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Run BGC - Fun and Scandal

There's only two reason why this blog post caught your interest and attention: first, you just love to read stuffs about fun run; second, you want to know what was the "scandal". But to give benefit of the doubt, let's just say a few percentage among you might be interested with both the fun in the run and with the scandal. So let's just talk about those two topics since they really go hand-in-hand as always.

Oh, before I begin, I beg you no dirty minds please!

Bonifacio Global City's second installment of their Run BGC have really proved it to be into a lot of different and higher level compared to the last year's first, and even with the other road races around. Aside from the upcoming Condominium give-away at the 3rd QCIM, it is seldom that a race would raffle to those who participated and finished their race a Chevrolet Cruze or a trip for two to another Country, all expense paid plus accommodation, plus a choice of a fun run or Marathon event to that Country.

Still not satisfied with these raffle perks, Run BGC took their race into a level, much different to any races you have been into. A separate category for the 3K and 5K distances have been incorporated with a flag football challenge (read from this link to get to know what Flag Football is).

Becoming a pioneer to a race's signature event gives a participant a different kind of runner's high. And that's why I chose to join a flag football event on a shorter distance category of 3K (oh and my half brother/half sister also joined this event on the same race category as mine).

After running an initial distance of one kilometer, runners gets to play the flag football challenge. And though the game looks easy, it was still challenging enough due to the uneven and rocky surface of the field. Catching the ball also seems easy until you see it coming in front of you. During my turn, I have to jump so I could properly catch and prevent the ball from dropping. But that move turned out to be wrong because as I landed back, I stepped on a bigger stone which caused my left foot to break its balance. And to prevent further injuries, I just let my body move and roll on its own as I fell down to the ground. Gladly I only have minor bruises on my left leg, right arm, some muds on my buttocks, back, and on my cap. That's the fun and enjoyable part of this race category.

some bruises I got at the flag football field

After getting out of the football field with no flags pulled and no penalties committed, I then proceeded to run in constant pace the remaining 2k distance, reaching the finish line at an estimated time of 15 minutes and 20 seconds, less 10 seconds as reward point for perfecting the flag football, and another less of 30 seconds for a roughly approximated time that I stayed at the football field, giving me a total finish time of around 14 minutes and 40 seconds (unofficial).

A few more minutes, my brother arrived with his redish cheeks. Together with Sir Rene (JazzRunner), we've waited around an hour more for the event program and of course, the raffling of the trip for two to Australia. At first, we were only at the back-most area of the crowds in one of the empty tents until we positioned ourselves near the front of the stage when the program was highlighted with a doggy-contest. When I heard RunningHost shouted "who knows how to doggy?", I thought he was referring to the dog-style-swim, and I'm about to volunteer already when the first contestant showed to us his doggy moves. Then I learned that it was a dance step and not the other "doggy" that I'm thinking about (dog-style swimming).

This is what the doggy
A number of guys and girls were up the stage to show their own doggy dance steps. Even Michelle De Vera, the young girl who's been bagging out the podium finishes on her category also showed that she's not all just about running, but she also knows how to dance. The crowds got their adrenalines pumping back when a foreigner guy and a group of the contests' participants from a nearby school heated up the stage with their eye-catching, giggling, and daring doggy dance moves. Even the facebook runner-celebrities Mish and Company didn't even get enough audience impact as most of the runners were taken away by the other competing girls' hot dance moves that you can only see in the evening of a disco party, but are now right in front of their eyes. Well, runners are really diverse, and life's not just all about running or studying but also enjoying the life and sharing the gift of talents.

Teach 'em how to doggy
After the short morning party, winners of all the race categories were called and awarded with their prizes. Then was followed afterwards by the most awaited raffling of the trip for two to Australia, of which, none of us whom I know at the event got the luck!

As of this moment, I'm firmly nailed on my chair, both legs and calves are as hard as a log, and aching so much like I've been into a hazing ritual. The 90 floors vertical race yesterday plus this short but speedy 3k race is now taking a toll on me.

If you are wondering where was the scandal part, well, you might have missed it either because you did not join the race, or you did not stay long enough to witness all of these fun and excitements. Just settle with enjoying some of the photos below. ;)

with Gail Cowper (Skechers)
with Mr. RunningHost
Brother with KikayRunner, JazzRunner, and Bobby Cruz
with Coach Rio, Mish, KB, Lestsky, Rexie and RunningHost
Race Profile:
Category: 3km with Flag Football
Official Time: 00:16:23 (Net) / 00:13:38 (Run Only) / 00:02:44 (Football Time)
Official Ranking: 8th out of 82 Category Finishers

Race Info:
When: November 27, 2011.
Where: 9th Ave., BGC, Taguig
Event: Run BGC 2011 - A Level Higher

The Lucky winner of Trip for two (2) to Australia

Official Race Results are available nowhere but at KulitRunner and at RunRio.
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Get Ready and Go Natural

Here's a good race to start your year, run it right and help with the education campaign for early Child diabetes.

