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Race for Life, A Podium Finish

I am not a usual competitive runner. I lack enough confidence and self-push to reach my limit and go beyond. Whenever I get to know my average performance, I just stop there, and I never push myself anymore. That also applies to my physical activities such as running.

Almost Sleepless Runners at Patio Jose

I have already joined a number of 5k and 10k races, and whenever I hear the finish time of the winners in any event, I can't help but to keep my mouth open and wonder in amazement how could these people run as fast as 3 min/km. And although I keep on hearing the same average finish times, and the same set of winners from the previous races, I still get so struck with their achievements. Then all I can think about is “I can only reach this far” or “I can never be in that podium, ever”!

But sometimes, it is not just hardwork and trainings that pays off. It's also with the proper analyzing of what might, and what might not! I have thought that in running, sometimes you have to join the smaller events to have a bigger chance of winning a place. So when MinnieRunner and her cousin told us about the BDO Race for Life 2010, I did not hesitate to join. We have first came to know about the BDO race before the Globe run for home. So although I know that on the next day, there will surely be a bigger running event that might take place, we still opted to join this event.

BDO Race for Life only have 2 race distances – 3 kilometer and 6 kilometer. But there will be more than top 3 winners since there are per category winners. The winners were sub-categorized into gender, age, affiliation (BDO or non-BDO), and the BDO friend category. Aside from that, only BDO employees, clients, and friends can join the event. So that has cut-off another big percentage of should-be participants. Luckily, MinnieRunner's cousin (Irish) work for BDO, and that's why we got the chance to participate.

In contrast, preparation is still a must as with any running event and other physical sports. My own training before this event lasted for only around 2 weeks. One week of core strengthening and balancing as what I have learned from our previous TBR Bull Circle; and the other week was spent on practice runs that totalled around 6 kilometers each. Breaking it down, I did 3k warm-up, and another 3k for the fast or tempo run to measure my speed and time limit for this distance. Well, after a few days of training, my speed did not improve of course with that kind of training, but at least my endurance did well to last a faster than usual run for the 3k distance in less than 13 minutes.

Our BDO friends, thanks to you :)

So here comes the race. Me, MinnieRunner, and ProgRunner just came from an almost sleepless night since we still joined our departmental outing. I have almost lost my hope that we could still make it to the race since we've only slept for around 3 to 3.5 hours. Before the race started, I warmed-up for around 20 minutes slow, constant run around MOA to lighten up my body, and start off my “internal engine”. Afterwhich, we've already assembled at the starting line. The pre-race program/introduction of the race organizer did not appeal us though (read something about it here) so I just concentrated on having a good run at my full capacity without expecting a good race turn-out. So as the race started, I tried to relax while keeping my form and speed maintained. A lot of people are so excited which have almost affected my adrenaline. At around 1km distance, I have already overtook some runners with the BaldRunner participant already way ahead of me. But at the same time, a girl kid running with his Coach passed me by, which also served as my target pacer. The girl's really awesome, she's fast, she can maintain her speed, as well as her runing form. I could have already gave up 800 meters before the finish line if not because of this strong kid. She inspired me from the moment she passed me by, until she reached the finish line, where she finished a few meters ahead of me.

On the finish line, I asked the runners who finished ahead if they got to know their place, one guy replied “I think I only got the 4th place”. So judging on his reply, and my estimate about his age, we have raced on the same category, which, on my analyzation, I have no longer got the chance to be on the top finisher.

We are already about to go home, when MinnieRunner told us to just wait until the winners are announced for I might had the chance of winning on the other categories. So what have been the turn-out?

1st Place - BDO Friend 21 year old/above Category

Race Profile:
Distance: 3 km.
Official Time: 00:13:52
Official Ranking: 11th out of 250 overall 3k runners

Race Info:
When: Mar. 20, 2010.
Where: MOA, Seaside
Event: BDO Race for Life 2010

You may now download the official race results.
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Ail With You

Photo courtesy of deviantART

As I look unto your lovely face,
and listen to your golden voice;
Trembling is my unrestrained action,
and shaking is my uncontrolled motion.

As I look at your twinkling eyes,
and imagine your fairyness;
In the highest star there I lie,
and the snowy clouds passing in the sight.

As I sing the lovely songs,
and with you as my inspiration;
Problems would go away,
and happiness is on the way.

