and by an expanding nickel mining plant on the other, Juana’s community pins its hopes on her to finish school, become a lawyer, and come back to save the community’s ancestral land.

As soon as Juana sets foot in Manila, however, it becomes clear that her village’s mission for her might be an uphill battle. Ashamed of her poverty and tribal origins, Juana immediately reinvents herself as a bar-hopping, salon-pampered colegiala in order to gain acceptance in her new world. Juana soon finds that the only way to sustain her lavish lifestyle is to find work, which she does—as a high-class, plus-size escort for a niche market of chubby chasers.

Her trade brings her to the doorstep of Philippine power, in the persons of rich and corrupt politicians. As Juana's star rises in the escort industry, she stumbles upon a sinister plot that will threaten everything and everyone she loves. With the help of Yanni (her first love), Hiro (an activist who has a crush on Juana), and Marina (a news blogger who runs around following leads in 7-inch heels), Juana will use all of her fabulous 250 pounds to fight the good fight against corruption and apathy.

The Cast and Production

Written by multi-awarded playwright and screenwriter Rody Vera and directed by Jade Castro of Zombadings fame, Juana C. The Movie is the first production of Laganap Productions.

Juana Change herself, Mae Paner, heads the cast. She is the face of and force behind the Juana Change Movement, an advocacy that champions critical thinking and social action and wages a war on corruption and apathy. The Movement’s short satirical videos over the last four years have been a hit on YouTube. Print journalism and broadcast news, both radio and TV, followed suit as newsmen now regularly interview Juana on the burning issues of the day.

With Juana Change’s big-screen debut, the Movement hopes to widen its reach to moviegoers, particularly those who don’t necessarily like to watch the news (unless it’s showbiz gossip) or make a stand on social and political issues. Critical thinking and social action don’t have to be joyless and grim, it wants to tell them. It is empowering, and yes, it can be fun and even sexy, too!

The casts (L-R): Ronnie Lazaro, Niño Muhlach, Annicka Dolonius, Mae Paner,
John James Uy, Joel Torre, Jelson Bay, Madelaine Nicolas

Also starring in this sexy comedy are Cosmo Bachelor hunk John James Uy, thespians Angelina Kanapi, Jelson Bay, Joel Torre, Niño Muhlach, Ronnie Lazaro, Madeleine Nicolas, Soliman Cruz, Malu de Guzman, Angeli Bayani, and rising star Annicka Dolonious (Ang Nawawala).

With this amount of talent backing it up, Juana C. The Movie promises to draw in audiences out for a good laugh and an inspiration for a better Philippines.

Write-ups and Photos courtesy of: Top Edit Comms. For more information and inquiries, contact them at 0932-8835537 or the Juana Change Movement at (02) 8172981 (look for Jing).
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Photo Release: Energen Family Run 2013

Ready, set, go!

Almost 3,300 runners joined the first ever Energen Family Run last May 26 at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The fun run aims to promote healthy lifestyle and family bonding through running. It is organized by Inbisco Philippines, Inc. in partnership with LeadPack and Proceeds will benefit the Bantay Bata 163. The new Go Fruit Flavors of Energen, which is solely distributed in the Philippines by TriDharma Marketing Corporation, was also launched during the event.

Winners of the fun run include:

10K Male / Female:

1st place Bernard Elejio (34:52) / Gia Estrella (55:34)

2nd place Victor Clemente (35:32) / 2nd place Cristine Cosio (56:28)

3rd place Arthur Caridan (36:29) / 3rd place Cleotilda Armendez (58:20)

5K Male / Female:

1st place Daiki Hayashi (17:13) / Divine Bautista (20:48)

2nd place Arcenio Dominga (18:06) / Mary Diab (22:55)

3rd place Gerald Bañal (18:15) / Mary Joy Cabaldo (23:06)

3K Male / Female:

1st place Jal Arcillas (10:38) / Angelica Natividad (15:12)

2nd place Alden Eugenio (10:51) / Jonamae Batalla (16:30)

3rd place Marco de Guzman (10:56) / Ervi Pangilinan (16:41)

500M Male / Female Winner:

Doncha Niel Yakebete / Cyrine Mae Bandolis
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Merrell Adventure Run 2013 – Beyond the Limits of the Rugged Side

Thousands of runners recently hit the trails of Mt. Sinai in Bukawe, San Mateo, Rizal for the 4th Merrell Adventure Run. This year’s trail again proved to be even more exciting as it became the toughest Merrell Adventure Run thus far, with a route filled with adrenaline-pumping obstacles - flowing streams, dirt roads, rock scrambling, river crossings, mud pits, and uphill & downhill paths.

