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Ridge Run For Reef - Rescheduled

The Ridge Run 2 - Run For Reef which was previously set to December 10, 2011 has now been re-scheduled to January 15, 2012. The race will be held in Albay boasting a 32km leg distance. Visit their Facebook Group for more details.

Photo grabbed from the Facebook Link shared by @PetiteRunner27
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Subic International Marathon 2012

eXTribe is bring us again one of the most awaited event - the 2012 Subic International Marathon coming on January 21 & 22, 2012. Registration will open starting on November 15, 2011.

Poster grabbed from SIM2012's Facebook Page
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Thorlos Athletic Socks

A premium performance and athletics socks have already reached our shores. One hundred percent made in the USA, Thorlos have been around for over 30 years now and offer various levels of protection for sports and physical activities.

No matter what the sport or physical activity, there are Thorlos Socks to suit the situation and protect the feet. Lightweight, mid-weight and heavy weight padding are available to suit the specific activity and the chosen sport, be it running, tennis, golf, basketball, mountaineering or just plain walking (For example, golf is not as demanding on the feet as tennis, so Golf Thorlos have mid-weight padding, while Tennis Thorlos have heavy weight padding).

Socks that have additional pads in the friction and impact points are recommended for foot protection by foot specialists. Socks that absorb moisture and keep feet dry are preferable over socks that get wet, lose their shape, bunch up and contribute to blisters.

Watch out for the grand launch and visit Thorlos in Facebook for more details.
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Must Have For The Outdoors

This is a PRESS RELEASE INFORMATION of ROX, Primer Group of Companies' 1st biggest outdoor sports and recreation hub in Southeast Asia.

It’s the perfect time to explore and enjoy the outdoors. A four-day weekend is in the offing, and for the adventurous crowd, this means four days of fun in the wild. And whether you plan to go hiking, biking, surfing, or just hanging out in the beach, Recreational Outdoor eXchange or R.O.X., Southeast Asia’s biggest outdoor superstore, has the perfect gear for you.

“As the region’s leading outdoor expert, R.O.X offers world renowned brands spanning a wide variety of outdoor sports and activities, making us a one-stop shop for all your adventure needs,” says Ruby Palma, Assistant Vice President of R.O.X. “The long weekend is right around the corner, so if you haven’t geared up yet, just drop by our store and we’ll gladly assist you.”

4-day Beach Getaway

For most of us, a long weekend means a great excuse to hit the beach and take a cool dip. But before you take that long drive to Pagudpud or that quick flight to Boracay, gear up with some cool beach wear to stand out in the sunbathing crowd.

Quiksilver offers top of the line beach clothes and other accessories for men, while Roxy and Volcom offer the hottest bikinis and apparel for women. And to make your vacation as relaxing as it can be, grab some sun block, rash guards, and other beach items from R.O.X. as well.

Surf’s up

For those who aren’t content to just lie in the beach, surfing is the way to go. Hot spots like Zambales and La Union are filled with avid surfers this time of year, and to really get in the surfing zone, take a pick among R.O.X.’s wide range of boards and other surfing gear. With your board at the ready, all you need is a pair of board shorts from Quiksilver and you’re ready to catch that next wave!

Climbing, camping and trekking

If you’re craving for the rush of scaling peaks and conquering the woods, then you’re likely planning for a trip up the mountains to go climbing and camping. For this kind of adventure, you can never go wrong with brands like The North Face and Mountain Hardwear, which offer tents, body gear, backpacks and other essentials that seasoned climbers and trekkers swear by for their extremely high quality and durability.

Backpacking and Biking

Whether you plan to go on a fun trip to some exotic tourist spot, or explore the wonders of the wilderness, bringing a reliable backpack is a must. Mountain Hardwear’s Splitter features a spacious loading design that makes it easy to reach for food, water, and other essentials, and its secure pockets are specially made for the outdoors.

And if you’d rather ride the trail than hike it, R.O.X offers a spectacular array of mountain bikes, from the most high-end and cutting-edge to the entry-level variety. Skateboarders can join in on the fun as well, as R.O.X. offers the finest boards from top brands, as well as high-end skater shoes from DC to complete the skater look.

Hit the ground running

Wherever you plan to go to, the right footwear will make a huge difference—especially if you plan on traversing some rocky trails this weekend. For those hardcore hikes, or even those long walks along scenic routes, R.O.X. offers footwear from acclaimed brands Columbia and Salomon. The Salomon Crossmax for instance can be worn for the road or for the trail, and with its SensiFLEX technology, it flexes as your foot expands on longer treks.

