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Prolonged Sitting Can Shorten Your Life

by Dr. Gabe Mirkin, M.D.

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This month, three studies show that prolonged sitting is associated with increased risk for heart attacks and cancer.

Heart Attacks: The Women's Health Initiative study shows that sitting for 10 hours per day increases a woman's chances of suffering a heart attack by 20 percent when compared to sitting for five hours per day (Journal of the American College of Cardiology, April 19, 2013, published online ahead of print). Those who sat for 10 hours per day and also had no exercise program had a 70 percent increased risk. Being overweight further increased their chances of having a heart attack.

Cancer: The Southern Community Cohort Study showed that, compared to sitting less than 5.5 hours per day, sitting for 12 or more hours per day almost doubled breast cancer risk in white (but not black) women, (Cancer Prevention Research, April 13, 2013).

Survival from Cancer: Being overweight and not exercising increased risk for heart attacks, and disability in breast cancer survivors after treatment (Anticancer Research, April 2013; 33(4):1595-1602).

Why Prolonged Sitting Increases Attack Risk

A high rise in blood sugar after meals markedly increases risk for a heart attack and moving your muscles in any way helps to prevent blood sugar levels from rising too high. Every cell in your body is like a balloon full of fluid. A high rise in blood sugar causes sugar to stick to the outer surface of cell membranes. Once stuck there, sugar can never get off and is eventually converted to sorbitol which destroys the cell. This sticking of sugar on cell membranes damages the inner lining of arteries and is part of the process of forming plaques in arteries. You can have damaging high rises in blood sugar even if you are not diabetic.

Contracting Muscles Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Resting muscles remove virtually no sugar from the bloodstream. However, contracting muscles remove sugar from the bloodstream at a rapid rate and don't even need insulin to do this. This effect is maximal during vigorous exercise and continues at a high level for up to an hour after you finish and then tapers off to almost no effect after about 17 hours.

To prevent high rises in blood sugar, you need to keep contracting your muscles. People who sit around all day long can expect to have higher blood sugar levels after they eat. Other factors that raise blood sugar levels include:

Being overweight. Fat blocks insulin receptors.

Eating or drinking sugars and refined carbohydrates: all sugared drinks, all foods with added sugars, and foods made from flour such as bakery products and pastas.

Eating red meat (saturated fat in red meat blocks insulin receptors).

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Urban Trail Haven at Filinvest City

How do you like the idea of having a green and tree-lined trails inside a modern metro and central business district that is highly accessible from varying destinations? A close-to garden city, nature-inspired urban hub where you and your family can spend any day for a great family bonding coupled with peace of mind that everybody is safe with round-the-clock security, away from dangerous motor vehicles and its pollutants, and with ease of movement as you run or bike along the lush landscapes?

Previously known as Filinvest Corporate City, this fully integrated Urban development, self-contained community has been revitalized to become a home not only to Corporations, but also to the growing needs of having a breathing and living city where everyone could enjoy a multi-dimensional and cosmopolitan lifestyle -- live, work, and play! Sporting a total land area of 244 hectares 10-km away from NAIA and 30-mins away from Makati, this Urban haven away from the noise of the city is highly accessible from various access roads such as SLEX, Alabang-Zapote Rd., Old National Highway, Skyway, Daanghari, and West Service Road.

Filinvest City inspires fresh perspectives with their becoming of a Garden City that provides open spaces for a healthy, and refreshing lifestyle for an al fresco fun and action. I have experienced this respite from the stress of the urban jungle when Filinvest City invited us for a short trail run along the tree-lined pathways at the Promenade, landscape views of the green belt, and garden patches of the trail route. Being a modern Urban community, it is an awe to see how Filinvest (together with other biking organizations) were able to rehabilitate and conserve an area where its Residents can experience being close to nature without going out and farther from home. A round of run or bike in the morning can give you the fresh air to energize your whole day, or in the afternoon to refresh your tired body and stressed eyes.

This 2013, one of Filinvest's biggest thrust is to make them the Metro's Events destination where one may enjoy various activities for different lifestyles. Inspiring an outdoor fun, one lane of the major thoroughfare around Commerce, Corporate, Parkway, and Filinvest avenues will be closed to public every Sunday from 5:00 AM to 10:00 AM. This move is their Carless Sundays effort to better serve the already existing running and biking community and make this population even larger.

