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RunRio's 2012 Year-Ender Race - Sin Tax Run

Here's a year-ender race you wouldn't like to miss out. Why? It's for an advocacy; It's for the good health of the Children and non-Smokers alike; It's for the unity of every Pinoy runners to kick a habit; It's a demand for a vote for health, a vote fir SIN TAX REFORM for just a couple of sticks worth.

What: Sin Tax Run

When: 16 December Sunday, 5:00 AM

Where: Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

Distance and Registration Fee: 6K - Php 16.00 ONLY!!!

Registration Centers: (19 Nov 2012 to 14 Dec 2012)

  • Riovana Store - Bonifacio Global City; Katipunan

  • Toby's Sports - SM North the Block; SM Mall of Asia


  1. Race Kit - Timing chip; Bib number

  2. Finisher's Item - Visor and drinks

Why Php 16.00 ONLY???

  • 16 years that the current system has been in place;

  • 16 years of the tobacco industry UNDERPAYING excise taxes;

  • 16 years of too low cigarette prices leading the Children and the poor easy entry into cigarette smoking;


Winner's Prizes:

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The Down and Dirty Dash All-Women's 3K Run

Finally! A fun run that isn't intimidating. Forget the time and the competition, here's a race where you can just have pure, clean dirty fun!

The Down and Dirty dash is an all-women 3k fun run that will get the Ladies down and dirty by going through 5 muddy challenges in order to attain special prizes. Triple D is here to promote confidence, camaraderie, empowerment, and most of all, a fun way to get fit among women showing the world that women aren't afraid to get down and dirty too!

This event is all about having fun, and letting your hair down. It's a day when we encourage women to leave their troubles behind and hang loose with their girl friends, even just for a day. We want to bring together women from all walks of life, helping them realize that HEY, IT'S OKAY TO RUN LIKE A GIRL.

Girl Power!

Event Details:

What: Triple-D: The Down and Dirty Dash

When: 01 December 2012 Saturday, 5:00AM (Assembly)

Where: Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

Beneficiary: Project Pink Cancer Support Group - a support group that aims to promote the awareness of Breast Cancer among Filipinas (who are most prone to the disease, compared to most Asian women). Established in 2008, it is a support group that provides emotional, support, education and hope for individuals with cancer as well as their loved ones.

Gun Start: 5:30AM in waves of 100 girls every 10-minutes.

Registration Fees: Php 700.00 (25% off until 18 Nov 2012)

Registration Centers:

  1. Toby's Sports - Trinoma; EDSA Shangri-La

  2. Runnr - Alabang Town Center; Bonifacio Global City

  3. Curves Gym - Bonifacio Global City

For more information, like their Facebook fanpage, visit the Down and Dirty Dash website and check out and read their race rules, reminders, awards, and FAQ sections.
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Minimalist Zero Drop Shoe Transition Guide

Most Running Shoes are built on a 2-to-1 heel-to-toe ratio (Twice as thick in the heel as the forefoot). Zero Drop footwear by ALTRA has been built on a 1-to-1 ratio (The heel and forefoot are the same heights off the ground).

A lifetime of wearing an elevated heel has neutralized your Achilles and lower calf and THEY NEED TIME TO REDEVELOP!

Depending on your foot and calf strength, many runners will experience some lower calf tightness due to the natural loading effect of running with Zero Drop. Getting into Zero Drop Shoes will be an adjustment for many. Please read the appropriate directions depending on your shoe.

How to transition from traditional running shoes to Altra's Zero Drop and minimalist shoes:

For your first outing, go 1 mile wearing your minimalist shoes or barefoot. The following day, evaluate your level of comfort*. If you have no soreness, then add a ½ mile to your routine the following day. Continue running one day, evaluating the next until you get a bit sore. Once you get sore, you’ve found your base line and foundation to build from. Once you find your baseline, simply add a few minutes every couple of days to your routine and continue to evaluate on a regular basis. Within a few short weeks, you should be able to run long distances with no problems.

*The key to being successful in phasing in a minimalist routine is to evaluate your level of comfort and to find a base line to build from. If you get to the point during your workout where you feel uncomfortable, you have probably gone too long and will most likely be a little sore the next day. This is the premise for the whole program.

Zero Drop™ Footwear:

Zero Drop™ footwear offers runners the world's first fully cushioned, foot-shaped, training shoe without an elevated heel. This unique platform allows for a more natural foot strike and a more efficient, comfortable ride.

