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10 10.10.10

10101010, no this is not a binary digit that represents a digital instruction, it is rather a race distance which I will be running, on the 10th of October, 2010 - the Takbo Para sa Ilog Pasig (Run for the Pasig River).

Last year, me and some of officemates, where most of them are first-time runners, also joined the 2009 Pasig River Run which garnered around 22,000 runners. This time around, the event, the Largest Eco-Footrace in the World, through the Kapit Bisig Para sa Ilog Pasig (KBPIP) Foundation aims to attract more than 110,000 runners and beat the current World Guinness record on the 1988 Bay to Breakers race held in San Francisco, USA.

This year's event will be unique in such a way that each of the race categories' starting line will be from different places across the Metro, and all converging to one finish line at the SM Mall of Asia. The race director who was tasked for this big event is x-Tribe's Mr. Eric Imperio, who also sought for the hand of two more race organizers to handle the different race distance categories -- Thumbie Remigio of the UP Mountaineers, and Coach Rio Dela Cruz of RunRio. Watch the following videos from the organizers themselves to know more about each of the event category.

3k - Mall of Asia (MOA)

5k - Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP)
10k - Ayala Avenue

21k (Ceremonial run, for AFP and PNP) - SM Marikina

To register for the event, visit 10.10.10 Run for Pasig River website.
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iTV Goggles

Back in my College days, when my first morning subject starts at as early as 6:45AM, I always miss some of the morning TV shows and news that I have been accustomed to watch when the school days has not yet started. The mobile TV or video devices was not yet a fab back then. Even the internet video streaming was not yet that popular. So there was really no option for me to be able to watch my missed TV programs. All I can do back then as I walk towards our school, was to imagine that there's an eyeglass with a built-in TV where I could watch some TV programs while also having a view of the street and the surroundings around me while walking.

It seems so real to me as I let my imagination float, but at the same time, I absolutely know that it is impossible. How would you fit in a TV screen, antenna, switches, and the electronic parts that comes with the appliance to make it work?

Imagine watching your favorite TV program while on the road

But a few months ago, while I was reading the newsletter update from Geeky-Gadgets, I was amazed with the gadget that I came across with - the iTV Goggles. And yes, as the word implies, it is a television, in goggle-type design.

Amazed as I was, I thought that I was the only one left in the office who doesn't know about this kind of technology, and when my officemates came to read about the specs of this gadget, they were even amazed on disbelief and just left me with question: "Is this real?"! Well I guess, some of us here in the Philippines have been left behind with information and knowledge about new technological discoveries.

Goggle TV = Private Home Theater
The iTV Goggles comes in different models and colors. But most of the models boasts of packed-features such as wide virtual screen, 3D support, 2GB memory, A/V input capability, and much more. The price ranges from $179.99 to $399.95 or approximately Php8,450.00 to Php18,797.00. It's not much as compared to mobile phones that goes as high as Php50,000.00 or higher, but as of this moment, this generation, this time, the iTV goggle is not yet available in our Country. And all I can do is once again, just imagine myself wearing this cool gadget while walking towards the office, then suddenly, somebody in a motorcycle would just grab this expensive device from my face and disrupt my viewing moment with regrets of the hard-earned money.
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Run With Nutribar

Professional and amateur runners, eager to help promote a healthy lifestyle among students and teachers, trooped to the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman campus in Quezon City to take part in the first ever Growers Nutribar Hip 2B Fin Fun run.

RunningAtom and MinnieRunner
The participants composed of students, teachers, athletes, young professionals, health buffs, and families gathered as early as 5:30 a.m. to run in the 3k, 5k, and 10k races. A special 3k parent-child race was also held.

Presented by Growers NutriBar in cooperation with the UP Mountaineers, the race will benefit the UP Padyak project which promotes biking within the UP Diliman campus as a means of transportation to promote health and fitness and lessen the dependence on fossil fuel-driven vehicles.

Bikes and Bike Racks
Growers NutriBar will donate bike racks to be installed around the campus where UP Padyak members can safely park their single-speed cruiser bikes. Each rack can securely accomodate cable-locked bikes.

Words from: Racine Blair Tria
Agatep Associates

CaptainRunner and MinnieRunner
RunningAtom, Ms. Blaire (Agatep), MinnieRunner, and Ms. Glaize (Agatep)
Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Official Time: 0:49:57
Official Ranking: 32nd out of 117 10k Finishers

Race Info:
When: Jul. 11, 2010.
Where: UP Diliman
Event: Nutribar Hip 2B Fit Fun Run 2010

Official race results can be downloaded here.
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Running For Knowledge

"How would you connect running with reading?" The question that stuck-up on my mind as the speaker on the Blogger's night discuss to us the details about the Run to Read 2010. As the speaker go on with the discussion, I get to realize that one of the benefits that I get from running are the times where I could re-discover myself, put my mind on "blank-mode" for a few minutes, or make my feet and brain catch up with each other as I set a goal, reach a new achievement, or gain new ideas for the next day's office work.

"Run to Read Fun Run will be held on August 15, 2010 at Bonifacio Global City. The run will be composed of 4 major distance events: 3KM, 5KM, 10KM, 15KM and a 500 meter dash for kids with their moms or dads. An informative Sports Running Clinic for new runners will also be held on July 28th about the basics of running, healthy living and the great cause behind the Run to Read Fun Run."


Race Distances: 3k | 5k |10k |15k | 500m for kids

Regular Registration: July 1 – August 8, 2010

Registration Fee

PHP 500 for 500m for kids (tandem with 1 parent)
PHP 300 for 3k
PHP 350 for 5k
PHP 400 for 10k
PHP 450 for 15k

(Inclusive of singlet, race number and certificate)

Click the link for ONLINE REGISTRATION or you may also download the REGISTRATION FORM and submit it to the following registration areas.

