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Coconut Water Is Not a Special Sports Drink

by Dr. Gabe Mirkin, M.D.

Coconut (photo from myhealthguardian)
The headline reads: "Coconut Water Is an Excellent Sports Drink" (Science Daily, August 20, 2012; presented at the 244th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in Philadelphia). The author states: "Coconut water is a natural drink that has everything your average sports drink has and more. It has five times more potassium than Gatorade or Powerade. Whenever you get cramps in your muscles, potassium will help you to get rid of the cramps. It's a healthy drink that replenishes the nutrients that your body has lost during a moderate workout."

This flies in the face of everything I have learned about potassium:

Potassium Deficiency is not a problem in healthy Exercisers
In 1967, Dave Costill of Ball State University tried to create potassium deficiency in runners. He couldn't do it because potassium is found in all foods except refined sugar, and his athletes would not stay on a diet that consisted only of hard candy. The kidneys and sweat glands conserve potassium so well that you don't lose much. If an athlete develops potassium deficiency, it is usually caused by drugs, such as diuretics or corticosteroids, or by diarrhea or repeated vomiting. Some athletes try to control their weight by making themselves vomit. This is called bulemia, and the person usually denies vomiting. Their physicians can prove that they are vomiting by ordering blood and urine tests. If blood levels of potassium are low and urine levels are high, vomiting is the likely cause.

Potassium Deficiency is not a usual cause of cramps or tiredness in Exercisers Tiredness and cramps in athletes can have many causes, but lack of potassium in the diet is not one of them. Athletes who are tired and suffer frequent muscle cramps need an evaluation for other causes of chronic tiredness. If none can be found, the athlete may be overtraining and should talk to the coach or a personal trainer about changing workouts.

The only mineral that Exercisers need to replace is Sodium, common table salt

Table Salt (photo from AroPistachio)
The definitive studies on minerals and exercise were done during World War II. Dr. James Gamble of Harvard Medical School paid medical students to lie on rafts in his swimming pool, taking various amounts of fluids and salt and having blood drawn to measure salt and mineral levels. He showed that you have to take a lot of salt when you exercise for several hours, particularly in hot weather. For many years after that, students at Harvard Medical School heard Dr. Gamble give his lectures on minerals and exercise, and today, most serious students still read the Gamble lectures published in 1958 by The Harvard University Press. Now, more than sixty years later, nobody has improved on his research.

After Gamble published his studies, people who worked or exercised in hot weather were given salt tablets. Then doctors became concerned because they thought that a person could have his blood pressure raised by taking in too much salt, so they recommended restricting salt, causing many people to suffer heat stroke and dehydration during hot weather exercise. A low-salt diet does not lower high blood pressure for most people. A high-salt diet causes high blood pressure usually only in people with high blood insulin levels. Eating salty foods and drinks when you exercise for more than two hours is unlikely to raise blood pressure. We don't recommend salt tablets because they can cause nausea and vomiting, but you can use table salt or any salty food.

If you don't take salt and fluids during extended exercise in hot weather, you will tire earlier and increase your risk for heat stroke, dehydration and cramps. We eat heavily-salted potato chips or peanuts and drink fluids at least every 15 minutes when we ride in hot weather. Potassium deficiency doesn't occur in healthy athletes. The only mineral that athletes need to take when they exercise is salt.

If you like the taste of coconut water, it is a perfectly satisfactory fluid to take during exercise, but don't believe claims that it has any special benefits as a sports drink. If you use it during intense exercise, you will need other sources of sugar and salt.

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A Short Rave Run at Mt. Pinatubo

The first time I step afoot at Mt. Pinatubo was during a fund-raising trek from Capas, Tarlac towards the crater. Together with my runner-companions Argow, Maridol, and Victor, we were still able to run a few distance while on back-pack and slipper. That day ended with hope inside me that someday I could run once again on this lahar-land that will cover more distance.

That hope was somehow fulfilled more than a year after, and it was thanks to Columbia Sportswear and Primer for bringing the Columbia Eco-Trail Challenge to the participants last 13th of October 2012.

The finish arch before the race start (photo by Columbia SportswearPh)
It was a sleepy night during our travel towards the venue, having only slept for around 2 hours. Thankfully I was only running for 12K distance as I still have another 21K obstacle race for the next day (will blog about it soon). It was supposed to be a relaxing start if our shuttle bus didn't get lost going to the venue at Nayong Pilipino grounds, Brgy. Sapangbato in Angeles, Pampanga. As soon as we got-off the shuttle, a gun-start was already fired. I was in confusion of the gun-start if it was just for the 25K yet or 12K category until the people around told me that I should start running already.

I haven't warmed-up yet and my joints still felt stiff but seeing the 12K runners going farther and farther from the starting line, I just opted to join them as soon as I left my baggage and pinned my bib. The short amount of stress from getting late and being left behind, and the thought of having to chase a number of them urged me to give way to the surging adrenaline rush. I did until a bottle-neck going down from the road towards the start of the lahar bed below a bridge stopped me.

Soon as we get past the bridge, the lahar adventures began, and my inner-right knee (which first acted up from my previous MetaTrail race) started to ache little-by-little. At this time, it wasn't the knee pains that I was complaining of, but the fact that I don't have a camera with me to take a snapshot of the surreal environment. The digicam that I used to bring with me when running already lost its flash and focus after it got wet during one of my rainy day race. However, you can check out the photos from JazzRunner and RunningPinoy who both ran the 25K distance and were able to take magnificent shots of their route.

photo by RunAdoboKing
Still powered by the adrenaline rush, I was already speeding up at the 2nd kilometer, not minding the gravels and uneven surface that I am stepping on. And that move took a toll on me as soon as I reached the 3rd up to the 6th-kilometer where I truly slowed down, felt my chest pounding hard, and calves getting tighter.