Event Details
What: Go Natural 2012
When: Sunday, 15 Jan 2012
Where: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Categories: 3K / 5K / 10K / 21K

Registration Details
Dates: Online from 21 Nov 2011 - 08 Jan 2012; In-Store from 28 Nov 2011 - 08 Jan 2012
Registration Fees:
     3K - Php 350.00
     5K - Php 550.00
     10K - Php 650.00
     21K - Php 800.00

Registration Sites:
     Riovana - BGC
     Toby's/Runnr - Shangri-La Mall; SM MOA
     Planet Sports - Trinoma; Glorietta 3
     The Athlete's Foot - Robinson's Galleria; Alabang Town Center

Registration Promo:
  • First 1,000 registered runners will receive baller ID (applicable to both ONLINE and IN-STORE registration).
  • Register 4 and get 1 race kit for free for any category (applicable to IN-STORE registration only).
  • Donation of P150.00 (on top of the registration fee) to advocacy on support for early child diabetes education gets a freebie T-Shirt. Runners will get their free shirt on the event day.

  • Race kits may run out before January 8, 2012, therefore registration may end earlier than announced deadline.
  • A Valid ID must be presented upon registration. For group registration, a photocopy of any valid ID must be presented by the representative.
  • Singlet size availability will be on a first come first serve basis.
  • A timing device will be used by all participants during the race.
Race Singlets:
3K Singlet (Blue)
5K Singlet (Green)
10K Singlet (Orange)
21K Singlet (Red)

Race Result and Hotlines:
Race results will be available after two (2) days in the following websites:

In-Store Registration:
Globe - 0916 5709220
Smart - 0929 7178164
Landline - (632) 703-1736

Race Registration:

Timing and Race Results:

Pre-Race Kits:

Other concerns and Feedback:

Also visit: Go Natural Philippines website.

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2nd Trek The TEC - Expansion of Lungs

I think this is the first time that I was able to post about my race account a few hours only after the event. I usually take more than a few days up to more than a few months before I could finally post my race adventures, but at this moment, I feel so compelled to share what just happened a while ago at the 2nd Trek the T.E.C (The Enterprise Center Bldg.) in Ayala, Makati.

Trek the TEC was born from the great tradition of the Empire State Building Run-up and Taipei 101 Tower Run. It was first held in the Country May of last year (2010).

Together with Allan and Sam, we represented the Diadora Philippines Running Team. Later on, Totoy ("Alamat ng Samat") also agreed to co-represent with us :)

It isn't my first time to join a vertical run, in fact, this is already my third, but was also the hardest among! The first was during the 3rd MH Phils Urbanathlon and Festival where one of the "obstacle course" incorporated was an 8 flights of vertical run (and another 8 going down). The second was a half-century category (25 floors up, 25 floors down) at the 1st BGC Vertical Run which culminated at the E-Services Bldg. in Bonifacio Global City.

Diadora Team with Totoy - Alamat ng Samat
Those two vertical runs I've joined above already seemed difficult, but upon finishing the 2nd edition of this year's Trek the TEC, I wished that I should've brought an extra pair of lungs (if it was even possible), or an oxygen tank!

An intimate race of only over a hundred participants, this vertical run proved to be the most challenging, hardest, and real vertical run in the Philippines. It actually targetted 500 runners to participate, but it seems that the challenge is enough to give a chill to the runners, or a lot of Filipino runners are still shy to embrace the two towers of The Enterprise Center.

Runners were dispatched in batches of 50, and a proximity card which we have to swipe at the finish line, identified through the bib number and lace color, helped with the timing and comparison of results for all the other batches. Allan (Running Free Manila), Totoy and I were on the first batch while Sam (The Running Ninja) was on the second batch.

As we head off towards the stairs, "balyahan" to the max occurred as faster runners tried to get a foot on to the flights. I tried my very best to run more relaxed in each step of twos but the stairs are really unforgiving. The air blowers were switched on but it seems not enough as I already started to walk starting from the 9th or 10th floor. I was already hanging on the hand rails while pushing my knees with my other hand. As I ascend more, it seems though that my lungs' air capacity has been restricted, my mouth was already as wide as a horse's as I try to inhale more oxygen.

Cheat rest before going down at Tower 1
There were a total of 90 floors to conquer, roughly equivalent to about 2,500 steps and I haven't been yet to its half but quitting is such an inviting word already, couple it with the signage "Quitter's Exit" at each Hydration/Aid stations. Reaching the 30th floor, I thought that finally I could already start to descend, but... there were still a few floors up before going down.

The descent after more than 35 floors were not easy either. If going up needs a lot of deep concentrations and physical endurance, the going down also needs strategy, knee strength, and most importantly, a lot of patience. The stairs going down for the same 35 floors feels like forever, and there's still another tower waiting to be conquered after the descent before finally reaching the finish line.

At the second tower, I never and wasn't able to run up anymore, but tried as consistently as possible to walk two stair steps at a time at a manageable speed. But did it really turned-out manageable? I did crawled for two sets of flights and only stopped because there were already runners in front of me and at my back. Don't want to let them see a CrawlingAtom!

Then at last, metal stairs towards the finish line at the roof deck greeted us. Though unlike with road races, I wasn't able to sprint the last few distance. At the finish arch, I even almost forgot to swipe my proximity card to record my finish time as all I can think of and all that my body wishes to do is to breathe in fresher more air which is abundant at the roof deck. The result of all those agony that seemed forever actually lasted only for 20 to 21 minutes, heck!