Zero Drop™ shoes are going to have a different feel than your traditional elevated heel shoes. Here are four suggestions to ease your transition:

  1. Listen to your body... avoid doing too much too soon
  2. It is HIGHLY recommended that you alternate
  3. Once your lower leg muscles and feet have become accustomed to the awesome natural loading effect of Zero Drop™ shoes, you can run all you want in your new ALTRA™ footwear!
  4. Work on your form. Take a class, video yourself, or otherwise be actively engaged in fine-tuning your running technique, as figured below.

More about Altra Shoe:


Environmentally friendly, this energy-return compound is made of recycled materials. Offering extra protection, this unique layer sits directly under the foot to return energy back into each stride. It reduces the impact of hard surfaces while still maintaining ground feedback. Traditional running shoe foam compresses 70-90% while A-Bound™ compresses 2-3x less so it won't deform over time.


Wrapping the midfoot, this innovative design offers a snug fit for necessary control. Customers will experience a natural, roomy toe environment and a better, more comfortable run.


Found in select Altra shoes, this comfortable, advanced stitching allows the foot to rest against a smooth surface with no seams.


Sandwiched near the foot, between the A-Bound™ and the midsole, the StoneGuard™offers flexible protection. This multi-sectional layer deflects rocks into the midsole for a smoother, more stable ride.

NRS - Natural Ride System™

This unique combination of outsole and midsole componentry with proper metatarsal parabola, Zero Drop™ platform and foot-shaped lasts allows people to run as nature intended.

Asymmetric Lacing

Following the volume heights of the foot, this lacing system improves the fit and natural flex zones in the shoe for a better fit and fewer pressure points.


Fitting snuggly around the calcaneus, this unique design offers a more comfortable fit without the traditional, stiff heel counter found in other performance shoes.


Stay in control on any steep descent with this throwback feature. It's a graceful nod to the very first trail running shoes.


Maximize proprioception with this minimalist sole. Crafted from siped performance rubber, this thin sole layer measures 3.4 mm.

TrailClaw™ Outsole

This outsole positions the strongest canted lug traction directly beneath the met heads with follow up 'claws' positioned near the front of the shoe. The combination of the unique uphill and downhill traction in combination with sticky rubber makes the TrailClaw™ Outsole a beast in any trail condition.

FootPod™ Outsole

For maximum flex and responsiveness, this outsole maps the bones and tendons of the human foot. With canted lugs mapping your foot, this unique outsole provides a natural, all-purpose traction system for a variety of surfaces from road to treadmill to dirt paths.

Visit Altra Running on Facebook, or you may also check out their website at Sing Phil Enterprises.
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Training by Depletion

There were times back in our ROTC in College when our Commander or Platoon Leader would leave us under the heat while in "tikas-pahinga" formation. In that position, you are not allowed to move a bit, scratch your itching nose, nor slouch your chest, and maintaining such rigidly-relaxed position for hours while giving us some lectures or... "sermons". One "sermon" that was still in my mind was about on how to have a stronger and enduring physical body than what we were before. And one of those was depriving us from hydrating when our body needs it until we feel so dry already while under the scorching sun.

This they say, are just a little kind of experience compared to what we will encounter should there be a war. Most of us complained on the first few weeks, but as our body adapts, the hours of getting sun-dried became just like a normal routine to most of us, if not all.

I thought about this a while ago, so I did a steady pace to complete a 15-km distance without hydrating all throughout and finish it within 1-hour and 40-minutes. Back in Baguio (and that's more than 10 years ago), I run daily for around 9 to 11 kilometers without the need for hydration until I get back home. But the climate there was different than here in the Metro. So I think that a 10-km run without hydrating is enough challenge already. But then I also need some mileage so I decided that a 15-km distance would suffice, and aside from that, the sun is already setting down - somehow a good advantage.
Chia seeds in my sports drink

But before I began, of course I banked-in a pre-run hdyration of around 300ml++ of a sports drink mixed with 2-teaspoons of Chia seeds. Then off I went for the mileage towards UP Diliman.

Since it was my first time that I planned of doing it here in the Metro, my mind was getting somewhat paranoid about getting dehydrated. And that was the greatest challenge, conditioning my mind that what I am doing will not kill me (but of course there's a high chance of passing out due to dehydration); and conditioning it that I can complete the whole distance without the need to re-hydrate until I finish.

