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UPLB Sapphire Run - Get Free Race Kit

How would you like to end your October, or begin your November with a nature-friendly run at the University of the Philippines Los Baños?

I remember the first time I raced at UPLB last year during the Biodiversity Run, I never thought it would be a very challenging route to Makiling from the UP Forestry with such scenic trees around. This time, the same organizers is inviting us to join another fun, and nature-advocated UPLB race - the Sapphire Run. So if you want a turn from the usual BGC / MOA / Ortigas / UPD race routes, here's a good chance for you to also enjoy the scenic views of UP Los Baños.

Read more about the race details below.

What: Sapphire (Save And Protect Philippine Resource Ecosystem) Run
When: 30 October 2011, 5:00 AM
Where: UPLB Baker Hall Grounds, Los Baños, Laguna
Race Categories and Registration Fees:
     3K - Php 270.00
     5K - Php 320.00
     10K - Php 370.00

Registration Sites:
  1. UPLB Baker Hall Grounds
  2. Online:
  3. MacRunners Sports Inc. - 2F Penny's Bldg., cor. Nat'l Highway, Bangkal St., San Antonio, Los Baños, Laguna
Race Maps:

Race Singlet:

Activity Area Layout:


Leave a comment below and the lucky commenter will get a free race kit of your choice distance category which will be announced on the 14th of October, 2011.
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Adobo Run After Dark

Memories of my first Halloween run (in costume) from last year's ARC Halloween fun run (check our photos here) is still vividly lurking and horrifying my honor up to this moment (lol)! I never thought that I could put myself at such state of shame at the streets of Roxas Boulevard and CCP during that afternoon and delightful fun with the ARC people and some Runners.

Yet thinking back from now, it feels relieving that once in my life, I gave in to some risks (of getting caught by Policemen due to public indecency/scandal) and challenges that is still giving me a great smile whenever I remember those days! One more great thing that happened after that event was that, I garnered a lot of facebook friends - which later on made me decide to separate my facebook account for running due to those shameful photos of mine, lol!

Halloween Fun run with ARC, 31Oct2010
On October 29 2011, a Halloween race is set to stage at the Aseana City in Macapagal Blvd. For all of you who wants to dare yourself on a night run + a costume run, here's your chance to lay bare your halloween costume fantasies. This is only a once a year opportunity to do so, so I urge you, to please, follow my footsteps so that we could all laugh together at the end of the day (oh, I won't be doing it this time unless there's a big cash at stake, lol!).

Read on for more about the race details:

What: Adobo Run After Dark Fantasy Run
When: 29 October 2011
Where: Aseana City, Macapagal Blvd., Pasay (near MOA)
Registration Fee: Php 750.00 (all categories)
Event Principal: Adobo Magazine, organized by Crush Communications

Race Categories and Gunstart:
     8:10 PM - 15K
     8:20 PM - 5K
     8:30 PM - 3k Costume Run

On-line Registration: Sep 1 to Oct 23, 2011 *delivery of race kits starts on Oct 3, 2011

Manual Registration: Oct. 3 to 23, 2011 (download registration form here)
     Runnr Trinoma, Toby’s Megamall, R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street

Race Registration Inclusions:
Race singlet, Runningmate Timing Chip, Bib Number, Finisher’s Certificate, Loot Bag, Party Stub, Finisher’s Medal (for top 500 15k & 5k runners, respectively)

(Note: Registration may end earlier, subject to race slots availability).
Singlet Design
Top 500 5K & 15K Finisher's Medal
Loot Bag
Race Routes:

For more details, visit Adobo Magazine's website.

Leave a comment below and the lucky commenter will get a free race kit of your choice distance category which will be announced on the 14th of October, 2011.
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Run With Sony Walkman W262

Many of today's runners prefers running while listening to music as it gives them the push and the beat that they need specially for long runs. Some songs also gives motivation and inspiration to push through when you feel so low already and there's no one near to cheer you up.

When I started running back in the uhm... late '90s (I was still 5 years old that time, promise), not a single runner carries a music player. Imagine yourself running while carrying a walkman clutched on his waist or arms with big headphone on his ears? Well that was back in the '90s. But when the MP3 players and other mobile music players came into the society, these friendly gadgets are already one of the "needed" items for some (if not most) who do their regular workouts.