All set to conquer the 2013 Merrell Adventure Run

The Merrell Adventure Run is the pioneer in Philippine trail runs, which continues to inspire athletes who love the outdoors to conquer new adventures.

“It was a very challenging trail run this year. Running upwards a high, long and steep hill was difficult. It’s a real test of physical endurance and sheer will,” exclaimed Miscelle Gilbuena, 1st placer in the women’s 21km trail run category.

Thousands of participants joined the 2013 Merrell Adventure Run.

Many considered it the toughest outdoor trail run ever

Crawling through mud pits is just one of the challenges that the runners had to endure

The event also saw the launch of Merrell’s newest shoe line, the M-Connect series composed of four key collections: Barefoot, Bare Access, Mix Master, and Proterra.

Participants gave good feedback on the M-Connect series as it addressed their needs, as well as the demands of the outside activities while giving them a “minimalist feel” that allowed them to connect better with the ground.

Trail-runners who tried the Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove 2 favored the shoes’ heightened ground feel and secure fit, which they agreed is perfect for races. They also liked the new upper material, which has microfiber and breathable air mesh. On the other hand, runners who preferred more cushioning chose the Merrell Bare Access, which provided utmost comfort with its M-Bound cushioning, as they tread the tough dirt roads.

The newest shoe line from Merrell - the M-Connect Series

Runners who opted for the Merrell Mix Master collection, ideal for multi-run use, offered the best of both worlds – shoes that are lightweight and flexible. The Mix Master Move with its sticky rubber sole grips and Mix Master Tuff made specifically for hiking, provided better traction and stability during the runners’ steep climbs and descent. Meanwhile, runners who wore the Mix Master 2 were won over by the shoes’ durable and waterproof upper, ideal for both trail and road running.

Lastly, runners who go for multi-run and multi-hike activities, chose the Merrell Proterra. This model features Merrell’s Stratafuse technology, which offered runners a lightweight fit and the ability to move more naturally during the race.

The winners received cash prizes and loot bags from the sponsors. This year’s Merrell Adventure Run finishers are:

The 4th Merrell Adventure Run was sponsored by Fern-C, Jam Liner, Aquabest, Walter Bread, Orion Hotel and media partners Philippine Star, Clavel, MultiSport, Health Today, and Moms Today.

Stay tuned for the next Merrell Adventure Run by visiting Merrell Philippines on Facebook or by following them on Twitter.

Tri-athlete Martin Lorenzo

The 2013 Merrell Adventure Run sponsors helped in making the event a success

Merrell Adventure Run, year 4 Winners:

Men's 5k Winners (L-R) RG Lumawag (2nd), Patrick Gongob (1st), and Loweman Estrella (3rd)

with Merrell President Charles Yu and Concession Manager Charissa Aquino

Men's 10k Winners (L-R) Benjamin Kipkazi (2nd), Richard Salano (1st), and Gregg Vincent Osorio (3rd)

with Merrell President Charles Yu and Concession Manager Charissa Aquino

Men's 21k Winners (L-R) Rafael Poliquit (2nd), Willy Rotich (1st), and Bonifacio Monjas (3rd)
with Merrell President Charles Yu and Concession Manager Charissa Aquino

Women's 5k Winner Mary Grace Dela Torre with Merrell President Charles Yu

Women's 10k Winners (L-R) Janette Lumibao (2nd), Flordeliza Donos (1st) and Michelle Devera (3rd)
with Merrell President Charles Yu and Concession Manager Charissa Aquino

Women's 21k Winners (L-R) Luisa Raterta (2nd), Miscelle Gibuena (1st), and Janette Agura (3rd)
with Merrell President Charles Yu and Concession Manager Charissa Aquino

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Rico Blanco, Moonstar88 to perform in 'Run United' this Sunday

OPM icon and singer-songwriter Rico Blanco will rock the stage this Sunday, June 2, with pop band Moonstar88 at Unilab Active Health's "Run United 2013", which will be held at the SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

Blanco is known as a pop icon in the local entertainment scene and has been, for years, considered as the face of the popular 90s band "Rivermaya." Moonstar88, on the other hand, immortalized the OPM hits "Torete" and "Sulat."

