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50th Philippine Pediatric Society Annual Convention Fun Run

What: Philippine Pediatric Society – Takbo Para sa Kabataang Pinoy

When: 16 April 2013 Tuesday, 4:30 PM

Where: Liwasang Ullalim, CCP Grounds, Pasay City (Sun Cruise Parking Vacant Lot)

Beneficiaries: God’s Special Children Foundation

Distance and Registration Fees:

  • 500-m dash (kids) – Php 50.00 (Residents and Fellows-in-Training) / Php 100.00 (Non-PPS Member)

  • *500-m dash (adult) – Php 50.00 (Residents and Fellows-in-Training) / Php 100.00 (Non-PPS Member)

  • *3K – Php 100.00 (Residents and Fellows-in-Training) / Php 200.00 (Non-PPS Member)

  • *6K – Php 150.00 (Residents and Fellows-in-Training) / Php 250.00 (Non-PPS Member)

  • 3K Team of 5 – For PPS Members only

*Free for PPS Members

Registration Sites (March 15 to April 10, 2013):

  1. Online via Pep Squad Events (available from March 1 to April 1 2013)

  2. Chris Sports Stores – SM City North EDSA Annex; Glorietta 3 Ayala Center, Makati

  3. Fitness and Athletics – Active Fun Bldg., Bonifacio Global City

  4. Pediatrica Inc. – 3F Bonaventure Plaza., Ortigas Ave., San Juan, M.M. (Mon-Fri, 10:00AM to 4:00PM)

Singlet Design:

Awards and Prizes:

Glass Trophies:

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for 3k and 6k – MALE and FEMALE)

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Teams (3K Team Run)

Special Award

  • Youngest, Oldest, Running Family

  • Chapter with the most number of registered participants

  • Hospital with the most number of registered participants

Race Route:

Event Poster:

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Corridor of Hope's Run Against Cancer

Ever at the forefront of the fight against cancer, the country’s premier tertiary cancer center, ST. LUKE’S MEDICAL CENTER, partners with the St. Luke’s Cancer Institute’s CORRIDOR OF HOPE, INC., to help spread cancer awareness and bring hope to cancer patients and their families.

On 20 April 2013, the St. Luke’s Cancer Institute’s Corridor of Hope, in collaboration with ally medical practitioners, corporate partners, cancer support groups, and cancer patients and families, leads the race to life through RUN AGAINST CANCER, a charity run for the benefit of indigent cancer patients.

Cancer patients’ healing journey is often long and arduous. We can help bridge the gap between indigent cancer patients and their needed treatment if we’d altogether unleash the power of our feet. With our help, they just might be 3K, 5K, or 10K away from their recovery.

What: Run Against Cancer

When: 20 April 2013 Saturday, 4:30 AM

Where: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Beneficiaries: St. Luke’s Cancer Institute

Distance, Registration Fees, and Gunstart:

  • 3K – Php 600.00 – 5:30 AM

  • 5K – Php 700.00 – 5:15 AM

  • 10K – 800.00 – 5:00 AM

Registration Sites (until April 18, 2013):

  1. Online via RunningMate/Runner’s Runner

  2. St. Luke’s Medical Center Cancer Institute

  3. Quezon City and Global City Branches

  4. Toby’s Sports – SM Mall of Asia Arena; Glorietta Makati; Robinson’s Galleria

  5. Brooks Store – SM North EDSA Annex


  • To raise a minimum of P 20M to help the indigent cancer patients of St. Luke’s Medical Center and other hospitals through partnerships with the cancer support and advocacy groups.

  • To create avenues to establish partnership with advocates and supporters for sustainable programs to help the indigent cancer patients.

  • To increase awareness about cancer prevention and management.

Target Runners:

  • Cancer Survivors and Families

  • Cancer Support Groups

  • Advocates of Health

  • Company delegates

  • Churches

  • NGO’s

  • Students

  • Professional Runners

Singlet Design:

Special Prizes:

Further Readings About Cancer:

Filipino Nurses – Facts About Lung Cancer That Will Blow Your Mind

World Health Organization – Cancer Fact Sheet

PSMO Leads Celebration of Cancer Consciousness Week

Support the race to life. Run against cancer.

