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Corregidor Int'l Half Marathon 2010

Settle The Score on December 19, 2010, 8AM at the Corregidor Island...

Registration Details

all weekends (Saturday and Sunday only) of October and November
*subject to slot availability
  • RUNNR - 2pm to 9pm
  • Second Wind (Maginhawa) Saturday only - 1pm to 6pm
  • Second Wind (Ortigas Home Depot) Saturday only - 1pm to 6pm
  • on-line registration facility (for participants residing abroad and outside Metro Manila) will be up starting October 9, 2010.
Registration fee:
P2,500.00 - October (early registration)
P3,000.00 - November (late registration)

  1. Roundtrip ferry to and from Corregidor
  2. Full lunch buffet on race day
  3. Race bib w/ RFID timing chip
  4. Race shirt (see attachment)
  5. Race backpack (see attachment)
  6. Finisher's Medallion (or a 10k Achiever's Medal)
  7. Runners' Briefing (Dec 4 and 11) at ROX
  8. Carbo-loading Bonfire Party (Dec 18, Saturday night)
  9. Victory Party with two top performing bands (Dec 19, Sunday night)
  10. Personalized Finishers' Certificate (complete with name and finish time)

Registration Procedure

  1. After completing registration for the race (manual or on-line), beginning the following Monday, contact Sun Cruises at (02)834-6857 / (02)834-6858 / (02)527-5555 loc 4511 0r 4512.
  2. Indicate the desired trip schedule:
    • a) Overnight – departure on Dec 18 @ 8:30am (return trip to Manila is on Dec 19 via 2:30pm trip from Corregidor*)
    • b) Day trip – departure on Dec 19 @ 5:30am (return trip to Manila is Dec 19 via 5:30pm trip from Corregidor*)
    • c) Participants with non-competing companions (non-competing companions will have to pay Php2,000.00/person; no race pack will be provided to them) will have to take the Dec 18, 11:30am trip to Corregidor (return trip to Manila is on Dec 20, Monday, via 10:00am trip from Corregidor.
    • * for “a)” and “b)” indicate if attending the Solidarity & Victory Party on the night of December 19 to amend departure schedule to Monday, Dec 20 via 10:00am trip from Corregidor.
  3. If applicable, make accommodations reservation with Sun Cruises (only registered participants will be given reservations). Pay the appropriate accommodations booking amount through the payment mode advised by Sun Cruises.
  4. On Dec 4 or 11 (as advised through email and text by the organizers) at ROX, attend the Runners’ Briefing, pick-up the race pack, and claim the Boarding Pass and/or Accommodations Booking ticket from Sun Cruises. Ensure to bring the Acknowledgment Receipt issued during registration. No Acknowledgment Receipt, No Race Pack.

Registration Requirements

  1. Properly filled out registration form (may be downloaded by Friday / available at the registration site).
  2. Any valid ID (driver's licence, SSS ID, voter's ID, postal ID, passport, etc.) indicating date of birth.
  3. Proof of participation:
    • a 10k race (during the last 2 months prior to registration)
    • or 21k race (during the last 3 months prior to registration)
    • or a full marathon (during the last 6 months prior to registration)
    • or a doctor's certification of fitness to participate in an athletic event.
    • For proof of race participation, a printout of the particular race result is preferable. In lieu of that, race bib will be accepted but will be subject to verification through the race results available on-line.
  4. Applicable registration fee.

You may download the registration form or you may also register online.

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Innovating Wholeness Fun Run

My October weekend race schedule is already almost full, with one race each Sunday. There is even three races on the 4th week which have the same schedule and all of it are good race to join of. Although I am trying to just schedule two races each month, with 2 weeks interval in between, there is one race that I'd like to fit in on my calendar, and for sure, you don't want to miss this race either with these celebrities around:

L-R (front): Mika Lagdameo-Martinez, Sam Milby, Karylle Tatlonghari
L-R(back): Coach Rio, Boom Labrusca, Daniel Matsunaga, Fabio Ide
Aside from running with these awesomely-hot celebrity runners, the event will also be specially participated by Sen. Pia Cayetano, Kiko Rustia, and Coach Alfrancis Chua. Still need more? If you're still not that excited yet, where would you find a number of 40 Brazilian models showcasing their running prowess? It's only here on the BlueWater Day Spa Fun Run, Innovating Wholeness. All of these running gods and goddesses are going to race with us to promote a healthy lifestyle and wholeness. I guess there will be no PR (personal record) setting for me this time. On the other hand, there has been a lot of races already where Karylle have me ate her dust, so in this race, I'd like to have another taste of those dusts from her, hehehe!