Wide range of gear, for a wide range of activities

Regardless of your thrill, R.O.X.’s 3-floor spacious superstore in Fort Bonifacio Global City offers top-flight gear, and a quick visit to any branch will reveal a stunning array of equipment that spans all kinds of outdoor activities—and a clientele that ranges from the seasoned to the just-getting-started.

“We make it a point to cater to all kinds of adventure seekers, so even if you’re just a beginner, a trip to our store will give you the itch to try something new, exciting, and adventurous, for this weekend and the many more weekends to come,” Palma concluded.

R.O.X. is part of the Primer Group of Companies. Visit R.O.X at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig; Ayala Cebu and Marquee Mall, Pampanga.

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Booking Your Accommodation via Roomorama

With the intuitive, friendly and smooth user-interface of Roomorama, finding a place to stay is just like browsing a race route at MapMyRun. You don't even have to login to your roomorama account before you could start searching.

I have provided you with some screenshots below about the few steps in finding an accommodation through Roomorama. I just love how easy it was for me to find a place so I'm sharing it with you.

1. First step is to find a property by keying in your desired location, check-in dates, and number of guests, then just click the big, red, Find Now button.

1b. List of properties that matches the availability and location of your search will appear. You will still be able to refine your search through the filters at the left side of the result screen. You may also sort the result by title, price range, or booking type. At the same time, you may view the result in List view, Grid, or Map type.
Property search result in List view type
Property search result in geographical map view type
1c. After selecting a property among the result, you may view a descriptive information, the amenities included, rates and availability, and the perks that comes or at reach within the surroundings of the property.

1d. You may further scroll to check out available reviews or feedbacks from previous guests of the property, and also you may study its exact location map.

1e. By dragging the yellow human icon from the zoom tools through the map, you will be able to see how the roads or the property EXACTLY LOOKS LIKE at its location. If you don't like the place, below the intuitive map are links for similar properties you have chosen.

2. Now when you're already at ease with your chosen property to rent, you shall proceed with the inquiry by clicking the big, red Inquire Now button, located at the mid-upper-top of the screen.

3. Lastly, the property host will respond to your inquiry should the room, apartment, or house is available. When everything has been agreed with, you may proceed with the booking by clicking the big, red Book button. Payment details will have to be filled-up, so prepare your Paypal or Credit card details.

After confirmation of your payment, a six-digit payment code will be flashed on your screen and also sent to your email address. This payment code will be your pass that indicates your payment-conformity with Roomorama regarding the property rental. You have to keep note of it, print it, as you will show it to your host (property owner) upon reaching your destination.

That's it, as easy and fun as that!

I'll be posting a review about my rented room at Singapore after my Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 race, so stay tuned and keep posted! See you there!

Get to know what roomorama is all about by visiting this link, their Facebook fanpage, or you may also drop them a tweet via their twitter account @Roomorama.

Should you find it interesting to book an accommodation with Roomorama, Roomorama has been kind to share with us a 10% discount. After booking, you will be asked with a DISCOUNT CODE, enter "Runningatom" and you'll instantly get $10.00 off from your first Roomorama booking fee.
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2011 McHappy Day Fun Run

Avid fan of McDonald? This year's McHappy Day Fun run is set to fire on November 27, 2011. More details at

Click the image for race details

Follow this link to learn about the 2011 McHappy Day Fun Run Highlights.
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Booked and Ready for SCMS 2011

For someone like me who's been getting a few years of hardships obtaining a Passport due to incorrectly spelt family name on birth certificate (read the story here), this moment of finally having these legal documents after three decades is really an amazingly great day!

Having not able to run the Singapore 2XU Run last April 10, 2011 was such a big dismay for me. But now that I'm already armed with complete legal documents, I will be able to make an out-of-Country races anytime I want.

So on December 4, 2011, I will be running my second (or third full Marathon following my 1st 50K Ultramarathon run) full Marathon after more than a year from my debut Marathon. I thought this year will end without me participating another full 42.195km race distance.

A week after the passport have arrived, I was able to book for my Air transport, and just yesterday, my accommodation for Singapore was also seamlessly booked ONLINE via ROOMORAMA.