As I loved you with my whole heart,
and carry you in a joyful park;
My love for you will be the last,
and the memories will be our past.

Background: 20May1997 @ near midnight, this is the first poem I had ever made while working at Baguio Concorde hotel, inspired by Rutchie, a lady from the neighborhood.
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An Inviting Trail: The North Face 100

Last December, I had a short hike on the Yellow Trail at Scout Barrio, Baguio City.  I had the company of a good old friend then.  We used to climb mountains back when we were still in College and the first memorable climb that we had was at Mt. Kabuyao (more commonly known to unfamiliar ones as Mt. Sto. Tomas). It is the mountain where you can see from almost anywhere in Baguio the two big radars left during the American occupation. (Here's a trivia: These two radar keeps Baguio's climate cool, indeed it is the centralized aircon in Baguio, lol, just kidding!).

One of our favorite trail track at Country Club

Jaymark and I enjoyed the short trail that we have traversed, and in some way, I am looking forward at doing such activity again in my hometown.  Well, opportunity is great that The North Face is challenging everyone to join their trail running, connecting the unexplored trails of Camp John Hay, PMA grounds, Mt. Sto. Tomas, Tuba, and Burnham Park this coming April 24-25, 2010. As their advertisement goes:
Define your personal limits 6,000++ ft above sea level! Join The North Face 100 in Baguio-Benguet. Visit:

I know I had been successful in achieving something in the running events that I have joined: I have overcomed my Asthma; Been defeating my own PRs; Won in the raffle prizes; and just lately, I was able to garner a Championship place at a race category. However, TNF100 is another thing. You will not be running on the usual road; but you will be welcoming your feet in the gnarly paths, knife ridges, and treacherous mountain trails. Definitely, a very challenging trail run for me and for the runners of all sort.

I had a sneak of what is to happen in their TVC.  The video is really inviting. Shall I join 11K (a comfort zone for me), or shall I level up to 22K?  More so, am I going to lose my sanity and join 50K or 100K?  This is Asia’s 1st Trail Running Ultra Marathon series to Baguio-Benguet.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it guarantees to be the longest, most thrilling test  of our endurance. And it is even more wonderful for it will be held in the city where I grew up. Shall I see you there?
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The Big Easter Egg Hunt

Do you want to test drive a mini-cooper? Win a raffle to surf together with the Philippine Surfing Academy? A unique egg-hunt for the little ones and big ones? Or be in a fair where you can have your dogs groomed, and pampered at their own spa lounge?

Heartwarming traditions and wholesome fun

In our hectic days of juggling between work and home, we sometimes forget the essence of family time. Take a breather during the holiday weekend and bring your whole family to a classic Easter fair.

On Sunday, April 4, 9:00am-2:00pm, take part in The Big Easter Egg Hunt at Whitespace. Located at 2314 Chino Roces Avenue Extension (formerly Pasong Tamo Extension) in Makati, Whitespace will transform into a captivating Easter wonderland replete with a delightful Easter Brunch by Cibo d’M, an interactive storytelling musicale "Stories from a Suitcase" by Clowning Around, and not one but two Amazing Easter Egg Hunts.

Kids will take part in Egg-and-Spoon Races and vie for the treasure chest of gold chocolate coins in the Egg Painting Competition. At Enchanted Kingdom’s Easter Playground, everyone can snuggle up with the lovable Wizard and Princess Victoria. More fascinating activities and photo opportunities await kids at Jollibee’s interactive Jollitown.

Daddies who wish to take it easy will cozy up with doughnuts and coffee at the Krispy Kreme Lounge, while Mommies will delight with their fabulous finds at the Kiddie Bazaar Lane. There will be loads of goodies to please every type of foody. And for the dynamic guests, there will be awesome Mini Coopers to test drive. Even dog-lovers will enjoy chilling-out with their pets at the Urban Doggies’ Spa and Lounge.

Kids will surely head home with plump goody bags and heaps of memorable experiences. The Big Easter Egg Hunt is presented by Whitespace and GBA Events Asia in partnership with Enchanted Kingdom, Jollibee Foods Corporation, Mini Philippines, and Cibo d’M Signature Caterer for the benefit of the Sa Aklat Sisikat Foundation.