I felt the signs of dehydration at the 9th-kilometer already. Arms and face are no longer sweating, it felt dry and cold, and my throat is already dry as well. Although I believe that my body can still go on, that my body can still find some source of water from deep within the wells inside my body, the signs of dehydration are our body's own way of telling us that we need to replenish the lost water in our body.

After 1-hour and 36.25-minutes, I successfully completed a total of 15.91-km distance, that's a back-and-forth route from V.Luna to UP Diliman with 4-rounds in Academic Oval. At a nearby carinderia near the apartment, I drank a glass of cold water to ease the dryness in my throat, walked for a few hundred meters to cool down, stretched, rest for a few minutes, took a bath, then ate my dinner.

So you would be asking why I did this? I was just curious of how long can I go without hydration, if my body can go beyond 10-kms -- that which I have previously done running in Baguio. I was able to conquer it, but that was because there was an absence of the scorching heat of the sun. Next plan is to do it early in the morning until the sun rises and begin to touch my skin from 10-kilometers onwards.

(Read more about trainings, health, and fitness at AktibokaBa?).

Disclaimer: This is in no way encouraging you to do the same without full knowledge of your own body's capability. What I can only advise to you is to start and train slowly, gradually, and better yet, with advise from your physician. Anyway, I'm not also discouraging you not to take risks but should you wish to do so, it is your own responsibility and do it at your own risk! Just remember to be safe always!

"The more pain I can take, the better runner I will be." - Ralph Walker (from the 2004 Movie 'Saint Ralph')
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21K UrbanAthlete

For the 6th consecutive year, Men's Health Philippines has successfully staged its signature, much challenging Urban obstacled-adventure race, and making this year as the toughest one with the introduction of the 21K distance which gave the participants their most intense urban-setting obstacled half-marathon yet.

As for me, it was my 4th time sine 2008 of gracing the Urbanathlon adventure, and that was after a back-to-back race from an obstacled-trail run in Laguna a week before and from the previous day's Mt. Pinatubo trail run (no, I don't like trails, I love it *wink*).

Just took-off from the gun-start
A night before, still feeling the muscle ache from the just finished trail run, I was already on the verge of not showing up for the race, but the excitement of running a 21K obstacled-route just couldn't stop me from taking the challenge.

The first obstacle that greeted us was the 4-flights of vertical run at a nearby building in Mall of Asia (press release says it was at the South Parking area). Contrary to the 2009 MHUF's vertical run, this one was much easier though as the flights are more spacious, ventilated (open air), and there was only 4-flights to climb.

Flights of stairs, another one that I love
A few meters ahead after the vertical run was the monkey and parallel bars. The monkey bar was easier for me than the parallel bars. I have never done it before and I didn't know that my lower body would swing left and right as I transition my arms. Then it was a surprise seeing the towering container vans wherein if not for the tracks of the runners ahead, I would've thought that these container vans were buildings where I would go around instead of over it. One needs to jump and reach for the edge of the container and lift yourself up to the first stack. If my memory serves me right, I think there was another stack of two-layers high container van after the first before jumping down on the other side. Or maybe it was just the platform!

I passed all these obstacles with ease and without a bottle neck, so when the running comes, it was still somewhat dark. I was surprised that I could still run on a somewhat good pace ranging from 5'14" to 5'51" per kilometer even when my calves already went stiff just after the vertical run and my right knee would still sometimes knock on my awareness reminding me that it has not yet fully recovered (it's been more than 2-weeks already).

Almost throughout the route, I was interchangeably pacing with Kuya Nonoy Floresca and Allan Tauyan, both of them have been my source of motivational push for me to go on despite the aching calves, mid-tarsal, and knees.

Before reaching the last U-turn though at Roxas Blvd. between the 15th and 16th kilometer, I have to slowdown and hope for a medical team. The tape that I have strapped on my right foot around the mid-tarsal and achilles heel have been rubbing it for quite sometime already. My left foot was also strapped but the tape did not loosen and is still serving my foot well. I was stranded at the medical aid for more than 5 minutes since they can't find a scissor to cut the strapping tape. Since my body was already cooling down, I decided to just pull it off, and I committed another mistake! The skin on my inner ankle was already tender and it peeled-off together with the tape, ouch! That made me stranded for another 5 minutes as I have to let the medical aid put a bandage/gauze on the wound to prevent it from aggravating.

There were already a lot of runners who passed by, and when I went off again, my whole body was already stiff, my legs have already cooled enough giving me a harder time to lift my strides. From there on I began to take a lot of walk and hydration breaks.