Now what else are there for us runners after the event? Aside from the sports, fitness, fashion, and freebies that awaits the guests and participants, there will be a mock "Jazz Up Your Singlet" contest where [runners] will be allowed to express their creative side by designing their own singlets. Draw on it, paint, stitch some patches, plug in some lights (but don't electrocute yourself), post some caricatures, etc... as long as the BlueWater Day Spa logo is not covered. Art materials will be available at the venue, but you can also bring extra materials depending on your design preference. Contest winners will get special gift certificates from BlueWater Day Spa and they will have the chance to model their singlets in the fitness catwalk. Consolation prizes are also up for grabs to 100 finalists.

Karylle and RunningAtom
RunningAtom and Boom
Wanna be with them too? Here's how...

Race Details:
Oct. 17, 2010, 5:00 AM
Seaside Ave., SM Mall Of Asia
3k - Php 500.00
5k - Php 600.00
10k - Php 700.00

Registration Sites:
Timex Outlets - SM MOA, Glorietta
ROX - Bonifacio High Street, Taguig
Columbia - Greenbelt 5
Res Toe Run - Gateway
Urban Luxe Facial Center and Spa - Ayala Alabang
BlueWater Day Spa - Makati, Ortigas, Eastwood, Tomas Morato, Capitol Hills.

Online registration can also be made at the BlueWater Day Spa Run website.

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The VFF Sprint Encounter

Last Wednesday, September 22, I was able to grab a pair of VFF Sprint during the media launch of the Vibram Five Fingers at Paolo's Bootcamp, in Metropolitan Club, Rockwell. It has been almost a year since I've been dreaming of having a pair of VFF, and such a dream come true for having been a part of the product media launch here in the Philippines, through BarefootWear Inc, and EventScape Manila.

When I first received the invitation, I decided to also invite MinnieRunner for her to get knowledge about barefoot running, and to be able to appreciate the advantages and the good things about VFF. I remember a year ago when I have her check a photo of the VFF, she was so un-interested that I turned like I'm exaggeratively excited about such a very simple-looking product. Well, not for now, check out how excited she was with her new pair of VFF.

I never thought I would own a pair (the other pair is for MinnieRunner).
So after the event, we were supposed to attend our regular aNR Ortigas Wednesday session. But since me and MinnieRunner was so excited to road test our new VFF sprint, without being stressed with the scheduled speed-drill exercise on our aNR, we just decided to have a break-in run at UP academic oval. So we did. The feeling was great while running and getting a feel of the road, the asphalt, the rocks and pebbles. I was able to make around 3.3 km Tempo run, 1.1 km relaxed run, and another 2.2 km of pure walk, for a total of 6.6 km initial break-in mileage.

What happened on the next day, and even up to today, was a great muscle ache on my calves and a few aches at the ball of foot. I guess I over-exerted my break-in run due to the excitement, or my leg muscles may just be adjusting with barefoot running.

Come this day (Friday), a civilian day in our office. I have to report to our office and have some "career-matter" conversation with our HR. I decided to wear my VFF so I could flaunt it to our officemates (lol, I didn't realize that wearing a VFF would make you proud among the populace). So what happened?