Registration Areas
BrandWorX Inc Head Office
Penthouse, Eurovilla Bldg. 2, VA Rufino St., Legaspi Village Makati City

Runnr Store
Bldg. B3 Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City, Philippines

SecondWind Running Store
Maginhawa St., Teacher’s Village | Ortigas Home Depot

All Terra Cyclery
Club 650 Libis, Quezon City

Trinoma | Megamall | Festival Mall

Royal Sporting House
Glorietta 4 | Robinson’s Place Manila

The good news: We can choose any singlet color (first-come, first-serve)

The advocacy of this run is what made me decide to join the event. It started from a single person's idea. And I salute that person (I don't know her personally, but I think her name is Ms. Anne) for taking her idea into action that I am now getting excited about. I will be supporting this great cause as this is not just for me to experience a new runner's high, but because I believe that this will definitely give our kids of today a better future, whom will also be our next leaders of tomorrow.

My two-year old son, and my wife will also be joining this event. It will be our first, family running affair as it will also be their first running event.

To know more about the history of this advocacy, you may visit Ms. Patty's blog site, check out and add their Facebook fanpage, and the website of Run4Change.

Do we just have to ignore their need for a better Library?
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Les Femmes de RunningAtom

It was one month ago when I blogged about forming a team for the Lactacyd run, which has been bogging my mind few days after my first full marathon. I felt somewhat enthusiastic about pursuing this idea that has suddenly formed into my mind, but being passive as I am, and afraid of trying new ideas around, there were times that I thought of backing out and removing my blog post about it. One more thing that's making me back-out from it is that, I don't know if it is really a nice idea or even proper for someone like me, (a guy, unknown from the running world, and unknown from the feminine galaxy), to be sponsoring an all-women race, organized/headed by a feminine product - Lactacyd (it really bothers, right?).

Le Femme de RunningAtom

On the contrary, the many comments (more than 2, so it's considered many) that I received from the blog post made me stop and re-think of my purpose when I'm already about to click the 'Delete Post' button -- "to encourage more women to start living a healthy lifestyle through running". And originally, I was planning of creating the team composed of three officemates, and my wife as the 4th participant who would run the last 3k. Sadly, one of my officemates never liked the idea; my wife approved of it, but she doesn't want to plunge into running (yet, I hope!); my remaining target women in the office also backed-out due to office schedule conflict. Now all there is left is Kassy and her friends, who have not been updating me religiously if they would still pursue with the team (LOL). So more than a week before the event, I thought that I was left with NO ONE, and considered the idea a big failure!

Girl Power on the Starting Line

Luckily, in our aNR Ortigas session, I was able to inform Cheryl about it and she gladly agreed with my offer. And in just a matter of days, she found Sara Denise to be a part of the team. Then a day before I registered, Kassy was able to grab Mia (who was already registered for a 5k individual run), and had her join the team as our newbie participant who would be doing the last 3k of the course (that's for the finish-line-drama's sake, yeehhaaa!). So the story begins, team "Le Femme de RunningAtom" was born, to race, have a fun relay, get to meet new friends, and make running a lifestyle for these four brave women, especially to our new comers.

A day before the race, I decided to show up on the event so that I could support my team, and also for the following more reasons: 1) to meet the team members; 2) document their individual time; 3) take photos before, during, and after the race; 4) hope to gain more running buddies; 5) make our newbie runners feel welcomed in the running community; 6) make them love the running "lifestyle" and make it part of their life; and lastly, to have more visitors on my blog, lol!

Transition area

Here comes the race day, I was nervous and didn't know if my team would be complete. Gladly, when I contacted both Kassy and Che, they were already at the venue and are already looking for their own team members, bearing the team's Bib# 071. So a few minutes before the gun-start, the team was already complete.

As for the race recap, let the photos speak for you...

Pink power under the dark

Cheryl Bello, on her 10k leg

5k Leg - Sara Denise Mendoza

Kassy Pajarillo sprinting her 3k Leg

Our newbie, on the last 3k leg - Mia Bayuga of Magic 89.9

Mia and Kassy sprinting towards the Finish Line - 2:16:59

Team photos

Still can't get enough? Here are more photos for your viewing...

Team Rockin Dolls from aNR Alabang

Team.... Pink Afro?

Darna, not flying this time?

Team PowerPuff

Mother Butterfly

and... the Winning Teams

I did not anticipated that this race would be full of fun and very much exciting! I thought I was only there to take photos of each of our team member's race. But truly, girl power gave so much enjoyment for the guys, and for the spectators who were there to witness this one-of-a-kind event. Just seeing them give their all for their own team, for theirselves, for the spirit of camaraderie (and running) makes me feel happy and thankful that God did not just created the male species, but the females as well. Giving support to these empowered ladies makes us guys appreciate, respect, and give them honor.

What does a small buck can give compared to the fun and experience I had in this event? It's nothing... Go girl power, congratulations to everyone, and watch out next year for another RunningAtom team.

Official race result for Team Le Femme de RunningAtom:
  1. Che Bello (10k) - 1:03:45
  2. Sara Denise Mendoza (5k) - 0:38:44
  3. Kassy Pajarillo (3k) - 0:18:37
  4. Mia Bayuga (Final 3k) - 0:15:53
P.S. Kassy will be joining the Singapore Marathon, and she's planning to raise fund on this event. Check her blog, and maybe we could help with her generous run-for-a-cause Marathon.
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