Tickets now on sale at:
PhP 350.00 / kid inclusive of egg hunt, goody bag, treat and raffle
PhP 200 / adult inclusive of raffle

Whitespace and GBA Events Asia: Penthouse Unit 7 Manila Bank Building 6772 Ayala Avenue Makati City. Call 556 0774, 556 0533, 0920 211 3878 for free ticket deliveries within Makati City.

Click the image to download the map

If you’d like more information about this topic, please contact Ms Kassy Pajarillo,
Event Coordinator, at 556 0774, 556 0533, 0915 316 2252,

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A Spoiled Sub-Piolo PR

The sub-Piolo PR has become a legend for 10k runners ever since Piolo Pascual scribed his record-breaking time of 0:47:56 on the 1st Timex Run 2009. For most of the runners, a sub-60, sub-55, or sub-50 minute is already a satisfying accomplishment for such road race distance category. But not until after the race result for the said Timex Run was released.

I myself had never thought about Piolo's running skill. I even answered confidently on the online Timex Run guessing contest that Piolo would take around 1:10.xx as his PR for the race. I thought that he was never trained, I thought that he's just one of those pa-cute celebrities trying to challenge the runners (lol). He has a well-defined body, though I never thought he'll become a runner's icon and a PR goal, but I was wrong and I am greatly amazed by his running skill!

So like the other runners, after the 1st Timex Run, I've been trying to achieve and beat that record in all my 10k races. And finally, a day after the Run United for Wellness event last March 7, 2010, I got so excited when the race result came out indicating my finish time at 0:47:06. That's 50 seconds faster than Piolo's. It was only after completing eight more 10k races that I thought I finally got to reach a sub-Piolo PR. So, I told to myself, I can now say goodbye to 10k distance category, and I can already move next to setting a new PR for a higher road race mileage (which I haven't done yet for more than a decade now).

But that happiness never lasted for more than four days when the official race results have been updated. My finish time result then yielded to an addition of 1-minute. I think all the 10k runners' chip and finish time were updated too. So it turned out, that my official finish time is actually 0:48:05. That's 9 seconds slower than Piolo's.

What confused me is how come would the timing chips' recorded time could become inaccurate when it's purpose is to record the runner's accurate time? The race result at the previous Century Superbods run was also updated after a few days but only the rankings were affected. While on this race, the rankings have remained, but the split time, chip time, and finish time were all adjusted for a minute.

Ok, enough with that! Now, all I can say is, welcome me back 10k races! I just realized, that I don't have to pressure myself to beat Piolo Pascual's 10k PR. Instead, why not just beat my own time in my every race?

Having realized that, there's still no goodbyes for the 10k races. It'll be much better if I would just give myself two challenges for this year's running career: 1) Increase mileage up to two full marathon; and 2) a sub-42 PR for... uhmm... ok no time limit will be set for that goal. I'll continue running the 10k's until I get to beat my own 10k PR which I have achieved thirteen years ago at the 1st Rotary Club of Baguio North Invitational Marathon. That's more satisfying than beating another runner's personal rank.

Sub-Piolo race result as of 08Mar2010 @ 12:21AM

Official race result as of 10Mar2010 @ 6:55PM

So, break a leg runners! See you on the road.
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A Wellness Run and Beating the Sub-Piolo PR

Running for leisure, for fitness, for health, for a PR - these are what most runners are aiming for. And last Sunday, March 7, 2010, Unilab held their very first running event -- a run for wellness, which garnered a lot of positive feedbacks and reviews from the participants.

Why wellness? It seemed to me that Unilab did not just held an event like this for branding or marketing purposes. As I've mentioned in my other blog, I have re-learned things that also matters most in our life - health and family. And running for wellness, means a healthy balance of our mind and body that constitutes to an overall health of our well-being.

So after seven sessions of the free running clinic of Unilab with the team of Coaches of Coach Rio, we are finally set and ready to roll and check our legs and body on the race for any improvements. In my mind, I know that I would be able to finish the race without having any pains or injuries since the regular practice runs and clinic have prepared my body well. I just don't know if I could still run under a sub-50 time, or if I will finally be able to beat the sub-Piolo "PR standard" for 10k.

Here comes the race, full of energy and with our minds overflowing with excitements after almost more than a month of waiting for the event to take place. Finally we are here, and our first-time to stack ourselves at the starting line together with Kassy, Dietrich, CaptainRunner, ChickenLegSaga, MinnieRunner, and LostRunner. While waiting for our gun-start, I saw Mish whom we first met unexpectedly at the previously held Condura Run. Then after a few minutes of lining up the 10k runners and some stretching presentations on stage, the starting gun has fired-off.