More than 12,000 have signed up for the second leg of this year's Run United event. The run features 500m, 10k, 21k and 32k routes which starts and ends on Seaside Boulevard near Block 16 of the mall's expansive parking lot. The 10k loop trails the Diosdado Macapagal Avenue on to Roxas Boulevard and back, while the 21k loop reaches as far as the Luneta Park (also on Roxas Boulevard) and Uniwide Theater/Movie Hall on Diosdado Macapagal Avenue. The 32k route will take the same path as the 21k's except that it will also reach the opposite end of Roxas Boulevard where it meets the Manila-Cavite Expressway and the NAIA Road.

Although registration for the race is already closed, non-runners are still welcome to participate in exciting and fun-filled health events at the Unilab Active Health Village Areas, which will be situated a few meters from the finish line. The Health Village is divided into five zones namely the Ceelin Playground (for kids); Health, Sports and Leisure zone; UST Physical Therapy zone; Active Health zone and Sports Nutrition zone.

The Ceelin Playground zone includes a giant inflatable playground, a kiddie salon, and henna tattoo, face painting and photo booths. The other zones offer health lectures, running tips, physical exercises, and an ice pool, among others.

Additionally, three conveniently located areas are designated for the Active Health Apparel shop, Food Pavilion and iConnect booth, which is a social media photo booth where pictures of participants are uploaded in real-time to Unilab Active Health's Facebook fan page.

Run United is an annual running event sponsored by the pharmaceutical giant United Laboratories (Unilab) through Active Health, its advocacy for the Filipino’s health and wellness, in partnership with RunRio, Inc., a race organization company founded by running coach Rio Dela Cruz.

More than 10,000 runners participated in the first leg of the 2013 Run United, which was held on March 17 also at the SM Mall of Asia. The final leg of this year's Run United trilogy will be held on October 6. For more information, check out Unilab Active Health's website at

Apart from Run United, Unilab Active Health also sponsors the annual Tri United (a triathlon event) which is organized by Bikeking.


Unilab Active Health Press Release
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Explorac Invitational Trail Run

What: R.O.X Explorac Invitational Trail Run

When: 8 June 2013 Saturday, 5:00 AM

Where: Ayala Visitor's Center, Porac, Pampanga

Trail Route Background:

Explorac Trail Run offers 11k and 22k rough terrain. Trail run will start at Ayala’s Visitor Center and will end at the Ayala Nature Park. The course has a flat to hilly terrain and majority of it is hard surface. The trail features wet/dry river bed, if not all, are heavily silted by mudflow due to Mt. Pinatubo's eruption way back 1991 and succeeding lahar flows.

In some areas, moderate steep climb will be experienced along the rough terrain portion and huge lahar track will potentially challenge your trail running skills. Opportunity like running under the SCTEX bridge and passing through beside waterfalls are a few of the scenery that the trail offers. Rise and Shine as your explore Porac through trail running.

Visit, follow on Twitter for further details, and visit Explorac's facebook fanpage to get to know the biking events that will also happen on the same date.
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MultiSport 101 Camp 2013 Leg 1 (Running)

Learn how to Swim, Bike, Run at MultiSport 101 Camp 2013. The first Running leg kicks off this Saturday, May 25, 2013 from 5:30 A.M – 8:30 A.M at Bonifacio High Street Activity Center with Coach Michelle Estuar and Coach Titus Salazar.

Registration is FREE*!

Registration is ongoing until Friday (May 24, 2013) at 5:30 P.M. Now give it a TRI and register!

1. Send an e-mail with your name, address, contact details, preferred pace (3K or 5K) to


Jose Silva

9 Bocobo St., Greenville Village, Makati City



2. Wait for the confirmation e-mail of your registration within 24 hours.

*Registration is free for all MultiSport Philippines Magazine subscribers.

Not a subscriber yet? Get your one-year subscription now and have the opportunity to participate in this exclusive event. Call 403-88-25 loc. 268 for subscription details and loc. 215 for registration inquiries. You may also opt to pay for your subscription on the day of the event, simply indicate that you will be paying on-site in your registration e-mail.

See you there!

For more updates visit MultiSport Philippines' facebook page and follow on Twitter: @MultiSportPH.
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Run Faster with a Mid-Foot Strike

Do you want to run faster, stronger, longer? If you’re a runner looking for ways to enhance your efficiency, speed and overall performance, try looking into your running technique and re-think your shoe choice.

Global footwear leader Skechers launched GOrun2, the sequel of the successful GOrun performance shoe. This updated shoe helps runners run faster with a mid-foot strike, allowing them to achieve their personal best time.