I began to walk for 100-meters after running around 600-meters distance, and took the walking time to wander my eyes at the surroundings, while still getting astonished with the streams of flowing water, the shallow rivers, and the formed walls while wondering what could be beneath and under the wide lahar-covered area. Were there previously roof houses where I am stepping at right now? Or rice fields perhaps? How about remains of farm animals, dogs, or even people who used to live by during the eruption way back in June 15, 1991? Who knew?!

My wandering mind was taken back to reality when I saw Drew Arellano and trailing him about more than 2-kms away Rovilson Fernandez on their way back already.

photo by PinoyFitness
After reaching our U-turn at the 6th-kilometer mark and walking a few more hundred meters, my chest cleared-out. The air was still cool after all, no vehicle-caused pollution, no warming from tall buildings, all but mother nature around you despite the wet-desert-like lahar trails. As soon as I started to run, it seemed like I got a renewed energy that I am already running like I am just treading a flat road except when my foot sinks on a soft bank or on the river streams.

The non-ending wet-desert though wouldn't bore you and wouldn't seem like a gray or monotonous view as the combination of lahar ashes, sands, and small pebbles would continue to challenge each stride of your legs. I reached the finish line after 1-hour and 16-minutes from the time I left the starting line. It was only then that I felt that I have overworked my feet that the front-side (near the midtarsal joint) of my ankle aches on each flexion. A good 20-minutes of cool-down stretching helped ease the pain and relaxed my muscles back.

Aside from the route and venue that I have loved, I was equally impressed with the cup-less hydration and the organizers program where runners are encouraged to not just throw away their empty water pet-bottles. Instead, these pet-bottles were exchange for a pet-can of cold coke. Truly an eco-race!

Race Profile:
Distance: 12km.
Official Time: 01:20:00
Official Rank: 33rd

Race Info:
When: October 13, 2012.
Where: Brgy. Sapangbato, Angeles, Pampanga
Event: Columbia Eco-Trail Pinatubo Challenge

Unique piece of medal

with Kiko Rustia and JC Tiuseco
1st time to meet Kuya Allan, older brother of my College classmate
with co-Six:30 and 1st time trail runner Teton
with Gab, James' girl/friend, James, Ed, and me
You may view your race results at
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Run United's First 42K at the Philippine Marathon and Some Reminders

Many of us are already excited for the upcoming and first ever Run United Philippine Marathon this Sunday, October 28, 2012. But for those who haven't registered yet, head on now to Riovana (BGC or Katipunan) or at Toby's Sports (SM MOA, Trinoma) until the 26th of October and don't lose the chance of experiencing a great race with lots of surprises awaiting at the finish line which are made possible by United Laboratories Inc. and RunRio Inc.

The 21K category though is already closed, but the shorter distances of 10K, 5K, 3K and 500m dash for kids, and a few slots left for the highlight distance of 42K are still open.

Here are some of the new surprises awaiting for us on race day aside from the loot bag and finisher's items.
  • 990+ Security personnel scattered along the course from BGC to MOA.
  • More than enough hydration and banana stations spanning every 1.5 to 2 kilometers.
  • Festive event and finish area with a touch of Nationalism.
  • Red-carpet entrance to the finish line for the 42K runners.
  • Miniature Philippine flags will be given to runners prior to crossing the finish line.
  • Cowbells to boost you up as you sprint your last breath towards the finish line.
At the finish area, the Unilab Active Health Village will still pamper you with lots of surprises as you visit the different partner booths, the Active Zone, Runner's Lounge, and iConnect where you can have a wifi access powered by Globe.

Is it more than enough for a running event? Find out for yourself. But before you lace up and start running, please be heedful also of some of these reminders coming from RUPM's Race Director Coach Rio himself for our own safety and for much more organized and happier event:
  1. PLEASE come on-time. Fifteen (15) minutes after the gun-time, late participants will no longer be allowed to run. Whether you have prepared for this race or not, getting at the starting line (not just getting to the finish line) before the gun-time should be one of your primary target.

  2. Don't minimize the trash, but completely eliminate littering. 6-meters long of trash bins are located at each hydration stations, so PLEASE be sure to shoot those cups, banana peels, and empty energy packs.

  3. No bandits PLEASE! Non-registered pacer even if you have your own nutrition/hydration system are also not allowed along the course, and much more to the finish line.

  4. Hoarding? Races are not there as a venue to collect finisher's loots, hydrations, nor medals. Each registered runner is allotted only with one finisher's shirt, one post-hydration powerade/water, and one medal. There is also only one finish line for each category, that means each runner must cross the finish line only once, and claim a finisher's medal only ONCE. PLEASE do not hoard, be considerate to other runners who have also participated and have not yet claimed their own.

  5. Do not cause bottle-necking at and near the finish line. Even you wanted to cross the finish line without anyone blocking your way. So PLEASE "do unto others what you want others do unto you."
I'm sure there are a lot more reminders and guidelines that should govern us as a runner, but we should not wait to have it imposed on us. We should always think and act goodly to ourselves, to our co-runners, and even to the race organizers, race volunteers and Personnel.