Learning from my previous running mistakes, I tried to stay on the pace just like what I did on the Century Superbods Run. And thankfully, I was also able to control the sudden burst of energy and excitement as the gun started which could have also triggered my adrenaline to push and speed-up at the beginning of the race. The pressure was on me though when I saw KikayRunner passed by me speedily just even before reaching the 1km mark. She was with another guy pacing with her, and I couldn't catch up and even didn't want to since I might be losing the energy I'm trying to reserve for the last split if I tried to. It was only then at more than 7km mark at MC Home Depot that I saw her again and greeted her. I can barely speak enough but she still looks full of energy and still able to enthusiastically cheer "go, go, go"!

Catching up with another Adizero Boston runner.

As the race result unveiled the next day, as usual, MinnieRunner have again greeted and congratulated me for ranking on the top 30 overall 10k finishers. And analyzing the result, I am 2:50 faster than my Century run two weeks ago. Wow! After eight more 10k runs, I was finally able to outrun Piolo Pascual's ever-famous 0:47:56 PR in his 10k Timex Run with a difference of 0:0:50 seconds. I am so glad that I can now move on to another target PR, lol!

The ugly face of trying to beat a sub-Piolo PR

A day after the event, I read an amazing story that also took place during the Unilab run and it touched my heart that I can't help but to feel like a teenager falling in love. There has been a marriage proposal. Yeah, that was really so sweet! 'Twas dubbed for them as their "Unilove run" marriage proposal. You may read the unilove story here or check Unilab's facebook feed.

Do I still look like full of energy?

Mish, outrunning other 10k male runners.

with MinnieRunner and Sir Rene (aka JazzRunner)

with RunningKenyan and LostRunner

LostRunner, the one on my left at the photo above who is also my new run challenger, was so glad that he have finally found the right track for his 10k route, (read more about his long-lost journeys here, and here) lol! These are all thanks to the very-well organized and knowledgeable marshals about where to lead the runners. Now he was able to finally, and officially proved that he have also set a sub-Piolo PR and way much ahead of me with our time difference of 0:0:12 seconds.

Race Profile:
Distance: 10 km.
Official Time: 00:47:06
Half-split: 00:26:30
Official Ranking: 27th out of 1,850 overall 10k runners

Official Update (as of 10Mar2010 6:55 PM):
  • Official Finish Time: 00:48:06
  • Half-split: 00:27:30
  • Overall Ranking: 27th out of 1,881 overall 10k runners
So, my sub-Piolo PR is un-achieved once again. Another lesson learned, never get too excited with the race results, lol! Read my "spoiled-PR" rantings in my other blog.

Race Info:
When: Mar. 7, 2010.
Where: Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Event: Unilab Run United for Wellness
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Unilab Running Clinic - Day 7

So this was our Unilab running clinic graduation for the basics of running. I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to both Coach Rio and all his friendly and approachable team of Coaches, as well as with Unilab for allowing us to be a part of their Clinic. It was just a short period of time but our hearts and minds have been filled with so much inspiration about running, and our body ready enough for the upcoming Run United for Wellness.

Target Mileage: 7 kilometers

  1. 2 km warm-up run (or 5-laps run at relaxed phase)
    • 5-minutes recovery
  2. Run drills (or Dynamic exercises)
    • heel walk
    • tip-toe walk
    • knee-to-chest one-leg walk-stretch
    • quadriceps walk-stretch
    • horizontal back-front swing to one-leg balance
    • side-bend lunges
    • knee-high run
    • knee-high with back-pedal run
    • side-by-side hips run
    • russian march
    • long strides
  3. Workout (5-kilometer Tempo run)
    • 12 sets of 200m fast run then quickly switch to 200m jog.
    • 1 set of 200m final speed run (80-85% of your maximum speed).
  4. Cooldown Stretching, which includes:
    • arm stretch
    • hip stretch
    • knee-to-chest one-leg stretch
    • quadriceps stretch
    • side lunges
    • hip flexor stretch
    • half-lunge stretch
    • full/deep lunge stretch
Doing some of the Dynamic Exercises

Again, thanks to Unilab and Coach Rio's team. You all have allotted a great investment of time for us, and we have learned a lot, we've been prepared so much, we've gained new friends, and it's all for free. :)