Another part of their effort to promote healthy and green lifestyle is a regular afternoon of Instructional Running Clinic for those who want to start running or living a healthy lifestyle beginning on the 11th of May 2013.

Also to celebrate the joint efforts of the community in rehabilitating the newly-expanded 9-km biking/running trails, Filinvest City and the Executive Off-road Racing Association (EXO) will host a Cross-country race on the 18th of May 2013. This event will be supported by the Primer Group of brands (ROX and Columbia).

Believing that summer is a celebration of the outdoors, their main summer event will held on the 26th of May 2013. Partnering with a Men's consumer brand, Filinvest City is claiming the position as an off-road sporting venue in the middle of the city by hosting the XTerra Mud Run, the previous Putik Pare but with added obstacle stations to make the run more exciting.

For more information on Filinvest City’s special events, call 846-0278 loc 7093, visit and follow them on Facebook: FC.inspiringpossibilities
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The Only Milk with Glucosamine - Anlene Total

Last Thursday (18th April 2013), Fonterra Brands Philippines - the maker of Anlene, Anchor, and Anmum, launched a new development into their leading bone nutrition milk product. Already known as the expert in bone nutrition with a range of high calcium milk formulated especially to support our optimal bone health, Anlene yet delivers more to also provide preventive measures for the degenerating joint health as we age and as a result of the natural daily wear and tear.

The interactive product launch of the Anlene Total, hosted by Marc Nelson and Ms. Issa Litton, was held at Beyond Yoga Studio of Il Terrazo Bldg. in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Joining them who answered the questions of invited audience and attendees were Dr. Francis Altarejos (Vice Chairman, Phil. Board of Orthopaedics);
Ms. Mary Louise Liao (Asst. Brand Manager of Anlene); and Ms. Angela Pablo (Nutrition Manager of Fonterra Brands Phils.). The program started with light workouts headed by Mr. Mark Wood (Master Fitness Trainer in California, USA) to demonstrate how our daily activities put pressure and present damage to the bones and specially to our joints. The workouts were aimed to see how well the participants can move, rotate, and lift their own weights by doing squats, lunges, non-weighted deadlifts, and sidewards arm rotation.

Following the light workout was the demonstration of anti-gravity Yoga by some of the Beyond Yoga instructors, and which at the culmination, the attendees were also given the chance to try it for themselves.

The participants doing squats

All these workouts shows how important having a lubricated and well-functioning joints is. As we all know, our joints provide the lubrication between two adjoining bones. However, the joint cartilage which protects the ends of our bones can degenerate and wear out which causes stiffness and restricts our movement. Sure, our body produces the lubrication needed but its ability to do so is reduced as we age.

Anlene Total is the first and the only milk that is now fortified with the building blocks of our cartilage -- Glucosamine, and with twice as much calcium than regular milk. The combination of nano-Calcium and Glucosamine in Anlene Total helps to maintain and protect not only our bones but also to fortify the cartilage in our joints as well! This comes as great news to us who have an active lifestyle, to those living a normal day-to-day life, and even to the sedentary ones who by the way, are also very much prone to Osteoarthritis.

Mr. Mark Wood doing the anti-gravity Yoga

Aside from the two essential nutrients for our bone and joints, Anlene Total is a low-fat powdered milk product, added with Vitamins A, B-Complex, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D which helps our body absorb calcium, Protein, and other Minerals such as Magnesium, Iron, Selenium, Manganese, Potassium, and Zinc -- all of which are essential for a well functioning body.

Yoga instructor showing one of the hardest pose
Marc Nelson trying to execute the same
Ms. Issa Litton going upside down

My Take:

Being a runner, our joints are as important to us as much as our feet, and time will come that we might already feel the effects of the thousands of shocks and vibrations absorbed in our knees and hips.

I have already been diagnosed with arthritis and uric acid deposits in my knee joints back in 2010. And for me to not experience the pain and prevent it from further aggravation, I have been prescribed with Glucosamine and Chondoitrin. Now it's a great relief that I can already enjoy both the bone and joint fortification with Anlene Total's unique combination of Glucosamine and nano-Calcium in one milk without taking thise capsuled-medicines.