At more than kilometer 19, the steeple chase was positioned, and although it was much lower than log hurdles, I began to sense a bit of fear. Maybe it was my brain telling me that my legs cannot be lifted up higher anymore. But it was not an obstacle worthy of skipping, so I took a momentum, aiming to jump from the hurdles, dashed towards it, and as soon as I get near... I stopped! Aarrrgg! The runner ahead of me was making big moves jumping at the hurdles that he could easily kick my face. Nevertheless, I was still able to lift and pass through this obstacle.

At the final beam (photo by RunningPhotographers)
The quantum leap - 5 sets of 3.5 feet high horizontal beams greeted me with a pile of line and bottle neck. I decided to just pass from this obstacle but the other participants told me that the penalty for each passed obstacle is an additional 10-minutes. Gladly, the marshals gave the 21K runners an express lane at the outer-most side. Whew, that was fast!

The metal scaffolding maze came next but without a bottle neck. Still this obstacle needs not be under-estimated as one wrong move could cause you to hit your head not on the ground, but on one of those metal bars.

It's mandatory to hoist over and under
Last one on the obstacle before finally dashing through the finish line were two-wall climbs of varying height. There were also a pile of lines already at this point but as I was already dying to put my legs into rest and a good stretch, I just made my way on the vacant aisle in between the lines, grabbed the rope, stepped on the metal bar supporting the wall, and lifted myself up hurriedly before the other runners could pull me down and put me back at the farthermost part of the line.

Reaching the finish line after more than 2 hours, I immediately proceeded with my stretching routines, focusing more on my legs which were already sore and very tired.

Final dash to the finish line

Race Profile:
Distance: 21km.
Official Time: 02:10:56
Official Rank: 94th

Race Info:
When: October 14, 2012.
Where: SM Mall of Asia
Event: Men's Health Philippines Urbanathlon and Festival 2012

You may already view your race result from or you may also download it here.

Thank you to Summit Media and Men's Health Philippines for this exciting and challenging Urban adventure race.

Enjoy some more of our post-race photos below:

with Abby, Angelo, and Mish
with the Hyper JP and June
with fellow Immuvit Fearless trail challenger Ryan Guiaman
Mak coming from a long hiatus, with her GF
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What Is Second Wind?

by Dr. Gabe Mirkin, M.D.

You are running at a brisk pace that makes you very short of breath and your muscles start to burn. After a while you feel better and pick up the pace. It's called the "second wind", but it really is caused by a combination of:
  1. slowing down; and
  2. using lactic acid as a major fuel for your muscles.


Your muscles use carbohydrates, fats and proteins for energy. More than 80 percent of the energy used to power muscles is lost as heat, so burning fuel instantly for energy would produce so much heat that it would burn and destroy your muscles. Your muscles convert food to energy in a sequence of chemical reactions, with each chemical reaction providing a little energy and a little heat. The main source of fuel for your muscles during exercise is called the Krebs Cycle and is located in the mitochondria, small chambers inside every cell in your body except red blood cells.

Krebs Cycle (image from


Each chemical reaction is started by a different enzyme. Enzymes in muscles break down food in a series of reactions that release small amounts of energy at a time. Enzymes require oxygen to turn food into energy. When you exercise so hard that you can't get all the oxygen you need to break down food for energy, the reactions stop at a point where lactic acid accumulates in muscles and spills over into the bloodstream. This makes muscles acidic and it is the acidity that makes muscles burn and forces you to slow down.


The limiting factor to how fast you can run is the time it takes to move oxygen into your muscles. Muscles require less oxygen to turn lactic acid into energy compared to the amount of oxygen required to use carbohydrates, fats or proteins (Sports Medicine. June, 2006;36).

So lactic acid is the most efficient fuel for muscles since it requires less oxygen even than sugar. When you exercise as hard as you can, lactic acid helps you to go harder. When muscles produce lots of lactic acid, they use this chemical for energy which requires less oxygen. As soon as you slow down, you catch up on your oxygen debt and recover. So lactic acid is good for you. It helps you to exercise with less available oxygen and helps you to move faster.

More information from NY Times.
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Men's Health Encourages You to Face Your Fears

This November, Men’s Health dares you to face your fears in an issue packed with tips on how to do just that. On the cover is actor and sport climber Paulo Avelino, who despite his fear of heights, faced it head on by climbing atop outdoor rock formations.

“It doesn’t mean that if you’re afraid of heights, you can’t do rock climbing,” says Avelino who got introduced to the sport in 2007. At first, he trained indoors to build his endurance and rhythm. Then he pushed himself further by taking his climb outdoors with more experienced climbers.