Let us not wait until someone creates a law that will penalize us just for these simple and avoidable wrongdoings. Even I have been guilty of some, of just leaving my trash along the road, of not being considerate at times, but we should change our old and wrong ways now that we are already, or more aware about it. Try it, it also feels good!

For further information or inquiries on race details, results, photos and discussions, please visit the following websites: or
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Brooks Opens Its First Concept Store in Metro Manila

Known for its countless product and brand awards and almost unparalleled Corporate profile, Brooks - the world's number one running shoe brand in the US together with Sports Resources Inc. (SRI) opens its very first Running Concept Store in SouthEast Asia at the 3rd Floor of SM North EDSA.

1st Brooks Concept Store in SouthEast Asia

Unveiling the new concept store last 17th of October 2012, Brooks opened its shelves and displays with a wide selection of exclusive running shoes and apparels and features a complete range of running accessories that male and female runners need from head to toe including Moving Comfort sports bra, XTenex laces, Bodyglide anti-blisters, i-Pure sports and fashion energy accessories, and a lot more.

The formal opening of the Concept store was also graced by the Brooks ambassadors – Jennylyn Mercado (Celebrity TriAthlete), August Benedicto (70.3 Ironman top Filipino finisher), and the famous Top Biggest Loser of the Philippines Enrique Rafael "Raffy" Tan and Hazel Chua.

The concept store also featured its "Running Lab", a technically advanced system that determines one’s foot type using a footprint scanner and a high-speed video analysis used to help in the analogy of a runner's gait and stride to best recommend the right shoe for every customer.

Bringing more excitement to the guests and visitors were the fashion show that was also held at the activity area of the SM North EDSA annex, showcasing the best Brooks running gear from the footwear selection of the award-winning Brooks PureProject collection to the best apparel of the season.

“The Ghost, the Adrenaline, everything that has helped US athletes of all levels elevate their game and enjoy the sport more, we have now brought to the Philippines,” said Rodolfo S. Claudio, SRI president. “We, as always, are proud and pleased to give local athletes the best brands and the needed lift to help them perform better.”

Shoe Selections

Wide array of apparels

The Running Lab

Books, Nutrition, and accessories
*above photos courtesy of PRC Inc.

About Brooks
Brooks is a leading running company that designs and markets a line of performance footwear, apparel, and accessories in more than 60 countries worldwide. A subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Brooks was founded in 1914 and is headquartered in Bothell, Wash., near Seattle. The company’s mission is to inspire everyone to run and be active by creating innovative gear that keeps them running longer, farther, and faster.

For more information, you may visit Brooks at the 3rd level of SM Annex in SM North Edsa or log on to, and follow frequent brand updates on Twitter and Facebook.

More photos during the launch:

Biggest Loser Philippines Hazel Chua and Raffy Tan shares their experience with Brooks shoes

Jennylyn Mercado tells why she chose Brooks

August Benedicto getting interviewed about his Ironman feats using Brooks

with Ms. Hazel Chua and Raffy Tan

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Saucony Unveils the New Kinvara 3

The most popular, natural-motion, minimalist running shoe of Saucony has just been unveiled in the Philippines last October 12, 2012. Renowned for being lightweight and highly responsive, Kinvara 3 - a performance training shoe, is an update that has been taken to a whole new level and better technical running shoe than its predecessors (Kinvara 1 and 2).

Weighing only 7.7 ounces based on Men's US 9 size, it delivers more than just a great shoe as it inspires to an incredible running experience in the minimalist shoe category. Check out the full technical details below:

So Much Technology, So Little Shoe

  • Weight: 7.7 ounces based on Men's US 9 size.
  • Offset: 4-mm Heel-to-Toe offset - positions the runner's foot during impact in a way that creates a greater range of motion allowing for a more powerful running stride.
  • Heel Pods - anatomically countoured memory foam heel pods in the collar to ensure an ultra-secure ride.
  • EVA+ (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) - high-abrasion exposed foam midsole allows for lightweight protection underfoot while maximizing rebound and flexibility.
The Update

  • FlexiFilm(TM) - a lightweight, highly dynamic flexible film seamlessly affixed into the breathable mesh upper that adapts to your foot.
  • XT-900 - carbon rubber pods strategically placed on parts of the outsole for enhanced durability without adding weight.
  • ProGrid Heel - More responsive than EVA that provides incredible cushioning on a lightweight package. The re-engineered outsole also includes a beveled heel to better facilitate a secure, stabilize, natural rolling movement from heel-to-toe.

Kinvara 3 Tech Sheet

Launched in early 2010, the Saucony Kinvara has already garnered some awards to date:
  • “Best Debut” (Runner’s World magazine, Summer 2010)
  • “Gear of the Year” (Outside magazine, Fall/Winter 2010)
  • “Best Shoe in the Performance Category” (The Running Network, Fall 2010)
  • “Best Debut” (Endurance Sports Media Group, Fall 2010)
  • “Best Buy” – Kinvara 2 (Runner’s World Awards 2011)
  • “Best Update” – Kinvara 3 (Runner’s World UK 2012), among others.

Available colors to choose from

The Kinvara 3 is now available in specialty run retailers (Runnr, Riovana) and major department stores nationwide retailing at an SRP of Php 4,800.00.

