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Nike LunarElite+ 2

For the running enthusiasts who are also a Nike shoe lover, here's a latest announcement from Nike Running Philippines, courtesy of Oglivy -- the Nike LunarElite+ 2 -- a lighter, more flexible, and better fitting running shoe from it's predecessors.

Nike LunarElite+ 2
The latest LunarElite+ 2 kept the same responsive cushioning in Dynamic Support and provides runners a smoother ride by giving them the right amount of stability the foot needs. Flywire technology draws the shoe’s upper securely around the foot and flex grooves along the bottom of the shoe increases flexibility for a smooth transition from heel to toe.

  • Forefoot siping for enhanced flexibility and articulation.
  • Environmentally preferred rubber Waffle Fill provides multi-surface traction and durability.
  • High-density memory foam within the collar is shaped with genderspecific geometry for exceptional comfort and fit.
  • Independent ultra-light yet ultra-strong Flywire finger panels provides a lightweight, dynamic lock down over the footbed.
  • Deep Nike Natural Motion Engineering flex grooves along the length and width of the midsole/outsole enhance flexibility for a smooth, efficient stride.
  • Supportive carrier is engineered to function as a lateral crash pad to absorb impact on contact and promote a smooth, efficient transition.
  • Dynamic Support platform provides runner specific support.
  • Lunarlon cushioning system features a soft yet resilient foam core encased within a supportive foam carrier for lightweight, cushioning, response, and support.
  • The interface between the soft core and supportive carrier is wedged to limit the range and rate of excessive pronation.
Click on this link to download the detailed and graphical view of the shoe specs.
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A Priceless Podium Finish

It was January 15, 2011, 9:30AM when I woke up. Seems like a very good day, the sun was up, and I'm anticipating my first race for the year. There seems to be a lot of things to accomplish for the day, but it's also hard to let my first race race pass without a good judgment. It's an out-of-town trail run at the Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The first time that I've been on this venue was last year of May 22, during my Marathon debut.

A nice day to run... is when there are no runners!
At 1:45PM, I boarded the bus at Kamuning going to Balibago, and it departed from the terminal at around 2:00PM. Just a few minutes more than an hour, I arrived at the Sta. Rosa tollgate where I rode a tricycle going to Nuvali. As I stepped out from the trike, I immediately saw the starting anchor of Finishline. And I was surprised that there were still very few runners lacing up at the starting line. I even thought I might not be able to see some and other running buddies from the different running groups. But a few minutes before the 16K category started, I saw James together with Julito heading already towards the starting line. Then in a few while, co-runners from the six:30 running group arrived with Allan(RFM), Igy, Ishigo, Kat, Jonj, Louie, John, Noel, and Hendy.

Clipping the TimingChip on a VFF

The Thrills and the Trails

As we start off from the starting line, we were traversing the concrete, then entered the grasslands after a few meters. I was leading the pack in an estimate pace of around 6 mpk. The grassland has flat terrains with just a few water drainage-like bumps that adds more challenge as it made me think in a snap whether to hop, jump, or run through the gaps.

On my back was a guy consistently pursuing me, hearing his hard-breathing gives me another challenge to push more and maintain my distance from him. My lack of training mileage for almost two weeks (last two trainings was January 1 and 12 only) made my leg muscles want to surrender early and take some walk breaks. I feel that I'm already slowing down and already thinking of letting the guy behind me take my place when suddenly, a varsitarian-looking guy just ran past me. He looks so relaxed and his strides are fast and long enough that you wouldn't see a pressure from his form (now he's taking the lead). A few minutes later, another man, an older one, ran past beside me too, I looked back to see if he was also the same guy who was chasing me, but was glad that my pursuer, is still pursuing me, lol! Then seconds after, a Kenyan girl made us sniff her trail dust as he run away from us on the dirt road.

Then a great surprise stumbled on me after a hard run on a downhill, rocky trail - a short but very steep trail going to the creek made me doubt what my trail shoes (err, trail toes) could offer. This is where I slowed down and let my pursuer take the lead, and decided to just chase him when we are already on the road. As I traverse the slippery rocks of the creek I thought I was going to slip towards the muddy sides of the creek, face-planted! Nevertheless, thanks for this footsy KSO Treksport for not failing me (will write a review about this one). A few meters after turning around from the watery and slippery rocks, just before we tread our shoes for an incline going up and away from the creek, I was able to chase my previous position from that guy as I hop left and right from the waters and rocks while he was slowly making his way out from the same obstacles.