Follow Anlene Total on Twitter and like their Facebook fanpage.

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Cesar Guarin's Global Run

Running across the globe marks the very summit of achievement for few, elite runners. There is an ever - increasing group of men and women who have set out to create, and subsequently conquer, challenges that some might never have thought humanly possible. These challenges are held in some of the most hostile regions on the planet and cover extreme distances. Leaving trophies and cash prizes at the starting line, these contests are less about recognition, fame or glory and more than about conquering what the world thought could not be conquered. These challenges test the very boundaries of human ability and tenacity, reaching the utmost of an athlete’s physical and mental capabilities.

From the desert of the Middle East to the snowy wasteland of Russia, Cesar Guarin’s global run is an extreme distance running challenge in the toughest and yet breathtakingly scenic places in the world.

Here's the mother of all distance running – Cesar Guarin’s global run.

Setting a Philippine and Asian Record in Distance Running

Ultramarathon runners in search of adventure and extreme challenge have set out to run across the globe that would mark the very summit of achievement for these few, elite runners. It’s an extreme distance run more than anything. Fifty-seven (57) year old Cesar Guarin, the first Filipino global runner and the "Father of Ultramarathon" here in the Philippines is determined to finish his solo run across the globe and become the first Filipino (and Asian) to do so. The entrepreneur and father of 4 children is one of few individuals who positively savor the thought of running across the world. To him, marathon is a mere light warm up for the rigors to come.

Cesar Guarin is welcomed by the Filipino Community

With running experience covering some thirty years, spanning 6 presidencies, Cesar is poised to continue his toughest ever run – his run around the world quest. To accomplish this one-of-a-kind "mother of all distance running", he partitioned it into 16 stages, with stages typically requiring him to run 42 - 60 kilometers a day for each of the 30 - 90 days per stage (usually resting only on Sundays). Once he finished all the stages, his run would have covered an estimated total distance of 42,000 kilometers across 47 countries in more or less 920 running days! He will then be numbered among less than ten elite global runners who achieved an epic demonstration of human endurance and pain. This will also be another triumph for Filipinos across the globe.

As a veteran distance runner, he shares with extreme sports athletes the same passion to explore one’s limits with every step that he runs. The longer he run, the more miles he cover beyond the marathon distance, the more challenging and interesting it gets. And needless to say, the more in tune he becomes with his mind, body and soul. He has been conditioning his mind and training his body to run for more than 8 hours a day for at least 1 to 3 months. He also trains to endure months of continuous running given unpredictable weather, no stopping, no looking back, no matter what happens. His fame and experience in long distance running led him to mentor the first Filipina to run across the Philippines and USA, Joy Rojas and the famous "running priest", Fr. Robert Reyes who ran a 40-day, 1,195 kilometer Visayas leg ultramarathon.

Next Challenge: 1,265-km Solo Run in the Middle East this 2013

The Middle East has home of the world's spellbinding landscapes in the region. It is quite simply extraordinary, one of the most fascinating and yet the most challenging global run destinations of Cesar Guarin. Running conditions in GR7: Middle East run go beyond brutal: a gruelling 1,265-kilometer of extreme distance, it is about running 30 standard marathons for about 30 running days (resting only on Fridays)! This stage stands out not only for its terrifying distance, but also for the challenging weather conditions, rough terrain and blinding sandstorms it throws. It’s not hard to see why GR7: Middle East Run challenge is referred to as "the toughest extreme distance run" among Cesar’s 16 stages of his global run.

There are no medals or trophies at the finish line of this extreme ultramarathon. Instead, Cesar takes on the challenge for a much more profound prize: to discover and rise above his own limits. To finish this ultramarathon, Cesar will have to complete the total distance in 6 countries in the Middle East (UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait) on roads and around an oval course in regions or areas where road running is prohibited or illegal. At 1,265 kilometers, it’s going to be a challenging run, which may take 40 or more days to complete. Add in the fact that this will be a solo run. Cesar said, "Many often see just the physical pain and stress of running 40-60 kilometers per day for several weeks, but the other more challenging part of the run is the emotional side of not having anyone to talk to, day in and day out. Often, the roads always seem to stretch forever. The emotional loneliness or boredom makes me feel more weary and tired."