More photos below:

Inside the collar is the memory-foam heel pods

FlexiFilm(TM) seamlessly affixed on the upper

More responsive and lightweight ProGrid Heel cushion

Triangular lug-design and XT-900 carbon rubber outsole

About Saucony

Saucony is a leading global running lifestyle brand that fuses performance, innovation and style to create compelling footwear and apparel with its widely recognized brands Saucony and Saucony Originals. Founded in 1898, Saucony continues to inspire runners everywhere with its award winning innovations, including ProGrid™, PowerGrid™ ViZiPRO™ and AMP PRO2™ apparel. At Saucony, their mantra is “a good day is when we get to run. A great day is when we inspire someone else to run.”

For more information, go to or follow SauconyPh on Twitter.
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Immuvit MetaTrail Challenge

Just a week after the body-numbing, head-spinning Metafit workout of the 2nd leg, the hard-surrendering participants were put into yet another challenge of running-and-body-workout-combo-ala-Spartan-Tough-Mudder race designed by Coaches Jim Saret and Joseph Pagulayan. A conclusion event of the 2012 Immuvit Fearless Challenge series, this 3rd leg dubbed as No Turning Back was an almost combination of Legs 1 and 2 of obstacled trail running with a twist of a Metafit workout.

Chasing Flash and Batman prior to gun-start (DefinityManila)
The race was held at the vast lands of Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna with two distance categories of 8K and 16K in obstacled trail course which are further sub-divided in waves. Pre-race, the venue was already festive as a lot of the Participants have became friends and became much closer already from the constant mingling on the previous legs.

Getting more familiar and more at-ease already with obstacled trail running, I became more excited with the newer obstacles ahead which are the oil wall, the sand bag, and the much higher military wall. Then I was surprised when Coach Ian Alacar told us that there will also be 2 ice pools that we have to conquer. I remembered this was previously mentioned to us by Coach Joseph during our conversation with him at the 2nd leg but I haven't recalled him saying that it will be on the 3rd leg (or because I was still dizzy that time from the body-numbing metafit workout).

So without further ado, here's my own view of my 16K trail course along with its obstacles:

Fire Jump
Jump or be burned (WithoutLimits)
As our wave started at 6:40AM, the first obstacle just a few meters away from the starting line did not fail to give more excitement to the runners. But as compared to the 1st leg's fire jump, this one is relatively easier because the pavement is concrete flat that you wouldn't worry about your balance after the jump.

Oil Wall
About 100-meters away from the fire jump comes the 50-feet length of approximately 45 to 50-degrees angled oil wall - a tarpaulin-covered trail area, made more slippery by the oil that was spread throughout the smooth side of the tarpaulin. I heard that there were a lot who slid down for n-times. It was really a challenging obstacle specially if you can't use much the strength of your upper body and arms, as well as if your shoe doesn't have a better grip. I think the suspended pull-ups of the 2nd leg was a great training for this kind of obstacle.
Oil Wall (WithoutLimits)

There was about 3 or 4 kilometers of trail running after the oil wall. The trails of Nuvali which is more of grass lands always gives me the feeling of running endlessly. Thus it also always makes me aware of my hiding physical pains. I was already having a good lead and pace when I felt a strange pain on the inner-side of my right-knee which slowed me down. Stretching won't even ease the pain so I also started taking more caution on each of my stride and steps.

Tire Dump and Tire Skip
A small hill of tire dumps greeted us next, I was a bit limping already when I approached it so I chose to just jump on the lower side of the mound and landed on my left foot. I realized more about my being right-sided as I felt awkward landing first on left foot. After a few meters and a left turn comes a longer stretch of tire skip than the 1st leg.

Following these easier hurdles were another endless running under and inside the freshly-cut grass trails. Here I try not to stop from running as I waited for my right knee to get numb.

Log Hurdles
The set of log hurdles here are much higher, but not as stiff and strong compared to the log hurdles of the 1st leg. There were marshals manning at the higher ones to hold and assist both the logs and the runners. Still, after each of my jump I try to land on my left leg.

Sand Bag
Photo by Top-top Gaviola
As we got out from the trail, the next course was a run on concrete and flat roads -- while carrying a bag or two of sands. On the area where the sand bags are located, a streamer signage which read "stronger men carry two" boosted my pride to carry two bags which is 4 or 5-kilos heavy each. After picking up the bags and turning on the road, the pain on my right knee seemed to have shouted at me and that's when I realized that I totally forgot about the pain already. Too late to turn back and return the other bag, I continued to run not knowing again that the distance that we have to carry the bag was about a kilometer. It was a great relief when I finally made it to the sand's dumping point.

Garter Maze and River Crossing
Boulders on the river (RJKnight Runner)
The garter maze was for me a chance to relax as I just rolled under it and the river crossing was fun and enjoyable as the waters gave a cooling effect on my calves, knees, and legs, and sometimes even up to my chest whenever I get to a deeper part of the river.

The river crossing stretched to around 800-meters to 1-kilometer in distance which was more than enough to fill-up our shoes with sands and pebbles. Going out from the river, the next uphill routes became so exhausting as my body have already cooled down and lungs back to relaxed state. My calves also started to cramp as I climbed the hills.

Military Crawl and a Surprise Swamp
Prior to crawling under the muds, the lady marshal stationed at this obstacle carefully informed us to go towards the white tank ahead of us so as not to get lost. The crawl was easier than the 1st leg as the net was much higher. Then came the silent, stagnant, swallowing swamp which I thought was just below the knee deep but as I get farther, the waters slowly submerges me. Behind me was a mysterious-looking man slowly walking while fixing an earphone to his ear. Unsure if there was a man-hole or black-hole or whatever hole it would be, I swam dog-style (can't do it freestyle) through the murky waters beyond half-way just to be sure that I get safely on the other side. Some runners behind me followed!