Surprisingly, Avelino shares with Men’s Health that another element that he likes about the sport is the very thing he fears. “I enjoy reaching the top but falling. I can’t explain it. When you fall, you fall sa pinakamalapit na sinabitan mo. The fall makes you feel alive,” he quips.

In the same issue, Men’s Health features five men and women in uniform who bravely faced adversities in fulfilling their duties as civil servants. Awarded as outstanding Policemen and Soldiers by the Metrobank Foundation, they share their personal stories of bravery despite the life-threatening situations they were in.

The November 2012 issue also has an extensive article on do-it-yourself guy food. The recipes are quick and easy to make. So if it’s cooking you fear, Men’s Health will help you cover that base with ease.

Read more about these by grabbing the November 2012 issue of Men’s Health featuring Paulo Avelino on the cover. It’s now available in newsstands and bookstores nationwide. For more of Men’s Health online, become a fan on Facebook ( and follow them on Twitter.
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A Year of Speed Puma Timegears

Just before the long trick-or-treating weekend arrived last week, Puma Time under L-TimeStudio launched to select sporty and fashion guests and bloggers their sleek, stylish, and sporty line-up of timegears, dispelling everyone from the notion that a sporty timepiece wouldn't look stylish for your everyday casual or fashionable outfit and for the fashionable one.

It was an all-treat product launching last October 29 at the Manila Intercon Hotel as Puma Time unveiled the variety of sporty timepieces of Puma, making it sure that you can grab one that will fit your active and fashionable lifestyle and that "the products represent modern designs for the wrist rather than technical devices that merely show the time".

Check out some of photos of Puma timepieces taken during the product launch:

Global Sr. Product Manager Jeremie Pannetier explaining how
fun and function mixed with Puma Timegears
Active Collection: FAAS 200
Active Collection: FAAS 250
Women's MotorSport Collection
Men's MotorSport Collection
For the candy-lover in you, there's the edible wrist watches  (kidding)
Don't run, bolt!
For the social, active, and fast lifestyles - they're all fashionable
Not just for the big ones, but also for that kid in the midst of
European models Sassa and Sandra and Kenyan Runners Jemutai and Elliud
White FAAS 200 over my dark skin

Check out more about the product info, press release, SRP, and other models at Aktibo Ka Ba?

Lots of thanks to L-Timestudio, Ms. Judith Staples and Sir Jeff Paulino.
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Quantum Plus Multivitamins

Quantum Plus (Q+) - a new vitamins and minerals supplement with a promise of multi-benefits has been made available for people with active lifestyle through the exclusive distributorship of McGraw Pharma Inc. Quantum Plus is formulated with its main component of Chlorella -- a small green algae high in protein, providing a faster cell regeneration and accelerated wound healing. That's a great benefit for active people who often breaks down muscles during intense workout periods.

As Chlorella is also known as a detoxifier, Q+ becomes an effective and safe detoxifying agent that can draw mercury, lead, and cadmium from where it accumulates in our gut and intestinal tracts due to its heavy-metal binding capabilities.

Q+ also boasts of Taurine and L-Lysine for that superior bone and muscle health, increased energy, mental alertness, and Sodium Ascorbate for immunity and proper digestion. It also contains 60mg of Ferrous sulfate, a compound which I have always been given during my childhood days to keep me from having an iron-deficiency anemia (being anemic that is).

I also liked much the vitamin B-Complex contents (B1, B2, B6, B9, B12) which are all essential for metabolism, energy production (which I really needed lately), promotion of normal cell division, and production of blood cells in bone marrow.

Having took a 20-day trial of this multivitamin, I could affirm how it made me more alert and active specially during those sleepy-hours of the day (before noon and/or after lunch) without the side effects of caffeine. That's a plus for me unlike one of the multivitamin which really drags my eyelids to close, the reason why I stopped from taking it a few years ago.

Multi-vitamin content of Quantum Plus

Quantum Plus is currently available in all Mercury Drugstores at 50-capsules box with SRP of Php937.00
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Video Event Recap: Six30 Running Group at the 2012 Epic Relay 250

Video event coverage of Six:30 Running Group's 2012 Epic Relay in 2 vans, 10 Teammates, 5 support crews, 250 kilometers.
An adventure that took us to Subic, to Bataan, and back...

An adventure that tested our endurance...

our spirit...

our speed...

