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Going the Extra Miles for Smiles

Have you ever thought of going the extra mile? Sure lots of us have already planned or done so, be it in studies, job functions in the office, returning or doing a favor for a friend, or by reaching out to some friends or relatives in need. But would you also do it for somebody whom you're not related to or not even close to you?

On September 18, just a day after the PAU-T2N, NCFPI will be holding their 2011 Miles for Smiles for kids with craniofacial conditions. Read more about this event from the following press release below. Registration details can be found here and here.

Photos from L to R: (1) Pre-surgical orthodontic treatment called NAM (2) Genetic Counseling
(3) Cleft surgery (4) Speech Therapy
It was just another manic Monday as parents and their children with varying cleft conditions milled in the Emergency Clinic annexed to Our Lady of Peace Hospital in Paranaque. In a corner sat a man who stood out not just because of his snow-white hair and large built, but also for the immense calm he radiated amidst the chaos… he is the one who started it after all.

Shortly after graduating with a medical degree from the University of Iowa, Dr. M. Samuel Noordhoff and his wife, Lucy, made the long journey across the ocean to Taiwan in 1959 as medical missionaries. The very next day Dr. Sam started learning to speak Taiwanese. The following year he became the superintendent of Mackay Memorial Hospital where he stayed for the next 16 years. In 1976, he became the first superintendent of the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital where he founded the polio rehabilitation center, cleft lip and palate treatment center, burn treatment center, suicide prevention center, lifeline and maxillofacial center. Upon retirement in 1989, Dr. Sam used USD 100,000 of his own money to form the Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation (NCF) and has since then expanded operations from Taiwan to Cambodia, China, Vietnam, Philippines and Mongolia.

Clefting is a congenital deformity caused by abnormal facial development during early fetal development. It commonly manifests on the lips and palate but can also affect other parts of the face, such as the eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, and forehead. The exact cause for clefting has yet to be determined but it is recognized that hereditary and environmental factors (nutritional imbalance, exposure to x-ray etc.) contribute to the condition.

NCF Philippines, Inc. (NCFPI) sets itself apart from the numerous “stitch-and-go” missions by providing “comprehensive cleft care” from pre-surgery preparation through post surgery speech therapy conducted by respected professionals. Clinics and surgeries are held on weekly schedules in equipped medical facilities. For treatment of patients, the Foundation’s main collaborators are the Smile Train, World Craniofacial Foundation, and HELP-Wir helfen in 2009 and (TECO). It has started to get support from private companies and other foundations like Tahanang Walang Hagdanan Foundation and PAL Foundation in order to extend reach of its treatment to many patients in need.

In 2010, NCFPI launched “Miles for Smiles: Run for Cleft Care” in Bonifacio Global City to raise public awareness that cleft is treatable and world-class comprehensive care is available. The event drew more participants than expected for the 400M Dash for Kids (ages 7 and below), 3k, 5k, 10k, 16k and “10 for a Smile” group categories that the Foundation decided to continue the campaign this year.
Miles for Smiles 2011 Memorabilia

“Miles for Smiles: Run for Cleft Care 2011” happens on September 18- Sunday, at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For more information, please visit or contact the Event Secretariat through 519-7010 or 519-8980.
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We're Taking It Higher... Longer... Harder

Aug. 31, 1997 - the first time that I joined an official road race that I used to call Marathon, a 10K Kennon road-routed distance from my hometown. To date, the longest distance that I have covered so far was still my first Marathon at the TBR-DM 2010 - and still the last one. I finished that race without thoughts if I would still do it or not, but I was hoping (and the hope is still... somehow remained just until hope!).

I've ran that race for many good reasons, for health and fitness, the experience, the title, the discipline that the training would instill on me, and for the friends who've shown their support before, during, and after the feat. The right moment of seeing MinnieRunner (Madz) positioned a few kilometers away from the finish line gave me the nth wind for me to go on. The indescribable happiness as the finish line strap touched my chest while one of my treasured friend was there, eagerly waiting for me for more than five hours and who immediately tended to the aches and pains of my sweating body.

But ever since I've stepped on the starting lines of the many road races, the really mind-numbing, bone-burning, and body-shattering runs (if you get what I mean) were still out of my goal.

From E.R. to P.R.

One of my running buddy and officemate who have remained active after more than 3 years of getting influenced, who only once dreamed of being able to run - ChickenLegSaga (Leo) now has already done 3 Marathons - for the span of only 3 months. Addicted? Yes he is! As he recounts those experiences, he realized that it has helped him build a lot of confidence and self-esteem, and he was able to conquer his own goals through the hardwork and dedication that he learned from running.