Global Run Middle East will surely be one of the most memorable and exciting global run stage that Cesar and his team will venture. For Cesar Guarin, global running is an incredible life changing experience where he challenges himself against some of the most rugged and beautiful landscapes in the world. Once he finished this run he will be the first person to have run an ultramarathon of this magnitude in the Middle East.

His Inspiration to Run Around the World

Cesar Guarin’s global run is more than just about setting a record. He said, “My global run serves as a tribute and token of my gratitude to all Filipinos abroad for inspiring me to not give up and take courage in fulfilling my dream of running across the globe and also for their valuable contribution in helping our country’s economy and for enriching our cultural heritage”. As he runs across the world, Cesar meets interesting people, see fascinating places, and experience rich and colorful cultures. He also added, “As I meet Filipinos around the world, they always make me feel home is never thousands of miles away. Once you hear their stories and their triumph over challenges in life you will learn to love and respect them more. That’s why I’m always excited to hear their stories. Though they all come from different family backgrounds, various professions and diverse beliefs, you can sense and feel that love for our country is what unites us as one. And it is for this reason that I’m running across the world.” Global Run also gives him the chance to personally thank them and share what connects them as one: We are Filipino and we are Proud of It. That’s why he never fail to say, "Para sa Pilipino, Tatakbuhin Ko ang Buong Mundo!"

To know more, you can visit and like their Facebook Fan Page: The Global Run.
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2013 Run United 2 - The RunRio Trilogy Leg 2 and Riovana's Shop 'n Run Free Promo

About three (3) months after the 1st leg of this year's Run United series, here comes the 4th Afroman Distance of the RunRio Trilogy, covering 32-kilometers (20-miles) that is expected to garner 4,000 participants. This race is set on the 2nd of June 2013 at the Mall of Asia which would also cover other shorter distances such as the 21K and 10K for the adults, and 500-m dash for Kids.

Take note that there's no more 5K and 3K distance for this leg to motivate runners to step up and aim for longer distances.

Below are the details of the race unveiled to us during the Blogger's Launch last Sunday at Chocolate Kiss in UP Diliman, read further below this post and learn how you can join this race FOR FREE!!!

Presenter - Unilab Active Health

Organizer - RunRio Inc.

Beneficiaries – Gawad Kalinga and Children’s Hour

2013 Run United 2 will be held on June 2, 2013 with Ceelin 500m dash, 10k, 21k and 32k race categories. All categories will have a start and finishline at the SM Mall of Asia.

Registration Venues:

Online Registration: April 1 to May 12, 2013

In-Store Registration: April 15 to May 19, 2013

Priority Registration for Run United 1 21k Runners: April 10 – 14, 2013 (only at Riovana BGC)


    • BGC – 28th Street corner 9th Ave., Bonifacio Global City – Monday to Sunday, 12:00 NN to 8:00 PM

    • Katipunan – 3rd Floor Regis Center, Katipunan, QC (infront of ADMU) – Monday to Sunday, 12:00 NN to 8:00 PM

  2. TOBY'S

    • SM Mall of Asia – Monday to Sunday, 12:00 NN to 8:00 PM

    • SM North The Block – Monday to Sunday, 12:00 NN to 8:00 PM

Registration Fees:










Singlet, Race Bib, D-Tag, 10% Race Day Discount on AH Apparel, & Raffle Stub

Active Health Ventilation Knapsack Kit, Drinks & Race Analysis





Singlet, Race Bib, D-Tag, 10% Race Day Discount on AH Apparel, & Raffle Stub

Active Health Ventilation Knapsack, Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Shirt, Drinks & Race Analysis



Assembly and Gunstart Times:

Race Category

Assembly Time

Gun Time














  • Registration is on a first come, first serve basis, and may end earlier than the announced deadline. Race kits may run out before May 19, 2013.

  • Singlet size availability will be on a first come first serve basis.

  • Singlet and finishers shirt samples will be available for fitting at the registration centers.

  • A timing device (d-tag) will be used by all participants during the race.

  • D-tag will be presented when claiming the finishers’ kits – no d-tag, no kit.