A tiring but refreshing finish at the roof deck
A few rounds of cool down walks put my lungs back into normal breathing, but my whole body is still shaking even after almost 20 minutes already of having been rested.

Loot bags? Oh they were abundant, and runners had the freshest kind of loot bag given with a freshly harvested petchay, farmed right atop the roof deck. There were also taro and papaya trees but has not bear fruits yet.

I wasn't able to run at the Nathan Ridge Run last week, blame it to the bosses! But the vertical run was such a hard and challenging race in just a very short span of time - a great candidate as one of my most challenging race for the year.

The vertical route

Race Profile:
Distance: 90 Floors (2,531 steps)
Official Time: 00:20:03
Official Ranking: 27th out of 83 Finishers

Race Info:
When: November 26, 2011.
Where: The Enterprise Center Bldg., Ayala, Makati
Event: 2nd Trek the T.E.C.

Tip of the Enterprise Center's Tower 1
Race results may be downloaded here.
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RunBGC Race Kit Giveaway

Check-out the ongoing RACEKIT GIVEAWAY for today only Skecher's Facebook wall.

This is for this Sunday's RunBGC 2011!

Check out this link for more details.
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Afro-Dark at the 2012 Afroman Leg

My Afroman Distance Debut

My last year's feat at the 1st Afroman race (2010 RunRio Trilogy 3 - Run United 2) has left a good mark on my 2010 races. It was my second farthest distance attained in running, with barely a breathe left upon crossing the finish line after 03:11:27 last 21 Nov 2010.

During those times, I am not yet a solid member of the Six:30 running group as I haven't been solidly participating with their training sessions. So there was virtually nobody to cheer and ask for assistance, save for a good friend who ran a shorter distance for the same event. She was there, waiting for me, and all hands with assisting and giving aid to me right after I crossed the finish line. The race was so tiring, the sun's heat burned me, but the experience was so fulfilling!

Afro-distance debut (2010 RunRio Trilogy Leg 3)

Give Back, Come Back

13th of November, the second Afroman signature distance was back, again as the third leg of the RunRio Trilogy for 2011. As this distance is aimed to give the runners, specially those who are aiming to run their first full Marathon, the feel of achieving a finish as they hit their "wall", a lot of upcoming Marathoners for the 3rd TBR Dream Marathon 2012 joined this Afroman Leg. Among them are a number of members from the Six:30 Running Group.

A night before the race, me, Allan, Daisy, and Kyx (two of the new Six:30 members) met at SecondWind to buy some of our essentials for the race, and had our eve of Carbo-loading at Mang Inasal while exchanging stories and funny anecdotes about random stuffs. Kyx is one nervous guy for his upcoming longest distance for the next day (read their race account from RunningFreeManila's post).

The flock of Runners in Blue Run United 3 singlet (photo grabbed from Unilab ActiveHealth's album)
Race day, the four of us met at some street post near the starting line, and soon other Six:30 members came in view including RunnerIshi and Noel. Hendy and John are nowhere in sight but are also running the Afro leg. As Allan assigned himself to pace with Kyx, and Noel is also going to pace a buddy of his, I also thought of pacing RunnerIshi - the least that I could do to give back for the assistance and kindness that she gave during my debut feat with last year's Afro leg. She doesn't want me to pace her but I insisted. After all, like the other first time Afro distance runners, it will also be her first, and longest race distance to conquer.

So I paced her out of her willingness and just planned to stay until some rays of the sun peeks. We started at the middle of the starting line, but got left far behind the pack a few hundred meters after because of her ITBS (or arthritis?) which has acted early. Unlike with the previous race where I did stressed her early, we were doing her own rhythm and chosen pace/technique (she counts mentally before walking and does the same for the running since we both don't have a digital timer/chronograph). At the 5th kilometer, she insisted once again for me to go ahead as the route is already well lit with the early morning sky. But since there were a lot of crossings along Buendia road, with drivers endlessly honking at the race Marshalls, trucks trying hard to cross along the route, a few hundred meters (approx.) of narrow path left for the runners, and her aching ITBS I decided to stay with her up to the 7th kilometer.

After an approximate elapsed time of 1 hour and 6 minutes at the 7th kilometer mark, we were already running on our own. I tried to catch-up with other runners who are already ahead of us and was able to pass-by a number of them including some friends who still looks strong and are running strong. We reached the first U-Turn along Buendia road near Makati Avenue, a very familiar U-turn point from the 1st Afroman Leg. Going towards Roxas Blvd. from Buendia was a breeze, with some wary drivers on the other side of the road, street Children enjoying the closed road from vehicular traffic, and a drunk man in his 20's sleeping at the side of a street post/fence.

Photo thanks to Jpeg Mendoza
At Roxas Blvd., I've crossed many of my friends who are now on their way back, some already doing their speedy negative split who could no longer hear us calling his name (Hendy?). Kyx and Allan are also still doing good and it seems that Kyx already lost his nervousness (but not yet his sanity, I believe).