The first time I had an MP3 player with me also was back in 2009 with the Philips GoGear SA2825, which is really light and small. Unfortunately, the wires tangling on my back or on my side, with sweats going down on it, and earphones getting slippery because of sweat makes it unfriendly to use while running and mostly disturbs my seriousness and focus on the race (yeah I'm a serious runner... sometimes... mostly... sometimes). I only carried that MP3 player with me for about two or three races and never did it happened again. The life of that gadget ended when my brother accidentally sat on it.

It's a good news though when Sony launched the Walkman W262 last September 16-18, 2011 here in the Philippines at SM Mall of Asia. I first saw this product on May 2011 from one of my running buddy, who purchased the gadget from Singapore. Now we don't have to go to Singapore as what he did just to own a stunning lightweight, waterproof, and stylish wearable music player not only when running, but also in the gym.

During the product launch, I get to try wearing one of their model unit, though it feels awkward for me to be running alone around the mall, I just tested how runner-friendly it was by jumping a few times while in front of a mirror - and so I proved that this gadget is really... jumper-friendly (just kidding).

Another feature of the product that I liked most is it being water-resistant and washable, making it an ideal sports buddy (well, most of my running buddies aren't water-resistant, but they're also washable).

Okay enough with the story telling, so to give you more idea of the new Sony Walkman W262, here are the product features and specifications:
  • 2GB capacity
  • Trendy duotone colours, wireless and wearable design
  • Compact Size - Compact earpiece ensures a snug and comfortable fit
  • Water-resistant and washable feature
  • Drag-and-Drop function and ZAPPIN™ feature
  • 8 Hours Battery Life (Quick charge : 3 minutes charge for 60 minutes play back)
Technical Specs:
  • USB microB connector / Hi-Speed USB (2.0)
  • 5+5mW (16 ohms/mW) Maximum Power Output
  • Built-in Li-ion Rechargeable Battery / USB power (from a computer via a USB connector)
  • USB-based charging
  • Approx. 1.5 hrs of charge (Quick Charge - 3 min charge for up to 60 min Playback)
  • Weighs only approx. 32g
  • Clear Audio EX Headphones
  • ZAPPIN™ Feature (Short / Long / Folder Skip search methods)
File Formats Supported:
  • MP3 Audio Bit rate: 32 to 320kbps (Supports variable bit rate (VBR)), Sampling frequencies: 32, 44.1, 48kHz
  • WMA Audio Bit rate: 32 to 192kbps (Supports variable bit rate (VBR)), Sampling frequencies: 44.1kHz
  • AAC-LC Audio Bit rate: 16 to 320kbps (Supports variable bit rate (VBR)), Sampling frequencies: 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48kHz
  • Linear-PCM Audio Bit rate: 1, 411kbps, Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz
Some Product Photos:
Four colors to choose from
Closer look
Actual Size
The most amazing feature
"From strutting to running: Stylish enough to complete a look and tough enough to be the perfect marathon companion – that’s what the new Walkman NWZ-W262 series is."

For more information, you may visit Sony Philippine's Website.
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Sony Walkman W262

Sony launches new Walkman W262 Series last September 16-18, 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia. Read my personal account of the Product launch here. The following details came from the Press Release material.

Four colors to choose from
A head-turner The wearable Walkman is back and now, it’s 25% lighter than its predecessor weighing only 32 grams and boasting of a smaller and more compact look. Discriminating fashionistas who are looking for a more stylish way to enjoy their music will not be disappointed with its chic design and wide range of colors: from the subtle white and black to the vibrant pink and blue. The NWZ-W262 can be the perfect finishing accessory to an outfit. With no wires dangling around, anyone who wears his Walkman will surely look polished.

What a sport While being a looker, the new Walkman NWZ-W262 brings with it the same water-resistant and washable features making it an ideal sports buddy. Listen to your favorite music while warming up for an intense game of basketball. Turn up the volume to give you an additional boost to run an extra mile on the treadmill. Go on with your cycling routine even under the rain. Whatever it is, the new Walkman NWZ-W262 will continue to provide the perfect musical score for your active lifestyle.