Race Details:

Contact Details for In-Store Registration Inquiries:

Globe – 0927 347 7700

Smart – 0929 7178164

Landline – (632) 887 6194

Finisher's Shirt Back Design:

Singlet Design at the left side, Manequin Rio on the right

And for avid runners and loyal customers of Riovana, here's a promo that will surely give you a slot. For single receipt purchase at Riovana worth Php 5,000.00, you may register any distance for this race for FREE (Promo runs until May 5, 2013 only).

Download the poster below for the full mechanics:

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Additional Slots for NatGeo Earth Day Run 2013

NatGeo Registration Kiosk at Greenbelt 3

Last Saturday I claimed my racekit for the NatGeo Earth Day Run 2013, and as early as 11:30 AM, the line was piling up and race-kits for 5K and 10K race distances were fast closing. As of today, the Organizers of the NatGeo Earth Day Run 2013 have decided to add 2,000 new race slots, and herein are the breakdown of these available slots per race category:

  • 3k = 400 slots

  • 5k = 700 slots

  • 10k= 400 slots

  • 21k = 200 slots (race kit with complete inclusion)

  • 21k = 300 slots without race singlet at a lower registration fee of Php 780.00

These additional slots were made available starting tonight on a first-come, first-served basis.

Other important information:

  1. Online registration have been closed as slots intended for it have already been sold out.

  2. Once these 2,000 additional slots have been sold-out, registration at the Greenbelt 3 kiosk will already be closed.

  3. 300 slots for 21km with a lower registration fee of Php780 is available without a race singlet, all other race inclusions meant for 21k however will still be provided.

What are you waiting for? Head on now at Greenbelt 3 and register before all the additional slots are taken!

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A 3K Race for Dear Life

That's how I ran at last Sunday's BDO Race for Life - I was literally running towards the finish line, gasping for my dear life. What I did here, should not be how you should run...

Prior to the race, I did not have even a short or quick-training, my last run was March 23, 15-days ago before this event.

Before the race, me and together with my friends who also joined the 3K race, did not even bother to have a quick warm-up or stretching exercises.

Since I was only running the 3K and I was targeting to finish within 13-minutes, I decided to run my best race pace effort...
  • Lap/kilometer 1 - 3'52", I was doing fine, was breathing hard but I can catch up.
  • Lap/kilometer 2 - 4'55", Slowed down a bit due to side-stitch, walked at km 1.5 to hydrate and breathe. Quads started to feel sore.
  • Lap/kilometer 3 - 5'39", Walked from 2.1-km up to 2.6-km since the side-stitch was worsening. I was breathing hard, head was heavy, becoming dizzy, and having chest pains. Countered it with hard blows of breathing while my right arm is raised upward to relax my sides.
  • Finish Line - The chest pain was gone, my pulse rate and breathing was recovering, but the side-stitch was still there. More than 3-hours have passed and still, we did not even made a cool-down exercise or stretching to release the stress on our muscles.
The muscle soreness lingered for three more days and the pain that the side-stitch left on my abdomen stayed for two days, the overall fatigue I experienced was like a 10K race effort.

Despite all of these, I am happy with the outcome and with how I managed to finish this long-road to 3K =) Best of all, I enjoyed the race because my housemates, my brother, and my friends were also there. This was my 5th 3K race of all time, and though I haven't broke any of my 3K-PRs before (not even my finish time during the 2010 BDO Race for Life), the moment was still great. The bonding and camaraderie before and after the race was priceless.

Photo by:

Special Thanks to Blas (Titanium Runner), WithoutLimits and BDO for my race entry.

Race Profile:
Distance: 3 km.
Official Time: 00:14:27
Official Ranking: 15th out of 1,314 overall 3k runners

Race Info:
When: Apr. 7, 2013.
Where: MOA, Seaside Blvd.
Event: BDO Race for Life 2013

Alvin's first race in the Metro
DJ Chloe (Mellow 94.7), Jasmine (CEO, MasterWorks), and DJ Kitchie Daldal (iFM 93.9)
Old-runner friends Mina, Irish, and Anna
with the ever joyful tandem hosts DJ Chloe Sir Boy Ramos "Running Host"
with the ever-gorgeous Ms. Diana Zubiri
with Coach Rommel Ballester
with Mr. TJ Jimenez of Team Soleus
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Merrell Adventure Run 4 Registration Extended

Get ready for another adrenaline-pumping trail-run with Merrell Adventure Run slated on April 27, 2013, 4:00 AM at the spectacular Mt. Sinai in Pintong Bukawe, Bgy. Sapinit, San Mateo, Rizal. The pioneer in adventure trail running, expect another challenging event packed with dirt roads, flowing streams, river crossings, rock scrambling, and uphill & downhill paths.