Skechers GOrun2: Designed for Speed

Skechers has gone the extra mile by helping runners transition to more efficient mid-foot strike running rather than heel striking through its GOrun series. Skechers GOrun running shoes features the M-Strike Technology. Inspired by barefoot running, the principles of minimalism encourages runners to run more naturally by positioning the body for an efficient mid-foot strike in order to run faster, stronger, and longer.

Deemed to be the next generation of serious minimal running shoes, GOrun2 boasts of its GOimpulse sensors which are found underneath the soles. These make the wearer more responsive in running in any surface type. The shoe is made of breathable four-way stretch mesh toe panels and custom fit insole for comfort. The added Resalyte midsole absorbs the impact to prevent injuries.

Skechers GOrun2 features a minimal heel lift at 4mm to keep the foot in a nearly neutral position. The best part is its weight. GOrun2 is as lightweight as can be, allowing the wearer to run faster and more efficiently. Moreover, it comes in striking color combinations.

Gorun2 Tech Sheet

Accolades from the Elites

Skechers GOrun ambassador, Olympian marathoner and America’s fastest marathon runner Meb Keflezighi attributes his success to his trusty performance shoes of choice.

“Skechers’ new performance shoes change the way I run for the better,” said the number one marathon runner in the United States. “I’ve been a heel runner my entire life, but I am now wearing Skechers to maximize the efficiency of my foot strike. My shoes are my most essential piece of equipment and right now, Skechers has the footwear I need to succeed,” added Keflezighi.

Filipino top age grouper tri-athlete Martin Lorenzo believes that it is crucial to look for the right lightweight shoe that promotes a mid-foot strike to avoid or lessen injuries and improve on speed and efficiency. He recounted his search for the perfect pair of running shoes to accompany him in his races. The tedious task ended when he found Skechers GOrun 2.

“I bought myself different pairs of shoes and tested each one. What came on top is the Skechers GOrun 2. It is well-designed, lightweight, very comfortable, and well-ventilated for our tropical climate. It exceeded my expectations on every count,” shared Lorenzo, a consistent podium finisher in his age category and a passionate athlete who races in local and international triathlons and marathons.

Lorenzo added that “Skechers GOrun2 makes a great transitional shoe for runners who are still heel striking. Adopting the mid-foot strike is important for runners who want to improve on their running technique and speed. With Skechers GOrun2, no matter how you force yourself to run heel strike, it forces you to land mid-foot for easier transition.”

Available in the following Skechers’ stores: Glorietta 2, TriNoma, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons Galleria, SM North Edsa-The Annex, Robinsons Place Manila, Lucky Chinatown, Market! Market!, Festival Mall, SM Fairview, SM Dasmarinas, Marquee Mall, SM Pampanga, Ayala Center Cebu – Active Zone, Abreeza Mall Davao, Gaisano Mall of Davao, SM City Davao, and Centrio Mall Cagayan de Oro.

For more information, log onto, visit Facebook page SkechersPhilippines or follow SkechersPH on Twitter.

Skechers GOrun 2 is designed to help you

run faster with a mid-foot strike.

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Alaska Sponsors Futkalero Children from Tondo

Alaska Milk Corporation brings FCBEscola, the world’s No. 1 ranked football club here in the Philippines to help develop children through sports programs such as the FCBEscola Barcelona Camp. The FCBEscola Barcelona Camp has already begun training kids last April 17 and will continue until April 21 at the Ayala Alabang Country Club.

What is better than playing against one of the best football clubs in the world? Being trained by them.

Never in a million years did they thought that they will be able to see the world’s #1 ranked football club, FCBarcelona, in action, much less interact with them. But these promising young football talents from Tondo did just that and more. Thanks to the sponsorship of Alaska Milk Corporation, the five Futkaleros— Champ Cyrus Wico, Jonas Lorens Lavarias, John David Espiritu, Maria Rochel Mendaňo, and Roger Batiugas—were able to train under the FCBarcelona coaches Jordi Blanco and Jose Moratalla during the FCBEscola Philippines Barcelona Soccer Camp for the youth, a sports workshop that did not only aim to teach Filipino kids the rudiments and techniques in the game but also share with them the FCBarcelona values of teamwork and hard work.

“Alaska has been there from the very start, even at that time when football was not very popular. It has been supporting the grassroots development of the sport and in training players. The annual Alaska Cup, is in fact, the biggest cup in the country, with thousands of players in a single day. So we were not surprised that Alaska lent their support to this project,” says Michael Reyes, organizer of the camp and Team Socceroo’s captain.