The route along the stretch of Roxas Blvd. from near NAIA road going to the third U-turn near UN Ave. spanning more than 8 kilometers and from UN Ave. going to Vicente Sotto (the street going to Star City) spanning more than 3 kilometers seems to be the longest of the route. Coupled with the sun's heat that was almost unbearable, and with hydration stations already drying up, the route became longer and longer as my speed and stamina gets lower and lower. I could already see many runners now walking, and most are just taking a stroll while chatting with their friends. It's good though that half of the road on this route was closed to traffic, making it easy for chasing runners to find their way without much criss-crossing efforts.

Allan and Kyx on their way to the Finish line
At Vicente Sotto, a lot of People have flocked, while some are still lined up at the entrance of Aliw Theater for the Pacquiao-Marquez 3 fight. Farther more at Magdalena Jalandoni street are mix of Airsoft players and ROTC Cadets/Cadettes making their own airsoft gun noises and salutations. These somehow made my mind get out from the numbing and floating sensations.

Upon reaching the finish line, I just re-fueled myself with the remaining gatorade on my hydration bottles and went back for RunnerIshi who's already around 23-24km mark. But the cold water which I poured from my head that went down to my back gave my lower back an unusual ache which hindered me from running or even make a light jog. I saw RunnerIshi at Roxas Blvd. near Trader's Hotel and is about to turn right at Vicente Sotto St. She was already crying and I found out that she's been walking and was no longer running since reaching the 22nd kilometer due to the continues aching of her ITBS. From there, I've been pushing her and giving her motivations to finish the remaining distance of 5 more kilometers. She's been begging to just DNF from the race, but since she can still walk (lol), I insisted that she finish her race. The drag was really challenging as both of us can no longer run. My back was still aching, both of our legs are already tired, her spirit is already low and has been continuously losing hope that she'll be able to finish the race.

Six:30 members eagerly waiting near the finish line
At Diosdado Macapagal, we were able to somehow speed up our walk that somehow gave us more distance covered. It took us almost an hour or more before finally reaching the finish line. But then I was glad that after all those tiring walk, the Six:30 members are still there, waiting for our arrival.

Race Profile:
Distance: 32 km.
Official Time: 03:38:32 (chip time)
Official Ranking: 605th out of 2,039 Finishers

Race Info:
When: November 13, 2011.
Where: SM Mall of Asia, Pasay
Event: 2011 RunRio Trilogy 3 - Run United 3

You may view a PDF copy of the Official Race Results from Ms. KulitRunner's blog.
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Caliraya Uphill Challenge 2012

Watch out for this new adventure challenge happening on January 28, 2012 at Caliraya, Laguna.

Visit the facebook event page for more details.
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Happy Verde Run

On January 15, 2012, La Salle GreenHills batch '87 will have their Happy Verde Run, Takbo Na! 2012 at the CCP grounds. Race categories are 3K, 5K, and 10K.

Make this your first race for the year 2012!

For inquiries, E-Mail: or Visit their Facebook event page for more details.
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So I have nothing to post about running for today! Today's date, (11/11/11) couple it with the clock's time of 11:11AM or 11:11PM or 1:11AM or 1:11PM gives us a lot of possible one-sequence combinations. I was supposed to write down my more than two months pending race account and have it posted exactly at the all-powered on bit of date and time which happens only once every Century. But since I am still stucked here in the office, that didn't happen.

I was just reminded again about the date when our System Administrator gave me a temporary account to one of our Servers, with a User ID of 'tempadmin111111'. I got cross-eyed because of the many number "1" and wonder if our SysAd is mad at me for giving me such an eye-confusing User ID, until I realized today's date.

I have also actually planned a while ago to run in our office's treadmill a total distance of 11.11 kilometer in a span of 1 hour and 11 minutes. Of course, I wasn't able to do that as I already am more than 11 hours (exactly 15.5 hours and counting...) in-front of the office desk, and now eating an 11 minutes-cooked cup noodle. Sigh!
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One Hyundai Club - Life in Style

On January 2012, Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), starts the year with a blast as it holds the ultimate lifestyle event of the year.

One Hyundai Club (OHC) Life in Style is a grand lifestyle event that celebrates the good life that all One Hyundai Club members and Hyundai customers truly deserve. Happening on the 14th of January, 2012, this event is HARI's way of thanking OHC members for their continued support and patronage throughout the years.

The event will feature the launch of the 2012 One Hyundai Club Life in Style Journal and will bring to life a taste of the various shopping, dining, beauty and wellness, travel and leisure activities and promos that the journal has in store for OHC members. Primarily intended for OHC members who will enjoy special perks and the chance to win exciting raffle prizes, the event is also open to other Hyundai car owners and guests.

One Hyundai club members and existing and potential Hyundai customers get the opportunity to experience the good life they deserve with the different activities lined-up that will surely cater to their various interests.

Log-in and register for FREE at, for more details, and like them at

Don’t just live your life, live it in style.

For further information contact:
Maria Lenavi B. Ramos
Tel: +63+2-813.6788 to 89 loc. 207
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Nuvali Dirt Weekend 2011

Are you ready for a mountain bike races ranging from 24-hour bike race, orienteering, four cross, or cross country? Head on now to your favorite bike shops as registration will only be from November 5-25, 2011.