Now on its fourth year, the all-terrain Merrell Adventure Run has gained a vast following from trail runners who seek a new adventure and want to push themselves to the limit. The race will have 3 categories: 5k, 10k, and 21k for hardcore trail-runners.

Register now at Merrell Concept Shops in Trinoma; Market! Market!; Festival Mall, Alabang; and Marquee Mall, Pampanga. Registration is extended until April 15, 2013. Registration fees are Php 650.00 for 5K, Php 800.00 for 10K, and Php 950.00 for 21K. Race kits include a timing chip, singlet, and bib number. Finishers’ shirts and medals will be given to the top 50 finishers of the 5K and 10K categories, as well as all the 21K category finishers.

To best prepare for this thrilling and dynamic event, coming in your proper gear is definitely a must, especially the shoes you have on. Being an outside athlete, it’s time to connect to Merrell’s M-Connect series with Its 4 key collections - Barefoot, Bare Access, Mix Master and Proterra.

The M-Connect series takes the benefits of minimal footwear and addresses the needs of the user and demands of the outside activity. These intuitive shoes are designed to enable good ground connection, but are built on different platforms.

Merrell Barefoot gets a major update with heightened ground feel and new upper design for running. The Barefoot Trail Glove 2 is great for races with its secure fit and microfiber and breathable air mesh material. On the other hand, Bare Access is ideal for running and training with its M Bound cushioning.

For multi-run use, Mix Master is the best given its flexibility and light built. For running, opt for Mix Master Move. It gives the user a closer experience to barefoot stride with its sticky rubber sole grips. There’s also the Mix Master Tuff, a minimalist hiking shoe that allows better ground feel. It is lightweight and has shock absorption plate to protect the feet. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a durable and waterproof shoe, get Mix Master 2, which is great for multiple adventures.

For those who go for multi-run and multi-hike activities, Proterra has the latest Stratafuse technology for lightweight fit and natural movement.

The M-Connect series perfectly reflects Merrell’s mission of inspiring the outside athlete in everyone through products that allow people to feel their surroundings.

Merrell Adventure Run 2013 is sponsored by Fern-C, Jam Liner, Aquabest, Walter Bread and Rock Tape.

Media partners Philippine Star, Clavel Magazine, MultiSport Magazine, Health Today and Moms Today.

For more information, visit Merrell’s Facebook page at or follow them on Twitter: MerrellPH.
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Takbo Para sa Kabataang Pinoy Racekit Winners

And the winner is...... oopppss!

And the winners are........

Before anything else, I want to thank everyone who joined the racekit giveaway for the Takbo Para sa Kabataang Pinoy raffle contest. There were a lot of entries, a lot who joined and aspired to win a racekit, and fortunately, the Organizers are so generous to give four (4) racekits for this event. So without further ado, the lucky entries who won the racekits as randomly picked by RaffleCopter are the following:

3K Racekit:
  1. Quino Ramos
  2. Melchor Bustamante Borja
6K Racekit:
  1. Jhay Ramones
  2. Richard Loresca
I will send you an e-mail for the procedures on how to claim your race packet as soon as I get the Organizer's confirmation, so stay close and keep in touch. Please also be reminded that this race will be held on the 16th of April (4:30 PM) at Liwasang Ullalim in CCP grounds.

Congratulations again and to everyone who joined and wasn't lucky this time, just stay put 'coz there will be more surprises to be raffled off to you my avid readers... SOON!
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The New Diadora Running Shoes

Diadora Philippines through its Marketing firm Royal Sporting House (RSH), announces the arrival of two of its innovative running shoes that has been engineered with exclusive Diadora technology that will help improve your running performance. Check them out below:

Diadora N-2100
N-2100, Net Breathing System(TM) and Waterproof membrane

Designed for highly skilled and Professional runners

Ultra-light structure with extremely flexible low profile on the metatarsal area ideal for quick workouts or for highly skilled and ambitious professional marathon runners. Most of the sole's surface is composed of a super breathable protective network in synthetic fiber and a special breathable and waterproof membrane. It improves performance by increasing concentration, endurance and precision.