Training under World’s Best

Excitement lit up the eyes of the five Futkaleros as they showed their moves to the coaches. They believe that the camp is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve their game, learn some new skills and incorporate a new strategy into their play.According to Reyes, the style of the Futkaleros is more freestyle. “I have seen them play and their commitment to the game is impressive. I know that they practice every day. They’re fast. They’re agile. Participating in the camp will help them develop their play more.”

What kids will take away from the five-day camp is not just technique but the values: that football is not about winning but in playing your best and playing with your team. Steven Chua, Operations Director for FCBEscola Asia Pacific, relates, “I remembered a FCBarcelona camp in Singapore that we organized. After the camp, I asked one of the kids what he learned. He told me he learned the reasons why he has to move here, why he has to make a pass. Before, he just does it because he has to without even knowing why. He also learned that football is not about winning but playing the game.”

More than a hundred kids, 6 to 14 years old, signed up for the camp held recently at the Alabang Country Club. They did not even mind the extra-ordinarily hot day, showing off their skills on the field, all of them eager to train under the very best in the world. World famous players Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and Lionel Messi were all products of FCBEscola.

Built not as important as technique

According to the organizers, the Futkaleros have the typical Filipino built, which unlike basketball, is suited to football. Filipinos are not as tall as other kids but they compensate with their incredible speed and agility. FCBarcerlona has members who have similar built but are still able to excel. In football, built is not as important as technique.

“The style of football of FCBarcelona is the ‘most fit’ and ‘most matched’ [style] with Filipinos. They do not rely on size. In other sports, if you are big, you’d be a better player. In football, we rely more on technique, the passing, how the team plays. FCBarcelona’s style of football is not very individualistic. It emphasizes team play,” says Nicholas Reyes, FCBEscola camp organizer.

Wanted: Healthy body, good attitude and passion

There is also no age requirement, just a healthy body, good attitude and passion for the sport. Reyes emphasized good nutrition at an early age “as this will give children an edge in the sport.” Both exercise and proper dietare essential, especially to the significant number of Filipino kids, who have been found to suffer from undernutrition and overweight problems (National Nutrition Survey of FNRI-DOST, 2008). It is recommended that they eat a balanced set of meals and do more physical activity, which Alaska Milk Corporation has been advocating through their sports programs.

For more information, log on to FCBEscola Philippines and
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Salomon Beach and Mountain Run

It was another year of Salomon's famous road to mountain-trail crossover running, and I am once again delighted that I got to join challenging trail runs such as this. Albeit I only managed to get on shorter 12K distance compared to my last years' 24K, the route did not fail to squeeze out my sweat from every pores of my body.

A few minutes before our category's gunstart, I was able to do some warm-up drills, enough to wake-up my still sleeping blood. When the gun started at 5:30 AM, most of the participants were excited to take off not knowing that the flat road will soon ascend turning right after just around 100-meters from the starting line. In the middle of the ascending road was already a scenic view overlooking almost the entire Hamilo community. Having known some of the route from our previous test run, I opted to just powerwalk and sometimes jog the uphill roads as I know there will be more surprising and challenging routes that we have not covered during the said test run.

photo by RJKnight Runner
The first few kilometers was an out-and-back two-lane road, and reaching a few hundred meters away from the starting line, the merged 12K and 24K runners turned left towards the beach front where sharp and some slippery ocean rocks, stones and sands abound. From the seaside going to the view deck, the route that we have traversed towards the mountain island wasn't part of our test run, and here the course became technical with loose soil and gravel, partially uprooted trees, and single-lane half-lane ascending trail tracks.

I was following the tandem runners Gado and Aga (blind runner) going up and not one among those who are also trailing behind me can overtake as one wrong step might lead to a demise of falling down from the tracks. Step, twist, and duck -- the only thing that each of us can do. Reaching the top at about 90-masl, it was already going down to the view deck and here Gado and Aga was able to speed up again.

Turning around from the view deck, the succeeding route going up from this first island towards its highest point of 115-masl, then off for the same elevation drop towards the shoreline for a short seaside beach run.

Seaside running (photo courtesy to Runaholic)

The second mountain was yet another surprise with its more daring and challenging and winding ascend and almost more technical. Aside from the loose soil and gravel, single lane tracks, and partially uprooted trees, the inclines and declines are much steep than the first mountain that we have conquered. There was also a deep trail gap where it was then connected with bridge made from tree branches, and a rope on one of the descent while the ascent almost seemed endless. I rested for quite a few times, and every step going up was a penitence. With my quads already getting sore, I aided my body holding my legs just above the knees and pushing it in each step that I make.