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In Case of Emergency, Check my ID On Me

Back when I have just started with outdoor activities like mountaineering and running, it never came to my mind that keeping an emergency contact information handy with me would be very important until a news about a runner who died in a prestigious Marathon broke out. It made me think that what if in some instance (I don’t want to think about dying), I tripped and bit my tongue that made me unable to speak, or due to drunkenness I fell asleep while running, or worse bumped my head and got a sudden amnesia? How am I supposed to know who I am? And how would the people, police, military, the medics, or even the Philippine President who might be trying to help me would know who am I or who to contact for the bill settlement in hospital (seriously!)?

After that much thinking, it was fortunate that some emergency accessories came out that got the attention of many such as an ID bracelet with a metallic face plate where the contact information will be engraved. Aesthetically, it looked good, functionally, it was also great. Unfortunately though, it didn’t appeal much to me because of its high pricing and I really don’t like the permanent engraving of contact information of any of our household to something that would be easily available for prying eyes. Another thing that concerns me is that we are never sure of how long are we going to keep the telephone/mobile number that we have. Sure there is an available replacement ID plate, but it also cost almost the same as buying a new one.

There’s also this one which I already forgot the name that offers a centralized database where the emergency information can be retrieved by just sending an SMS keyword to a portal number. That’s innovative but, impractical in some situations where there’s no good cellular signal.

My personal ICE card, used by my Son
Emergency information at the back

I thought about other alternatives to find a cheaper solution such as a dog tag (though I’m not a dog), or military tag (not a military either) that serves as a necklace but I don’t like it swinging on my neck while I’m running or dangling when climbing on trees as it could accidentally choke me. I even thought of designing my own “Atom-ICE card” that can be used as discount card from sport stores at the same time (haven’t pushed through with this though) but the one that I sticked with is a ziplocked-ID (ID wrapped in ziplock plastics) such as either my Philippine Red Cross membership card, HMO card, Club membership ID card, or PhilHealth card. I alternate which I bring along in my running short’s pocket or in my waist pouch until the prints of most of these cards faded or got defaced due to the repeated sweat, water, and other elemental exposures.

That pouch dangling at the left side of my waist is where I put my IDs

Almost dilapidated ID cards I bring along while running

Then a week ago, I received an ID on Me personal ID bracelet from Mr. Doms Pantaleon – owner and distributor of ID on Me Philippines. At first I thought it was just like the metal ID bracelet but upon checking their website, I was immediately impressed with the idea of replaceable and much cheaper version of information inserts made with Tyvek®, the same material used for race bibs that is both durable and water-resistant.

The ID on Me bracelet comes with four (4) pieces of Tyvek® inserts designed to be foldable with up to maximum six (6) lines where you can write important information details (mainly three (3) lines on the front and extra three (3) lines at the back). A sharpie® ultra fine point marker (sold separately) can be used for writing but any permanent marker can also be used, mine was written only with a local brand (HBW) black ballpoint pen.

The ID On Me Identification bracelet

The wristband is elastic and soft and won’t cause irritation on the skin. It is also adjustable and would fit wrist or ankle sizes of 4.5” to 7.5” in circumference. I just don’t know if how many water and sun’s heat exposure until the wristband will become bacon.

Three (3) extra Tyvek inserts comes with the package

For the past few days since I received the ID on Me, I always wear it whether I’m in the office, out for a run, a swim on the ocean (last Saturday after the Salomon RoadxTrail run) and even on last night’s biking under the heavy rain. On these two instances that I was wearing the ID On Me while dripping wet, I’m impressed that the water didn’t even get inside the compartment, that’s a great combination of having a water-resistant Tyvek® inserts and waterproof compartment at the same time.