  • Upper: Nylon air mesh and Supreltech. Lasting board in air mesh Lining with special anti-bacteria treatment.
  • Outsole: Blown Flexoft Rubber in the front area. Special Duratech 5000 wearproof compound in the heel area.
  • Midsole: Moulded Elastom E.V.A. foam. Double Action² in the heel area.
  • Arch support: Removable anatomical in mesh water repellent and breathable. Elastom E.V.A. foam antishock perforated and breathable.
SRP: Php 4,695.00

Diadora N-6100
N-6100, Designed for both daily and occasional runners

An innovative shoe that combines Diadora technology with excellent cushioning, allowing the foot to transfer excess heat outward thanks to the innovative and exclusive NET Breathing System(TM). It improves performance by increasing concentration, endurance and precision.

The majority of the sole's surface is composed of a super breathable protective network in synthetic fiber and a special breathable and waterproof membrane. Designed for runners with neutral support seeking cushioning and flexibility in just 270 grams.

  • Upper: Nylon air mesh and Supreltech. Lasting board in Elastom E.V.A. Lining with special anti-bacteria treatment.
  • Outsole: Blown Flexoft Rubber in the front area. Special Duratech 5000 wearproof compound in the heel area.
  • Midsole: Moulded Elastom E.V.A. foam. Double Action² in the heel area. C.C.B.. Axeler Wi-5 Propulsion.
  • Arch support: Removable anatomical in mesh water repellent and breathable and shock-absorbing Elastom E.V.A. foam antishock perforated and breathable.
SRP: Php 4,695.00

Diadora Running shoes and apparels are available at the following Stores:
  1. Royal Sporting House Festival Mall
  2. Royal Sporting House Alimall
  3. Royal Sporting House Recto
  4. Royal Sporting House Ermita
  5. Royal Sporting House Pampanga
  6. Royal Sporing House Lipa
  7. Royal Sporting House Cebu
  8. The Shoe Shop Rockwell
  9. The Shoe Shop Alabang Town Center
  10. The Shoe Shop Marque Mall
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Cesar Guarin: Father of Philippine Ultramarathon

Cesar Guarin may not ring a bell, but this 5’ 6” fellow has run farther than any Filipino, literally. It all started in 1978 when a young Cesar, then studying at the University of the Philippines, holding an ambition to become the first Filipino Olympic marathon gold medalist.

It was more than just a dream for him, it was his obsession. The fine arts graduate put most of his time and resources to achieve his dream of running in the Olympics until he ran into a brick wall. He earned the chance of making it to the Olympic marathon competition but an injury he acquired during the 1980 Batulao Marathon ended his dream. How did he deal with his dream that fell short? He took that dream farther. Cesar began to run long distances to take the frustration out of his system. This is how he found his new “obsession”. So far, his obsession has brought him running from Zamboanga to Baguio City. This was his first ultramarathon running experience. They called it Trans - Pilipinas run which covered a total distance of 2,251 kms. After that, he finished successfully a Trans - USA run from New York to Los Angeles in 87 days, which covered 4,960 kilometers. A few years after that, he finished the Trans - Europe run starting in Spain and crossing the countries of France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. The Trans - Europe run lasted for 63 days and covered a total distance of 3,756 kms. He finished his US - Canada run in 2009 starting in New York and finishing in Toronto, Canada in 24 days and covering a total distance of 1,272 kms. Last October to December of 2012, he conquered the land down under, Australia by running from Melbourne to Brisbane in 37 days with a total distance of 2,053 kilometers. And just recently, he crossed seven countries on foot which was his Finland to England run that covered a total running distance of 1,820 kilometers.