Convenience Aside from this, the compact Walkman is packed with features that make it very convenient to use. It comes equipped with Content Transfer software which enables music lovers to simply drag-and-drop their music from their computer or iTunes library. The Walkman W262 also comes with ZAPPIN song search technology which enables music browsing through a short audio preview of each track. So no need to take your eyes off the road to look for music while running to find the track you are looking for.

Music to last a whole night long One of audiophiles’ pet peeve is when their MP3 player dies in the middle of their favorite song. With the Walkman W262, you get to enjoy eight hours of uninterrupted music playback when full charged while the Quick Charge function provides music playback of up to 60 minutes with a mere three-minute charge which is perfect for fashionistas on-the-go and those who are living an active lifestyle.

First dibs on the new wearable Walkman Recently, Filipino audiophiles were given a chance to try out the new Walkman NWZ-W262 in an event held in SM Mall of Asia which transcended and recreated reality. Hosted by famous music icon Billy Crawford, the participants were able to transform into different characters such as a biker, a cheerleader and a skateboarder just to name a few. A flash mob of joggers also raided the mall to demonstrate how the new wearable Walkman fits in the arsenal of active urbanites. So whether you want to glam up or sweat it out, the wire-free, water-resistant, washable and stylish Walkman NWZ-W262 is the ideal music player a music-lover can have.
Washable and Water-Resistant
Actual Size
Flaunt it in Style
Wear it on your workouts
Product Features:
  • 2GB capacity
  • Trendy duotone colours, wireless and wearable design
  • Compact Size - Compact earpiece ensures a snug and comfortable fit
  • Water-resistant and washable feature
  • Drag-and-Drop function and ZAPPIN™ feature
  • 8 Hours Battery Life (Quick charge : 3 minutes charge for 60 minutes play back)
Technical Specs:
  • USB microB connector / Hi-Speed USB (2.0)
  • 5+5mW (16 ohms/mW) Maximum Power Output
  • Built-in Li-ion Rechargeable Battery / USB power (from a computer via a USB connector)
  • USB-based charging
  • Approx. 1.5 hrs of charge (Quick Charge - 3 min charge for up to 60 min Playback)
  • Weighs only approx. 32g
  • Clear Audio EX Headphones
  • ZAPPIN™ Feature (Short / Long / Folder Skip search methods)
File Formats Supported:
  • MP3 Audio Bit rate: 32 to 320kbps (Supports variable bit rate (VBR)), Sampling frequencies: 32, 44.1, 48kHz
  • WMA Audio Bit rate: 32 to 192kbps (Supports variable bit rate (VBR)), Sampling frequencies: 44.1kHz
  • AAC-LC Audio Bit rate: 16 to 320kbps (Supports variable bit rate (VBR)), Sampling frequencies: 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48kHz
  • Linear-PCM Audio Bit rate: 1, 411kbps, Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz
For more information, you may visit Sony Philippine's Website.
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Skechers ProSpeed at First Glance

Who would've thought that Skechers - the second largest footwear brand in the US, would be evolving rapidly from casual and fashion shoes to athletic line of shoes catering the vast age groups on the athletic industry with their Skechers Shape-Ups and Skechers Resistance Runner?

Back in the late '90s to early 2000 where I think as far as I remember, was the time when Skechers made their landing here in the Philippines, I was eagerly excited then to see and have a pair of a Skechers shoes. Unfortunately that time, the stocks and designs that were made available in the stores did not capture my attention nor my "ocular" standard. I don't know why, but it seems to me that Skechers wasn't really my foot's brand.

Then last March of 2010, I first saw the start of their evolution to fitness industry as they introduce the Skechers Tone-Ups and Shape-Ups at the BDO Race for Life.

And just a week ago, 16 September 2011, I never knew that Skechers has been really serious about their Fitness campaign as they launched to the Bloggers, another shoe product from the "Skechers Resistance Runner" group that this time has captured my attention - the Skechers ProSpeed - an evolution from the Shape-Ups shoes.