Then on July 2, 2011, he was confined at the Philippine Heart Center. He was diagnosed with a mild heart attack so he stayed on the hospital bed for one week. That time, he thought he can no longer run anymore. I even got sad, and wanted to tell him he needed to run more. But I don't even know if that advice would still be applicable to his condition. Luckily, the second opinion of another Doctor two weeks after his hospitalization reversed everything that was instilled on his mind. It has been affirmed that the first diagnosis was wrong, and so quickly, he regained his composure knowing that it's not yet the end of his running career.

So What's Next?

Many of us wanted to be different, and some also wants to make a difference! Those titles of being a Runner are great but someday in your life, you'll feel that it is not enough. We realized that those things that gets you motivated won't really last for long! Sure every run is unique, every experience gives a different high and feeling of accomplishment, but like an all-year round adobo, you will soon get used to it, tastes gland would no longer appreciate the deliciousness of the varieties of Ilocano, Bicolano, or Tagalog adobo.

Now we want it to be more meaningful, more fulfilling, and much bigger than our personal reasons. We have already ran several races with all those personal reasons but hey, not again this time!

So on September 17, 2011, Leo and I will be running our very first short-distanced UltraMarathon (yeah let's call it short-distance to somehow lighten up our fear). It is going to be our first take on Ultra runs and "probably" our last also (no we're not going to die, why are you thinking that way?)! We are hoping that this day will mark a new beginning for both of us at the PAU-T2N. It will be a game of endurance, guts, with or without wits from Tagaytay to Nasugbu, Batangas. If you'll ask the seasoned Ultrarunners, the T2N distance of 50 kilometers is the shortest organized of those Ultra races so far (well I'm hoping that there would only be a 43km-distanced Ultramarathon), but for me and Leo, beginner as we are, this distance is already giving us shivers and nightmares (exaggerated on that last word)!

T2N will also be Leo's comeback race and he will run it with all his heart, and "heart" (wink).

As this will be a new feat to conquer for us, we know we wouldn't be able to finish it without greater motivation and inspiration. With this, the two of us have decided to offer our very first Ultra-race, and each give one of our feet for charity to two Organizations - for the love of running and our fellow human beings. We are hoping that through this race, we could raise funds for them. It's not for us to take, it's not for us to be recognized, but it's for these fellow beings poorer than us, poorer among the poor that we're going to take our chance in Ultrarunning, they will both serve as our motivation and inspiration! We believe that God gave us the passion to run and now its time for us to give back and let him use us to help others.

Give a Life Children's Charity
Anawim Lay Missions Foundation, Inc.
For my readers, friends, family and relatives, officemates, colleagues, and anybody out there who wants to help us raise donations (in kind or in cash) for these two Charity Organizations, you may course it through:
  1. Leo Manalaysay
  2. Allan Enriquez (Six:30 Running Group)
  3. Maridol Yabut (Team CB)
  4. Land Bank of the Philippines
  5. Alfredo Vedarozaga LTO East Ave. Branch Acct#: 1846-0168-52 (please send back a photo-capture of your deposit slip to:
We're not asking for any fixed or minimum amount, as each cent will be accounted for. You may also choose to donate from any of the following needs:
  • Food Stuff
  • Toiletries
  • Cleaning Materials
  • Medical Equipment
"Runners are real people. They don't run for money or recognition, they do it out of passion.... and running is a labor of love." - Dean Karnazes, UltraRunner
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KOTR 2011 "Colours" 101

Everything you need to know about the adidas King of the Road 2011.

What is the adidas King of the Road (KOTR)?

Adidas King of the Road 2011 is a running championship held across five (5) countries - Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines.

Each country is a qualifying leg towards the finals, which is held in the Philippines on 23 October 2011. The winner and runner-up of each country's 16.8km category win an all-expense paid trip to the Philippines to compete with the best of the best in Southeast Asia.

When and where will the 2011 adidas King of the Road Philippines be held?

The adidas King of the Road Philippines will be held on 23 October 2011 (Sunday) at the Bonifacio Global City.

What are the race categories available and how much is the race entry fee?
The race is divided into the following categories:
  • 5km Men's Open – Php 1,050
  • 5km Women's Open – Php 1,050
  • 16.8km Men's Open/Closed – Php 1,300
  • 16.8km Women's Open/Closed – Php 1,300
  • 21km Men's Open - Php 1,050.00
  • 21km Women's Open - Php 1,050.00
Why is the international championship race distance at 16.8km?

With the championship race distance at 16.8km, you’ll be able to complete 2 marathons (84km) over five (5) countries with adidas KOTR 2011.

What’s the theme for this year’s KOTR?

KOTR features a different theme each year, and this year’s theme is entitled "Colours". This is represented through the variety of different coloured adidas singlets participants will don. The multi-colour showcase is meant to demonstrate the vibrancy of the sports scene across Southeast Asia.