After making it to the second mountain, the 24K runners turned left on a road going to their last mountain run where the communication tower is, and where the almost 90-degrees incline awaits them. While for us the 12K runners, we were lucky that that's the end of our early penitence as the next and final route was just an 800-meters of flat road.

Finally reaching the finish line, I heard the Emcee/Event host calling out my blogname (RunningAtom) announcing that I finished as 15th for the 12K category. The result showed 18 though! In contrast, I expected to have finished a 12K trail route for just 1-hour and 30-minutes, but then I realized that not all trails were created equal, and that's where the beauty of trail running is -- the unexpected surprises!

After the race, it's time for a refreshing and sun-warming bath at the pristine beach of Hamilo Coast.

The water is so clear and... friendly? Variety of fishes abound at the seashore*

Special thanks goes to Ms. Laira and Primer Group Inc., Salomon Phils., to the PhilSky Runners, and to Costa Del Hamilo for successfully staging this awesome and challenging course!

with Kuya Totoy, Ms. Laira, Christine, and CJ*

Race Profile:
Distance: 12 km.
Official Time: 1:44:19
Official Ranking: 18th out of 246 finishers

Race Info:
When: Mar. 23, 2013.
Where: Pico De Loro Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas
Event: Salomon x-Trail Run 2013

with other runners, bloggers, and the mamaws Wilnar and Totoy

with Ms. Mars of PinoyFitness and celebrity-mamaw mountain runner, Rovilson*

at the PhilSky booth with PhilSky runners Ms. Mia, Charina, and Carlo*

*Photos courtesy to Roy Agsunod, the only officemate who's also getting into trail running. He finished his own 12K race here, a warm-up for the Merrell Adventure Run 2013.
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Epic Ride at the Globe Cordillera Challenge 4

The Chaser
Imagine a bike ride along the heaven-bound roads of the Cordilleras with their welcoming villages and communities, overseeing the stunning views of pine-tree lined mountain ranges, fresh breeze of air, flowing rivers, and nerve-wracking deep gorges along the sides. Also take into account the distance of 65-km combined concrete and trail mountaineous course; a lung-busting, quad-burning ride on a 1,636-masl climb over a winding road ascent; a 1,751-masl elevation drop with wheel-dragging cliffs on the side; and last but not the least -- the steep concrete downhill that should've been easy to navigate should it have not been made slippery and muddy from the recent rainshower, all of which covering a total of 3,329-masl elevation!

That was the epic ride that I, together with almost 500 other mountain bike enthusiasts experienced last Saturday, May 4, 2013 during the 4th year of Globe's Cordillera Challenge -- a yearly ride with a yearly campaign of raising funds for Cordillera Conservation Trust (CCT) for the establishment of nursery seedlings for the reforestation of the surrounding Cordillera mountains.

According to Ms. Trixie of Globe, this year's ride was less technical compared to the previous year's 17-km ride with three (3) stop stations. Even without a first-hand experience nor idea about the previous year's route, I could agree that this route was absolutely less technical as only about more than 20% of the route was on a rough trail. Yet in contrast, the challenge was higher and longer! Not all of the descent was a smooth ride, the ascents were not easy either, and despite the great views along the course, I wasn't even able to indulge my eyes on the beauty of nature, the view of Ambuklao dam from the mountains, and the greeneries on the opposite mountain ranges, both during the climbs and descents.

Going down towards Ambuklao Dam (photo from

The first 1,751-masl elevation loss over an 18-km rough descent seemed endless while my butt bounces together with the bike and my arms vibrates along with the handlebar from the gravity-pulling loose gravel of the trail road. The dizzying sharp curves made me realize that I have to pay attention on the course every second, and in every turn. This was an almost hard-lesson learned when my bike almost went straight to the cliff should the road wasn't wide enough for me to make a turn. Everything happened for just about 5-seconds, when I can no longer contain the urge to take a glance on the views of the opposite mountains and down the gorge on the left side of the trail.

Auto-snapped wrong turn

It only took less than 2-seconds of stolen glance, afterwhich, it's almost too late for me to notice the sharp right-turn, and my balance no longer allowed me to make the maneuver. I was going straight and the only control I have on the bike is to either go forward and fall from the cliff, or make a full left turn and stop. I was able to pull the bike to the left side of the road, and thankfully it was wide enough for such turn and luckily also, the other biker trailing behind on the leftmost side was able to stop before he could collide with me, or who knows what might've happened next!