*Poster property of
Also visit Nuvali's Event site for more details.
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Computer Scientists Leaving Their Legacies

The month of October 2011 has been filled with Condolences as great Computer Scientists starts passing away one by one. It began when the world was so engulfed with the death of Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs (24Feb1955 - 05Oct2011) - Founder of Apple Inc. Then a few weeks later, it was followed by Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie (09Sep1941 - 12Oct2011) - Inventor of the C Programming Language. And just after another more than a week, these deaths was again followed by the passing away of John McCarthy (04Sep1927 – 24Oct2011) - the Inventor of LISP Programming Language, who also coined the term "Artificial Intelligence".

Notice the timeline of their birth and death, Steve Jobs who was the youngest among the three died first, while John McCarthy who was the one born earliest among them died the last.

With their deaths though, my stock knowledge about some of the lessons I've learned from my ICS101 subject in College gets refreshed.

Hail to these great men of the Computer World!
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RunDividual 2011 - Make Your Mark

RUNdividual: Make Your Mark, aims to bring individuals from varying walks of life together to run together for the benefit of the Atenean Scholars. Be part of one of the biggest university runs yet!

RUNdividual: Make your Mark

December 10, 2011 @ 5 AM

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


Registration Fees:

3KM – PHP 500

5KM – PHP 500

10KM – PHP 600

15KM – PHP 650

RUNdividual Registration Period: November 8 to December 5, 2011

RUNdividual Registration Areas (Novemver 8 – December 5)

Gold’s Gym branches:

- Libis

- Katipunan

- Robinson’s Galleria

- Timog

- Greenhills

- Waltermart North EDSA

- Alabang

Prizes and Other Details:

Race Singlet:

Race Route:

For reservations and inquiries contact:

Paulo - 0918-9189895

Ruby - 0917-8995491

Den - 0920-9180871

You may also e-mail them at:

(send in your full name, contact number, distance of choice)

Check out the RUNdividual Facebook Fanpage for more details.
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McHappy Day Fun Run Highlights

The McHappy Day Fun Run is for the benefit of the Bright Mind Read project one of McDonald House Charities (RMHC) flagship program. BMR is a partnership program with the Department of Education (DepEd) that aims to provide beginning reading curricula and tools for grade one public school students all over the country. All proceeds from McHappy Day will be used to purchase BMR kits to reach more public schools.

Race Categories:

  • 1km run for children ages for 3-5 yrs old.

  • 3km children for 6-12 years old

  • 5km open for all ages above 3 years old.

  • 10 km open for 15 years old and above and

  • 3k family which is composed of 4 members.

For 1k participants they can decorate and/or design the bib that will be given to them. For the 3K and 5K participants they are encouraged to wear their best head-dress for the hat parade. While for the 3k family, the team should wear costume related to each other. E.g. Goldilocks and the three bears. Winners for these contests will receive a prize. For the 1k and 3k run for children, parents/guardians should submit a xerox of NSO birth certificate or passprt

Prizes are as follows:

1k children: Male and Female winners

  1. First place: Gift certificate= 2,000

  2. Second Place: Gift certificate= 700

  3. Third place: Gift certificate= 500

3k Children: Male and Female winners

  1. First place: Gift certificate= 1,500

  2. Second Place: Gift certificate= 1000

  3. Third place: Gift certificate= 700

5k: Male and Female winners (plus medals)

  1. First place: Gift certificate= 1,000 + cash= 2,500

  2. Second Place: Gift certificate= 500 + cash= 2,000

  3. Third place: Gift certificate= 500 + cash= 1,000

10k: Male and Female winners

  1. First place: Gift certificate= 2,000 + cash= 3,000

  2. Second Place: Gift certificate= 1,000 + cash= 2,000

  3. Third place: Gift certificate= 500 + cash= 1,500

3k Family:

  1. First place: Gift certificate= 3,000

  2. Second Place: Gift certificate= 2,000

  3. Third place: Gift certificate= 1,000

Special Awards:

  1. Best Bib - 1km = Gift Certificate: 500

  2. Best HeadDress 3k/5K = Gift Certificate: 1,000

  3. Best Costume – Family = Gift Certificate: 2,000

Registration fees for the race are as follows:

  • 1km= 250php

  • 3km Children=300php

  • 5kmOpen=400php

  • 10km= 600php

  • 3km Family= 1000php

Registration fee includes:

  • McHappy Day Fun Run Kit: Race Bib (4 Bibs per Race Kit for 3K Family Category), McHappy Day Reminders with Route Map

  • Meal Stub: Food can only be claimed and distributed at the venue on the race day itself (6am onwards)

  • Finisher’s Shirt: It can be claimed at the designated booth once the run is completed.

  • Finisher’s certificate: It can be claimed at the designated booth once the run is completed.

Participants can register at or at the following registration sites located at:

(Every Fridays 3pm-9pm; Saturdays-Sundays 7am-9pm)

  • McDo Greenhills

  • McDo El Pueblo

  • McDo Piazza

  • McDo Greenbelt

  • McDo Alabang

  • and at RUNNR BHS (Mondays-Sundays 12nn-9pm.)