Before going straight to Stradcom, my officemates invited me for a coffee [lunch-]break. I ordered hot choco, and during one of our laughing conversations, I accidentally poured a good amount of chocolate on my pants. Not wanting to go back to the house and change my outfit, I still went to the office with a stained pants. So the next sequence of events, I had these intriguing questions asked to me:
  1. On the elevator going to the 3rd floor to our HR's office, "Why are you only wearing a pair of socks?"
  2. At the 3rd floor hall with other HR personnel, "What is that thing that you're wearing?", "Is that a shoe?", "Can I touch it?", "Does it really need to be in different colors?", "Can I see what the sole looks like?", "How does it feel when you're walking?"
  3. Inside our HR Manager's office, "What happened to you Pedo, you have only been off to work for a few days and now you're already 'namumulubi'? (ugh, guys, help me to translate that word!).
  4. On the other building, I have also received not just questions, but also great compliments: "You look like you have a monkey's feet!"; "Great barefooted monkey look you have there!"
  5. Then during our Town-hall Meeting at the end of office hours, those same questions revolved around me for the nth time whenever I pass a group of people or table. I was like a product endorser, answering the same kind of questions and repeating my foot-raising actions for them to see each side, and what's on the sole of my VFF.
Nobody noticed the stain on my pants, but they noticed the VFF
A lot of people had become really curious, and I also get to know that some were already planning to buy one but don't know where to find the store. I was glad I was able to give them some idea about the VFF, what does it do, what is it for, what's the advantage of being barefooted, and the store location of BarefootWear Inc.

Now I think I already understand what my other co-runners wearing VFF feels when they are also confronted with these same questions (of which, I was also one of those so curious about them and their VFF). It's funny! But what's great in owning a pair of VFF? You would feel proud of being BAREFOOTED.

You should keep posted for more of my future adventures with VFF. I'm also planning to buy a pair of Bikila, and give my pair of Sprint to my loving wife.

Special thanks to Mr. Kim Faner of Eventscape Manila, and to Mr. Vince Escalon of BarefootWear Inc.
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Global Run, Global Fun

Held on the 26th of June 2010 at the Bonifacio High Street, with only about an estimated population of not more than 250 runners, organized by the Rotary Club of Makati Nielsen. It seems like just a Rotarian event but it has opened to the public, and even to the Kenyans to promote and raise fund for a tree-planting activity for the a watershed somewhere (sorry, I forgot what watershed it is).

I joined this event without much expectation about the race from the pre-race program and post-event activities. I just hoped that the race would turn-out well, break a PR, and possibly grab a place (hoping for 3rd) since there were not much elite runners that were present on the event.

It's a Race to Save Mother Earth, no timing needed!
Indeed, I was able to break a PR on this race, finishing the 5k course in 21 minutes and 37 seconds (unofficial). I remember in the middle of the race going towards the finish line at around 3km mark, I thought that I was running for the 4th place. I tried to keep my pace and my speed, until one of the runner behind me slowly passed me by. Then I tried to keep just a small distance gap between us, and kept a record my mind that "I'm on the 5th place, and the guy who just passed-by me is on the 4th place." Wasn't being able to keep up with that guy, I realized that even if I outrace him, I wouldn't be on the 3rd place anyway. As I cross the finish line, we we're just approximately less than 50 seconds away from each other.

The race did turned out well, except for the following:
  1. The Marshal on the motorcycle who was leading the lead runners for 5k lead them to a wrong turn-around point, making the Kenyan runner gain a lot of lead distance from his Filipino competitor runner.
  2. Markers are very few (well, no need to expound).
  3. The Marshals deployed on the road crossings doesn't know the route.
    - An instance was I've asked around three Marshals what road should I turn to and nobody answered, instead, they just shrugged-off their shoulders. Since there were no other runners ahead of me, I just guessed the possible road that may lead to the finish line. Luckily, I guessed correctly or else, I might have lead the other runners on my back to the wrong route.
  4. There were no time-keepers on the finish line.
    - Curious how did they record our time, I asked one of the race officials about the finish times. After a while, an announcement was made (in Tagalog): "There will be no race times to be recorded since this is not a race, this is just an event for the awareness about our Mother Earth and the trees." Upon hearing this, I looked on my bib, and wondered why was there a barcode? And why should be there a winner's awarding if this is not a race?
  5. The distance was short of 800m (approx.) according to some hear-says after the event.
    - Judging from my finish time, I average 25 to 30 minutes in 5k races. And since I just came from a full Marathon a month ago, and two Pikermi distances a week after, there could only be a very small chance that I could cut out more than 4 minutes off my 5k average finish time.
Lesser people, lesser competition, more chances of winning
Awarding ceremony, there were no cash prizes for all the race categories (500-m dash, 3k, and 5k), but just medals and sponsor giveaways. Though I stayed on the program wishing to win the raffle prize of tour for two to Baguio and accommodation from Microtel. Unluckily, it seems that most of the grand-prizes have been won by the Rotarians. Just as the 5k race top three finishers is being announced, I was shocked, with my blood rushing from my feet to the top of my head, when I saw who got the third place award. It was the guy who passed by me whom I thought got the 4th place out of me. It was not the 4th place that he just grabbed from me, but the 3rd place that I was hoping for.