The ever humble Coach Rio
 Our Running Clinic Class Photo :)

Here's the link for the previous running clinic sessions:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
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Unilab Running Clinic - Day 6

Target Mileage: 7.6 kilometers

  1. 2.8 km warm-up run (or 7-laps run at own phase)
    • 5-minutes recovery
  2. Run drills (or Dynamic exercises)
    • knee-to-chest one-leg walk-stretch
    • quadriceps walk-stretch
    • horizontal back-front swing to one-leg balance
    • side bend lunges
    • knee-high run
    • knee-high with back-pedal run
    • side-by-side hips run
    • russian march
    • long strides
  3. Workout run (80%-85% of maximum running speed)
    • 3-sets of 4x400m per lap (1-min recovery each lap & 5-min recovery each set)
  4. Cooldown Stretching, which includes:
    • arm stretch
    • hip stretch
    • knee-to-chest one-leg stretch
    • quadriceps stretch
    • side lunges
    • hip flexor stretch
    • half-lunge stretch
    • full/deep lunge stretch
*Fastest 400m-lap: 00:01:23.64
*Slowest 400m-lap: 00:02:37.36

Here's the link for the previous and last day of running clinic sessions:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 7
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Unilab Running Clinic - Day 5

Our group wasn't able to attend the fifth day of the running clinic due to several reasons. MinnieRunner was feeling lazy because she already felt overwhelmed by the continuous twice a week training; ChickenLegSaga (or BanditRunner) have a deadline to finish; While I, attended a product launching seminar at Makati. It was supposed to be a Tempo run training at the Unilab grounds in Mandaluyong.

Give your best of endurance

Fortunately, Coach Jo-ar still informed me last night about the Tempo run training that they did. And here's what I got:

Target Mileage: 9 kilometers

  1. 2km warm-up run (or 5 laps run at own phase)
    • 5-minutes recovery
  2. Dynamic Exercises
  3. Workout run (70%-75% of maximum running speed)
    • 7 kilometer of continuous relaxed run (no rest/recovery period)
  4. Cooldown Stretching
I figured that the dynamic exercises and cooldown stretching is also the same or combination of those that was already done on the previous days of running clinic.

To know more about Tempo running, read the article at Runner's World.

Here's the link for the previous and last 2 days of running clinic sessions:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 6
Day 7
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Runners and Healthcare in Unity

Setting the Trend of Unity Running

A day before the Valentine's day, MinnieRunner invited me to a date invitation with her for the Unilab-Blogger's meet at Cafe Juanita at the Burgos Circle in Fort Global City, Taguig. Well actually, I forced MinnieRunner to invite me on this event, lol! So during our 1st day of Running Clinic for the Unilab, I was then formally invited by Sir Barry to attend the said blogger's meet.

Getting to know the Bloggers and Runners

Coach Rio, explaining the race details.

As a runner "slash" blogger, it was my first time to attend such event, where I have learned things not only about the upcoming United Run for Wellness, but also about the important things that matters in our life - health and family. I was also awed by the fact that the invitation is free of charge, not a penny was taken out from us except of course for our own fare going to the venue. This changed my thinking about the mindset that "there's no such thing as free"! We had our free lunch buffet, free give-aways from Unilab, free information, and the best of all -- free friendship with people who have the same passion as us.

Getting a peek of the upcoming March issue of Men's Health and Runner's World Phils.

My long-stay on a corporate world have not entitled me on a "real" conversation with any of the high-profiled bosses. But in our few hours of camaraderie with Unilab and Coach Rio, we were able to get to know in a good sense some of Unilab's important people such as Mr. Alex Panlilio, Sir Jack, Sir Barry, and Ms. Rochelle. They were so friendly and approachable, and at any moment, we have not felt that we are just some kind of visitors/guests on this simple yet elegant event for the bloggers and runners. Truly they made us feel united, and not just for that day! Check out my facebook profile, and you'll see that I already have some friends from Unilab. ;)

Sir Alex, showing us the loot bag

Class photo

from Marketing Dep't of Unilab Mr. Alex Panlilio, Coach Rio of and MinnieRunner

The Unilab Run United for Wellness is set to fire-off this coming March 7, 2010 at the Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

The hearty and healthy give-aways

Add Unilab Run United on your facebook.

Oh, and by the way, the Running Clinic is also free.
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