I'll be staying at a cozy apartment yet less expensive vacation room which is just 10 minutes away from the starting line at Orchard road via MRT or Taxi. From the property description, the apartment is "unusually spacious and hidden in the Central of Singapore where you will still hear the bird chirping in the morning." It is situated on the Braddell Hill, near the Mount Ritchie Reservoir, and also has full club facilities like swimming pools gym, tennis court, game rooms, indoor canteen and outdoor cafe, etc. Thus, after the race, the swimming pool will be my resting ground for a few hours before packing up.

So how was I able to find this place where I would stay at? Find out from my next post: Booking Your Accommodation at Roomorama
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2nd Camp Run 2011

Train, Race, Serve! Are you ready to race against the flocks of Army inside their own camp? Or you'll consider running away from them? Why not take the challenge for the second installment of the 2011 Camp Run? Save the date...

Updated registration details can be found from this link.
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Sardines In Red Orange Sauce

Barely two weeks ago, my feet got to tread once again at the Bonifacio Global City after almost two months of not joining races held at the said venue. And at the same time, five of my office/ex-officemate running buddies have also came back trampling the roads after some period of hiatus from running.

*I remember the tsitserya "Rin-Bee" whenever I see this photo
As far as I can remember, this is the only race where I wasn't able to move beyond the starting line for almost four minutes. Positioned in the middle with three of my running colleagues, I first tried to make way at least a few meters from the starting line. But the squeezing "sardines in tomato sauce" (runners are all in red-orange Nike running shirt) made no way for me to go ahead, instead I went back to where I was previously positioned with my other colleagues.

*Doing some warm-up a few minutes before the gun-start
The Nike We Run Manila 10k has definitely succeeded in flooding the routes of Bonifacio Global City with around 8,000 afternoon/evening runners and enthusiasts. Runners squeezing each other at the starting line, elbow-to-elbow rubbing up to about 3 kilometers away after the gun-start, and a few test of agility and ocular power a few kilometers away from the finish line - these made the event more fun and challenging. Although many of our social runners in the community complained on these points, criticizing and swearing the event to their utmost anger and stressing way, I could say that this is what I'm looking for, a unique road running experience I may say that broke the monotony of road running. Of course if you're not one who enjoys these differing challenges, then you should be running carefully and watch where you're stepping at, or run faster and get the lead among the pack of the thousand runners.

Some of the Six:30 members (photo by: Kyx Castañeda)
After all those criss-crossing, taking the center isle of the road as a trail-route, and hopping from the possible/pothole-looking areas along the route, my body got the sweat it deserves for an afternoon run - injury-free and happy. We're still able to visit some sponsor booths (which I haven't done already for a very long time), met the Six:30 gang, had our burger dinner at the Bonifacio High Street, took some photos with the group, and had a few fun-bonding with the members of Six:30 running group.

What's more exciting and fun about the race is the after-party with the presence of three known Filipino bands - the ChicoSci, Sandwich, and the much awaited Parokya ni Edgar. Though I am one of the few runners who are not really inclined to music, the atmosphere that these guests brought is enough to make the evening more lively.

*The previous "Strathletes"
All races are unique on its own, some are challenging, and some doesn't have fun at all. But it is up to us how we will enjoy the race, it is not how fast you can get, or how long you can endure the race, but how much heart you could put on this metaphor of life - and that's what also defines a real runner.

From my Nike race result video on facebook, the race:
  • Produced 10,296 hours and 31 minutes of sweat, enough water to fill up a public swimming pool
  • Generated 19,200,000 kJ (kilo joules) of raw energy, enough to power up the PBCom Tower for 78 minutes
  • Every step we ran made 50 db (decibels) of sound, noisier than 2,666 jet engines
  • We ran a total of 80,000 kms, which is like riding the world's longest roller coaster 32,000 times
  • When I crossed the finish line in 58 minutes, that's long enough to do 4,640 sumo squats
  • My 2,400 kJ (kilo joules) of running power is enough for a 8,431 hours kissing Marathon (sweet!)
Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Official Time: 00:58:08.39
Official Ranking: 214th

Race Info:
When: October 15, 2011.
Where: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Event: Nike We Run Manila 10K

*Photos courtesy of MinnieRunner
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WFP Disaster Preparedness and Response

WFP News Release
24 October 2011

MANILA – A US$750,000 cash grant from the United States Agency for International Development/Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA) is powering the United Nations World Food Programme’s (WFP) Disaster Preparedness and Response project in four of the most disaster-prone provinces of Northern Luzon.

WFP’s 12-month project in Benguet, Cagayan, Laguna and Sorsogon, which is already up and running, is being implemented in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) and WFP’s local NGO partner the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP).