As I start to climb the ascents from the creek, the marshall announced: "you are third Sir", then to the guy behind me: "Sir fourth place!". More adrenaline came rushing from me that I was able to run the steep climb. What follows next is a seemingly-endless prairie. The course was already flat and I was able to create a good distance from the pursuing guy. In front, I can't see any other runners, the 1st and 2nd placer, as well as the Kenyan girl may have already been far beyond us. I was running alone already that boredom has almost settled into me. I think I miss the guy's hard-breathing from behind. :p

Leaving the Trails

A few more continuous rolling (tempo run) from the grass lands and I can already see the road, the 2nd placer, and the Kenyan girl. Then as I exit from the dirt lands and step onto the concrete, the Marshall re-confirms my position as 3rd place. But then, it was another challenge to run faster on the road since it was no longer flat, but a waving 15-20 degrees incline. But the motivation of maintaining my position kept me going... and going... until I reached the finish line. A silver medal was handed to me.

The Fun and Priceless Moments

Life as it is, the fun never goes out after some hardships. And it started after the race. Some of the six:30 peeps who ran their own categories were already there, waiting for other "Barney" runners. One by one, our pack completed, down up to the last Barney (read his story here) left on the trails of Nuvali.

As we enjoy the runner's high, The blessings of rain and wind whipped our face and our cooling body, or rather... freezing body. We were all stranded like a chick trying to warm ourselves from each other's back.

The awarding also took place on a winter-rainy season-like manner. When it rains, the awarding stops, when the rain stops, the awarding continued! And... as each awarding takes place, a "revolution" of some kind from among the finishers awaits Sir Vince, the Marshals, the Emcee, and even Finishline's Coaches.

RunningAtom award
Yeah, feel it!
My 3rd place award did not even come to me during the proper awarding that I wasn't able to take photos together with the 1st and 2nd place podium finishers (lol!). Later did I know that I am supposed to be awarded 1st Place... Yes, I'm the Champion for the 16K Trail category, outrunning the famous Kenyan Willy Tanui under the time of 0:46:20 comparing to 0:58:57 (Willy's time). Upon further confirmation, my name was obviously encoded under the wrong category. The guy who was wrongly awarded with the 3rd place also admitted that he was supposed to be on the 4th place. Thanks to Coach Jo-ar for the assistance in re-confirming our race result, and to Sir Vince for rectifying the result.

All these commotion was for the sake of receiving a podium prize on the stage, the priceless token, un-exchangeable glory, and treasurable experience of being awarded with an extra... BRONZE medal -- PRICELESS!

Double the prize medal!
In contrast, the experience that this event brought to us, to the six:30 running group was far more enjoyable and much treasurable. We don't need to have a token for each other to prove the friendship and camaraderie. The joys of being with the group, exchanging silly and corny jokes are enough to tell the world... we are all Barney's together!

The six:30 Running Group Family
Race Profile:
Distance: 8 km.
Official Time: 0:46:20
Official Ranking: 4th out of 36 overall category Finishers

Race Info:
When: Jan. 15, 2011.
Where: Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Event: Finishline's InMotion Road xTrail 2011

You may also download the race results from here.
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Taray Pamulinawen

A re-post of the event from my inbox, courtesy from JazzRunner.

After the huge success of “Run Ahead, Raising A Roof” Run held in Laoag City last December of 2009, Triathlete/Runner & Race organizer Faivo Bartolome brings another unique event up North, the “Taray Pamulinawen 2011, Laoag Sand Dunes Challenge” to be held on February 26, 2011 and will start and end at the Laoag City Hall.

This race, hosted by the Laoag City government will be a first of a kind wherein runners will be running in the Sand Dunes of La Paz, a municipality of Laoag which is well-known for being the setting of well-known foreign films like Tom Cruise’ “Born On The Fourth Of July”, Mel Gibson’s “Mad Max” series and local films like Nora Aunor’s ”Himala” and the “Panday” series of the late Fernando Poe, Jr.

Also known as “The Desert Of The North”, the Sand Dunes of La Paz offers a very challenging terrain not only with its varied uphill climbs but also for its arduous surface which is like threading on very soft and deep desert sands and would be twice as difficult to traverse whenever strong gales coming from the Pacific Ocean blows the sand away and is quite painful once the sand gets into your eyes.

The Taray Pamulinawen 2011 sand Dune Challenge is envisioned to become one of the North’s biggest and unique running events that will highlight the City of Laoag as a major tourist destination and an investment mecca.