Ambuklao Reservoir

From that descent came Ambuklao Dam into full view, it wasn't as big as I've imagined, but looking up from where we came from, it was already a triumphant entry of making it down from that 18-km descent. After taking some photos, we're off for a smooth descent. Going out from Ambuklao dam's bridge, the second climb of 6km with 404-masl elevation began on concrete two-way lane leaving Brgy. Ambuklao and towards Brgy. Adonot. I made a complete stop here to eat some chocolate cookies and jellies.

Not long after, the third and longest ascent began as we reached the Nueva Vizcaya-Baguio road. The signage says it was only an 8-km distance with 921-m climb and max. grade of +27.4% (that I don't understand). Eight kilometers will be around 55-minutes if I run it by foot, but on bike estimate it would take me around 1-hour and 15-minutes to finish this roadway to heaven. But dang, it was as endless as the first 18-km descent! The uphill seems infinite couple it with the unnoticeable heat of the sun. My arms got sun-burned without me noticing, thanks to the still cool breeze of air.

Nueva Vizcaya-Baguio road

If I could still remember it right, there were a lot of steep climbs with sharp curves. My bike was already on the lightest gear, moving only at around 6 to 7-kph speed. The inner competitive in me kept telling me to "push". And I did "pushed" myself and the bike literally quite a few times, of which I can only manage to move at 4.5-kph speed by doing so. If in running it was my legs that easily gets tired, biking on this route made me breathe like a tired dog!

After almost I think more than 2-hours of climbing, we reached the top, but not the top-most yet as there were still some short descents and ascents of 5++ kms each. The final course going back to Tublay was all downhill on either a slippery concrete road covered in mud, or slippery mud covered in wet mud! And it was here where I had my "semplang" moment at a sharp right-turn due to the just finished rain that made the already slippery cemented road much more slippery. The next biker behind me also slid and fell down.

Finally coming out to Halsema highway, I felt my whole body shaking not because of excitement for the nearing finish line, but due to the combined fatigue and hunger. I still have my choco biscuits and jellies with me but my body was already asking for a heavier meal -- rice, lots of rice! Surprisingly, and thankfully, the people of Tublay prepared an endless, eat-all-you kanin, eat-all-you ulam, and eat-all-you vegetable salad! I wasn't expecting that biking a distance of 65-km would take me more than 8-hours, but it was all paid off after the two servings of sumptuous meal!

Through this event, Globe Bridging Communities was able to raise Php 1 million from the combined registration fees and individual donations. Establishment of the 30 seedling nurseries for the year becomes possible from this awesome bike ride. These seedlings will be taken cared and nursed by chosen schools of CCT until it is ready for re-planting and rebuilding of the forest-reserves of the Cordillera region -- where my hometown is!

Special mention and gratitude to Noelle De Guzman (KikayRunner) for giving me the opportunity to join this epic ride for an epic cause, to Sir Rob, Ms. Tina and Ms. Trixie of Globe for your support and the memory-cherishing bike ride experience!

The Globe Cordillera Challenge 4 Route

Ambuklao Dam

That heat of the sun wasn't exhausting, but skin-burning

That road below, was where we came from. About 3/4 of the climb is done!

After finishing the sumptuous meal
(no finish line photo as I head straight towards where the food was)

The sumptuous meal

Watch one of the videos I took on that exciting downhill portion going to Ambuklao Dam:

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66th Philippine Air Force Anniversary Run

What: Philippine Air Force's Takbo Para sa Karunungan, Kinabukasan ng Kabataan

When: 09 June 2013 Sunday, 4:10 AM (Assembly Time)

Where: Liwasang Ullalim, CCP Complex, Pasay City

Distance and Registration Fees:

  • 3K - Php 350.00

  • 5K - Php 400.00

  • 10K - Php 500.00

  • 21K - Php 600.00

Registration Centers:

  • Riovana Store - Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

  • Riovana Store - Katipunan Ave., Quezon City

  • A Runner's Circle - Malate, Manila

  • Toby's Sports - SM Mall of Asia

  • Runnr Store - Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

  • AFSSG Villamor Air Base - Pasay City

Assembly and Gun-time:

  • 3K - 5:20 AM / 5:50 AM

  • 5K - 5:10 AM / 5:40 AM

  • 10K - 5:00 AM / 5:30 AM

  • 16K - 4:10 AM / 4:45 AM

For more information, visit: Philippine Air Force's Facebook page.
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SlimmeRun 2013