“WFP highly appreciates USAID/OFDA’s timely and generous funding for a key government priority. This support is critically needed for a country which is so vulnerable to natural disasters,” said WFP Philippines Country Director Stephen Anderson. “The recent floods and the damage to agriculture caused by Typhoons Pedring and Quiel have highlighted once again how essential it is for us to work together to improve disaster preparedness and response.

“Fundamental to the success and sustainability of this project is the strong partnership with DSWD, DILG, OCD and the Local Government Units (LGUs) which have committed to implement small-scale community projects to help mitigate the impact of disasters,” said Anderson.

The participating LGUs have earmarked 13.9 million pesos in counterpart funds for the projects, while DSWD is providing 3.9 million pesos from its Disaster Fund.

A Capacity Needs Assessment on Disaster Preparedness and Response that WFP conducted together with the Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative highlighted the need to mitigate the impact of landslides in Benguet, to improve flood control systems in Cagayan and Laguna and to strengthen the capability of communities in Sorsogon to better respond to volcanic eruptions and flooding. The study findings are consistent with WFP’s experience of carrying out small-scale, community-driven early recovery and rehabilitation activities in partnership with DSWD in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Ondoy and Typhoon Pepeng in late 2009 and 2010.
# # #

WFP is the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. Each year, on average, WFP feeds more than 90 million people in more than 70 countries.

WFP now provides RSS feeds to help journalists keep up with the latest press releases, videos and photos as they are published on For more details see:

Follow us on Twitter @wfp_media.

WFP has a dedicated ISDN line in Italy for quality two-way interviews with WFP officials.

For more information please contact (Email Address:
Angeli Mendoza, WFP/Manila, Tel: +63 2 7502561 Mobile: +63 917 8809368
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Rainbow Run - Rescheduled

For those who have registered for the Rainbow Run supposed to gunfire this Saturday, 29th of October, it has been re-scheduled to January 29, 2012 (next year).

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Run BGC 2011 - A Level Higher

If you enjoyed last year's BGC Run, save the date for this year's much bigger, much higher level, new challenge - the RunBGC with Flag Football. Here's a teaser for you!

More details can be found at RunningAtom.
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Cyber Theft and Plagiarism - Illustrated

Cyber Theft or the stealing of personal information or other works involving the use of computer/technology is so rampant nowadays. These includes the copy-paste methods that some writers, be it journalists, bloggers, or even students and professionals does to make their assignments/jobs easy, without any regards to the original author of an article, photo, or other intellectual property which they found from the internet -- or the Cyber world.

On the other hand, Plagiarism - or the "wrongful appropriation," "close imitation," or "purloining and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions," and the representation of them as one's own original work (Wikipedia), has also been spreading like a fart going out-of-control.

It's like common sense to a lot of people nowadays are no longer common, and cyber crimes have been much more notorious than all the other crimes on the dark roads. Should we wait before our own properties or us get victimized before we take control with these crimes? Or if you're one of those who have "innocently" been involved to these kind of activities, what would you do? Let's all start policing and guarding one another, at the same time, give respect if you still have a human-mind and brain that you could call your own!

Be guided with the comic illustration below which I found from my inbox courtesy of my officemate named Cyril Balboe, which was also passed on to him by one of his friends, whom his friends might have also got it from their friends, and maybe one of those friends of my officemates' friends found it from and/or

Click the image to go to the chart's originating URL

Let us all fight Cybercrime in our own and meaningful ways.
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A Short Run At The Ridge

It has been a few weeks already since my last race and training run. The last of which was a few weeks back on the PAU-T2N - my first Ultramarathon race (recap of which I haven't blogged yet). So when I got an invitation for the Sneak Peak and Test Run of the Nathan Ridge Run, without any hesitation I agreed to join. After all, I don't want to miss seemingly at first, an inviting good-run at the Tagaytay Highlands and Midlands Resort. At the end of the day, I have concluded that it's not just an inviting run, and a "good-run" is an understatement.

Together with other runner-bloggers, photog-runners, travel-bloggers, and Primer Group - the Organizer and the team behind Nathan Products, we've met at ROX early in the morning of October 8 for a short and fun ride going to Tagatay Highlands. A tropical storm was emerging that day that I thought the test run would be cancelled, fortunately though, only the thick fogs, the cool weather, and the welcoming sceneries of Tagaytay greeted us on our arrival. I gulped when I remember that I haven't brought with me an extra cotton shirt, a long sleeve, or even a thin jacket for some skin protection from the fogs, cold, or for the rainshower/heavy rain that may come. Nonetheless, the weather and exciting peek-at-the-peak-of-the-ridge is hard to resist, so "come what may" is all I can whisper to myself!