The route will cover some of the most scenic spots in Laoag like its centuries old churches, pristine beaches and some of the old landmarks of the city.
The race will feature a 10-mile trail run (which will include the sand dunes), a 10k Road Run, 5k Road Run, 3k Family Run and a 750 meter Kids Dash.

Would you dare to run on the sand dunes?

For other details and to download registration forms, please visit Laoag City website or call/text 0917-5530050 (Faivo Bartolome).

Update: Registration is also already open at SecondWind Running Store, Malingap St., Teacher's Village, Quezon City.
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Run for Fun, Race for Place 2011

One of the interesting answer for the question: "why do you run?" is a half-meant joke "to meet my other half!", or simply put, to hunt for some prospect gals or guys. And it could be testified with the many love-stories made such as those sweet finish line proposals on the previous races. We could also see that some of the friendships and bonds are formed within the running community. Aside from the online social networks, we have also all become linked through running. Indeed, the populace of runners has roared interestingly for the past few years that my facebook wall can no longer accommodate updates and posts from my 'Amigos' and 'Kapamilya' list.

But as interesting as it is, we might also want to ask "Do you spend time to run with your child (or niece/nephew/grandson)?"

Research shows (and as we can also observe) that the running community has been pressed only towards the not-so-younger generations (like you and me). While the truly-younger generations of today (like my Son and your Grandson), have been left out at home either in front of their digital consoles, or in front of the neighboring kids', uhmm.... digital consoles!

"So what? They're just enjoying their childhood!" I agree, but with that scenario, they might not be able to enjoy their adulthood stage, or worst, their teenage life where the first sweetest and the first bitterest of life's experiences would bring them. During the blogger's briefing about this event, we were astonished to know that only a ratio of 1 out of 1000 subjected Students passed the cardiological exam performed by the School's Pedia-Cardiologist. Findings shows that most of the students are either hypertensive, obese, or are already suffering from some heart problems.

So to promote health awareness and physical activity to their students, as well to our lovely kids and teens, the SJCS alumni, together with Mr. Ian Alacar's team, organized a running event which will be held at the Mall of Asia (MOA) grounds (iMax Parking) on January 30, 2011. The race is open to the public, alumni, students, faculty, family and friends, in short, all of us are invited to join.

There will be 3K, 5K, and 10K categories open to the public, and 1K category primarily for the school's students. In-store registration is open from December 20, 2010 to January 23, 2011 at the following locations:
  1. Chris' Sports:
    • SM Mall of Asia
    • SM Annex, Quezon City
    • SM Megamall
    • Glorietta 3
  2. 2nd Level R.O.X. Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City (1pm - 9pm)
  3. Suite 803 Tytana Plaza Bldg., Oriente St. Binondo, Manila (Tel. Nos. 216-9027; 245-6411)
  4. Ford Quezon Avenue near Welcome Rotonda (Tel. No. 411-4472)
  5. 28 Purdue St. Northeast Greenhills, San Juan (Tel. No. 725-8819)
  6. Saint Jude Catholic School, Manila
Registration Fees and Gun-start:
3K - Php 400.00 - 6:10 AM
5K - Php 500.00 - 6:05 AM
10K - Php 500.00 - 6:00 AM

For more details, you may also visit the following links:
SJCS Run for Fun, Race for Place facebook event page.
SJCS Alumni Association's website.
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Trainings in Baguio

... takes a lot of gut!

Nakatulog ka na ba sa gilid ng kalsada?
As the month of December ends, I took some final strides of training in my hometown, but this time, not to reminisce my olden days of runnings on the same olden routes. The less-ran route, and unfamiliar roads were my sanctuary training destinations. And as I traverse these new routes, the memories from all my great adventure runs of 2010 inspired me to do more.

So let me share to you the following new destinations of my trainings before the year 2010 has ended.