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BLFC's Flag Football on Run BGC 2011

Football is one physical sports that most Americans and Caucasians are famous for. I've been wondering with my small physique what would I turn out if ever I get a chance to play this such gruelling sports. Luckily, the B-League Football Club sporting the Flag Football was brought in the Philippines by Coach Joseph Pagulayan around the year 2009. This gives a chance for the not-so-sporty-body or narrow-shouldered people like me, to be able to enjoy a football sports, without the need for a monstrous bodily defense.

But the flag football is still to be popularized here in our homeland. And so on November 27, 2011, through partnership with Bonifacio Global City, flag football will be incorporated to their RunBGC 2011 - A Level Higher event. So for those joining, here's some points how will you defend your flag belts on the 3K and 5K flag football categories.

What is Flag Football

"Flag football is a version of American football, with a slightly different rule: instead of tackling players to the ground, the defensive team must remove a flag belt from the ball carrier, a trick known as deflagging, to earn a down." - Flag football finds a home in Quezon City

Flag Football on RunBGC 2011

The runner steps inside the flag football zone and gets fitted with a flagbelt. He cues up in his designated lane. A quarterback gives him the 'go signal' to sprint to the 5-yard marker. Runner turns back to face the quarterback who will throw him a football. Runner should try to catch the ball. Then turns around again to sprint to the end while defending his flags from the defender/s.

If the runner didn't catch the ball, he has to chase after it and pick it up.

If one or both of his flags get stolen by a defender, runner has to get it back. Worry not, the defender will let you have them and send you off.

Runner has to have his ball and flags before he completes his sprint to the end zone.

When he gets to the end zone, he then sprints back to the starting area with his flags and football to finish the course.

Runners hands the flagbelt and football to the marshall and is sent off to continue his race to the finish.

Pointing System

Points for the Flag Football race categories are converted to removal or addition of seconds depending on the result of the route. Runners will be given different colored bands which will represent the time removed (or added) as necessary. Make sure that you wear your bands at all times and only take them off after the race's awarding ceremonies.

Ball caught; Flags intact Minus 10 seconds
Ball caught; Flag/s pulled Minus 5 seconds
Ball dropped; Flags intact Minus 5 seconds
Ball dropped; Flag/s pulled Minus 0 second
Runner withdraws Runner not qualified for Podium finish

Runners will have to step on a time mat before entering the course. This will automatically stop the runner's time. As he leaves the course, he will have to step on the time mat again to start his time as he runs to the finish line.

The good news is, regardless of the length of time one stays in cue, his total race time will not get affected.


The Daily Tribune

RunBGC 2011 Media Kit
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RunBGC 2011 - A Level Higher

Last year's RunBGC gave way for a new/beginner (newbe?) 5K Runner to take home a sparkling brand new Chevrolet Cruze sedan, such a lucky one!

On November 27, Bonifacio Global City is leveling up this year's BGC Run, not only with its post-race raffle, but also with how the race will be taken. A totally, new kind of challenge awaits the 3K and 5K (with flag football category only) runners with the incorporation of Flag Football by B-League Football Club.

Simply put, an individual runner will catch the football and defend his flag belt towards the 'End Zone' of the football field. The flag football field will be stationed 1 kilometer from the starting line, that means you will run 1 kilometer and play the flag football, then run again the remaining distance of your race category towards the finish line.

More details of the Flag Football is found from this link.

Race Details:
What: Run BGC 2011 - A Level Higher
When: Sunday, 27 November 2011, 5:30AM
Where: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Race Categories & Registration Fees:
  • 3K / 3K-FF - Php 500.00
  • 5K / 5K-FF - Php 600.00
  • 10K - Php 700.00
  • (*FF - Flag Football)
Registration Centers: (In-Store Registration from 26 Oct 2011 - 23 Nov 2011 12:00 NN - 8:00 PM)
  • Toby's/Runnr: - L1, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, EDSA; B3 BHS, BGC, Taguig; GF SM MOA
  • Planet Sports: - 2F Trinoma Mall, QC; 2F Glorietta 3, Makati
  • The Athlete's Foot: - 3F Robinson's Galleria; 2F Twin Cinema Arcade, Alabang Town Center

Aside from the Flag Football challenge all Finishers are entitled to win a trip for two to Australia on a four (4) days, three (3) nights tour package any time within 2012, which includes a race registration fee to a chosen Australian-based marathon or fun run. Now how's that for a raffle?

More information can be found from BGC's website.
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Update: 2nd Camp Run 2011

If you find yourself wanting to experience how it is in boot camp, then eXtribe’s Camp Run Series 2011 is for you. The series’ second installation will be held this November 27, 2011 at the Parade Grounds of Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

The November 27 Camp Run will still feature a military or boot camp theme, and will maintain the format and route it started with. This is in accordance with eXtribe’s objective to encourage continuous participation rather than competitiveness. The organizers hope the Camp Run Series will ultimately be developed to become a nationwide program or template.

The November 27 run will have both 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers distances and will start at 7:00 in the morning. Participants may expect the same secure and pollution-free race grounds inside Camp Aguinaldo, which has less traffic movement than the regular thoroughfares of usual running routes. Aside from needed facilities such as ample water stations and accurate kilometer and directional markings, runners will also receive a race packet containing the event shirt, race bib, a timing chip (for those doing the 10km distance), route map, and a copy of the mechanics and rules and regulations when they register for the run. A military dog tag will be waiting for finishers at the end of the race.