First we were briefed about the Primer Group's upcoming event -- the Nathan Ridge Run -- an eco-friendly race that will ditch out the use of plastic and paper cups along the route. I think this is the very first race here in our Country who will do this (correct me if I'm wrong, and I'm curious to know what race first showed that kind of mercy to our mother nature). Instead of using these disposable/recyclable cups, runners will be given Nathan handheld bottle (worth Php 850.00 and Php 990.00) which is already inclusive on the race registration fee of Php 850.00 and Php 1,050.00 for 5K and 10K/21K respectively. More details of the event can be reached on my event post.

Proceeding the event details briefing is the much awaited of all - a short sneak run along the few routes that the runners will come across to. I asked Ms. Mariel Flores how long is the distance that we're going to cover, and the answer was "around 2 or 3km". Some of us was a bit dismayed as we were expecting at least 5K or 10K of distance. But maybe, I thought, it was because of the "bed" weather that we're only going low on the test run mileage.

You will definitely pupu on this Up-helly route
As we headed on to start, we were greeted with an early UPHELL-ALL-YOU-CAN road. I indulged on it with excitement while shooting photos around the area of green bermudas and trees.

I Under-estimated the course!

Reaching just a few meters above the Sports Center, I could feel that my gut wants to puke out some of the bats hanging on its inner walls. If I have worn a lesser cushioning shoe, I might have ran backwards and hid myself on the comfort cubicle of the toilet bowl (what does it have to do with shoes? Well, as I have observed, running uphill on shoes with lesser spring effect makes me exert more effort that on each of my strides, it gives a somewhat equal force to my stomach that creates a flushing effect to whatever's inside my stomach). So as I have realized, the outburst of gingerbread man is 80% possible when running uphill than on flat roads.

As we went on still going above, wondering how much elevation we have already gained, I could sense a bit of tinge on my right ear due to pressure changes. But with the cool, fresh breeze of air, the sweat won't come out even if I was already puffing oxygen so hard. Every now and then, I would try my best to speed up and do some walks downwards to shoot some photos and fetch some friends behind the pack. Though the weather's really cool, my legs are burning and my chest is bursting.

The sight of the Taal Volcano in any angle is so magnificent even with the haze of the fog that's somehow blocking our sight, most specially upon reaching the Peak.

Far view of the Taal Volcano
The test run was just a short 3.5km distance or about 16% of the longest distance for the event (21km), but it felt like I already ran non-stop a whole 6km race. But, it was a great and really challenging course, the Baguio Kennon Road route which I have already ran thrice (3x) might get ashamed of what this course has to offer. The ridges of Tagaytay highlands shouldn't be really underestimated.

Well, I'm not telling you stories to frighten you, but this is definitely a great challenge to take on. Check out some of these photos I could share with you taken during our rendezvous on the majestic hills of Tagaytay Highlands:

Inside Tagaytay Highland's Sports Center
The Pack
Jojo and Ed taking a breather at this short downhill
An exhausting stop at the Village's entrance
The speedsters already on top
Ocean of Clouds
Getting near to the Peak
The Peak at the other side of the ridge
After the run, the water is so inviting
One of the amenities we have rode on is the Funicular
View of the funicular tracks from below
The first few who got rigged by the short challenge at the Ridge
Check out the Nathan Ridge Run's Friendly/Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information.
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Time is Running

Piolo will be back. Will it be another sub-Piolo record? Mark your calendar and find out the answer...

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Champions Chase at the Rock

It was more than 10 months ago, when I first had a glance and step at the famous shorelines, hills, and magnificent views of the historic Corregidor Island. A first 21K race at such marvelous island made me stop after a few meters away from the starting line, and grabbed the camera from my pocket. The decision of shooting a PR (personal record) was suddenly changed into another meaning of PR - a picture race at this. The old ruins of World War II - those are not just some kind of remnants that I would pass by. At the end, I never regret the urge, instead, I have enjoyed it more than when I am running with a better record mindset.

So the time has come again, another challenge, another call, another chance to take, another adventure run to behold, and another sighting of the great Corregidor - the Rock history of World War II in our own soil. Would you rather pass this chance and regret the great experience that we had last year? I'm giving in, I'm joining this race AGAIN. Will you take the challenge with me?