ID on Me while working

In summary, here’re my thoughts about the ID On Me:

  1. Durable and water-resistant Tyvek® inserts
  2. Replaceable and updateable Tyvek® inserts
  3. Adjustable and replaceable wristband
  4. Since the wristband is replaceable, the lid can also be replaced
  5. Can be attached to shoelace (just remove the wristband)
  6. Critical information always available yet secured from prying eyes
  7. Relatively fair cost (SRP at Php 599.00 for bracelet, Php 450.00 for pendant)
  8. Lightweight and comfortable to wear just like a stylish accessory
  9. More lid colors to choose from
  10. Waterproof compartment with gasket compression
  1. Lid difficult to open (this could also be categorized as pro) and close
  2. Tyvek® insert can easily fall off when the lid is open (I secured mine by gluing the other end to the compartment)
Nice to Have:
  1. It could have been made better if a reflectorized strip is embedded for easy visibility in dark places
  2. Alert notice could have been much noticeable if it was marked on the front face instead on the underside
Overall, ID On Me is a great option for anyone, and even for your lovely pets. It provides an easy way to put and update your emergency information without engraving or sending those information to unsecured services. That’s vital information always on hand!

For more information about ID on Me, check out the ID on Me Philippines website or follow their Twitter account.

Watch the video of ID On Me's water proof test:
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Witnessing the Tri-United 1 2013

Overwhelmingly challenging, yet fun and exciting – that was how I described the Tri-United 1 that was held at Dungaree Beach in Subic Bay last March 10, 2013, not as a participant but as a first-time spectator of such event.

The spectacle of the three sports discipline in one day made me somewhat pumped-up with adrenaline as I rush along with my camera through the different transition areas of the event from swimming, to the bike transition, then towards the opposite direction of the road where the route of running was stationed.

It was overwhelming and eye opening at the same time to realize that Triathlons are not confined only, as what I have previously thought, to the much fitter, stronger and faster athletes, but the beginners and enthusiasts are welcome as well. The shortest category – sprint distance, is designed for the not so-hardcore triathletes yet as long as you can slice through a 750-meter openwater swim, pedal a bike for 20-km, and tread the road for the final event of a 5-km run.

In contrast, for someone who doesn’t know how to swim (like me), the open ocean water, although calm and peaceful, still looks challenging and… really fearsome! Conversing with some first time participants while waiting for their guntime, I felt both their nervous jitters and excitement as they describe their preparations, diet, and trainings that they have to go through to make sure they come prepared for this triathlon debut day. But despite those fears and hardship, you would also feel from them that there’s already a braver and stronger person behind, just waiting for his turn to show his iron side.

Truly they did, as soon as they finished the swim leg, some coming out from the water still strong, some already puffing hard, but all of them still have that great amount of gut and mental prowess to push for the remaining bike and run transitions. The relay teams are also equally competitive and inspiring, with their teammates cheering while waiting at the transition areas.

The crowd support composed with many other spectators, friends, and family of the participants made the atmosphere livelier, adding up more adrenaline rush for the participants as each of them is waved at, cheered on, and inspired by their kids with sketched messages in cartolina.

At the bike transition, one of the hardest parts as I observed is with mounting on their bikes as the road is inclined, unfamiliarity with the clipping of the bike shoes on the pedals, taking off with too high gear, and balancing the bike during take-off. Just by watching, one could already get some tips and idea from what's happening around.

Running, as what most people think, is easy. But running even just a short 5-km or 10-km distance just after the lung-pressing swim and quad-burning bike?! That’s another story! Flash back when I started running, I was able to finish my very first 10-km even without a single preparation. But seeing how this event unfolded before my eyes, I know I wouldn’t be able to even begin the final 5-km run of a Triathlon if I wouldn’t prepare and train the three combinations of this sport.

The awarding ceremony was also exciting, Triathlons have age-group awards ranging from as young as 16 and as old as 50++ unlike running which only awards the overall Top 3 male and female finishers (although back in Baguio in the ‘90s, some races awards the top 10 finishers, I wonder why this is no longer the case!). Some awards though would only be filled with Top 1 winner as there are no other contenders for the same age group, leaving the Top 2 and 3 podium vacant.

Learn more about this past event through the following photos:

Standard distance swimmers on their way back

Sprint distance a few seconds after the gun-time

I think one of these bikes costs more than what I earn in a year =)

Coming out from transition 1 towards the mounting area

Preparing to take-off

Dan Brown, first to finish the bike transition and sprint-distance Elite category Champion

Sprinting a few meters away from the Finish line

Variety of sponsor booths from foods to free massage to apparels

Mr. Alex Panlilio (AVP, Unilab Consumer Health) getting interviewed by Ms. Dulce Castillo

The relay team winners

More photos are available for viewing and download from my Facebook album.