Just how big is the adidas KOTR race?

An estimated total of 40,000 runners are expected to pound the pavement across Southeast Asia.
How do I register?

You may register in three different ways.
1. Regular registration
  • Register online at at your convenience
  • Only Visa and Mastercard credit card/debit cards are accepted
  • Receive an email confirmation once registration has been processed
2. Free Run promo
  • Be one of the first 100 participants per store to register and get a guaranteed slot (and guaranteed singlet size in the color of your choice) in KOTR 2011
  • Get 50% off your registration fee when you purchase Php5,000 worth of adidas running products or register absolutely free when you purchase adidas running products worth Php7,000
  • Those who avail of this promo will be getting their race kits sent to their preferred address via carrier
  • Promo period is from June 29-Aug 31, 2011
3. Prepaid Registration
  • Beginning August 22, you may avail of the KOTR Prepaid Reservation Form giving you the chance to pre-register for the KOTR 2011.
  • The KOTR Prepaid Reservation Forms gives you the chance to reserve a slot by paying in cash at selected KOTR doors.
  • As you receive your KOTR Prepaid Reservation Form, you will receive your very own Reservation Code. The Reservation Code is a unique code that corresponds to a race slot. Only cash payments are accepted.
  • The purchase alone does not register you for KOTR 2011. You still have to log on to the website and register as soon as possible as the purchase of the Prepaid Reservation Form guarantees only that your race slot is reserved, not your singlet size.
  • The purchase of the KOTR Prepaid Reservation Form is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • KOTR Prepaid Reservation Forms are available from August 22 to August 31, or while forms last. Registration ends August 31, 2011.
Avail of the Free Run Promo and the Prepaid Registration at the following participating stores:
  1. Adidas Alabang Town Center
  2. Adidas Gateway Mall
  3. Adidas Glorietta 3
  4. Adidas Greenbelt 3
  5. Adidas Greenhills
  6. Adidas Newport Mall
  7. Adidas Powerplant Mall
  8. Adidas Robinsons Place Ermita
  9. Adidas SM MOA
  10. Adidas SM North Edsa
  11. Adidas Shangri-La
  12. Adidas TriNoma
  13. RUNNR Bonifacio Global City
  14. RUNNR TriNoma
When and where can I collect my Race Kit?

Registered participants are invited to gather at the KOTR 2011 Kick-Off Assembly from Oct 10-12, 11am-11pm at the NBC Tent, Bonifacio Global City, where race kits containing singlet, timing device, and other race paraphernalia will be distributed and a variety of activities awaits everyone. It is necessary to bring a copy of the confirmation e-mail from the organiser and a valid ID upon collecting the Race Kit.

Last-minute race kit collection may be done on the actual Race Day on Oct 23 at the event grounds from 3am-4am only. To claim race kit, please present confirmation email and a valid government-issued ID. Those who have availed of the Free Run Promo get their race kits shipped to their mailing address for free.

What is the time of the gun start?
  • 5:00 AM - 21K
  • 5:30 AM - 16.8K Wave 1
  • 5:35 AM - 16.8K Wave 2
  • 5:50 AM - 5K Wave 1
  • 5:55 AM - 5K Wave 2
  • 6:00 AM - 5K Wave 3
(Assembly Time: 3:30AM – all categories at the 7th Street, BGC)

What is the KOTR Ipico Card?

IPICO's dual-frequency, shoe-mounted RFID tags are easy to use, quick to collect and adidas’ top choice for the adidas King of the Road 2011.

The Ipico system works using a shoe-mounted plastic tag that is approximately half the size and similar thickness to a credit card. The tag is tied into the shoelaces and each time it passes over one of the blue Ipico timing mats, the tag ID and exact time of passing are recorded in the Ipico Elite reader box and transferred to KOTR’s timing software for processing.

It is important that the tag is flat and tied to the shoelaces correctly throughout the event.

This custom made KOTR Ipico Card is yours to keep and can be used for the following adidas KOTR races for 2-3 more years. Leave the finish line area and keep this KOTR Ipico Card as your KOTR souvenir, a great piece of memorabilia to display along with your finishers medallion.

How about hydration and safety?

The KOTR will have water stationg installed every 1.5km along the race path, ensuring every runner to hydrate as necessary. In total, there are 14 water stations, 14 Powerade stations, and strategically located at the 21k race route are 2 sponge stations, and 1 banana station.

On first aid, the KOTR is fully equipped with first aid teams to attend to runners needing assistance. There are a total of 15 ambulances, 15 medic stations, and 11 medics roving on bicycles. There will also be marshals – police men, traffic aids, and radio communicators manning various points at the race path.