No Turning Back
Going straight towards the white tank that the marshal told us, we realized that we were still going the wrong way. We were lost, there was no way out towards the said tank but just a factory of some sort. We still tried to find other way towards it but the people on the factory told us that all there is to it are walls so we just have to go back. But hey, this race is supposed to be "No Turning Back"! Nevertheless, we have turn back to find our way again and near the edge of the swamp, we saw a marshal (was he a ghost? we didn't seen him on our way out) who realized that we got lost. He pointed us to turn right towards the trails.

Inside the trail with some cut tree branches, runners are scrambling again for another way out as there were no markers nor sign of the tracks of the runners who went ahead. The remains of the cut grasses gave us the hint of where we should go and there we found the right way. Going out from the trees, I saw the mysterious-looking man already leading the runners at a Y-intersection. Wow, he was a marshal after all but didn't bother to call us when he was just following us at the swamp.

Military Wall
The sight of the Military wall from afar seems like an empty billboard at NLEX. It was 3x higher than the 1st leg. I walked for a few meters towards it and started to take a momentum so I could initially climb higher but my already stiff back prevented me from grabbing the rope. I and the marshals all laughed at the same time when I fell back. I reached the top after the second try. Sliding down, I shifted my weight to my left as I landed below so as not to put much pound on my right leg.

Ice Pool
Frost-bite ala Cramp (Gab Spotted)
Here's my gladness when I saw the ice pool. My calves were still cramping and my right knee was more painful already so I thought that the ice pool would do great when it cooled my legs. But as I crawled towards the ice pool, my right toes suddenly cramped also which prevented me from moving. I forced myself towards the 1st pool of ice and as I went down, I felt so refreshed until my quads conspired with the rest of my legs, all cramping now. It was then that I realized that the cold pool was causing my leg muscles to contract tighter. Then I was already desperately trying and struggling to get out of the ice pool. At the second pool, my toes felt as if it got frost-bitten, and my legs became so heavy now that I was already literally dragging my lower body out. It was a wrong move staying longer at the pool!

Towards the Finish
Getting out from the second ice pool, I was already limping from the combined frost-bite and cramps of my quads and calves. My legs seems frozen as I was having hard-time lifting them up and striding properly. But then the sight and call of the finish line was already near. I was running towards it, at the shoulder of the road and each stride that I make was a counter-cramp punishment coupled with the knee-pain.

Pushing while in pain (DefinityManila)
I was just pushing and forcing my lower body until, my left calf knotted its muscles with excruciating pain. I stopped to massage and press it for a while before I proceeded to the final obstacle which was the fire jump once again. I got confused on how will I do the jump. What will I land first? The left leg which was already knotted in cramps? Or my right leg which is also cramping and with the knees aching? If I could only land on my arms then sprint towards the finish line upside down. :)

Not wanting to compromise my right knee, I just did a single-leg hop towards the fire jump and to the finish line. Oh how I missed my aNR-days!

The whole Immuvit Fearless Challenge experience was great, from Leg 1 to the final leg, it was really a test not just of one's running prowess but also of his whole body fitness. I am glad that in all these three legs, I was able to push myself. Comparing the trail obstacle of legs 1 and 3, it was the 1st leg which was harder for me, and where I also pushed my trail running speed further. But the 3rd leg was also challenging at the same time. I wasn't able to push my speed but the obstacles proved to have tested my will against the pains of my body. In contrast, it was the 2nd leg which I dreaded the most and which have pushed much much more further both my cardio fitness and my full body strength.

With these experiences, I am welcoming as early as now a much longer and more challenging Immuvit Fearless series next year. Let's do it the Spartan way! Who's with me? =)

You may also read my 1st and 2nd leg race report from the following links:
  • Leg 1: No Surrender - an obstacled trail course of 5K and 10K at La Mesa Nature Forest Reserve;
  • Leg 2: No Excuses - a Metafit workout that tested the whole fitness of the participants held at Quezon Memorial Circle;
Special thanks to WithoutLimits, ProActive, Pascual Lab, Outbound Communications, Coaches Jim Saret, Joseph Pagulayan, Ian Alacar, Definity, the Photographers, and to all the people behind this very successful event.

Race Profile:
Distance: 16 turned 18 km.
Official Time: 2:23:59
Official Rank: 21st
Total Obstacles: 12

Race Info:
When: October 6, 2012.
Where: Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Event: Immuvit Fearless Trail Challenge Leg 2
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Run for Pasig River - Ride 'n Roll

After successive years of ABS-CBN's Run for Pasig River, this year's event dubbed as "The Quezon City Experience" paved for another successful fund-raising activity which involved not just runners, but also the riders in bikes and skateboards as well. Held right at the tip of the New Quezon City Central Business District and aiming to clean-up the Esteros leading to the Pasig River, the Quezon Memorial Circle became the venue for the assembly, starting, and finish line, and the very well-known Commonwealth Avenue as the out-and-back route for all the race categories.

More than 80,000 participants coming from different Schools, Universities, Corporates, and Organizations supported this biggest fund-raising event of the Country which have already garnered a Guinness World Record last October 10, 2010 (where I also joined). The Ride n' Roll category also attracted about a couple hundred riders of non-motorized scooters, skateboards, and bikers to participate.