A few minutes after my arrival at the Skechers Market! Market! in Bonifacio Global City, I was able to try the Skechers ProSpeed for about three to four minutes at the treadmill. I didn't get to read or research about this product beforehand, so my observations after the treadmill test of the shoe was pretty much raw and "original" and fresh from my very own experience of the shoe. And here are what my feet has to tell you about the Skechers ProSpeed:
  • Lightweight - How can I tell? I was wearing my Adidas Adizero Boston before I wore the Skechers ProSpeed but I did not feel any change in weight after wearing it.
  • Midfoot friendly - I never felt my heel striking the ground/treadmill even while the treadmill was still moving slow (I do heel-strike on slow pace unless I'm on barefoot or on minimalist shoes). I was actually amazed how does the shoe does it until I learned that it was really designed to help the runners strike on their midfoot.
  • Springy - Each stride that I make feels like my feet are being pushed back that I don't have to exert more effort to stride faster. Since it is "ProSpeed", I put the treadmill at 8.5kph with level 5 incline just to know why it is called a ProSpeed, and my feet got the answer with it's energy-return feature.
Those were my top three observation beforehand until the technology behind this shoe was explained to us by Gail Cowper - Skechers Technical Representative, expounding the features of the Skechers ProSpeed as a shoe designed for efficient and explosive power.
  • Smart (Efficient) - SmartShoe(TM) guides your body into a position that transforms impact into elastic or reusable energy through the Mid-Foot striking. No heel strike means reduced wasted braking energy. While Mid-foot strike diffuses impact energy evenly across the foot, creating a smooth transition and giving more launch power and fluidity of stride transitions.
  • Kinetic Return System (Explosive) - It combines the strength and flexibility of the DuPont(TM) Hytrel(R) material with the efficiency of an elliptical shape to deflect and convert impact forces and elastic energy into forward motion.
  • More Energy Less Impact (Lightweight) - The ProSpeed outsole is constructed with ultra-lightweight and soft Resalyte(TM) - a proprietary injection-molded compound with memory retention for a supported, comfortable ride. Resalyte helps absorb G-forces at ground contact to reduce impact when running. This means that the ProSpeed runner can focus energy and power on achieving his or her speed potential.
Keep posted on this blog for a future actual run and race experience review for this shoe (update: actual race shoe review of the ProSpeed now posted). Meanwhile, enjoy some of the shoe's photos below.

The ProSpeed SRR from Skechers Shape-Ups
Closer Look at the ProSpeed

ProSpeed Outsole
ProSpeed SRR Insole

Tongue Lock system - you'll never have to worry about misaligning tongue
The gap creates the Kinetic Return System without sacrificing the arch support
Skechers ProSpeed was developed by the Skechers Fitness Group - a global leader in maximum performance fitness footwear.

Special thanks to the following people:
Ms. Chinggay Andrada - Fitness Coach and Trainer, Biggest Loser Phils (thank you very much for the short, yet motivating words)
To the Staffs of Skechers
and to all my friends in the Running and Blogging Community
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Kapighatian sa Likod ng Ulan

Ang mga musika ng patak ng ulan,
bigat sa aking utak at nararamdaman.
Bakit may gayong mga kapighatian,
sa likod ng aking mga nalalaman?

Isipa'y may gabundok na minimithi,
sa pusong may ibang nililimi.
Bakit may gayong pagdidili-dili,
sa puso't-isipang magkaiba ang sidhi?

Photo from My Gossip
Kapighatian sa likod ng ulan,
naghahangad puso'y magkaroon ng kalayaan,
Bakit ba't ang puso'y madaling mabihag,
ng mga maka-mundong pagliliyag?

Ang mga musika ng patak ng ulan,
ginhawa rin sa sandali ng kapighatian.
Sino ang may tiwalang ito'y naglulan,
sa kamay ng Amang makapangyarihan?

Puso't-isipa'y dagling nagkaintindihan,
sa pag-hupa ng ula'y, nagkaunawaan.
Paano maihahambing ang kataas-taasan,
sa pagbibigay-sigla na walang hanggan?

25Jul1999 @ 0330a.
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Mede8er 500x2 Internet Media Player

The technology today has been widely rising, getting more sophisticated, much mobile, easily gets upgraded or updated, and more eye-catching. Talk about user-friendliness, if you're new to these technologies or used to old behaviors and interface, you might say that it's much confusing to use and navigate.