Camp Run 2011 is one of the programs under eXtribe's campaign "Race2Raise," an initiative to foster community involvement and sustainable support for the company's partner foundations. The beneficiaries that will benefit from the series are the DepEd Adopt a School Program, ABSCBN’s E-media Project, H.E.R.O. Foundation Inc., and the 57-75 Movement: Reverse the Education Crisis. Every participant who registers at Camp Run helps contribute to the donation that will be given to the partner beneficiaries.

Interested parties may go to New Balance Glorietta, New Balance Shangri-La and New Balance Trinoma starting November 7-24, 2011. The 5km distance costs Php400.00, while the fee for the 10km is Php600.00. One hundred pesos (Php100) of the fees will be given to the Race2Raise beneficiaries.

It’s time to TRAIN, RACE and SERVE! Let’s help Race2Raise program by joining Camp Run this November 27. Race for yourself while you raise for the quality of life of others! For more information, visit
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2011 eXTri Race

Join the 2011 ExTRI RACE!

Event Name: eXtri 2011

Date: 3 December 2011 (Saturday)

Venue: La Luz Resort, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Distances and Disciplines:


1km ocean swim

23km XC bike

4km trail run


Oct 15 - Oct 30: Php 2,000.00

Nov 1 - Nov 15: Php 2,500.00

Nov 16 - Nov 19: Php 2,800.00

eXtri RAW (Rookies, Amateurs & Weekend warriors):

0.5km swim

10km bike

2.5km run


Oct 15 - Oct 30: Php 1,500.00

Nov 1 - Nov 15: Php 1,800.00

Nov 16 - Nov 19: Php 2,000.00

Register online visit:
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A Better Adidas KOTR, A Bad Pacer at This One


Two years ago when I first joined the Adidas King of the Road 2009, the 21k distance was still far fetched from my mind. During that time, the fear of 21k race due to my almost full body cramps from my first half-marathon attempt a decade back has kept me immobilized from joining longer than 10k distances. But after the race, I promised to myself that on my next race for Adidas KOTR, I would definitely join the 21K category.

Then the 2010 Adidas KOTR came, but due to surging registration fees and my incomplete attendance at the aNR (Adidas Nation of Runners) Sessions which should've been my ticket for a free race kit, I wasn't able to join and so I got left behind envied with the nice, black Adidas singlet for that year's feat. Unfortunately, the 2010 Adidas KOTR got hit with a lot of negative feedbacks which spanned from anything you could think of in a race. Well the 2009 Adidas KOTR also got some negative feedbacks due to the over-crowded expo (race kit claiming), but the 2010 series got the most hurtful stone throwed at.

And Now...

This year's King of the Road, the fees are much higher at Php 1,050.00 for the 21K distance. But it was a good news upon learning that RunRio was given the hand as the technical race Director, so despite of the negative feedbacks from Adidas' previous KOTR events, this year's race managed to attract 11,567 official finishers combined (based from the overall official race result).

The race started on-time at 5AM for the 21K runners. Hydrations were also more than sufficient, with powerade, cold water, and cold sponge that kept the runners cool throughout the entire distance. I also heard that there were a handful of celebrities who graced the event, but I haven't seen them aside from Mr. Rovilson Hernandez who's already been a regular sight in many races.

Pacer Duty

Last March, I paced a very good and close friend of mine (RunnerIshi) on her 2nd 21k and "farewell" race, we made it fruitfully successful to the finish line. Now as her welcome back race, I made a pact to pace her once again for this race as we are both on the same distance category.

Few weeks before this event, we've somehow put in a few training runs specifically two or three non-consecutive days in a span of three weeks, lol! Well the busy days of Christmas season is preventing us to spend more time with our trainings (Training Excuse 101).

Anyway, we arrived at the race venue with only 20 minutes left before the gun-start, so we both took the chance and small time that we had to slow-jog going to the baggage counter, and some random russian march, butt-kicks and high-knees from the baggage counter towards the starting line - enough to give us a good warm-up and some sweat. That's the kind of warm-up that I have been missing and haven't been doing for a long time.

So as we head-off after the gun-start, I tried to keep control of my own pace so that I won't be running faster than RunnerIshi whom I was pacing. Since RunnerIshi is naturally a positive splitter, I also have to keep watch and help her control her own pace. But it seems that the technique isn't effective because after 5 kilometers, she was already puffing hard and I was wondering if we have ran faster for that first few distance.

As soon as we reached the 7th kilometer, she can no longer sustain the slow-jog pace which I think was the same pace/speed as what we have started. It seems though that it's the opposite as RunnerIshi already looks like she has already covered more than 15km distance. She then admitted to me that she's getting stressed and pressured because of my constant watching of her running form (arms over-crossing, tight shoulder/neck, slouching, etc.), her breathing intervals, and our estimated arrival time with our current pace. Like a horse ready to give-up, she begged if I could just run without me coaching her too much about her way of running. I then realized that she maybe right, so I just kept my mouth shut and just ran a few meters ahead of her just to give her a boost.