The stairs of Lourdes Grotto. Photo from
* Step Up - A Vertical run inspired route: 2 laps at the more than 250 steps of Lourdes Grotto.
I think most of the people is familiar with this place, so you won't have problems getting there. But if not, you may just ride a cab and tell the driver to drop you at the Lourdes Grotto, or ride from the jeepney terminal at the market going to Dominican.
What's Interesting? A great test of leg and lung strength and endurance; Fresh air would fill your lungs as it explodes; You'll be reminded to communicate with the One up above.
Mirador Jesuit Villas. Photo from
* Peaceful Mirador Hill - 2 laps of approx. 2km. route of Dominican Hill going up to the Mirador Jesuit Villas. If you aim for more challenge, you may combine this hill workout with the stairs workout of Lourdes grotto. A type of circuit training. (I didn't dare try it though, yet, hopefully next time!)
What's Interesting? The silence in the morning; Sweet singing birds; The scenic view of Baguio; Thin and fresh air at top; Great route for hills training.
A farther route from Baguio to the Strawberry fields of La Trinidad
* Long and Winding Road - 13 kilometers of long and winding hills of Tacay road (Quezon Hill, Baguio City) going to Long-long road, and sprouting out at Km. 6 of Pico (La Trinidad, Benguet).
How to get there: coming from Lourdes Grotto, the adjacent mountain is Quezon Hill. You can start your warm up from Dominican going up to Quezon Hill road 2, or ride from the jeepney terminal at the market going to Upper Quezon Hill.
What's Interesting? Un-polluted and less travelled route; Curious cows on the road-side; Stray peacocks and goats; road landslides; Joy run on the first half; test of will and gut on the second half.
The roads of Quezon Hill to Irisan Route
* All Down, Then Up - 6 kilometers of mild downward route at Naguillian road going to Km. 7 Irisan, and a 6 kilometer upward route going back to Quezon Hill.
You may opt to start anywhere from the City, Burnham Park, Dominican or Quezon Hill. So how to get there? You already know!
What's Interesting? The scenic view of the Baguio Cemetery; Running beside the cliffs of Naguillian Road; Racing with the mini-buses and jeepneys; Downhills on the first half, what would you expect on the second half?
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Born Love

Image courtesy of
Can Love wither...,
like a grass in the prairie,
and the weeds under the sea?
Grass withers and grass grows,
weeds sprouts and weeds dies;
Like the cycle of our life,
so, is this feeling of love!

Would Love fade...,
like the cold, in summer,
and the warmth, in winter?
Wind ceases and wind impels,
warmth departs and warmth situates;
Like the air that we breathe,
so, is this feeling of love!

What would Love be...,
If the faith remains throughout,
and the compassion increases?
Oh, the love won't wither,
nor the love would vanish!
Like the strength of the mountain rest,
so, is this feeling of love!

Where would Love be...,
As you seek for dough,
and assets for being;
Seek ye also the love in me,
which would be unto thee;
Like the Father's word that last,
so, is this feeling of love!

Love would be...
this feeling of love,
would forever and ever would be,
Love for eternity...

Background: 14Jan1999 @ 0505a, An inspiration from a lady named M***e*n after a full night of telebabad...
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XTerra Pang Rave Run

Tired of your usual boring marathons in the city?
Are you searching for a different thrill in running?

Then, head on to Tagaytay Midlands on January 30, 2011 for XTERRA’s unique and rare trail run entitled “Pang Rave Run!”

XTERRA brought you the Putik Pare biathlon in Nuvali last November. If you thought you had the physical and muddy rush you were looking for in Putik Pare, then wait until you feel your heart pound for a more exciting, mud hopping, hill climbing race to jumpstart your 2011!

Run in Tagaytay and feel the breeze of the cool air. Trek further and be amazed of the awesome view of Taal Volcano.

So come on! Put on those running shoes and experience the most action-packed trail adventure! Visit; register and book your hotel now!

Free XTERRA race belt to all participants and free XTERRA visor to 21K runners.

Sumali na sa XTERRA!
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Keep Up With A Refreshing Smart C+

Keeping our body fit and healthy requires not just having a daily physical activity or regular exercise. A healthy body must also be maintained with healthy diet, and a steady supply of vitamins and minerals which we get from varied sources. One of the most important vitamins that our body needs is Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid), which, our own body cannot even produce.

Animal liver, milk, vegetables, and fruits are one of our major sources of Vitamin C. But much of the vitamin is washed away upon harvest, during preparations and upon cooking. So to be able to supply our body's need, we turn into supplementation from synthetic and organically processed sources. And we have this mostly in capsule, tablet, or powder form. But do you know that there is already a refreshing way to supply our body with Vitamin C? That's the Smart C+ way.

Smart C+, a healthy beverage product of Oishi, delivers the freshness of Vitamin C-rich fruits to us in a refreshing bottle, and in three flavors - Lemon Squeeze, Orange Crush, and Pomelo Grapefruit. Smart C+ contains no preservatives, zero artificial flavoring, and zero artificial sweeteners.