Just a few years back, I was already so glad and happy for having a Home Theater and LCD TV which lessens the space occupied in my bedroom but having much bigger and brighter screen. Then I thought, what else could be re-developed for Televisions and media players except for new codecs and screen resolutions/sizes? Then one by one, came new updates for these digital entertainment system from USB-reading capability which was first introduced to media players, and was also embedded on TVs and computer monitors. A few more months and the TV-monitor in-one came rushing to the market, a few more months and the internet TV came out.

Again I wondered, what else can be done? Is it already the end of embedding new technologically-advanced features for the entertainment appliances?

The answer came last August 27, 2011 during the homey-atmosphere product launching of one of the new but promising digital entertainment system - an Internet Media Player from Mede8er (sounds as "mediator").

Who would think a decade earlier that enjoying a movie with your family can be enjoyed not just in your entertainment room but also simultaneously anywhere in your house? (take note of the word "simultaneous").

Mede8er is relatively an unknown brand, specially here in the Philippines. But their latest among their media players, the Med500x2, is one that can boast of a lot of features packed in a small, mobile box. It is developed by Sanji Electronics from South Africa, using the technology capabilities of Realtek (which you will also find mostly from our PC motherboards).

Mede8er MED500x2 is a High-Definition Internet Media Player (HD-IMP), which has been designed for good solid media playback from a hard drive, USB device, SD Card, Internet or Local Network source. It is also equipped with advanced features like Fast Gigabit Port and Super Fast USB 3.0 Slave port and is upgrade-ready for the fast PCIe WiFi kit that will be available as an optional aftermarket upgrade kit. The Mede8er fully supports the very latest video codec's such as MKV-H264, BDMV, BDISO, M2TS for seamless playback of all supported media files. You can now pass full HD Audio streams via HDMI to your amplifier for a full 7.1 surround sound experience.

The demo box sporting a 1TB Samsung SATA Harddrive
The MED500X2 is one of the first Media Players on the market to support the very latest 3TB Sata Hard Drives. The built-in Hard Drive format utility will format the hard drive without the need for a PC.

The MED500X2 also supports Online Media Streams, so now you can launch YouTube XL and browse or search the online videos of your choice. X2 will also stream Video Podcasts such as World News, US News, Technology, Entertainment, and Sports from all over the world. You can also browse the Internet or listen to Internet Radio or just enjoy Social Media like Facebook and Twitter. For correct system operation we recommend the use of an optional external wireless keyboard when using the Internet Browser.

How's that for the features? Don't get overloaded yet as it has more to offer than I could write here in this post. You can view more of these features and specifications from Mede8er MED500x2 Product Page or you may also browse the Med8er MED500x2 User's Manual.

More photos from the Product Launch below:

Front Panel Controls
Back Panel Connectivity
USB 2.0 and 3.0 Ports
The Media Library Explained
Med500x2 Network setup screen
Internet Media, Podcasts and Social Network Library
Med500x2 Music Search screen

General Specifications:
• Internal Hard Drive Up to 3TB (SATA2) (HDD not included unless stated otherwise on the packaging)
• Hard Drive Spin Down Function
• Built In View Manager (5 Custom Views)
• Built In Favourites Manager
• Movie XML Med Data in Media Library
• JukeBox XML Search Function
• Alpha Search in Media Library
• Internet Media Streams
• Social Media
• Built in Web Browser
• Mac HFS+ compatible
• Low Noise Fan with TPE mounts
• Metal chassis - solid design
• Video Wall with full Metadata Search (available on Firmware update v1.0.4)
• Full Parental Control on Folders
• Watched Indicator
• Network - Ethernet 10/100/1000* Mbps port
• Optional Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n up to 300Mbps)
• Optional PCIe Wi-Fi
• Samba server - NAS storage
• Internet Radio (SHOUTcast)
• Photo Grid Picture View
• SD Card slot / Sony Pro Duo Card Slot
• Photo slide show with background music
• Subtitle: SRT, SSA, SUB, SMI format
• Plasma Mode - Prevent screen burn in
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360 Fitness Club: Total Fitness Redefined

If you were like me who's been getting tired of the daily or regular set of gym workouts, don't you think it's time to find an alternate from those routines? I remember the first time I enrolled for a gym class at some "kanto" here in V.Luna neighborhood, I was so ecstatic and excited that I'm always early and willing to do anything the gym instructor would ask me to do. But the enthusiasm only lasted for exactly 6 months. Why? Because the gym closed! :)

Almost a year after, I once again enrolled on a much classy gym on a mall for one full year. With the price of membership, there's no way that I have to skip my schedule that even if I only have less than an hour left before the mall closes, I still make sure that I get to have my share of exercise on the gym. Aside from that, I've loved the shower and locker room which isn't available from the previous one. The mix of members taking up their own classes also gave me opportunity to meet and chat with other group of people and get my first up-close glance with some celebrities and journalists.