Cesar is a veteran distance runner with decades of experience running across the globe. He is determined more than ever to finish what he started. With thousands of kilometers more to go, Cesar and his team carefully plan out the remaining stages of his global run as attribute and honor to Filipinos around the world. This will be a global expedition filled with challenges and adventure. He is now set to take the challenge of finishing all the stages. Once finished, his run will cover a total distance of 42,000 kilometers in 47 countries! He will then be numbered among elite global runners worldwide numbering less than ten. It will be a feat worth the recognition throughout the world. It would be an epic demonstration of human endurance and courage.

A Man of Passion and Determination

Cesar didn't wake up one morning thinking "I am going to run across the world". He thought about it for a long time, carefully considering and planning every stage. Several runners had tried, but only three on official record have completed an ultramarathon of this magnitude. At first, he started running longer distance to get the frustration out of his system. And that’s how he found his obsession. He had no doubt that he can accomplish it. What started out as a way to cope with disappointment soon became one of his passions in life. By 1983, he ran the first Trans - Pilipinas ultramarathon running from Zamboanga up to Baguio City. After that, what's left? He asked himself. Well, how about running around the world? Over the past few years several runners had attempted to run around the world, but all of them either failed or were caught cheating, like the guy who took a train, thinking he could fool the public.

He was thrilled by the prospect of finishing his run around the world and he knew it was the right time for him to do it. He feels that now is the time to finish all the remaining stages of the Global Run. He said, “I don’t see myself stopping from running because I enjoy the meditative part of it. I do long distance running not only for physical fitness but also in order to meditate. So kahit may edad na tayo, I believe I will still run. Wala naman pinipiling edad ang pagtakbo.”

With 4 to 5 years as target duration to finish his global run, he is more than eager and excited to do 2 stages per year. He just recently finished his Stage 6: Finland – England run (1,820 km.) from May 27 to July 22, 2012. And this 2nd quarter of 2013, he will conquer his most challenging global run stage of all, Stage 7: Middle East run (1,265 km.). This stage stands out not only for its terrifying distance, but also for the challenging weather conditions, rough terrain and blinding sandstorms it throws.

Up Close and Personal

Cesar Guarin is a humble, soft-spoken husband and father of four children. Twice the grandfather by his first child and only daughter, Cesar also has three boys who are all pursuing college degrees. A UP Fine Arts graduate himself, he brought his passion for designing, as well as his passion for running, into setting up and running a sports apparel manufacturing facility that churns out premiere quality made-to-order sports jerseys under the brand name BOTAK©.

Having inherited the genes and aptitude from his father, who was a pioneer in the Philippine garments industry, Cesar put up CeJoGua Sports Corporation in the early 80s to design, manufacture, and market the BOTAK© line of athletic sportswear. Starting with his passion for running wear, BOTAK© has since evolved into producing custom - made basketball jerseys, always maintaining its quality reputation for durability and stylish designs. Immersed as he is in managing the day-to-day affairs of the BOTAK© business, Cesar had made it a point to regularly join, and even organize, local runs. A few years ago, he organized, together with his friends, a series of local road races under the Paa-Ligsahan brand - with its subsets: Paa-Bilisan (5k and 10k fun run), Paa-Tibayan (21 and 42 km marathon), and Paa-Lakasan (100 km ultra marathon).
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Racekit Giveaway: Takbo Para sa Kabataang Pinoy

Are you one of the runners who could only get a time to train in the afternoons? What if you could also race on a Weekday afternoon at the CCP grounds, while at the same time help raise funds for the God's Special Children Foundation?

On Tuesday, 4:30 PM on 16th of April 2013, the Philippine Pediatric Society (PPS) will be holding their 50th annual convention, and with this, they are also opening their annual fun run for those who would like to be one with them for this special occasion. The fun run will feature a 500-m dash for both kids and adults, 3K and 6K distance categories. Good distance enough to trigger your racing muscles on a not so usual racing day!

Before proceeding to the raffle mechanics, you may want to read about the Race Details from Aktibo Ka Ba?

Four (4) race kits are up for grabs for those who would like to try their racing best on a Weekday afternoon from either a 3K or a 6K category. So, just follow the following mechanics here at RaffleCopter and who knows, we'll meet at the event and race it out together:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This raffle contest will end on April 7 at 11:59 PM, and winners will be announced within 48 hours, so keep posted afterwards.

Good luck Runners! ;)
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