Smart C+ - A refreshing way to be healthy
During the past few days, I got to sit on my work bench while refreshingly consuming each of the three flavors of Smart C+. Each one tastes good, or even much better than the freshly extracted juices of Lemon, Orange, and Pomelo grapefruit since it is already sweetened, not by a high-fructose corn syrup though, but with the diabetic-friendly cane sugar.

Looking closely at the product label, the "nature-identical flavor" caught my attention. I doubted that this is some kind of artificial flavoring. Wikipedia attests otherwise as nature-identical flavors is a different type from artificial flavoring substance.

The fruit juice comes from the concentrated form (juice concentrate). Also, this caught my attention since the process of concentration gets rid of the many micronutrients and original substances of a fruit during the juice's water removal process through boiling, freezing, or vacuum setup filtration.

More on the label, water has been added to reconstitute the 100% fruit juice (I just wonder if the water restored was still equivalent to the amount of water that was removed from the concentration). Ascorbic Acid has also been added not just to restore the fruit's original Vitamin substance, but also to contain each 500mL bottle a 500mg of Vitamin C - an amount greater than what the original fruit have.

Each bottle has also been enriched with other important substances like Beta-Carotene, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Vitamins B5 and B6. There was also this Natural Cloudifier and Natural color (Lycopene for pomelo grapefruit, Marigold for lemon squeeze) added.

Here's some trivia I learned from Smart C+:
  • 1 medium-size lemon contains about 44.5mg Vitamin C
  • 1 large-size grapefruit contains about 114.2mg Vitamin C
  • 1 whole Valencia Orange contains about 58.7mg Vitamin C
So, a 500 mL of refreshing juice drink containing a 500mg of Vitamin C, that's a double benefit we could get from each bottle. Now I don't have to supply myself a different set of Vitamin C, multi-vitamins, and a hydration drink in one after a stressful day in the office.

Read and learn more about this product by visiting the Oishi Smart C+ facebook account.

Get your vitamin C punch! Keep hydrated and keep up with your multi-faceted life. Get that refreshing boost of vitamin C from new Smart C+!
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What Goes Up, Goes Down

My usual yuletide vacations in Baguio makes me reminisce the routes that I took during the early days of my running. From the famous jogging grounds of Burnham park, the Athletic bowl, South drive, Outlook drive, Teacher's Camp, Leonard Wood road, Loakan road, John Hay, and Queen of Peace. The terrains of these roads have already left a map on my varicose veins, and I always look up on these routes literally for the unfading challenge it puts on to me. I especially love the hills of Outlook drive going to Mines View, and Queen of Peace road going up to Dominican.

Aside from the vacation stays in Baguio, there are also races outside my hometown which brings back memories of these roads.

Bio-Killer Hills at the Biodiversity Run

During my previous race at UP Los Baños, Laguna for the Biodiversity Run that was held last Sep. 4, 2010, the more than 4.5 kilometers of continuous uphill and 5 kilometers continuous downhill race made my lung burst into surrender, knees pounded into pieces, and my shoe's sole open wide. I said "continuous" since the first half of the route consisted primarily of going up the hills of Mt. Makiling for around 4.7 kilometers until the U-turn, and a continuous 4.90 kilometers (approx.) downhill from the U-turn towards the finish line.

Finishing the first half for more than 44 minutes felt like I have never ever experienced running in my life. But the final half made me feel that I have greatly conquered a piece of Mt. Makiling, finishing it at around 20 minutes.

This race also made me bid goodbye to my Reebok Trail shoes which has been my companion on my first Marathon, and my first trail run. It was also during this race that I regretted all the chances that I missed and skipped to train on those lovely routes in Baguio. What went up, did really went down!

Time:  1:05:55 Rank:  16th out of 76 10k Finishers

Flood of Strides, for the Flood of Hopes

Three weeks after the bio-killer race, it was again time for another test of strength and will during the Thunderbird Resort's "Ondoy No More" fun run. Held at the highlands of the Sierra Madre range in Binangonan, Rizal, the tranquil valley did not also escape the routing maps on my varices and callous on the toes.

The race was for the raising of funds for the great typhoon "Ondoy" which devastated many lives and properties exactly a year ago from the race day, Sep. 26, 2010. The short 5 kilometer distance, majority consisting of uphills did not spare my quads and calves. It was also the first time that I raced my VFF Sprint (courtesy of BarefootWear Inc.). The straight uphill with an elevation of around 45 degrees gave my lungs an explosion and deep taste of the cool breeze of Binangonan. What goes up, can still get drowned!