My special thanks to Unilab, especially to Ms. Claire Papa and Dulce Morales (External Affairs Div.) for this opportunity to be part of Unilab’s media team to cover the event. The experience made me hungry for Tri’s.
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Amazing Pinoy Fun Run 2013

As the running boom continue to grow, more and more runners and races are already going a notch higher, leaving the newer generations of runners behind. Amazing Pinoy Fun Run aims to put back the fun in the run by adding a twist that will cater to both beginners and up to the elites. Nevertheless, this event will also be a great place for those who want to get started but don't know how or where to begin their running career, and to those who want to make running more enjoyable.

The fun run itself is a non-officially timed fun run with interactive challenge stations (imagine limbo-rock; tinikling) along the way so that you can share more fun moments with your friends and family, as well as with your newly found friends on race day.

A great program full of entertainment will also be featured including photo opportunities with celebrities like Jon Avila, Chris Everingham and Andrew Wolff from Philippine Volcano team; Amazing Race Philippines' Sheena Vera Cruz; Eric "Eruption" Tai from Showtime; Athletes of the Philippine Azkals; and many more.

The pinnacle of the event will be watching some National Athletes compete in the: "Philippine Volcanoes vs. Philippine Azkals Exhibition race"

What: Amazing Pinoy Fun Run 2013

When: 27 April 2013 Saturday, 5:00 AM

Where: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Click to download registration form
Distance and Registration Fees*:

  • 2K - Php 600.00

  • 5K - Php 650.00

  • 10K - Php 800.00

*Early bird registration, less Php 100.00 until March 25, 2013 only

Registration Centers:

  1. Online registration via Amazing Pinoy run website (payment thru bank deposit)

  2. Chris Sports Branches - Glorietta 3; SM City North EDSA; SM City Sucat; SM Mall of Asia; Robinson's Place Ermita; Festival Mall Alabang; SM City Fairview; SM City Manila; SM Megamall

  3. Fitness and Athletics, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

The Obstacles (tinikling, limbo rock, maze, human obstacle, walking lunges)

Race singlet design

Race bib design for: 5K, 10K, and 2K categories, respectively

Amazing Pinoy Run revs up the ante of how fun runs should be. Runners of all capabilities will certainly find the right challenge and excitement for them as the race is designed to suit a broad spectrum of runners, from newbies to the competitive. Picture a fun run with the challenges of the Amazing Race and a festive atmosphere of fun races and you get Amazing Pinoy Run!

Chris Everingham with Jon Avila, Andrew Wolff and others getting hands-on

with the Press launch preparation and post-event clean-up

Three curious friends who will join and experience first-hand what Amazing Pinoy Fun Run is

For more information, like them in Facebook and follow thru Twitter.
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National Geographic Earth Day Run 2013

Want a running event which aims to promote the conservation and concern for our fragile environment and encouraging people to run for Mother Earth? Register now for NatGeo's 4th year of Earth Day Run. Targetting 10,000 runners, the Earth Day Run will be able to plant 30,000 trees or equivalent to 1 runner = 3 trees of which will also be named to you.

What: National Geographic Earth Day Run 2013

When: 28 April 2013 Sunday, 4:00 AM

Where: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Environmental Partner: World Wildlife Foundation

Distance and Registration Fees:

  • 3K Cherifer Premium - Php 500.00

  • 5K Open - Php 600.00

  • 10K Open and Elite - Php 700.00

  • 21K Open and Elite - Php 900.00

Registration Centers:

  1. *Online via NatGeo Run website (March 15 to April 20, 2013)

  2. Registration Kiosk at G/F Greenbelt 3 Mall, in front of Asics (March 18 to April 20, 2013)

*Registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable; Additional courier charges for online registrants: Php 125.00 within Metro Manila; Php 185.00 outside of Metro Manila.

Entry fee includes:

  1. limited edition NatGeo EDR technical shirt

  2. racekit

  3. water bottle

  4. nameplate for the tree planting

  5. 100Plus Sports Drink will also be given away to the participants when they reach the finish line.

  6. 21K finishers will receive a Finisher’s Shirt

Hydration Station: The hydration stations will provide participants with Summit Mineral Water and Coco Fresh Natural Coconut Water.