Evicted Pacer

Upon reaching the 8th kilometer at 1 hour and 10 minutes or so, RunnerIshi gave me signal that I may go ahead so she could also concentrate on her own pacing and technique. After a few hundred meters, I obliged and bid her goodbye for the rest of the route.

It was already around more than 1 hour and 12 minutes elapsed time from the gun-start and we're still behind the halfway. Having been evicted from my pacer duty, I just decided to chase as much runners as I can. But I felt weak after reaching the foot of Buendia flyover at Kalayaan Ave. I was able to run the next 5 kilometer distance after 25 minutes (at 13.4km point) but I slowed more on the succeeding 6 kilometers which I covered for around 38 minutes, ending up to a finish time of 2:26:28 (gun-time).

Thanks BroJRunning for the photo

I still contacted RunnerIshi at the 11th km and after the U-turn slot at Kalayaan Ave. to check how she was doing. Since I no longer knew if she's still doing fine, I reminded her to stay relaxed, hydrated, walk as much as she feels needed, and not to forget to take her Stinger gels.

Still a Happy Race

The crowd of runners near the finish line was so motivating. It seems like I haven't seen it for a long time. The banner was already on the road a few meters away, waiting for a photo-op with the runners.

Just after I claimed my medal and lootbag, I went back to fetch and re-pace RunnerIshi. Found her running at the 18th kilometer point pacing with her "Mars" Michydo, and AR. Although, I wasn't able to pace them back for the remaining stretch since both my legs were already cramping, I just took a short cut and waited for them near the finish line. RunnerIshi managed to finish strong and also beat two of her previous 21k races, brushing off more than an hour from her 2011 CamSur and 4 minutes from her RunRio Trilogy 2011 Leg 1.

Six30 Members (photo by: Czarina Atienza)
Runners from all over the metro gathered afterwards for some "reuniting" while the Six:30 Running group also went for a quick munching and chattering about our own KOTR feats at KFC.

Special thanks to Ms. Isa Sevilla of Green Bulb PR for my race kit, for all the people and organizations behind who made this race successful, the Six:30 running group, and for the photos care of ARC, BroJRunning, the Individual photog-runners, and etc.

Race Profile:
Distance: 21 km.
Official Time: 02:25:39 (chip time)
Official Ranking: 1,062nd out of 2,461 Finishers

Race Info:
When: October 23, 2011.
Where: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Event: Adidas King of the Road 2011

You may also view the race results from this link or on this link.

2011 Adidas King of the Road Crowning News Release
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Adidas Crowns the 2011 King of the Road

News Release from Adidas about the recently successful 2011 Adidas King of the Road
MANILA, October 23 - The adidas King of the Road (KOTR) came to a vibrant and colorful close at the Bonifacio Global City grounds as thousands of participants fought to the finish as they vied for the ‘adidas Southeast Asia King of the Road 2011’ crown.

Exemplifying the brand’s exceptional commitment to sport, the adidas KOTR has unified runners from all around Asia – with participants from Thailand, then Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The race then culminated here in its first ever host country, making Philippines the ultimate race destination. Represented through the variety of different coloured adidas singlets, the multi-colour showcase is meant to demonstrate the vibrancy of the sports scene across Southeast Asia.

The adidas KOTR was a testament to the keen and enthusiastic participants overflowing with energy as early as three in the morning as they prepare for the very first gunstart at 5AM. With three different categories varying from 5K, to 16.8K and 21K, the routes make for an enjoyable and pleasant race day. adidas definitely delivered the race of a lifetime, creating an experience where runners not only challenged themselves but also achieved personal breakthroughs. Celebrities who made personal breakthroughs in this race are Robi Domingo, Rich Hardin, and Karylle . Even Iza Calzado, Will DeVaughn, Kim Atienza, and Rovilson Fernandez went all in with at the adidas King of the Road race.

The 16.8K category is the most distinctive signature distance this year as winners from the previous legs in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia were flown in to represent their countries. Taking home the King of the Road 2011 crowns are I Gusti Gede Karang Asem with a running time of 57:58 and Mary Joy Tabal with a runnning time of 1:04:44 for our 16.8K Southeast Asian winners, David Mutai with a running time of 54:41 and Esthar Karimi with a running time of 1:02:07 for the 16.8K Open Category; John Philip Duenas with a running time of 54:41 for the 16.8K Closed Category; Kimbert Sarmiento with a running time of 15:59 for the 5K Category; and Frederick Mwingirwa Mathiu with a running time of 1:10:12 for the 21K Category.

With the availability of premium running products and training platforms, adidas provides runners with the tools needed for a better run—whether it’s finishing the first marathon or breaking a personal best. From the adiNation of Runners, a running community formed to help motivate and train running enthusiasts to train together on a weekly basis; to the launch of the adidas miCoach virtual training system, nothing else gets a runner more prepared for a race than adidas. Race analysis and photos will be made available 3 weeks after the race day at

For more information and updates, participants may continuously check or visit
Check out the following photo collage, courtesy of Green Bulb PR.

Adidas KOTR 2011 Celebrity Participants
Runners who graced the finish line
More captured moments
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