Time:  0:25:33 Rank:  14th out of 174 5k Finishers

Vertical Challenge

November 27, 2010, just like last November 2009, my calendar for this month was again filled with races, with a lot of good options to choose from. This time, I took the challenge of joining the BGC's Vertical Marathon courtesy of Skechers. As the name suggests, it is a race going up the Mt. Everest, I mean... E-Services bldg. at the Bonifacio Global City.

I joined the half-century category, which would only cover 25 floors up and 25 floors down. The first nine floors consisted of the parking ramp, and the remaining 16 levels is a swirling stairs of the building's emergency exit.

Before the race even started, the nervousness I could feel was almost the same as when I had my very first fun run (called it "Marathon" that time). I haven't had any ladder trainings beforehand, nor enough preparation for such race category. So at the starting line, all I could think of is "I don't want to get knocked unconscious, rolling down the building towards the ambulance".

Thankfully, I still managed to race through the parking ramp and the stairs up to the 22nd floor until my lungs got almost deflated. My legs are burning, and so heavy as I reached the final step of the 25th floor. Going down wasn't easy either. My head was already spinning and I'm already seeing stars as I start to decent. The first four flights of stairs was like a roller coaster ride that I almost feel like puking. All these unease and lung-leg torture tandem happened in just a span of 0:13:11.77 (13 mins. 11.77 secs.). Sometimes, the route going up, might not be as easy as going down!

Vengeance or Surrender

The final race I had before the year ended was the rocking challenge at the scenic and historical island of Corregidor last December 19, 2010. It listed as the 2nd most expensive race I have joined for 2010 (next to my TBR Dream Marathon), but at the same time, it was also one of the most memorable race of-a-lifetime.

Like my usual races, my mind was set to finish the race with the best shot that I could give as much as possible. I was even positioned in front of the starting line while the Elite ones are on our back (bad lining-up I know). But just a few meters after the gun-start, I just settled to taking the run as a not-so-serious, picture-race mode.

This race then turned-out not as a vengeance, nor a surrender, but as an indulgence to the nature's beauty, a taste of history, and a good camaraderie. But still, unforgiving as it is, the trails, terrains, the seemingly unending uphill on the 10th kilometer and the killer hill on the 18th kilometer did not fail to challenge my will and strength. It was a "run-in-the-park" finishing at 2:23:09 (2 hrs. 23 mins. & 9 secs.). Laugh at the hardships, and enjoy the comforts, that's how you will learn to conquer the rock of your own life.
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2011 RunningAtom's Race Schedule

The year 2010 has just ended, and my 2010 race schedule has been greatly filled for, with much of good memories to cherish, gained friends, joined groups, and a lot more.

As much as I wanted to take some rest from running, and divert to other sports such as badminton, table tennis, or even martial arts, I think the easiest physical activity for me is still running. So for this year, I am again laying out my race calendar to fill-up my monthly schedules, this time, a once-a-month race will suffice, unless required by some unforeseen or hard-to-refuse invitations.

So, see you on the road on these following dates.

15-Jan Road X-Trail 8k Trail
30-Jan 1st aNR 5th-Sunday Run 5k Team relay
6-Feb Condura Skyway Marathon 42k [DNR]
6-Mar RunRio Trilogy 2011 Leg 1 - Run United 1 21k
13-Mar Zonta's R.A.T. Race 3k
27-Mar Globe Run for Home 2011 15k
10-Apr Baguio 21k 21k
23-Apr Baguio Easter Night Run 5k
22-May Brooks Run Happy 10k
29-May Greenfield Clean Air Run 21k
12-Jun Zambales Fun Run 10k
18-Jun Merrell Adventure Run 2011 10k
17-Jul Pocari Run 2011 10k
24-Jul Runfest 2011 16k
24-Jul Rexona Adventure Run 3k
20-Aug 1st 2011 Camp Run 10k
21-Aug RunRio Trilogy 2011 Leg 2 - Run United 2 21k
17-Sep PAU T2N 50k
15-Oct Nike We Run Manila 10k
23-Oct Adidas King of the Road 2011 21k
13-Nov RunRio Trilogy 2011 Leg 3 - Run United 3 32k
26-Nov 2nd Trek The TEC 90 flrs.
27-Nov RunBGC 2011 3K-FF
04-Dec Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 42.195K
18-Dec Run United Regional Series - Cebu 21K
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