What: Slimmer's World SlimmeRun - A run to look great, live slim, fit & healthy

When: 19 May 2013 Sunday, 4:00 AM (Assembly Time)

Where: 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Distance and Registration Fees:

  • 3K - Php 300.00

  • 5K - Php 400.00

  • 10K - Php 600.00

  • 21K - Php 800.00

Registration Centers: (until May 5, 2013)

  • Slimmer's World Head Office - 6F Pan Pacific Hotel, Adriatico Square, Malvar St., Manila

  • Chris Sports Outlet - Glorietta 3; Market! Market!; Robinson's Place Manila; SM Manila; SM City North EDSA

  • Fitness and Athletics Company - Active Fun Bldg., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

  • Mizuno Outlets - Alabang Town Center; Bonifacio High Street; Festival Mall; Robinson's Galleria; SM Mall of Asia; SM Megamall; Trinoma

  • All Slimmer's World Center (April 12 to April 25 only) - Adriatico; Alabang; Binondo; Caloocan; Greenhills; Legaspi; Megamall; Pasay Road; Pasig; SM City; Trafalgar

  • R.O.X. (April 26 to May 12 only) - Bldg. B1, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig


  • 3K - 6:00 AM

  • 5K - 5:50 AM

  • 10K - 5:30 AM

  • 21K - 4:45 AM

*Singlets are available for first 2,500 registrants only.

For more information, visit: Slimmer's World website
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Free Trail Running Clinic

Most of the running clinics are focused on improving our form and strides on road running, but the recent rise in trail runs demands more knowledge about trail running. Speed and form is not the main focus when running on trails, it becomes secondary. Agility, balance, and body coordination are the things that needs to be considered more in trail runs as than it does on road runs. When you run on trails, your form should be more fluid and dynamic, this becomes your aid in faster running than just by crawling and sliding on the downhills.

Fortunately, Filinvest City -- the next big venue for outdoor fun, modern urban community will be holding a FREE TRAIL RUNNING CLINIC which will be lead by Starting Line on the 11th of May 2013, 7:00 AM at the Open trails of Promenade. Check out the poster below for more details:

Learn More from the Press Release:

Filinvest City, Gearing up For An Action-Packed Summer!

It’s that time of the year when schools close down, the sun rises extra early and sets later than ever. Yes, it’s summer once again and there is no better place to play than in Filinvest City, where action and adventure can be found in every corner!


For its growing running and biking community, Filinvest City gives more reasons to hit the streets as it implements Carless Sundays allowing these enthusiasts to freely use the city’s tree-lined avenues for their favorite fun activities and workout from 5 am to 10 am. During this time period, The City Loop covering one side of Corporate, Commerce, Parkway and Filinvest Avenues will be closed off, while the other side of these streets will accommodate two-way traffic.

For the more adventurous types, different biking communities are currently enjoying the thrill of exploring a newly-expanded rugged, open trail inside the satellite city. These trails, casually developed over time through frequent use by enthusiasts, have now been expanded to its current total distance of 9.5km with the help of different biking and event organizations like MTB Addicts, X-Events, Sabak, Bikeline, Alta Presion Events (APE), and the most recent, Executive Off-road Racing Association (EXO).

Truly a joint community effort, these trails will soon have directional signage and markers sponsored by The Primer Group, the company behind the brands of Columbia, Teva, Nathan Sports, among others. This soon will lead to The Starting Line’s free trail run clinic for newbies on Saturday, May 11.

As for those who can’t get enough of the summer outdoor fun, they can register at the XC series for a day of trail bike racing made possible by GranTrail Cycles and EXO.

And the action-packed summer will get even hotter as Filinvest City partners with a popular men’s brand in bringing Xterra Mud Run. This installation of the world’s premiere trail event series, Xterra, will be held on May 26. In this race, runners will be able to put their physical skills and stamina to the test as they face the challenge of conquering obstacles with varying difficulty.


All these can be experienced in complete ease and safety, thanks to round-the-clock security and 24/7 accessibility.

Anyone who’s looking for a summer to remember doesn’t need to go far. At Filinvest City, the action is always sizzling hot and the fun is just yours for the taking!

Filinvest City, a mere 15-minute drive from Makati, is a prime development of Filinvest, a leader in property development for over 50 years. Guided by the Gotianun family tradition of integrity, quality and service, it forges ahead with renewed dynamism. For more information on Filinvest City’s special events, call 846-0278 loc 7093 or visit . Like us on Facebook: FC.inspiringpossibilities.

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