...and determination.

An adventure that pushed us to our limits...

pushed our patience...

...and pushed us to face our fears.

An adventure that was worth it.

An adventure that redefined our team's concept of "running".

An adventure that gave us "new friends".

and an adventure that gave us awesome memories to live by.

Read more from my blog post: Epic Moments at the Epic Relay 250
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Eva Peron and Cervical Cancer

by Dr. Gabe Mirkin, M.D.

Image from SpectacularlyDelicious
Sixty years ago, Eva Peron was the wife of Juan Peron, the most powerful man in Argentina. When she first met him, he was a general who seized the dictatorship of Argentina. She was the illegitimate daughter of a nobleman and his mistress. Because her parents were not married, her father never acknowledged her birthright and she was very poor. She became a singer and crawled to the top of her profession on the basis of her talent and charisma. From the very first day that they met, Juan Peron constantly berated her for not being a virgin, and she always begged him to forget her past. Many times, she wrote to him, "Please think of me for what I am. Stop berating me for the things that I have done (with other men) before I met you."

MISDIAGNOSIS OF APPENDICITIS: In January, 1950, at age 30, Eva Peron, the most famous woman in Argentina, fainted in pubic and was diagnosed as having appendicitis and had her appendix removed. She really had cervical cancer. She continued to be weak and tired, and had horrendous vaginal bleeding. Later, she was diagnosed by her Argentinian gynecologist as having cervical cancer, but Juan Peron never told her of that diagnosis, probably because she was necessary for his re-election as president of Argentina in 1951.

SHE WAS NEVER TOLD SHE HAD CANCER. During the campaign in November 1951, she was put to sleep for surgery. She was told that she would have her uterus removed and that her surgeon would be the famous Argentinian surgeon, Ricardo Finochietto. After she was asleep, and without her knowledge, the noted American cancer surgeon, George T. Pack, entered the operating room and removed an extensive cancer of the cervix that had already spread to other parts of her abdomen. After he operated and before Eva Peron awoke, Dr. Pack left the operating room and headed to the airport for a plane back to New York. When she awoke, she was told that she had an uneventful removal of her uterus for bleeding. She was not told that she had cancer.

SHE ALSO WAS NEVER TOLD THAT SHE WAS GETTING A LOBOTOMY. The cancer returned soon after surgery and the pain became unbearable. Again, without Eva's knowledge, Juan Peron imported a neurosurgeon, who was an expert in lobotomies, to sever the nerves in the front of her brain. The surgeon felt that he could reduce emotional reactions to pain. Juan Peron didn't seem to care that lobotomies usually leave patients with the emotional and intellectual maturity of very young children. Eva Peon didn't know she was having cancer surgery or a lobotomy.

JUAN PERON'S FIRST WIFE HAD THE SAME DISEASE. Peron's first wife also died of cervical cancer, a venereal disease almost always caused by the Human Papilloma Wart Virus (HPV). It appears that it may have been no coincidence that both wives died of cervical cancer. Most likely, they both received the virus (HPV) that causes almost all cases of cervical cancer, from their same person, Juan Peron.

HYPOCRISY. He berated Eva for not being a virgin, but he most likely killed her by unwittingly giving her the same sexually-transmitted HPV that he had given to his first wife.

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FourSquare Hack Day Philippines and their Hunt for the Best So-Lo-Mo App

SMART DevNet, together with WebGeek Philippines, is busy preparing for its upcoming hackathon event called Foursquare Hack Day Philippines 2012. Dubbed as “Social. Location. Mobile. Connected” with an official hashtag of #4SQHackPH, they are in search for the greatest SoLoMo app to be held at SaDoce, 12/F Smart Tower 2, 6799 Ayala Ave, Makati on December 1.

This all-day hackathon event invites all developers to participate and create a mobile application featuring the Foursquare API. Foursquare Hack Day Philippines has an objective of encouraging all interested developers to put their skills to test and build a unique mobile application. With Foursquare APIs, developers can materialize apps that can connect with the Foursquare platform enabling them to locate check-ins and venue information generated by the Foursquare user community. Among the well-known apps that utilize Foursquare APIs are Foodspotting, Path Instagram, The Weather Channel and several others.

The organizers of Foursquare Hack Day Philippines will be heading towards Sajid Mehmood’s Foursquare’s platform engineering team from Foursquare HQ in NYC to be able to deliver among the Pinoy developers the workings of the Foursquare API for Connected Apps.