Earth-Friendly Race Features:

  1. Race kits to be used will be made out of recycled materials;

  2. Registration will be paper-less and will utilize the biometrics system of registration;

  3. Marshals on event day will not be using motorbikes but bikes;

  4. Water bottles will be given as part of the NatGeo race kit to encourage runners to use it in lieu of paper/plastic cups;

  5. Hydration stations will be available in the entire route to refill each participant’s water bottle;

  6. For each runner who registers for this event, 3 trees will be planted in his/her name.

Route Map:

Registration Kiosk at Greenbelt 3:


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The 2013 Merrell Adventure Run’s Trail Route

Who loves a winding route coupled with a great loss and gain of trail elevation?

Last Friday, March 8, the people behind Merrell brought us to one of the scenic and magnificent views of San Mateo, Rizal where a Camp Site stood near the previous dumpsite of the surrounding Metro – Camp Mt. Sinai in Pintong Bukawe (no, this is not the door going to Bocaue, Bulacan). The purpose was to check out what's in store for the 5K and 10K runners of the 4th Merrell Adventure Run.

The race route has some part of one of the favorite and secret training grounds of a few runners among the trail running community and of mountain bikers traversing from Sitio Cabading in Antipolo towards the trails of Timberland Heights in San Mateo, Rizal.

Consisting of technical terrains, rolling hills, rough dirt roads, crevices on single tracks, rocky boulders not just along the river but also along the slope of the trails going down, and varying elevations ranging from 240-feet to 1,433-feet, it will prove what the Race Director Thumbie Remigio said during the test run that “this is going to be the toughest yet among the previous trail races of Merrell Adventure Run”. Be not dismayed though as the views will surely stun you along the mountain ranges that you will come across the route.

All distance categories will begin at Mt. Sinai at 1,433-feet or 436-meters above sea level (masl) elevation.

5K Route Map (click to download higher resolution)

The 5K distance which is most advisable for beginner trail runners will have an approximate total elevation gain and loss of 207-masl with expected lowest elevation of 361-masl or a drop of 75-meters from the highest peak which is a few meters from the finish line. Albeit short, it will be enough to suffice your curiosity for the trails and sweat you out as you challenge the final slope going to the finish line.

10K Route Map (click to download higher resolution)

For the more adventure and heart-pumping trail seeker, the 10K participants will be tested twice the challenge as what the 5K runners have, but reaching much lower elevation of 354-masl or a drop of 82-meters from the highest peak towards a Wawa river traverse. Their strength will be tested throughout the route of varying terrains and hills gathering an approximate total elevation gain and loss of 593-masl.

21K Route Map (click to download higher resolution)

As for the more veteran on the trails, or those who are more elevation daring, and distance loving 21K participants, they will be dropping down to the lowest elevation of 73-meters, or 363-masl from the highest peak. There will be two river crossings as the runners will also traverse the Kasili River which is adjoining the Wawa River after the 3rd water station. The total elevation gain will be a winding 917-masl and loss of 914-masl that will surely test the strength and endurance of both your legs and lungs.

Enjoy some of the photos that I was able to capture before and after the test run:

The view that greeted us early in the morning

The concrete tablet (not a touchscreen) atop Mt. Sinai

If the real stone tablet of the 10 commandments is this big, Moses could be a giant

The first entry-point from the starting line

Sirs Rene and Nonoy taking a short break at the cafe on a romantic and scenic background

Sir Thumbie attacking the final slope towards the finish line... did Sir Rene and Kuya Nonoy magpapahuli ba ako? :)

Julito Pauly and Sir Thumbie (and a dog) discussing some trail topics

That pointed peak is also part of the route (kidding!)

More views on the other side

Post-run boodle fight

You may also check the JazzRunner's take about the sneak peak with some of his own test route photos. Other photos may also be viewed on my facebook album and registration details at the event announcement post.

Note: The race will be an eco-friendly event so each participant is required to bring their own hydration system (and trail foods as well). There are also a very limited public transportation available going to Pintong Bukawe, thus, if you don’t have your own ride or are not familiar with the race venue, it will be much better if you avail of the shuttle service upon registration.
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