KOTR 2011 Bag
Race Bib
More FAQs can be found from my previous post.
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My Take On The Philips Urban Adventure

On August 27 2011, the Philips Urban Adventure race will commence and mark a new kind of adventure that will scatter the participants around Metro Manila. 12 team participants composing of 2 members each team will vie for the prize of Php 100,000 worth of cash and Philips products through this seeming "amazing race"-kind of metro adventure.

I was previously invited for the media launching of this event, but due to schedule conflict, I was not able to attend. Then a week after, one of my "previous" co-runner-buddy mentioned that she wants me to join this adventure race. I thought that she was only joking so I did not took it seriously until after a few more days, I was caught surprised when I saw her tweets and blog post. I still did not took it seriously since I am doubting my capability, and I don't have idea whom will I get as team mate. There weren't even any takers also from the tweets, blog post, and buzz announcement of Madz (poor little me!). August 15, when my excitement about this event has finally etched on me, so I invited Allan Enriquez but upon reading the mechanics, we just realized that we can no longer meet the deadline for the submission of our entry!

Hence, just a while ago, my officemate sent me the link of his brother and cousins' entry, which both the photo entry and write-up about their team captured my attention. Here's their entry:

The submission of entries has already ended and the voting will end in just a little while (11:59PM of Aug. 22, 2011) so I'm asking favor from my readers (should there be one left out there) to also vote for them.

Here are my other top 10 choices:

Top 1:
Top 2:
Top 3:
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Don't Ask Me About My Shoes

Try it ON!

First day two races last July 24, 2011.:
left foot - timing chip for the Rexona Run; right  foot - d-tag for the RunFest
RunFest 2011 - photo thanks to ChickenLegSaga
Rexona Run 2011 - photo from BazuSports
The outsole after it's second run (07Aug2011)
 - 24.3km LSD from V.Luna, QC to St. Paul, Pasig and v.v.
L-R: Sir Jinoe (, Kassy (Runaholic),
Sir Rene (JazzRunner), Me, Sir Alfred (Chris Sports)

Check out my initial review from this post.
More review coming soon after some more mileage of CloudSurfing.

Coming in September, 2011 at Chris' Sports Store Branches!
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Miles for Smiles: Run for Cleft Care 2011

Support this event presented by Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation, Philippines, Inc. (NCFPI) together with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines and The Smile Train to raise public awareness that "bingot" or cleft and other craniofacial conditions are treatable and that world-class, comprehensive cleft care is available.

NCFPI is a non-profit organization that aims to establish craniofacial centers that provide world-class services to Filipinos especially the indigents. Visit NCFPI's Facebook fanpage at:

Event Name: Miles for Smiles: Run for Cleft Care 2011
When: 5am, 18 September 2011 – Sunday
Race Venue: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Registration Date: August 15, 2011 - September 15, 2011
Distance, Registration Fees, and Gunstart:

Registration Venues:
  • ROX - Bonifacio High Street, Taguig
  • Reebok Branches - Trinoma, Megamall, Glorietta, Festival Supermall
  • Royal Sporting House - Robinson's Place Ermita
Join as an individual runner or form a group of 10 by bringing together your families, friends and colleagues to sponsor a child with cleft. A 90-minute operation is all it takes to make a world of difference.

You may download the registration form here.

Singlet Design
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Summit CamSur Marathon 2011

For many of you who have been waiting and wanting to locally qualify for the Boston Marathon, here's a race for you that will surely take the traveler and adventurer out of you. With the location that is very-well suited for water sports adventure, the unspoiled nature wonders and the welcoming and warm locals, this race and venue will surely captivate your feet and heart.

I need not speak much about it anymore, but just ask the runner beside you who had the run of his life at last year's CamSur Marathon, surely there's a lot of good stories to tell such as this one.

So, here's the details for you for this year's Camarines Sur Marathon.

Event Name: CamSur Marathon 2011
When: September 25, 2011
Race Venue: CamSur WaterSports Complex (CWC)
Race Categories, Registration Fees, and GunStart:
     3K - Php 400.00
     5K - Php 400.00
     10K - Php 500.00
     21K - Php 850.00
     42K - Php 850.00
     (International Category):
     21K - Php 2,000.00
     42K - Php 2,500.00
Registration Venues:
     On-line registration via
     In-Store at: Runnr Store and R.O.X

*Race-kit includes: race bib, D-tag timing device, singlet, post-race lootbag, and Medal for the 21K and 42K FINISHERS.

Claiming of Race-Kit:
  • For Online Registrants: will be delivered within 5 working days after registration.
  • For In-Store Registrants: Race kits are given upon registration.
  • For International Participants: race kits may be claimed only at CWC from Sept. 19-24, 2011.
Singlet Design

"Live your life to the fullest! Experience adventure at its edgiest!" - Gov. Luis Raymund “LRay” Villafuerte Jr.
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