To those who are planning to participate, you just have to register and develop a mobile app featuring the Foursquare API within nine hours. After successful completion of the mobile app, there will be a few minutes of presentation to panel of judges. All teams must conform to the theme of the event, which will be announced on the event itself. Winning teams will get recognitions and prizes.

Snagging the winning positions will not be easy when done alone. Everyone is encouraged to form a two-man or three-man team for the development of your mobile app. An intensive preparation for this event is needed so walk-in participants are not allowed.

"We want to highlight the fact that developers are the ones who do the actual work in these great mobile applications. Normally, once the product is launched, no one remembers who the developers are. But in hackathons, the spotlight is on the developer.” - Paul Pajo, Developer Evangelist, SMART DevNet

Like what Paul Pajo said, the developers will be the rockstars of this hackathon event. Smart DevNet and WebGeek Philippines are challenging all developers to crow their skills. Aside from that, participants will also get the chance to have fun and meet fellow developers. 4SQ organizers ensure you that everyone will learn a lot from it.
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Dash in Technicolor This 2013 with Color Manila Run

Manila goes color crazy as Proactive Sports invites you to the happiest run to hit the Metro, Color Manila Run 2013! Get ready to race through clouds and crowds of Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green, and Purple and dash to the finish line, powder-splattered in rainbow colors.

The Color Manila Run 2013 is the first of its kind running event in the country where runners are showered with colored powder in different stations, eventually producing throngs of happy human canvas at the finish line. Be cheered by an army of cheerleaders in Magic Yellow station, enjoy the beats with the drum line at the Ocean Blue area, party like a rock star at the Funky Pink mosh pit, move and groove with fertility dancers at the Evo-Green spot, and get hot with poi dancers at the Fiery Purple stop over.

Composed of 1.5k, 3k, 5k, divisions, the first run of the year aims to bring about unique experience of running, infused with a color extravaganza to help encourage new generation of runners to experience the fun and fulfilling sport. The Color Manila Run will also put together the country’s hottest music artists, providing the rhythm and beats during the event.

Be the best hue and join the most colorful running event in the city! Register now at the following registration sites: Runnr branches at Bonifacio Global City, Rockwell, and Trinoma, and Toby’s branches at Mall of Asia, Megamall, and Greenbelt 3 from October 24 to December 24, 2012, from 1PM to 8PM, daily. A registration fee of P750 will be required to participants of 3K and 5K divisions.

Enjoy the start of the year with rocking music, awesome crowd, and fit body. Get your friends and family stretched out and ready for this amazing color blast to kick off a new habit for the New Year. Be part of the Color Manila Run 2013!

What: Color Manila Run 2013

When: 06 January 2013 Sunday,

Where: Bonifacio Global City


  1. Republikha - a non-stock, non profit organization that aims to empower the next generation through music and education.

  2. Hop-E - a foundation moving towards helping eradicate poverty through the four elements, Education, Empowerment, Employment, and Events.

Distance and Registration Fees:

  • 3K - Php 750.00

  • 5K - Php 750.00

Registration Centers: (24 October 2012 to 24 December 2012, 1:00-8:00PM)

  • Runnr branches (Bonifacio Global City, Rockwell, and Trinoma)

  • Toby’s branches (Mall of Asia, Megamall, and Greenbelt 3)

For more information, visit:
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Puma Timegears

PUMA TIME has taken a new approach regarding watches in order to meet the aspirations of its consumers. (The) products represent modern designs for the wrist rather than technical devices that merely show the time. Every style perfectly combines the influence of sport, lifestyle and fashion under one creative umbrella. To reach the broad target audience of the PUMA brand, the collection is divided into 2 separate segments: ACTIVE and MOTORSPORT.

Trend WATCH: ACTIVE - Time is really on our minds for 2012. Time trials and time-winnings performances at the London Olympisc; Ancient Mayan calendar calling for all manner of potentialities; the Queen's Diamond Jubilee; and it’s a leap year too. But where to go, who to be with and what to wear nonetheless remain the big questions of our time!

Puma is pleased to present a range of sleek, sexy and sporty timepieces, each and every one calculated for maximum style and pure pleasure at competitive price points. Our sleek silhouettes offer some of the thinnest, lightest and most easy-to-use timepieces on the market; reflecting our mission to create designs encompassing true style with freedom of use.