Supported by our employer (STRADCOM Corp) for the second time (the first was in 2009), the Company was represented by more than 70 employees ranging from first time, seasonal, and coming-back runners while six (6) among us including me participated in the 15K Ride 'n Roll category.

1-day Backtrack
Saturday afternoon - a day before the event, my MTB was begging for some maintenance as the front and rear derailleur would slip incorrectly whenever I switch gears. The tires have also lost almost one-fourths of its air and the drag has already become more noticeable (haven't pumped it yet since July).

I went to a bike-shop near our area in Kamuning but the serviceman is still busy with about two more other bikes waiting in line. Since I still have other things to accomplish for the remainder of the day, I just bought a bike-pump and decided to just finish my other errands and braved to fix the bike myself, hoping that it would still be functional on race day. Fortunately, after more than an hour of manually and experimentally tweaking the adjustments on my derailleurs, I finally got the trick and had the bike's gears smoothly switching once again. That saved me a hundred peso for the labor fee but made me nervous that I might not be able to do it properly and end up pushing the bike on-foot on race day.

Stradcom Riders - Me (shortest), Dennis, Glenn, Jeff, Leo
Debut Race
The tiredness of my body from the early Saturday morning's MetaFit Race Challenge, the day's errands, the cold night, and the pouring rain made me fall into a very deep sleep. My whole system was still recovering that I haven't heard my two time alarms which should have woke me up at 2:45AM. Instead, I just woke up a quarter before the gunstart and lucky me, I was just a kilometer away from the race venue. The 15-minutes remaining time though was just enough for me to suit up, no bathing needed (who else are guilty of this?)!

Arriving at the venue 5-minutes late for the scheduled gunstart, I was still able to catch-up with my colleagues at the starting line after mazing my way through the early 15K and 5K participants who have already assembled at their own clusters. There was still some introductory program when I arrived and the National Anthem is yet to start. The gun-start was finally fired 4:20AM.

Around 1-2 left inner lanes of Commonwealth avenue was closed to vehicular traffic and were manned by Marshals and some Traffic/Police Officers. The road became filled with small lights and blinkers coming the road bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, even BMX, and I also saw one skateboarder at the start. I just don't know if he still went for the whole 15K route.

Riding freely at Commonwealth was such a joy for me. The adrenaline was different compared to when I traversed this same road going to La Mesa Forest Reserve. The feeling during that day was full of fear and nervousness that a bus or jeepney, or even a motorcycle would or might bump me and throw me to my death bed. Contradictingly on this race, the air that my face was catching, and the safety from the absence of speeding vehicles on our route got the competitive part of me. I can speed up as much as I can on flats and downhills, and I can go as slow as I would like on the incline portions.

The flyover of Tandang-Sora-Commonwealth and the gradual uphill going to Batasan was where I struggled. I could feel the bike's weight dragging me back so I have to switch to one gear lower. Aiming to finish before 5:00AM, I was pedaling continuously except on some downhills, when turning, and on the U-turn. I enjoyed the speed much when I am going down, then on flat roads when I can't get the bike as fast as when going down, I wished that I should have just brought a road bike. I felt that there was definitely a different kind of adrenaline rush when speeding on a bike, and what more on a faster roadie or tri-bike! But then, I couldn't bring these speed bikes close to where nature, the mud, and the mountains are. How I wish I could afford both the time and money to buy and ride a tri and an MTB!

After around 38-minutes, I arrived at the finish line where the Marshals led us straight to assemble inside Quezon Memorial Circle to prevent the bottle-necking at the finish area.

I was happy to finish my first bike race on a competitive mode. I just don't know if 38-minutes is a good finish time, if not average, for a 15K bike race. Well perhaps not for a Tri-event! In just a few seconds, Juvy arrived and was also happy finishing the race. One-by-one, more bikers arrived including my officemates Leo, Glenn, Jeff and Dennis who also finished their first bike race.

Next target... off-roads!

Check-out some photos below of the 5K morning madness and 15K challenge categories.

Stradmates starting to embrace a healthy lifestyle
15K Challengers
QA group - Mak, Angelo, Opec, Rain, Rachel
The beauties of Tandang-Sora Flyover :)
Walter, John Li, and Knubs - serious mode :)
AppDev and HR - Ryan, Rozy, Fatima, Ms. Nihal, Marisol, Herbert
Operations group
Other participants on their yellow event shirts
*Photos courtesy from STRADCOM HR and Employees.

Finisher's certificate may already be downloaded until 30 November, 2012.
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Adidas Launches the adiPure 360 Training Shoe

Adidas has launched the new adiPure 360 training shoe: a multi-directional and multi-purpose training shoe. With both a men’s version, and a model especially for women, the adiPure 360 is designed to let your feet move as nature intended and help you get the most out of your workout by helping to help build natural strength, agility and balance - and it’s designed to make muscles work harder during exercise.

While most other sports have footwear designed specifically for the sport itself, the adiPure 360 is designed primarily for the gym. Using super light and flexible materials, it features the latest in technology to support multidirectional movement, and the anatomically designed shoe provides comfort and support throughout every stretch, every squat and every exercise during your workout.

The design and overall flexibility of the adiPure 360 promotes unrestricted movement and harnesses the body’s mechanics. It aims to strengthen the muscles in the feet, toes, ankles and lower legs, while offering a natural feel that is one step from being barefoot - but with the increased foot protection needed during a workout.