But the improvement on my body at the "kanto" gym as compared to the mall-gym, I could say is much better. The "kanto gym" gave me much better warm-ups and harder workouts and circuits, while the mall gym Instructor has been too worried that I might get myself injured if I regularly change my program every 3 months that at the end of the 1 year membership I enrolled, I only had one program that I followed not-so religiously!

A few months back, the aNR members (Adidas Nation of Runners) were given a chance for a five-day pass to try a circuit training at the 360 Fitness Club. I wasn't able to claim my pass but reading about the type of workouts they offer, I could say that it's one of a kind workout that you'll never get bored without, for less than an hour. A good one for people with hectic schedules (uh, like me?). Then last July 28, 2011, the people behind this very innovative Fitness Club opened their second branch at Makati. So for the people in the South, you're lucky to have a new door of Fitness Club opened right next at your neighborhood. (Now I hope they'll open a 3rd branch within the Quezon City (Timog) area for northern people like me).

So what really is 360 Fitness Club about? As the country’s first co-ed express fitness facility, 360 Fitness Club proves to be more than just your traditional gym. Their exercise philosophy revolves on providing people with fitness opportunities that are non-traditional, efficient and most importantly, effective. With the use of free weights, kettle bells, cables, exercise balls and many other exercise accessories, the club developed the 360 Circuit, which consists of 20 exercise stations that combine cardiovascular and strengthening exercises – a total body workout that will make members, tone, shape up and burn an average of 500 calories in a total of just 30 minutes each day.

Here's some more info from 360 Fitness Club's head Coach Christopher Callanta:

“We understand how difficult it can be for some to exercise regularly so we’ve developed various ways to keep our customers engaged to be fit. For as quick as only half an hour, we provide you a total body workout that’s practically equivalent to an hour’s exercise in a traditional gym setting.”

“Traditional gym workouts take longer because they usually use machines and work out only one muscle group at a time while our suspension training classes, just like our circuit, work out the entire body in one session,” Managing Director Joana Piñon adds. To keep their members constantly motivated, 360 Fitness Club also offers a wide range of group exercise classes. “We believe that variety keeps people from getting bored so we’ve introduced several classes that you won’t normally see in other gyms and fitness centers.” And true enough, where else would you find pole dancing classes taught by The Polecats, the country’s premier pole dancing group? Zumba, the only Latin-inspired dance fitness program that is now being offered in over 125 countries, is also available. 360 Fitness Club also offers yoga, suspension training, kickboxing and running classes, with many more new classes to be introduced.

Individual lessons are well coached
Whereas in most fitness centers, the members are left to do their exercises alone, 360 Fitness guarantees guided workouts aimed to also motivate and inspire rather than just mere demonstration of the exercises. Coaches are there to act as mentors, constantly challenging their members to push themselves.

Whatever your fitness goals are, 360 Fitness Club recognizes that it’s never easily achieved when done alone. As partners and experts in fitness, the club’s objective is to ensure that their members are constantly motivated, inspired and guided in order to reach these goals. Going beyond the physical exertion and making the entire experience a mental challenge and a way of life, 360 Fitness Club redefines what total fitness is all about and gives people that much-needed push to just keep on going.

Group exercises are also very well supervised
For more information about their classes and sessions, peek a visit and inquire at the following 360 Fitness Club address:

360 Fitness Club Makati
7/f Dolmar Gold Tower, C. Palanca St., Legaspi Village, Makati City
0917-5600360; 5777807

360 Fitness Club Ortigas
13th floor, Strata 100, F. Ortigas Jr. Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
0917-8600360; 9409575

The beautiful and handsome, yet athletic and knowledgeable Coaches of 360 Fitness Club
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