FAAS 200 & 250

Faas’ signature design is inspired by the relaxed cool style of the world-class, record setting sprinters and runners from Jamaica. Faas, which means “fast” in Jamaican, is a mere 9.6 mm thin, echoing the record-breaking 9.6 second 100 meter sprint, achieved at the Beijing Olympics. It offers up key lap and sprint timing functions with an easy-to-read display. The wristband design promotes breathability for ultimate comfort during your vigorous workout activities.

The Faas 200 for men & Faas 250 for women each come in a wide range of colorways ranging from nuanced neutrals to bright sportif pops, reflecting the emergence of the active sports look into must have style. Get one and get running!

FAAS 200 collections

FAAS 250 collections


  • 5 Operation modes: Normal Time, Chronograph, Alarm, Dual Time and Timer

  • 1/100 Second Chronograph

  • 100 Lap memory for split and lap time measurement

  • Timer with countdown stop, countdown repeat and countdown up functions

  • Normal Time: Hours, Minutes, Date & Weekday

  • Dual Daily Alarms

  • Dual Time

  • 12/24 Hour Display format

  • Auto-calendar

  • Electrolight (EL) backlight

  • Faas 200 – 38mm case size

  • Faas 250 – 44mm case size

  • SRP: Php 2,850.00

"Puma Time Jam" Collection

We thought it was important to pay a tribute to the great Jamaica Nation in this special year.

PUMA TIME is proud to bring to you a dedicated limited collection, of both new and heritage styles - from this season Faas watch, our signature super thin running style (only 9.6 mm) to the Cardiac II featuring an über user-friendly heart rate monitors - featuring the infamous Jamaican colors -- black, for the opulent coffee; green, for the luxurious tropical forest; yellow, for the everlasting sunshine and the endless beaches.

Whether you are a passionate runner or enjoy chilling out, you will find the best fit to your personality in our JAM range, adding that special zest for life to your look. The available models are:

Cardiac II

The “Cardiac” Jam successfully aligns true fitness and wellness benefits with a trendy design. Wirelessly connected to the included chest belt, each “Cardiac” style becomes an authentic fitness instrument, keeping track of your heart rate and transmitting various data signals to the wearer. The sleek styling of the “Cardiac” line raises the heart rate on its own. The eye-catching and functional design incorporates red LEDs that, in addition to the LCD display and sound signals, convey important information at a glance, such as the actual training level as expressed by the heart rate in relation to the user-defined range. It is equipped to display calorie expenditure, heart rate as BPM, and % of your maximum heart rate. Worn as a timekeeping device, the “Cardiac” is a top-notch accessory that features all of the useful functions an athlete could wish for: chronograph, timer, alarm, and measuring capability of up to 99 laps.


An easy-to-use heart rate monitor watch that features a target zone with alarm, the PUMA Pulse is also equipped with a chronograph, split measurement and an auto calendar. You can set up low and high target zones and an alarm will alert if you outreach them. An ECG wireless sensor belt for the most accurate heart rate measurement is included with the watch.


Sometimes innovation means going back to the basics and keeping it clean and simple. The Slide is equipped with a chronograph, lap counter, count-down timer, alarm, and dual time zone features. It has a large digital display that allows you to easily read time during sports activities. The Slide is a sleek digital sports watch that doesn’t compromise design for functionality.


The Loop blends form with function. It features a chronograph, lap counter, count-down timer, alarm, and dual time zone functions. This waterproof watch is super lightweight, with flexible and sleek wrist band.It has a large, luminous display that allows you to easily check your time during fitness activities. The Loop personifies 'play time' with its fresh, unconventional spin on your typical, everyday sports watch.

Flat Screen

Featured in the PUMA Social advertising campaign, this retro cool watch is inspired by iconic 1970s pared down shapes and features a signature squared off font style in the digital readout. Perfect for day life as well as late night hangs thanks to it back light mode.


Boasting a stunning 44mm plastic case matched with a secure plastic band, this timepiece makes an ideal accessory for any affair. The black dial sits under a mineral crystal, which combines a sporty look and an easy-to-read display. The sleek, subtle design instills this watch with an unmistakable sense of comfort that cannot be matched. Additional features include chronograph, timer, and stop watch.


The ultra comfortable form fitting Fuse watch features a double stud “press and play” closure, a sleek on the outside/ridged on the inside silicone wristband design and easy-to-read digital face. The unique closure allows the Fuse to fit any wrist size, small or large with ease, while the ridged silicone design provides serious comfort by providing natural breathability.

Puma watches are available at the Puma Time Kiosk in SM Megamall, Timegear and L Timestudio boutique.
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