Adrian Carney, adidas’ Category Manager for Men’s Training Footwear comments on the innovation and objective behind the development of the adiPure 360: “The foot is a highly complex part of the body - in fact you could say that a lot of engineering went into its design and function! To get the most out of a workout, it’s important to focus on how your feet interact with the ground in almost the same way you think about how your hands interact with a ball or a bat during sports. Using your foot’s natural power and movement can help you strengthen muscles you never knew you had in your feet, lower legs and throughout your core.”

“The adiPure 360 is multi-purpose shoe, designed with the gym in mind. We focused on solving the problem of ill-fitting and inappropriate footwear undermining the efficiency of an individual’s workout. We identified that a custom made shoe designed to harness the unique movements a person typically makes during their workout was a solution.”

For more information on the new adiPure 360 and the full line up of adidas training products and apparel, visit

About the adidas Group

The adidas Group is one of the global leaders within the sporting goods industry, offering a broad range of products around the core brands: adidas, Reebok, TaylorMade, Rockport and Reebok-CCM Hockey. Headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany, the Group has more than 46,000 employees and generated sales of € 13.3 billion in 2011.
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Nike's WE RUN Race Series Returns to Manila

What: Nike We Run Manila 2012

When: 02 December 2012 Sunday

Where: SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

Distance and Categories:

  1. 10K Women (Under 25 years)

  2. 10K Men (Under 25 years)

  3. 10K Women's Open

  4. 10K Men's Open

Registration Fees: (age as of race day)

  • 24 years old and below - Php 800.00

  • 25 years old and above - Php 1,200.00

  • 24 years old and below (Buddy 1+1) - Php 1,400.00

Registration Centers:

  • Online Through NikeRunningPH

  • Riovana Katipunan

  • Swoosh Park Fort

  • Swoosh Park Trinoma

  • Swoosh Park MOA

  • Swoosh Stadium ATC

  • Swoosh Park Ermita

  • Swoosh Park Galleria

  • Swoosh Forum Robinsons Magnolia

  • Swoosh Park Glorietta 4

  • Swoosh Stadium Rockwell


PHILIPPINES, OCTOBER 2012 – Nike’s We Run race returns to Manila for a second year, to inspire, motivate and connect runners around the world. On December 2, 2012, Filipino runners will be part of the global We Run race movement, which will see a total of 395,500 runners from 34 cities participating—establishing a new global community of runners through Nike’s most connected race series using the innovative Nike+ technology. The We Run race series kicked off on September 1 in Prague, Czech Republic, and will conclude on December 15 in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

Nike’s We Run Manila 10K race will energize the streets of Pasay City with the 13,000 high-octane runners expected to make tracks all over the SM Mall of Asia’s grounds. Set against the remarkable view of Manila Bay, the initial stretch of the race will let runners pass through the commercialized area of the Mall of Asia with the SMX Convention Center and the latest icon of the area, the eye-shaped SM Bay City Arena. Runners are set to leave urban commercial scenery and head towards the fields along Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard. Closing in on the halfway point of the race, runners will then pass the upcoming Belle Casino, a gold complex glistening in the morning sun. As they take a turn on Pacific Avenue and race past the same landmarks, runners will come upon the iconic ferris-wheel along Seaside Boulevard that marks the final kilometer to the finish line. The panoramic run would not be complete without an engaging en route entertainment featuring some of Manila’s top musical acts.

Meeting the runners at the finish line is the Race Village that will offer an array of services. Runners can expect to be pampered with massage booths and get recharged at any of the refreshment stalls while being entertained by the energetic musical line-up.

“Nike’s We Run race is the celebration of running across the world, the culmination of every runner’s dedication and commitment to train harder, defy expectations and push their bodies’ limits. Nike aims to revolutionize the running experience, by allowing runners to inspire, motivate and connect with other runners globally through the Nike+ Technology”, shared Sanjay Gangopadhyay, Marketing Director of Nike South East Asia. “With the second edition of the We Run race in Manila, Nike envisions Filipinos, the youth in particular, to further move the local running scene forward by leading the active lifestyle movement.”

This year, Nike is taking inspiration to a new level as runners will be able to follow two of Philippines most popular lifestyle bloggers, Robbie Becroft of and Lissa Kahayon of who will be embarking on their first We Run race. Follow their We Run journey as they take on the challenge of preparing for Nike’s We Run MNL 10K race, blogging at each step of the journey, and witness how Nike elevates their everyday running experience with the various product offerings including the Nike+ ecosystem.

To get race-ready, Nike will organize four training sessions focusing on proper running techniques and tips. Runners will also be able to test out the Nike+ Running app (available on iOS and Android), and try out the season’s latest running products. These clinics will be led by podiatrists and Nike Training Club instructors to further educate individuals on how they can reach their potential as runners.
For more information, visit:

Nike Inc. or follow Nike Philippines on Twitter via @NikePH.
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Nike Unveils Latest Running Shield Pack Collection

Introducing high-performance gear designed for the country’s extreme weather conditions

Nike Running Shield Pack - Women's

Nike Running Shield Pack - Men's

The Nike Shield Pack introduces the iconic styles of the Nike LunarGlide+4, Nike Free Run+3 and Nike Air Pegasus+29 to keep runners dry, protected and comfortable. Each shoe is treated with weatherized features that help resist rain while maintaining the breathability important to runners.