Event Details:
What: 2nd Corregidor International Half Marathon 2011 - Champions Chase
When: Saturday, 10 December 2011, 8:00AM
Where: Corregidor Island, Phils.
Target Participants: 800 Runners
Distance and Registration Fee:
  • 10K Challenge - Php 2,500.00
  • 21K CIHM - Php 2,500.00
  • + Php 2,000.00 for each companion
Registration Inclusions:
  1. Roundtrip ferry to and from Corregidor
  2. Full lunch buffet on race day
  3. Race bib w/ RFID timing chip
  4. 2011 CIHM Race singlet
  5. 2011 CIHM Race sling bag
  6. 2011 CIHM Finisher's Medallion (or a 10k Achiever Medal)
  7. R.O.X. Runners' Briefing (Dec 3 and 4)
  8. 2011 CIHM Champions Party featuring a top band back-to-back with rave party (Dec 10, Saturday night)
  9. 2011 CIHM Finisher's Certificate
Registration Period:
  • Regular Registration Online (16Oct2011 to 20Nov2011) at: RunningMate (Php 2,500.00)
  • Late Registration (21Nov2011 to 04Dec2011) at: R.O.X., Bonifacio High Street, Taguig (Php 3,000.00)
The Loots:
Platinum-plated 21k Medal Medallion
CIHM 2011 Singlet
Sling bag that you can bring on the race
Limited Edition Jacket (Php 750.00) available only for the Participants
More of the Event Details, Information, 21K Training program (for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced), Frequently/Friendly Asked Questions (FAQs), Concept Briefing, etc. can be found from the CIHM Download Gallery.

Group Photo with the CIHM Founders during the Blogger's Launch (photo thanks to JazzRunner)
"We are all champions, descendants of a noble race.
We are born runners in constant pursuit of the loftiest ideals.
Born to valor, destined to conquer.
We are all champions chasing greatness."
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500K Runners Against Cybercrime

"Modern technology has become a significant part of an individual's everyday life. People all around the world use the latest gadgets and internet connection to communicate a new message or a new business. Yet, with such convenience and high-tech connectivity, an unexpected risk comes along with it - the rise of cyber crimes."

On the 10th of December 2011, an advocacy fun run and campaign against cyber crimes will be staged aiming not only to inform the society of the dangers lurking in the online world, but also to let them know what they need to do when faced with such situation. This is when the online world will change.

Event Details:
What: 1st National Awareness For Cyber Crimes Fun Run: "Race to 500k Punches Against Cyber Crimes"
Where: Quirino Grandstand, Manila
When: Saturday, 10 December 2011, 4:00 PM
Distance Categories and Fees:
     3K - Php 450.00
     5K - Php 550.00
     10K - Php 650.00
  1. PNP-CIDG's Special Project - Angel NET
  2. PCMN
  3. Bantay-Bata Foundation
Race Kit Inclusions:
  • Singlet, Race Bib, and Timing Chip
  • Insurance and Free Membership with for 10K Runners
  • Arm Band
  • Shoe Bag
  • Baller
  • Belt Bag for 5K and 10K Runners
  • Water
  • After Party Tickets
Registration Sites:
     Online Registration at CyberCrime Busters website
     Ultra Open Field (Oval Track), Pasig
     A Runner's Circle, Roxas Blvd., Manila

"The society has never expected that the ongoing advancement of modern technology will lead to the rise of cyber crimes - from the development of Trojan Virus up to the latest hacking cases of big company's databases." - Jayant Jared Era, WeConnect Inc's CEO
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Adobo Run and Sapphire Run Race Kit Winners

I should be announcing the winners of the free race kits for the Adobo Run After Dark and the UPLB Sapphire Run later in the evening, but since I won't be online later until maybe tomorrow, I have to make the raffle this early. Also as you can see, there's not a lot of participants, so yeah, raffling should go next :)

With the presence of my honest conscience and the randomness of, the winners were based from the number generated by regardless of the comment's context. And without further ado, the lucky winners are....

1. Adobo Run After Dark: Among the 10 commenters with 10 valid comments, the drawn number is:

Congratulations ShootNRun!!!

2. UPLB Sapphire Run: Among the 4 commenters, there were only 3 valid comments excluding the comment of MinnieRunner. And the drawn number is:

Congratulations Gianimo!!!

To claim your race kit, kindly accomplish the registration forms from the following links and send it to me via my e-mail: runningatom710[at]gmail[dot]com, or shoot me a PM on my Facebook account.

Registration Forms:
Adobo Run After Dark
UPLB Sapphire Run
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