Was it me, was it the race, or the Kenyan, or the Marshals? Anyway, what I learned here is, whenever you thought that you're losing, you're not, until the race is over!
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Bad Days or Bad Race

We all had some of the best times of our lives, and some worst or not-so-good moments too. In my running "career", I've also had some dull running days where I feel my body's not cooperating on my scheduled trainings, practices, and also -- even on race days itself. There were also days that I thought I had the best time of my running life, having set a newly recorded PR, but then some inevitable facts would just spoil the "high" moment of a should-be good race.

Where's my race?
My next blog posts will be about some of my "collected" top three most frustrating running events that I have joined. Why it has made it on this list is either or combination of the following three major reasons:
  1. Poorly organized event.
  2. Improper planning.
  3. Lack of event-organization experience.
Here goes the top three (click on the link for each of their stories):

3. Rotary Club of Makati Nielsen's Global Run, Global Fun 2010
2. CIE's Phil. Independence Day Half Marathon 2010
1. LTO's 97th Anniversary Fun Run (Walk, Run, don't ride)

On a side note, these three races were all debut events of the said organizers. And I am glad that at the very least, having experienced some simple running events way back in my olden (aherm, College) days, I have accustomed myself of not giving too much expectation from most of the races -- except for those events with sky-rocketing registration fees.
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Of Being Barefoot

Whenever I hear the word "barefoot", I could always remember the times when I was still in my Mom's province in Masbate where the luxury of having a shoe or slipper is not on top of our priority. In fact, most of the Pupils and Students in Elementary and Secondary goes to school with barely nothing on their foot but the thick mud. And I got to experience the same thing in my 3 years of stay in Masbate.

Aside from walking and running, climbing trees, stepping on the thorny "makahiya" plant (Sci. name: Mimosa pudica Linn, or Bashful Mimosa in English), trekking mountains, chasing the farm animals, these are but some of my experiences back in the province of being barefooted. So what did I get from this experience? A desensitized foot-sole (lol, not really that much), but with a strengthened and developed lower leg muscle.

Image Courtesy of
Now, I know most of the runners, if not all, have already heard and been curioused about barefoot running. I have also been asked by some of my blog readers (yes, I have SOME sweet readers) about the word "barefoot running". And all I can say is running without any shoes on or any protective gear on. But what does it have for you with being barefoot? To quote from BarefootWearInc:
"...when barefoot, movements become the movements of a child — playful and sensitive, yet purposeful and confident. A person experiences the unbound joy of stepping, hopping, and running across any surface on earth, simply to get from here to there. This is the reason why a lot of sports enthusiasts prefer to deal with their activities barefoot.... training without shoes allows you to run faster and further with fewer injuries. Motion studies demonstrate that when running barefoot, one naturally lands on the forefoot, directly below the center of gravity. This results in optimum balance, increased stability, less impact, and greater propulsion."
But you might say, "barefoot running is not recommended in my area since a lot of debris such as sharp objects, rocks, broken glasses, and even dog poops might get into my feet." Well this is my answer, that's part of the experience when you choose to walk or run barefoot, lol! Kidding aside, it's a good news to know that some footwear are developed to mimic the feel and freedom of being barefoot, but still protects our feet from the many possibilities of injury. One of this footwear, and is already getting four thumbs up from every individual runner/athlete is the Vibram Five Fingers or VFF.

I'll be posting more about the FiveFingers on the coming days, or hopefully a few mileage after I get to have a good opportunity to review and road test one. So, keep posted.

This great footwear is already here in the Philippines and has a store located at Level R1 Bridgeway in PowerPlant Mall, Rockwell. For inquiries, you may call (02) 513-1449 or e-mail
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