Press Release

Southeast Asia faces its annual wet and cool season through the monsoon months, with the highest rainfall at the end of every year. Running in the rain can be an exhilarating experience, but it can be dangerous as well. Wet tracks reduces grip, and reduces visibility.

The rain should not deter runners from their runs, and this Holiday ’12 season, Nike introduces products to keep runners dry, protected and comfortable.

Breathability, ventilation and comfort come together in the NIKE RELAY tops (men’s and women’s). The Nike Dri-FIT knit fabric enables premium sweat management, while ergonomic seaming with flat-seam construction follows the body’s natural contours for reduced irritation, a flattering fit and a full range of motion. Mesh underarm panels and the dropped and vented hem augment the cool comfort. The NIKE RELAY top features reflective elements as well, keeping the runner visible in the dark. A reflective headphone cord loop at the back of the neck also means runners can listen to their music without distractions.

NIKE TWISTED TEMPO shorts for women pack high-performance features into stylish and comfortable running shorts, available in a wide range of color combinations with contrasting diagonal panels. The Nike Dri-FIT fabric and built-in Dri-FIT crepe liner helps keep runners dry. A zipper pocket provides secure storage for a small media player.

Nike Twisted Tempo, Women's shorts

The NIKE SHIELD PACK – a collection of running footwear to suit each unique running style –is updated with the Nike Shield technology, igniting runners every day and night of this season no matter rain or shine. It features a highly reflective inner sleeve that performs triple duty—it’s reflective even in dim light for safety; it makes a barrier that resists water in wet conditions, but stays breathable; and the reflectivity adds some flash to the look.

The Shield Pack collection consists of the NIKE FREE RUN+ 3 SHIELD, NIKE LUNARECLIPSE+ 2 SHIELD and NIKE PEGASUS+ 29 SHIELD.

So in this wet, rainy season, there is no reason not to continue running.

Nike LunarGlide+4 Shield - Php 5,795.00


The Nike LunarGlide+4 Shield delivers an ideal blend of lightweight cushioning and support with the winter protection of Shield. Designed for every runner, this style has been updated for cold, wet weather with the Nike Shield Pack. A reflective inner sleeve creates a barrier that resists water without compromising breathability and stays visible in low-light conditions while adding some flash to the look.

Nike Lunarlon and Flywire technologies combine for exceptional comfort and an adaptive, glove-like fit in a lightweight package. Nike’s Dynamic Support system provides the stability runners need without the added weight. Deep Nike Natural Motion Engineering flex grooves along the midsole and outsole encourage flexibility for a smooth, efficient stride, and BRS 1000 carbon rubber in the heel adds durability in this high-wear area.


The popular Nike LunarGlide+4 Shield has been modified for inclement weather with the Nike Shield Pack. Runners still find the great fit and excellent blend of cushioning and support in a lightweight package, but the updates allow for training no matter rain, cold or dark. The highly reflective inner sleeve performs triple duty—it’s reflective even in dim light for safety; it makes a barrier that resists water in wet conditions, but stays breathable; and the reflectivity adds some flash to the look.

Nike’s innovative Lunarlon cushioning offers a lightweight, smooth ride, Dynamic Support adds comfortable stability and the dynamic Nike Flywire technology adds a customizable, glove-like fit.

Nike Free Run+3 Shield - Php 5,495.00


The men’s Nike Free Run+ 3 Shield combines the benefits of natural motion with special protection from the rain and the cold. A Nike-exclusive BW2 mesh allows for a no-sew bond, increasing water resistance and providing a lightweight ride, and its weatherized finish keeps the foot dry without compromising breathability. Reflective overlays keep the runner visible and stylish.

Nike Dynamic Fit technology wraps the foot for a glove-like feel and the customizable laces accommodate a variety of arches, while the whole lacing system is offset to help reduce pressure on the top of the foot. Flex grooves and diagonal cuts along the length and width of the midsole enhance flexibility and natural motion and help increase foot strength.


Women can experience the foot strengthening benefits of natural motion with added winter weather protection. The Nike Free Run+ 3 Shield uses lightweight Nike-exclusive BW2 mesh that allows for a no-sew bond to increase water resistance. The weatherized finish helps the feet stay dry and highly-reflective overlays keep them visible and stylish during runs in the dark.

Nike Dynamic Fit technology wraps around the arch for a glove-like feel and customizable fit and the low-profile, Phylite midsole provides a resilient ride and doubles as an outsole, reducing the overall weight.

Nike Air Pegasus+29 Shield - Php 5,495.00


Find the cushioning and smooth ride preferred by neutral runners with added winter protection in this adaption of a legendary Nike running shoe. The Nike Air Pegasus+29 Shield uses breathable mesh with a weatherized finish. The highly reflective skin bonded to the backside of the mesh also improves water resistance and remains visible in low-light conditions, while adding some flash to the look.


The long beloved Nike Air Pegasus running shoe has been updated with winter running protection. The Nike Air Pegasus+ 29 Shield for women delivers the cushioning and smooth ride that neutral runners want with water resistant mesh to help keep the feet dry. A highly reflective skin bonded to the backside of the mesh further enhances water resistance, and ensures visibility in low-light conditions, while adding some flash to the look.

The welded, ultra-lightweight underlay wrapping the forefoot delivers flexible support while the internal heel counter means a snug and secure fit. The Nike Zoom unit in the heel adds comfort underfoot.

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